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CSE-104 Class 5 Notes

CSE 104 - Class 5

Genesis 8:1
[1] And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark: and God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters asswaged;

Natural gas, coal, oil formed in the flood
Coal found at south pole

Asswaged - drop down - not move away

Flood consisted of - 40 days rain, 150 days water on earth, 150 days water running off.
Noah in the ark for 13 months
Genesis 8:3
[3] And the waters returned from off the earth continually: and after the end of the hundred and fifty days the waters were abated.
Waters returned continually - waves would still come up and down long distances onto the land after oceans had formed.
As the earth raised and oceans wend down they would cause earthquakes and Tsunami's.
Unconformity - A surface between successive strata representing a missing interval in the geologic record of time, and produced either by an interruption in deposition or by the erosion of depositionally continuous strata followed by renewed deposition.
Layers going one direction then going another.
Grand Canyon has this in some places where large amount of water removed layers and then sediment was laid down in different directions including a volcanic layer.
When lava cools under water it forms pillow lava.
Mt Ararat is made of pillow lava - at one point it was completely under water.

Ark rested in the 7th month in the mountains of Ararat.
The waves that were returning on the earth continually could have moved the boat after it had landed.
Ron Wyatt theory that the boat landed and they cut off the drogue stones and then the boat got moved by a wave down into the valley.

Trees can plant them selves by having a seed deposit its self or a branch start to take root or for a floating tree to reattach its self to the ground and start growing.

Over next few hundred years the ice caps melted and retreated.
If you drop the oceans Vietnam and Australia are connected.
The entire world is connected.
Levels of the land are - Continental shelf, Continental Rise, and the abyss.

After the flood people would start building cities near the water and then the oceans would rise.
City's are found under water all the time.
Some would follow the ice caps and hunt the buffalo that roamed.
They didn't carry tool boxes with them so they would make themselves stone tools.
Some tools they made quickly because they only needed them once and others have incredible detail.
Signs of ice being in North East Pennsylvania
Signs of Ice -
Rounded mountains - drumlins
Kettle lakes formed by isostatic rebound
Water gets trapped in the ground because it has no water outlet.
MN full of lakes.(MN Land of 10000 lakes - WI has almost 15000 lakes)
Terminal moraine at end of glaciers
Lateral moraine at sides of glaciers
Matterhorn - glacier cut off both sides

Genesis 10:25
[25] And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided; and his brother's name was Joktan.
Peleg - earth divided
Joktan - shortening
Peleg was born 100 years after the flood.
Noah and Shem out lived Peleg
What happened that shortened his life must have been genetic because everyone after him started dieing earlier.

Genesis 47:7-9
[7] And Joseph brought in Jacob his father, and set him before Pharaoh: and Jacob blessed Pharaoh.
[8] And Pharaoh said unto Jacob, How old art thou?
[9] And Jacob said unto Pharaoh, The days of the years of my pilgrimage are an hundred and thirty years: few and evil have the days of the years of my life been, and have not attained unto the days of the years of the life of my fathers in the days of their pilgrimage.
Jacob was considered old at 130 yet even he knew that he had lived a short life.
Shem, Arphaxad, Salem, and Eber could have all known Jacob
400 years is still not long enough to learn everything there is to know about everything.
Metallurgy, woodworking, botany, health, these are all lifetime subjects that you never stop learning.
If you lived 950 years like Noah you could have learned lots of things.

What it means that the earth was divided.
One theory
Languages were confused at Babel and the nations were spread out.
Nimrod built the tower of Babel but does not give a number of years in his genealogy however it is the same number of generations between Noah and Peleg and Nimrod.
Old testament gives Peleg's genealogy because he is the blood line of Christ.
When the languages were mixed that means the the person that knew how to fix your car now does not speak your language and the guy that knows what herbs heal what sickness lives in a different country.

Theory two
The continents were divided in the days of Peleg.
This is unlikely because if the continents moved a few inches everyone would die.

Theory three
Ice melted and the oceans rose and divided the continents

Theory four
Land was surveyed and split up among the nations because there was a large amount of people

Theory three expanded
Cold water absorbs CO2
Soda holds Carbon dioxide better when cold.
CO2 is a greenhouse gas and protects us from radiation.
Increased radiation would increase genetic defects and also decrease lifespan.
Oceans got deeper and colder.
Dry Falls in Washington.
More water went over Dry Falls than every river in the world combined at once.
Now no water flows over the falls.
Ice melts would have formed huge lakes and when the lake breached its top it would quickly form canyons and waterfalls.

English channel only 150 ft deep.
Over 300 miles that is not that steep of a drop. Draw it on some graph paper.
There is a valley between Norway and Scotland that used to be a canyon that is now filled with water.

As the Atlantic ocean fills in it would backfill the Mediterranean Sea.
After the flood they would probably have lots of kids.
More kids means more help rebuilding.
If each family had 40 to 50 kids in the 400 years of their life then thousands of people would be on the earth in a few hundred years.
They would build city's and as the water came up they would get flooded.
Ancient Egyptian city found under 30 ft of water.
Lots of cities found under water.
The black sea would be the last to fill in from the overflow of the Mediterranean.
Years ago they found many city's 150 ft under the Black sea and said that is proof of the local flood of Noah.

Satan has twisted our minds to see canyons and fossils as signs of millions of years instead of a sign of how much God hates sin.

