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Dr. Hovind’s Seminar Transcripts


Dr. Hovind’s Seminar Transcripts

Seminar 3a: Dinosaurs and the Bible

(previous 1999 version of this seminar)


     We covered in the first videotape how the Bible teaches that the earth is only about 6,000 years old, not billions of years old. How dinosaurs lived with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; they did not live billions of years ago. They were part of the normal Creation. See, God made the World about 6,000 years ago, and 4,400 years there was a flood. Before the flood came the world was very different; people lived a long time, it was just very different. Dinosaurs lived with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They were not millions of years ago lizards, they were just pre-flood lizards.

Dinosaurs on the Ark

Too Big?

     So the obvious question came up; Did Noah take dinosaurs on the ark? People say, “Dinosaurs on the ark? They’re kind of big aren’t they?” Well, the big ones were big, but the little ones were little. Noah was six hundred years old when he built that boat; he was smart enough to figure out that you don’t have bring the biggest ones you can find; you bring two babies. Just be sure to get a pink one and a blue one. There are all sorts of reasons for bringing babies. They’re smaller, they eat less, they weigh less, they sleep more, they’re tougher; you know kids fall down and bounce and get up and keep running. Adults fall down and break, or lay there for awhile. Plus, after the flood the young ones would live longer to produce more offspring, and that’s why you’re bringing them to begin with. So it makes common sense to bring babies of everything onto the ark.

Species or Kinds?

     You only had to bring two of each kind. God told him to bring to of every sort. Not two of every species, or two of variety; two of every kind of animal. Bible says they went on to the ark after his kind, after his kind, after his kind, after his kind of every sort. The phrase is in there over and over. Just the basic kinds of animals had to go on to Noah’s ark.

Illustration of Dog Kinds

     For instance, today there are 250 varieties of dogs in the world. Noah didn’t have to bring 250 pairs of dogs on the ark, [he] just brought two of the dog kind. Since then, there have been a lot of varieties produced. Probably the great dane, chihuahua, and the wolf, and the coyote had a common ancestor-a dog. That’s not evolution, it’s just a variety.
      I was in Boston and the preacher of the church I was going to speak at called all the colleges to try to get me in to do a debate. The professors all refused, and one college said, “We’ll let Kent Hovind come speak if our professors can ask him any questions they want. We want to show our students how dumb these creationists really are.” The preacher called me back and said, “Brother Hovind, would you like to go to this college and let them make fun of you for a couple of hours?” I said, “I’d enjoy that.” So I showed up at the college, got my charts out. There were six professors with all their students in the room. I felt like Daniel in the lion’s den. I said, “Well folks, I believe the Bible.” That got a lot of cheers. I said, “And the Bible teaches that the God made the world about 6,000 years ago and 4,400 hundred years ago there was a flood that destroyed the world and Noah built an ark that saved all the critters on board. Since the flood’s been over there have been a lot of varieties produced based on pressures of the environment. Producing long-haired, short-haired, but that’s not evolution; it’s just variation.”
      Then I told them what they believed. I’ve discovered most evolutionists don’t know what they believe. I said, “You guys believe about 20 billion years ago there was a big bang, but you don’t know what exploded or where it came from. Then about 4.6 billion years ago the earth cooled down and developed a hard, rocky crust. It rained on the rocks for millions of years and turned them into soup.” That’s what the textbooks say folks; I’m not making this up. “As the earth formed, the surface was hot and there were large pools of bubbling lava. It rained on the rocks for millions of years, and formed oceans.” That’s what the textbooks says, “millions of years of torrential rains created great oceans, the swirling in the oceans was the dissolved rocks, which came to be known as the soup.” Yes boys and girls, swirling in the waters of the oceans are a bubbling broth of complex chemicals. Progress from a complex chemical suit to a living organism is very slow. I guess it is. Totally stopped. That’s how slow it is. It doesn’t happen at all. This early life form evolved out of the soup and found someone to marry (pretty good trick) and something to eat and very slowly evolved into everything we see today. That’s what they believe. One professor was getting pretty upset about this time. He said, “Mr. Hovind, excuse me, there are 250 varieties of dogs in the world. You believe that all those dogs came just two dogs off Noah’s Ark? You except me to believe that?” I said sir, “Would you look at what you’re teaching your students. You’re teaching your students that all the dogs in world today came from a rock.” He didn’t have any more questions after that. That is exactly what they teach, isn’t it? I didn’t make it up. Talk about straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel! Man, you don’t think all the dogs came from two dogs off Noah’s ark, but you do think that they could come from a rock. Better think that one through one more time.