Limestone is responsive to acid.
Muriatic acid dissolves concrete.
Strip mines dig layers of coal out of the ground.
Coal is found in layer of coal, layer of rock, layer of coal, layer of rock, layer of coal, layer of rock, etc.

Picture of fish eating smaller fish.
Fish found buried in fear - scales pointed up
Fish can drown and suffocate.
Fish eating other fish before flood proof that animals were not vegetarian before the flood.
Fossils formed during and after flood not before.
Fish are not considered alive according to the biblical standard.
Insects are also not living - Adam steps on an ant is not considered killing another animal.

Harry Truman - Lived on Mt St. Helens for 80 years and would not leave when the volcano was ready to erupt.
He died on the volcano and is still there probably under 100 feet of dirt.

Just like Harry Truman we were also given a warning about what to do wit our lives.
The end of the world is coming - we should be out there telling the gospel.

Seminar 7

God wants us to learn, study, and be ready to give an answer.

1 Peter 3:15
[15] But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:
2 Timothy 2:5
[5] And if a man also strive for masteries, yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully.

Don't all scientists believe in evolution?
If your definition of a scientist is someone that believes in evolution than that is true.
Mormon - You can not achieve Godliness unless you are a Mormon.
Same with Jehovah Witnesses and most other religions.

John 7:40-49
[40] Many of the people therefore, when they heard this saying, said, Of a truth this is the Prophet. [41] Others said, This is the Christ. But some said, Shall Christ come out of Galilee? [42] Hath not the scripture said, That Christ cometh of the seed of David, and out of the town of Bethlehem, where David was? [43] So there was a division among the people because of him. [44] And some of them would have taken him; but no man laid hands on him. [45] Then came the officers to the chief priests and Pharisees; and they said unto them, Why have ye not brought him? [46] The officers answered, Never man spake like this man. [47] Then answered them the Pharisees, Are ye also deceived? [48] Have any of the rulers or of the Pharisees believed on him? [49] But this people who knoweth not the law are cursed.

Many believed and many did not
Officers said "Never man spake like this man"

People were divided over a question of where he was born when that was not the right question.
Arguing about the wrong thing because they did not have knowledge.

Chief priests sent the officers instead of going themselves.
Professors will send students with a list of questions.

Officers "Never man spake like this man"
Students - he answered all the questions reasonably

Chief priests get mad and insult the officers.
Professors say "you should have then said XYZ".

Then answered them the Pharisees, Are ye also deceived?
Are you dumb?

Have any of the rulers or of the Pharisees believed on him?
No scientists believe creation so it is not true.

Creationist work is never published in major science journals so therefore it is not scientific.
Anything that has a hint of creation or intelligent design gets kicked out.

Russia 15 years ago if a teacher stood up and said "I don't think communism works. I think capitalism is a better idea." He would be living in Siberia if he survived.
Communists then say "Communism must be a good idea because no one is speaking out against it."

Majority opinion means nothing to determine who is right or wrong.
Many scientists are creationists.

Robert Gentry lost his job at Oakridge National Laboratory because he became a creationist.
His job was to find safe places to store radioactive waste underground.
While looking at slices of granite he noticed radio polonium halos inside the granite.
He was published in all sorts of secular science journals until they realized that what he had found was proving that the big bang could not have happened.

Roger DeHart, hounded out of his job with the Burlington-Edison (Wash.) School District for daring to take a critical attitude toward Darwinian dogma and encouraging his students to do likewise.

Kevin Haley was a biology professor at Oregon Community College until the administration chose not to renew his contract. His only crime: to expose students to flaws in evolutionary theory.

William Dembski fired from Baylor University - large Baptist university - for advocating intelligent design.

Forrest Mims published in over 60 science journals but was denied a job at Scientific American because he was a creationist.

They turn away all creation articles and then ask as a proving question how many creationist are published in science journals.

Author of "Of Pandas and People" when he got saved they tried to fire him but because he was working there for 20 years and they could not fire him they demoted him to lab assistant, a job usually given to students.
He used to write the text books.

Evolutionists try using the law to fight creation.

[49] But this people who knoweth not the law are cursed.
"We are smart, You are dumb"

Nicodemus at least went and thought about it before condemning Jesus.
There is more peer pressure in scientific circles than in a 7th grade class room.
Almost every branch of science was started by a creationist.

Separation of church and state.
There is no such thing in the constitution.
Amendment I
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The term "separation of church and state" was found in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson to a baptist pastor Danbury in 1802.
The letter described the one way wall that kept the state out of churches and not the churches out of the state.

The same day that they voted the 10 amendments into the constitution they also voted and approved $500 to be sent to a Catholic priest to help the Indians in St. Louis.
These men were for the state helping churches and churches being involved in the state.
Many churches have given up their status of being churches and become 501(c)3 corporations and therefore are under the control of the government.

CSE-104 Class 4 Notes

CSE 104 - Class 4

Oceans would be smaller for a few hundred years after the flood.
English channel only 30 ft deep.
Alaska and Russia land bridge
Continents all connected if oceans lower because of continental shelf.
Cuba and Florida would be connected.
Between Boston and New York - Hudson Canyon under water
Large spill way that could not have been caused by Hudson River.

80,000 tons per hour of sediment flow out of the Mississippi River and into the Gulf of Mexico.
Evolutionists say there were ice ages 30,000 and 80,000 years ago to account for lack of sediment that is in basins.
They pick the ages between ice ages based on evidence like the Mississippi sediment that they otherwise could not explain.

Ice caps would have remained huge for hundreds of years.
When icebergs fall off of glaciers into oceans they can float around for 5 years.
Shem - Arphaxad - Salah - Eber - all lived 400 years.
Peleg lived 239 years
Something changed in the days of Peleg

Unstable plates shift
Earth is almost perfectly smooth.
Tallest mountain almost 5 miles - Mt. Everest
On a 8000 mile planet that is only 0.0625%
Q balls have bigger bumps than that.
If you shrunk the earth down to the size of a Q ball it would be smoother and rounder.

If sediments are still soft canyons form easily.
Brice Canyon, UT - pillars sticking way up.
Hard spots on top of pillars are what prevented them from eroding like the rest of the dirt.

Mississippi river basin.
Mississippi trying to change its course again and they are spending a fortune trying to stop it.
Chicago is 600 ft above sea level.
That is 7 ft higher than Pensacola.
600 ft drop in 920 miles is 8 inches per mile.
If you would build a giant dam 600 ft high at end of Mississippi the entire river basin would fill up and Chicago would be on the beach.

Textbooks say it took millions of years to make the Grand Canyon and that is simply not true.
Grand Canyon is a washed out spillway.
River enters the canyon 2800 feet above sea level.
The top of the canyon at its highest rim is 6900 to 8500 feet.
The river only goes through the bottom of the canyon.
Rivers do not go up hill.
Scientists confused because the canyon shows signs that it is an old river but a young canyon.
Looping river indicates a old river.
Steep sides indicate fast young river.

When a river loops it may meet and cut off the loop - called Oxbow lake.
States will usually keep the piece of land that it was originally on even though it is now on the other side of the river.

High gradient - Young or high slope ground
Low gradient - Looping or slow
Grand Canyon shows both.

Liquefaction in Japan
Ground becomes like soup and buildings sink in.
Holland built a dike and drained it for farm land - that is fine.
San Francisco built dike and filled it with dirt for buildings - that becomes a problem in an earthquake when the ground liquefies and the buildings sink.

Mount St. Helens
May of 1980 Mt. St. Helens swelled 100 feet on the North side and they told everyone to evacuate.
60 people did not listen and they died.
Mountain blew off to the side instead of up.
Steam and ash poured out making mud slides.
Ash landed all across the united States.
Coriolis effect took the ash and dumped more of it in places than others.
Hot air rises near the equator and then falls at the poles if the planet was not rotating.
Due the rotation of the earth there are several smaller loops at the 30 degree and 60 degree latitude.
Wind generally will blow toward the equator.
At the equator the wind will stop.
Called 'Horse Latitudes' because when ships would get stuck there the men would have to get out into smaller boats and row the larger boat or they would have to throw the horses overboard because they could not feed them or they would just eat the horses.

Mt. St. Helens ejected 1 cubic km of ejecta.
Ejecta - material ejected.
Mt Krakatoa - loudest noise ever on planet.
1883 it erupted in Indonesia near Vietnam.
Blew entire mountain away - not just the top but the whole mountain.
Sent a wave across the Indian Ocean at 2000 miles per hour.
Hit Madagascar with a 90 ft Tsunami wave.
Killed 36,000 people without warning.

St Helens mud slides did enormous damage.
Ripped trees out of the ground like toothpicks, moved giant boulders, trucks.
Spirit Lake was completely raised.
Pyroclastic flows blocked entire valley and filled it with mud.
Mt. St. Helens had many glaciers on top of it.
Chunks of ice as large as a building were blown into the valley.
As hot mud flows over the ice the ice first shrinks 12% then expands 1700 times.
Explosions were so loud that people thought the mountain was erupting again.
After explosion there would be a giant pit.
The earth slumped back in and created erosion marks on the side.
Some one is going to come in the future and say it took millions of years for those marks to form.
Mudslide buried the river and roads 100 feet deep and blocked all natural established water ways for 23 square miles.
For 22 months there was no established drainage path.
An ice melt caused a mud flow.
March 19 1982 in 9 hours as no one watched the mud flow carved an integrated system and opened water ways back to the Pacific Ocean.
Several canyons were created and some 300 feet deep
One canyon 1000 ft wide and 150 ft deep.

Loggers went in to get the logs.
20 years later there are still thousands of logs laying there.
900 truck loads of trees every day for 7 years were being hauled out of there and they only got 10%.
In Spirit Lake there may be 1 million trees in the lake.
After the eruption the tree logs drift around on Spirit lake.
2000 acres of trees floating on top of the lake.
Thousands of trees floating in the upright position.
Estimated 20,000 trees standing upright in the bottom of the lake that never grew there.

Mt. St. Helens was the equivalent of 1 atomic bomb going off every second it was erupting for 9 hours.
It is considered a small volcano.

Trees float and then sink by species.
Wood density is the same in each tree of the same species so they become water logged at the same rate.
Looks like a forest on the bottom of spirit lake.
Douglas fir trees first than pines than another kind.
They settle in different layers because they sink at different times.
Found all over the world are trees fossilized in the upright position through many layers.
Some trees have the roots at the top of the tree.