Flood Legends

     It’s also interesting to note about the flood of Noah, don’t you think that if there was a worldwide flood the survivors would tell their grandkids about it? Isn’t logical that there would be some flood legends surviving today? Guess what? Two hundred and seventy have been found, now close to two ninety this book says, “Two hundred seventy flood legends have been discovered.” Why would so many countries talk about a family saved in a boat?


     In China they have a legend, it’s a story of the history of China. Tells about a family was saved from a great flood. The entire land was flooded; the mountains and everything, one family survived in a boat. The Chinese classic called the Hihking (however you pronounce that). It says, “A family of Fuhi,” which the Chinese consider him the father of their civilization, “History records that Fuhi, his wife, three sons, and three daughters escaped the great flood. He and his family were the only people alive on earth. After the great flood they repopulated the world.” Sounds pretty close to what the Bible says doesn’t it?


      In Mexico the Toltec Indians have a legend that the original creation lasted 1716 years and was destroyed by a flood and one family survived. Seventeen hundred years, pretty close to what the Bible teaches, 1656. Why would there be so many flood legends? If there wasn’t any flood legends, the atheist would say, “If there was a flood why aren’t there legends about it?” Well there are nearly three hundred, how many would you like? I think there was a worldwide flood folks.

Where’s the Ark?

     It is interesting, if you look at a map of the country of Turkey, at the far right side is a mountain called Mt. Ararat. On the Turkish map this is called Nuh’ un Gemisi, “Noah’s big boat.” Now the Bible does not say the ark landed on Mt. Ararat. The Bible says the ark rested in the seventh month, now that’s interesting, because Noah didn’t get out until the thirteenth month. Why did he stay in there six more months? Nothing to eat outside for one thing, and the water hadn’t all gone down yet. It took a while. Plus, if you look at my video tape number six we talk about that; why they stayed in those extra few months. It would take a while for crops to grow. You can plant a garden and get it to grow and eat in three months, right? Four months max. So in six months things would be growing just fine, they let all the animals off. It said the ark rested on the mountains, plural, mountains of Ararat.
      Now, some people think Noah’s Ark is actually on Mt. Ararat. I know Ken Ham, he is a friend of mine; I was at his office last week. He has a wonderful ministry, Answers in Genesis, he says that Noah’s Ark is on Mt. Ararat. I know John Morris and Henry Morris, and they think it’s on Mt. Ararat. They are friends of mine from California, ICR, and I really love their ministry and appreciate what they do. I know Carl Baugh in Glen Rose, Texas; he’s been there a bunch of times; he thinks it’s up on Mt. Ararat. It might be, I don’t know.
      I just want to let you know there’s another school of thought, there are some people that think that the ark is not even on that mountain. They think it is seventeen miles away. I also happen to know Ron Wyatt. He’s a good friend of mine, here’s his website at www.pilgrimpromo.com, and Ron thinks that Noah’s ark is not even on the mountain, and many other people agree with Ron. They think that this might be the ark, this moat-shaped object in the background. It is seventeen miles away from Mt. Ararat, still in the mountains of Ararat, but not on the mountain of Ararat.
      They say the ark collapsed in on itself; it’s folded out on its side, much wider than it used to be. They found iron rivets all over that area. I held some in my hands when I was at Ron’s house in Nashville, Tennessee; been there many times. Talked to him last week. These iron rivets are found all over that area. Apparently the ark was bolted together. The Turkish government studied the site and they said they think it’s Noah’s ark and they built a visitor’s center. They started to build a highway, but a war broke out. It’s not a safe place to go over there now.

The Design of the Ark

Drogue Stones

     They found twelve giant anchor stones. Great big huge 9,000 pound rocks, with hole drilled through the top. It’s interesting, the hole is curved. I’ve built nine houses; I have drilled bunches of holes. And I don’t know how you would drill a curved hole through a rock; that would be interesting. The bigger the rock is the bigger the hole is. Apparently, this was to put a bigger rope in to hold the rock hanging over the side of the boat, to be what’s called a drogue stone. See, if you had a bunch of rocks hanging over the side of the boat it keeps the boat stabilized in stormy weather. It kind of anchors you to the water, sort of. You know these rocks create a drag down there. If your ropes are long enough, let them touch bottom. If it really gets windy, the rocks drag behind you and it turns the boat to a right angle to the waves; you can’t capsize.
      People say, “Now hold on a minute, if you have rocks hanging over the side of the boat that would slow you down.” He wasn’t trying to go anywhere. Where was there to go? He was just trying to float, right?

Moon Pool

     One guy, in a debate I did, is a former preacher turned atheist (in debate number seven out there on the table), he said, “You know, you can’t build a boat that big, it will go over the waves and it will bend and flex and eventually break apart. They tried it with a six master.” Well Noah’s ark didn’t have any masts, it wasn’t trying to sail it was just trying to float. So that really eases the problem.
      Some people think that the ark might have had a moon pool. A moon pool is a hole in the floor so when you go over a wave the water comes up inside the hole part way, it’s got walls built up inside of course, so you don’t sink the boat. This relieves the stress on the ship. A moon pool relieves the stress and as the water goes up and down inside that hole; it acts like a giant piston and it pumps air in and out of the boat. Might be a necessary feature with all them critters on board. Might pray for a wave once in a while. Lord, send a wave, please–quick. A little methane gas build up in here. I don’t know if it had a moon pool or not, some people think it did, some people don’t, I don’t know. Not much left of a 4,400 year old wooden boat.

Dinosaurs’ “Extinction”

     After the flood was over, what happened to the dinosaurs? The textbooks are always asking the kids the question, “What happened to the dinosaurs boys and girls? Did a meteor strike the Yucatan Peninsula in 65 million B.C. and make the dinosaurs go extinct with the iridium layer all over the world.” They’re asking the wrong question. The question is not “what made the dinosaurs go extinct;” the question is, “did the dinosaurs go extinct?”

Liberal Illustration

     See, liberals are great to getting arguing about the wrong subject. They always say to me, “Do you think that we should have prayer in public schools?” Or, “Should we teach creation in public schools?” I say, “That’s a good question, and I would be glad to talk about that with you. However, there is another question we need to talk about first. Should we have public schools? Let’s discuss that one first.” If we should have them, then who would run them would be the second obvious question. You better read your constitution because the tenth amendment states that anything that is not spelled out in this document is left to the states. Which means we should totally shut down the department of education at the national level. Shut it down.
      When Joe Scarborough, our representative from this district in Florida, he came to my house trying to get me to vote for him. I said, “Joe, what is your opinion of public schools?” He said, “The tenth amendment.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “They have no right existing.” He said, “There should be no federal interference in public schools.” He said, “Same for welfare.” Yay Joe! You got my vote. Look, if we just got to what the Constitution says, 80 percent of the problems would disappear. Federal government is involved in a lot of things they shouldn’t be involved in. I speak in public schools all the time. My brother is going to retire from public school teaching this year. He’s the one that led me to the Lord. My brother has been in public school teaching for twenty-eight years and is retiring. My mom retired from teaching public school. I’m not against public schools; I just think they should be run by the local cities or maybe the county, but certainly not the federal government in Washington. Shut it down at that level. It can’t possibly work.

What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Anyway, back to the dinosaurs, what happened to them? It’s not a meteor, and they are asking the wrong question. By the way, if you want to keep up with public schools and what’s happening, you might want to get ahold of an article on the web called “Exodus2000”. Or if you want to keep up with daily events with public schools and what’s happening; get a hold of Fred, redb001@spectra.net. See me later and I’ll give you that, spectra.net. Fred will add you to the loop and you’ll get about a hundred e-mails a day keeping you posted on what’s happening with the public school system and how you can vote intelligently on stuff like that. Anyway, After the flood, I think two things happened to the dinosaurs.

A Different Environment

     Number one, they got off the ark and they faced a hostile world. It’s was very different than the pre-flood world, because the canopy of water that used to protect them was gone. You noticed before the flood people lived over nine hundred years. Right after the flood, life spans dropped off instantly to four hundred years, than two hundred, and then a hundred. Something changed. Well, the canopy of water was gone, radiation was getting in. Air pressure was less, less oxygen. You get all sorts detrimental effects of the loss of that canopy. So the same thing happened to the dinosaurs they were dying off because of the climate changes; they couldn’t live long enough.

The Plight of Dinosaurs

     Secondly, man was hunting them. Back in those days they called them dragons. They killed the dragons for meat. There would be a lot of hamburger in one brachiosaurus. You could feed the village for a while, right? Or because they were a menace, or just to be a hero; “I slew the dragon.” Thousands of stories like that.
      See, as the population of people began to grow, the population of bigger, ferocious animals began to diminished. Same thing happened here in west Florida. How many grizzly bears in west Florida? None. How many were here five hundred years ago? Probably a bunch. When people move in, the bigger, ferocious animals were driven off or killed off. That’s just the way it’s always been. So as population in the world began to grow, the dinosaurs began to be killed off. (Those that weren’t dying from the climate changes.)