Near Santa Barbara petrified forest.
Fish fossils found through many layers of algae
Once the tree is exposed it falls and breaks.
Nova Scotia
Root stubs on trees indicating that they were ripped out of the ground not just petrified in place.
Yellowstone - 27 consecutive layers of trees standing up.
Evolutionists take the age of the trees (500 years) and look at them going threw adjacent layers and then multiply the number of layers by the age of the trees (500x27) and use that as proof the bible is wrong.
Layers are connected by the trees.
One tree goes through layer 1, 2, and 3.
The next tree goes through layer 3, 4, and 5.
The next tree goes through layer 5, 6, and 7.
This indicates they all got stuck in the mud at the same time.

Petrified trees fall and break into logs.
Try to get a newly cut tree to fall and break into logs.
Logs with ax marks on it are found petrified.

Scuba divers go under the floating log mats in Spirit lake.
Logs rub against each other and the bark falls off.
They found 3 feet of bark at the bottom of spirit lake.

Coal can form in a few hours given the right conditions.
Heat, clay, sticks, and water for 36 weeks at 150 degrees can form coal.
Flood laid down debris trail and that formed coal layers.
Coal is found in layers so is a sedimentary deposit.
Salt or sand ploons extending through the coal strips show rapid formation.

National center for science education
80 layers of coal in Midwest - she is right
There is not enough plants on the earth right now to form all the coal found around the world - she is right
That proves it took millions of years - she is wrong
Things were different before the flood.
Trees are bigger, there are more of them, the world is all land and little water.
Two coal seams can be separated by a layer of rock or dirt and then the rock tapers off and the two seams meet.
That proves they were laid down at the same time.
Lens - stone or dirt that tapers off between coal seams

CSE-104 Class 3 Notes

CSE 104 - Class 3

Turbidity currents, mudslides, run outs can go incredible distances.
Moving water sorts by density and size and other factors.
Vernal Utah, huge dinosaur fossil grave yard.
San Jacinto monument in Texas was carved out of huge stone blocks that are full of fossils.
In Belgium 1978 Iguanodon skeletons found.
Iguanadon was the first dinosaur fossils found and assembled.
1809 the wife of a dentist was waiting in the car for her husband and some men were digging a ditch and found some bones. She was given the teeth and took them to her husband and said they looked like giant teeth from an iguana.
Iguanaodon = Iguana + orthodontist

There are reported to be 400 dinosaur track sites around the world.
According to Robert Bloom there are an estimated 8 billion vertebrate dinosaur bones in the Karroo formation in South Africa.
Right now it is not possible for 8 billion animals to be alive in one area proving that something had to be different before the flood.
Todays earth is 70% under water.
It was not always like that.
Genesis 1:29
[29] And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.
Herbs covering the whole face of the earth.
Bible never mentions oceans before flood only seas.

Fossilized fish found in diatomaceous earth.
During the flood areas of the earth would be violent and other areas would be tranquil.
Oceans in places would get very muddy and fish would get their gills clogged.
Fish are found fossilized in a scared position with their scales pointed like they were experiencing something they never saw before.

Canada Axel Heiberg island near North pole - preserved redwood stumps
Redwood trees don't grow many places and Axel island today has no plants growing on it.

Petrified water wheel found.
Wood under microscope - each fiber of wood has millions of wood cells all in a row.
The cell walls on plants are hard unlike in animals.
Inside the cell membrane rots and drains and then the minerals come from the ground and fill the cells and petrify them.

Fish fossil giving birth.
Either buried quickly and delicately or it takes millions of years to give birth.
Cowboy boot with foot still inside.
Company that made the boot said it was manufactured sometime between 1950-1953.
Hammer less than 40 years old
Petrified crayon.
It does not take much time to petrify something.

In 1881 a doctor died and was buried. 18 years later his wife died and they dug a hole to bury her next to him and the hole filled with water. They then dug a hole on the other side and that too had water in it so they buried her somewhere else. They then got worried about grandpa and dug him up and he had fossilized.

Widow in Brazil was having pains in her stomach so went to the doctor. They found a perfect skeleton of a fetus fossilized in her stomach. The baby appeared to be 20 inches long and ready to be born. It had to be in there for at least 15 years because that was the last time she had intercourse.

Students are taught that each layer of earth is a different age.
Curator of British national museum said fossils are not always found in the correct way in the geologic column.
Matterhorn the older fossils are on the top and the younger fossils are on the bottom.
Chief mountain in Montana same way.
Evolutionists will say that there was an over thrust.
One part of the earth broke off and slid over the top of the other piece and flipped it over.
Wouldn't you see some signs of rubbing and the breaking of solid rock?
Mountain was flipped 100 miles with no evidence.

Moving water sorts by density.
Clams could be found on the bottom because...
they evolved first or
they live on the bottom
Sorted by habitat.
Birds found on top because they are the last ones to die in a flood.

Sorted by intelligence
Sorted by mobility
Sorted by density

Stand in ocean water 3 ft deep.
The high part of the wave is heaver than the low part.
The higher weight pushes the water into the sand below you.
When the water goes back water comes out of the sand and pushes some sand on top of your feet.
Stand there for 10 minutes and you will be covered up to your ankles from liquefaction.

Moon effects earths tidal waves.
Bay of Fundy
Greatest tidal change 103 ft.
Average tidal change 52 ft.
Anchorage Alaska large tidal changes also.
Tide rushes into channel and water keeps going even if only pulled short distance.
Tip a pan of water 1 inch and the water goes up the other side 5 inches.
Greatest tidal change called spring tide.
Higher tide when sun and moon lined up.
Tide changes 6 hours and 25 minutes
If there was not continents the tides would have become harmonic.

Flood was 15 cubits above highest mountain.
That would be half the draft of the ark.

A harmonic tide would be 200 ft
Huge liquefaction

Sand ploon
layer of sand laid down then layer of limestone.
Stone cracks and sand squeezes out of the top forming a ploon.
Ayers Rock AZ.
Huge red rock in the middle of nowhere.

Genesis 7
All high hills covered.
If all the high hills were covered it was not a local flood.
God made a wind and waters
Genesis 8:1
[1] And God remembered Noah, and every living thing, and all the cattle that was with him in the ark: and God made a wind to pass over the earth, and the waters asswaged;
asswaged - sank down

NIV - wild animals
Animals were not wild before flood
It was after flood that animals became afraid of man.
NIV - waters receded

Giant sinkhole
Old English word - asswaged
Winter Park, Florida near Orlando - 40 ft deep sinkhole - many buildings fell in
Underground cave collapses and everything above falls in
Caves full of water - people build houses with wells and drain the cave and the cave collapses.

Psalms 104:6
[6] Thou coveredst it with the deep as with a garment: the waters stood above the mountains.
[7] At thy rebuke they fled; at the voice of thy thunder they hasted away.
[8] They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys unto the place which thou hast founded for them.

Waters above the mountains.
Some spaces sank down and others went up like a water bed.
The runoff from the movement caused the canyons.
They fled - the waters
Rapidly moving waters picks up debris - rocks, mud, trees
Water becomes liquid sand paper.

They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys
Old English means - Mountains rose and the valleys went down

Only high hills before flood
Mountains only mentioned during flood.

As water leaves from under the crust the crust drops down and wrinkles like a raisin.

Project Moho
They tried to dig a hole through the crust of the earth and get to where the solid rock turns to liquid magma.
No one ever has gone through the crust.
Mohorovisic discontinuity - changing point between solid and liquid
Very pretty rock - blues and pinks
Boat blows dirt off bottom of the ocean and cuts rock from the ocean floor.

Oceanic crust different thickness than the continental crust.
They can tell the thickness of the crust by sound waves.
Sound travels a lot faster through the crust and solids than through air.
Scientists can tell where an earthquake originated by triangulating the sound waves and how long it took to reach several sensors.
S Waves
P Waves
One travels through the crust and the other through the core.

Continental crust 10-20 miles thick
Oceanic crust 3-5 miles thick
Project Moho tried drilling through the ocean floor
They did not make it.
What is going to drop under the weight of water first, something 20 miles thick or something 5 miles thick.

Ring of volcanoes in pacific ocean.
Plates are moving
Brice Canyon
Georgia - mini grand canyon
farmer build shed and directed the water run off and it started creating a canyon.
Now it is a national park.
Dry Falls, Washington - Largest waterfall in the world - no water

Most mountain ranges are along the coast lines.

California water starts dropping fast while walking out into ocean.
Florida water gradually slopes out.
Something caused CA to drop rapidly.

Bent rock layers all over the earth.
Layers had to be soft in order to bend.
Rocks break and fracture not bend but there are no cracks on these bent layers.

Limestone can be squeezed into marble.
Types of stones
Metamorphic - Can change from one rock to another with heat and pressure
Igneous - caused by ignite - volcanic
Sedimentary - formed in flood
fossils found in sedimentary rock

CSE-104 Class 2 Notes

CSE 104 - Class 2

The Hovind Theory
1. Noah and the animals were safely in the ark and God closed the door
2. -300 degree below zero ice meteor began to break apart as it entered the solar system leaving ice rings around several planets and causing uneven craters on the moon and other planets.
3. Ice meteor hit the earth and dumped snow on North and South poles causing earths crust to crack and make the fountains of the great deep break open, bury mammoths, and cause the canopy to collapse.
4. The cold air from the snow would hit the warm air and cause rain and covering the earth with water.
5. Animals were eventually settled and buried and fossils formed
6. Swirling waters deposited large amounts of plants and animals in places creating coal deposits over the next hundred years.
7. The crust moved and the valleys sank down and mountains arose. While contents were moving the water running off would have created canyons.
8. Over the next several hundred years the ice caps would melt making the oceans deeper and colder and that is why we have a continental shelf. The cold water would absorb the carbon dioxide shortening lifespans in the days of Peleg.

Earth still shows evidence of a flood to remind everyone that God hates sin.

God told Noah to "come into the ark" not "go into the ark"
Genesis 7:1
[1] And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.
God was in the ark with Noah.

Bring clean beast by sevens and unclean beasts by two's.
It was known thousand years before Moses what was clean and unclean.
Common knowledge of clean and unclean since creation?
Sevens of animals could mean a total of seven animals, seven male and seven female, or 1 male and 6 female like farmers do.
Bible does not say.

At the end of the flood God tells Noah to "go out of the ark" not "come out".
Genesis 8:16
[16] Go forth of the ark, thou, and thy wife, and thy sons, and thy sons' wives with thee.

Noah only had to take animals that the nostrils were the breath of life and lived on dry land.
Genesis 6:17
[17] And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.
No fish, no insects.
God shut the door.

300 degree below zero meteor.
No one sees commits hitting the moon or mercury however they are full of craters.
Ice would hit and melt within a few days on moon or quicker on mercury.
Moon 250 degrees above in sunlight
Planets rings are made of ice.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune have rings.
As fragments of a meteor approached earth it would break apart like a snow ball going to fast and break into billions of pieces.
Skeptics say that ice meteor would melt in the atmosphere because of temperature and friction.
If earth had a canopy that limited the atmosphere to 10 miles instead of the 100 miles that it is today it would be easier for the ice to get through without melting.
A stream of water will go right through a fire and only loose a little amount to vaporization.
A cold channel around the poles would slowly allow more and more cold snow to pass through with less vaporizing.

Super cold ice can be charged and take on unusual properties.
Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules are connected at a 105 degree angle.
Sharing an electron.
Hydrogen is slightly positive and Oxygen is slightly negative.
The negative attracts another positive causing water cohesion.
Around 32 degrees water freezes and the crystals swell up about 12% causing the ice to float on top of the water.
Most things shrink when they get cold.
Water shrinks until it reaches 37 degrees then it begins to swell.
If water was not designed that way what would happen is when the top layer of ice formed on a lake it would sink to the bottom and the next layer would do the same until the lake was completely frozen killing all the fish.

Water at 300 below zero becomes malleable like metal.
Beat it with a hammer and it flattens instead of shatters.
If there was an ice canopy 6-10 inches thick it would have compressed the atmosphere and be suspended by the magnetic field by the Meissner Effect (not meisner).

As snow is being piled up on the poles the edges spread out causing glaciers.
We are still being hit by ice comets however they melt before touching the ground.

There are sediment layers under the ice caps because water floats on ice and the flood waters would have still deposited layers and then when they receded they would have dropped the ice.
New Siberian Islands - part of Russia.
Frozen Bobcat, Camels, Bison, and Mammoths
Islands full of frozen animals.

Deepest ice measurement taken was 14,000 ft near south pole.
Antarctica has 7,000,000 cubic miles of ice on it.
If the ice all melted the oceans would raise 250 feet.
In a dirty diamond mine in 1962.
Admiral Byrd reported frozen palm leaves in ice on Antarctica.
Antarctica has many kinds of tropical plants and animals buried.
1. Pangea - would used to be one island
2. Canopy - Plants could have grown there.
3. Flood - moved plants and then froze there

Dinosaur fossils are found on the interior of Antarctica.
Plant eating dinosaur 20-30 feet long was found 400 mi from the south pole.
Has sparked a debate on weather the climate on Antarctica was temperate as soon as 3 million years ago.
Found deposits of leaves inside of cliff that were 250 miles from south pole.
Still preserved - not fossilized.

There are two North poles. Physical and magnetic.
Pilots have to constantly adjust their compass to fly directly North
Mammoths had probably never seen a snow storm before so they started walking.
They got so far and could not let go any furtherer because the snow got so deep so fast.
There is proof that they suffocated instead of drowned.
Beresovka mammoth found in 1901.
Found standing up frozen and is still in freezer in Russia.
Wolves had eaten the snout, leg, and part of the head but the rest was intact.

Matterhorn used to be a mountain but a glacier cut it into a cliff.

Glacial groves - many in Canada.
Rock as big as a house dragged for miles

Cold air coming off of ice caps would mix with the warm air and make rain causing the canopy to come down.
The sewers backed up and everyone drowned.
Genesis 7:11
[11] In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

Flood did not all come from the rain
Rained 40 days
Subterranean waters
Windows of heaven

Book of Jasher
"Is not this written in the Book of Jasher..."--Joshua, x. 13.
"Behold it is written in the Book of Jasher."--II Samuel, i. 18
Jasher 6:11
And on that day, the Lord caused the whole earth to shake, and the sun darkened, and the foundations of the world raged, and the whole earth was moved violently, and the lightning flashed, and the thunder roared, and all the fountains in the earth were broken up, such as was not known to the inhabitants before; and God did this mighty act, in order to terrify the sons of men, that there might be no more evil upon earth.

The Archko Volume
Non biblical records from the time of Jesus confirming Jesus existence.
Interviews and letters.

Book of Enoch
May have been written to justify purgatory by catholic priests.

Dump of the ice would have caused the earths surface to crack like an egg shell.
Ice spreads out towards the equator and then stops.
Caused burial of mammoths.
Caused earth to wobble
Genesis 7:19
[19] And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered.
If all the high hills were covered that means it was world wide flood.
Hugh Ross said,
"Since there are no men on the South pole why would he kill all the penguins?"
Noah landed in the Mesopotamia valley but that does not mean he started there.
Just because there is a river named Euphrates in Turkey that does not mean the Garden of Eden was there just that when they got off the ark they saw a river that looked like the one in the garden.
Bible only talks about high hills before the flood mountains are only mentioned during flood.

Globe shrunk down to 12" scale all the water on the planet would not fill 1 tablespoon.
A mile deep water on a globe would only be the thickness of a piece of paper.
Hugh Ross needs a local flood to preserve the geologic column.
On a 12 inch globe you would not even be able to feel Mt. Everest.
If you smoothed out the land the average height would be 2600 ft.
Oceans would average a depth of 12,000 ft.

26,000 feet on top of Mt Everest clams are found in the closed position.
When clams die they open.
You almost never find two matched halves of a clam on a beach and never find a closed clam after it dies.
Mud flow under water will keep the clams closed until they petrify.
Clams found 10 feet thick in places.
Near Dallas TX huge clam.

Fossilized eggs found.
Eggs are very fragile and have to be buried gently.

While the planet was wobbling the seasons would be erratic.
People built temples that lined up with the sun that are now at the wrong angle.

Earth weighs six sextillion tons.
You would not notice the wobble.

Water inside of earth very warm/hot.
Hot water kills diatoms.
Earth layers - water, rock, basalt,
As crack gets wider the rock slides off the basalt and mountains form.

Yellowstone - geyser all over the world
Hot water shooting out of crust.

Diatoms are tiny creatures that bodies are made of glass (silica).
1 inch of diatoms on the ocean floor would take 1000 years.
Diatomaceous earth available at hardware store.
Such a fine material that if you spread it around your house it will suffocate insects.
Used for insulation, paper finishes, sound proofing, cat litter, paint thickener, pool filter.
Santa Barbara California worlds largest diatomaceous mine.
15,000 feet thick solid diatomaceous earth.
It is a rock but softer than chalk.
Each crystal is so small that it absorbs a lot of water.
Antacids use them.
San Andreas fault runs through that part of CA.
Millions of fish and a whale fossil are found in the diatomaceous earth.
Whale 80 feet long and 8 feet thick.
If it takes 1 inch per 1000 years wouldn't the whale rotted by the time it got buried.
They find fossils by the trillions in diatomaceous earth.
They found a 60 ft long pterodactyl (misspelled teradactl, terodactl, petradactal) but didn't tell anyone because the museum would have shut down the mine to excavate it.

Dover England cliffs are made of chalk.
Cretaceous period is derived from Latin word Creta that means chalk.
300 feet thick chalk.
How many organisms have to die to make 300 ft thick chalk?

First few months animals die out.
When fountains of the deep break open it kills the diatoms.
Water swirls and separates animals and breaks apart roting flesh and bones.

Moving water sorts particles Millions of layers per layer or 1 flood formed all the layers.

Mudslides under water can go as fast as 70 miles per hour.
Trans Atlantic cable was cut by under water mud slide.
Fastest submarines go 35 mph.

All flesh in the world die and their remains float until the bones fall apart and get buried in strange shapes tangled with other bones that are not theirs.
T-Rex back bone found bent backwards with no other bones and no teeth marks on it.
It died in the water not by predators.

CSE-104 Class 1 Notes

CSE 104 - Class 1

Ice Age
Ice came down as far as Kansas City, MO
They say there was 4 ice ages.
Ice pushes against rocks and when it melts it leaves behind a huge pile of rocks called moraines.
Rocks in front of glaciers make terminal moraines.
Terminal = stopped
Eventually hills of rocks get covered by dirt and look like dirt mounds.
Huge boulders have been pushed by ice for miles and grooved deep marks in solid rock below proving that they had moved a long way.
Rocks off to sides of glaciers make lateral moraines.
Glaciers move faster in the middle than at the sides because there is less friction.
Crevice can open up that is 1 ft wide and 200 ft deep. Very dangerous. Teams are tied together by ropes so if one falls the others can pull them up.

A mile of ice is heavy. It presses down on the earth. When it melts the ground lifts back up in places.
In Antarctica if all the snow melted the continent would lift up 2000 ft.
Isostatic rebound.
As it melts it springs back unevenly and leaves thousands of lakes like in WI and MN.
Two groups of thought on when Ice ages occurred.
The ice age caused the flood and lasted about 200 years.
The flood caused the ice age. (What started the flood?)

In Colorado if you dig under the ground far enough there is still permafrost.

Ice bergs break off chunks of ice and fall into ocean.
Talk of dragging giant ice berg down to middle east for drinking water because fresh water floats on top of salt water.

Borrow Alaska - nothing grows. Above arctic circle.
Drilling well went down 1000 ft and started hitting wood. There was a 300 ft tall tree standing up 1000 feet under the permafrost.
Largest tree in world today is 320 ft. Odds are that they could not have drilled through the tallest one down there.
It is now freeze dried wood.
There is very little sun light because of tilt of earth up there.
Trees grow 1 inch tall and wide because when sun is out it is so close to the horizon that it grows out not up like bush.

First person on the South pole could see palm leaves frozen under the ice.
It is hard to grow palms in Pensacola FL let alone on the South pole.
Tropical plants are found in the north and south poles.
Could have been caused by contentments drifting as evolutionists think or a flood rearranging the world or that at sometime in the past the south pole was a tropical environment.

Woolly Mammoths found sometimes frozen in standing position.
People have eaten mammoth meat. Cut slab out of frozen mammoth and cook it. Tastes like it has been in the freezer too long.
In warmer summers the ice melts and exposes mammoths.
Some people say mammoths are designed for colder weather because they have long hair.
Animals in jungle have long hair.
Walt Brown's book In the Beginning goes through all the reasons why they could not be cold weather animals.

Elephants eat 500 lbs/day of food.
Where would a mammoth get 500 lbs of food every day?
There are no wear marks on the tusks indicating that they used them to move snow like deer do.
Not enough vegetation for the mammoths.
People used to go up and take the tusks for the ivory.
Lot of money for a giant tusk 20 ft long.
In one year 20,000 tusks were removed.
There are an estimated 5 million mammoths frozen around the arctic.
Mammoths did not drown, they suffocated.
New Siberian Islands - so many frozen animals under the ice that you can barely walk without stepping on an animal.
Camels 15 ft tall. What is a 15 ft tall camel doing in the arctic?
Frozen mammoth stomaches have frozen Buttercup seeds in their stomaches undigested.
Small ice crystals mean that they froze quickly.
If you freeze something slowly you get large crystals (rock candy)
Small ice crystals in blood.
Asked people that freeze meat for a living and they said it would require a temperature of -300 degrees below zero to freeze a mammoth without it having time to rot (5 hours).
Moose hit by car when -20 out and they came back the next day to get the moose and the outside 6 inches were frozen but the inside was roting from the warmth of the body that was trapped inside.
Coldest temperature recorded on earth is -129 below zero.
Spit freezes before it hits the ground if it is -50 degrees out.
Since it never gets that cold on earth something had to happen.

It is called the Hovind Theory because if any of it is wrong they can not blame anyone else.

Fish fossils found in diatomous earth by the millions.
1 square foot has 30 fish fossils in it.
Oil in rock can be seen that it was formed by pressing the fish.
Why are there shells on the top of mountains?

Mass does not change, your weight does.
If you are on earth or space you weigh the same.
If two objects strike in space it would be the same as on earth just a frictionless environment.
A bus hitting a Volvo would have the same results in space.

Moon ¼ million miles away.
If you moved the moon into half that distance (1/8 million miles away) the attraction would be squared.
1/3 of the distance would equal 9 times the pull.
Works on gravity, light, magnetism, and girls.
Force of attraction - inverse square
Half the distance the attraction is squared

Top wobble
A spinning top will follow a predictable path when struck by an object.
North pole always points toward North star.

First day of summer there is 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of dark at the equator.
Middle of the summer at the North pole there is 24 hours of sunlight.

Graph of time verse angle of a wobbling top and you would get a wavy line.
From the line you could go back and determine when the top was struck.

George Dodwell - astronomer
Studied many things around world that were build with respect to the sun.
Stonehenge, Egyptian Solar Temple of Amen-Ra, etc.
Volcanoes under the oceans - magazine

June 21st longest day of the year
December 21st shortest day of the year
December 25th used to be the shortest day but the earth moves
Pagan cultures would bring gifts to the temple for the sun god to convince him to start coming out longer and not go away.
Catholic statues of Mary have a sun behind her head and rays on the communion wafers.
Lucifer symbol of the sun.

George Dodwell gathered data for many years and calculated that the earth was struck by an object 4350 years ago and was not coming to the end of its wobble.

Solstice shadow.
Sun higher in the summer than the winter.
The graph produced by the wobble of the earth is the same as a spinning top.

Tilt of earth causes seasons, colder weather, warmer weather
First mention of cold weather is
Genesis 8:22
[22] While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
If the earth had no tilt then it would be like spring all year round on almost the entire globe.

If the magnetic field was stronger we would always be able to tell witch way was North without a compass or the stars.

Moon has craters on it but they are not evenly distributed like they would be if it was slowly getting bombarded over many millions of years.
Most of the craters are in the same area.
Moon goes around the earth every 29 days.
Earth also spins once every 29 days.
We never get to see the back of the moon because it is exactly the same rate.
Mares - word for crater

Earth is 93 million miles away from sun.
93 million miles = 1AU (astronomical unit)

Mercury = 0.387 AU
Venus = 0.723 AU
Mars = 1.524 AU
Jupiter = 5.203 AU
Saturn = 9.529 AU
Uranus = 19.19 AU
Neptune = 30.06 AU
Pluto = 39.53 AU

Mercury is full of uneven craters like the moon.
Crater creep - holes on sides of craters that slowly disappear as craters settle due to gravity or heat.
On mercury the craters should disappear much faster than on the moon due to the heat.
Many craters have steep sides when they would not if the craters were millions of years old.

Grand canyon on mars is much larger then the one on earth.
1998 Scientific America article saying that the canyon formed within a few weeks by water erosion.
They make that conclusion on mars where there is almost no water when they won't on earth where the surface is mostly water.

Mars is 1.5AU away from sun and slightly smaller.
Size of ½ diameter would not mean ½ the volume.
Surface area is proportional to radius not volume.

Meissner Effect
Magnets floating on each other.
Japan super fast trains levitate on magnetic tracks. "Mag-lev"

Commits flying through space are giant snow balls.
Sometimes ice or stone or nickel.
Nickel rare on earth but a lot in space.

Earth's atmosphere keeps us warm like a blanket.
Space is -456 deg F
Absolute zero is 459.6 deg F (0K -273C)
Nothing gets colder than absolute zero.

One proof of the big bang is the 3 degrees background radiation.
There are plenty of other places that could have come from.

Throw a snow ball too fast and it will break apart.

Earth has lost 6% of its magnetic field in the past 150 years.
Northern and Southern lights occur when sun is having storms.
Radios will get worse reception during solar storms and during day time.
At night you can get AM stations from over a thousand miles.
Sun pushes on magnetic field and interferes with the way the radio waves travel.

Who was Peleg?
Genesis 10:25
[25] And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided; and his brother's name was Joktan.

Hebrew names have meanings.
In Genesis 10 only a few people have their names explained so why is Peleg so important?
Noah lived to be 950 years
Shem lived to be 600 years
Eber lived to be 464 years
Peleg lived to be 239 years

There is always more than one way to look at something.
I believe the bible is correct until proved wrong.
Some people won't believe the bible until it is proved correct.

Atheist came to a preacher and said "I don't believe anything in the bible. Unless you can prove one thing in it scientifically" so the preacher grabbed his nose and twisted it side to side and it started bleeding. The atheist asked why he did that and the priest said "the wringing of the nose bringeth forth blood, Proverbs 30:33"