Dragon Tales

     There are thousands of stories of people killing dragons. They called them dragons because the name dinosaur was just invented in 1841. So of course they didn’t call them dinosaurs before that; there was no such word. If you read history you’ll read about Gilgamesh slaying a dragon. Beowulf slew a dragon; St. George slew a dragon. There are thousands of these stories of people killing dragons. Are they all just mythology? Why are there so many of them? And why are they so similar?
      Here’s a Thai restaurant that has a picture of a boat from Thailand with a dragon head on it. Thai legends talk about dragon slayers. A Russian medallion shows a man slaying a dragon. A Bulgarian postage stamp shows a man killing a dragon. Many national heroes in these ancient older countries are dragon slayers. I think dinosaurs lived all through history all the way up to 600 BC. Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, had as his symbol the god Marduke on top of a fire-breathing dragon. You say, “Brother Hovind, you don’t believe in fire-breathing dragons do you?” Yeah, you better watch video tape number three; there really were fire-breathing dragons. We’ll talk about that later.

The Catholic Bible.

In the Catholic Bible you’ll see that the book of Daniel has two extra chapters. Daniel 13 and 14. In Daniel 14 it tells the story of Daniel killing the dragon that the Babylonians worshiped. Could they have had a dragon in Babylon in 600 BC. Oh, I think they did.


I know that Saddam Insane, Hussein, thinks he is Nebuchadnezzar reincarnated. The guy is crazy; he’s got huge pictures of himself all over Iraq; excellent targets for the F-15’s. He has his picture on the front of their gold currency. The guy has a little ego problem. Saddam spent a fortune rebuilding the ancient city of Babylon. You know Babylon was destroyed about 600 BC and the Bible says that it will be destroyed in the latter days. For years people have laughed at the Bible, ha, ha, saying Babylon has already been destroyed. Well guess what, Saddam has rebuilt it in the last twenty years. They’re using it right now, it is rebuilt. When they found the original city of old Babylon, the ruins, they dug down into the sand and found perfectly preserved in the dry sand over there were the laws of the old city. The old city laws had hundreds and hundreds of pictures of dragons on them.

More Dragons.

How did they know about dragons in 600 BC? Well, there were some still around; that’s how they knew about them. Alexander the Great in 300 BC reported that his soldiers were scared by dragons when they conquered part of India. This Roman mosaic shows two long neck dragons fighting or kissing, can’t tell what happening for sure. (Well, that would be necking wouldn’t it? Wow!) Anyway, how did the Romans know about dragons in the second century after Christ? There were still some still around. Probably smaller and more rare and generally in water. They would be the hardest ones to exterminate, the ones on land would be the easiest to kill off, generally the water-dwelling dinosaurs were still around.
      The Vikings sure talked about dragons a lot. They called it the “Cracken”-the great dragon of the sea. They built their ships to have dragon heads on them. All the ancient north Scandinavian literature talks about dragons within the sea. They built their ships to look that way.
      In 1572 an Italian peasant killed a dragon that was bothering his cows. They had it mounted for a museum display. [A] scientist documented the whole thing, Ulysses Aldavondus. You know, in 1572 you could have gone to a museum in Italy visit a dinosaur on display. Not the bones-the skin stuffed and mounted by a taxidermist.
      Did you know that if you could get a dictionary or an encyclopedia from four hundred or five hundred years ago, look up the word dragon; it will say “very rare, though still living animals.” Somebody called me last week and said I’m going to send you a copy of a dictionary that I’ve got from 1928, I think it was. When I looked up dragon, it said “very rare, though still living animals.” In 1928 in the dictionary, interesting.
      A city in France was renamed Nerluke because of a man named Nerluke who slew the dragon that was bothering the city. Still called Nerluke, France today. . The Indians in Arizona apparently used to hunt dinosaurs and they carved them in the walls of the Grand Canyon. Dinosaurs carved on the walls of the Grand Canyon? Sure, Indians hunted them. There’s a round-bodied, four-legged; long-necked dinosaurs carved on one of the walls of the Grand Canyon. There’s a painting from a cave in Africa with round body, long neck; four legs next to the native running away from it. Smart native!

The Ica Stones.

When they went down to Ica, Peru out in the desert in 1962 the peasants began bringing in these strange rocks to sell to the tourists; they were finding them buried in the desert. They found quite a huge pile of them. They became known as the Ica stones from Ica, Peru. A friend of mine from Canada was down there for eight months, studying these things. He gave me scores of pictures that he has of these Ica stones. I think we have some on our web site, or we’re putting some on our web site. If you want to call up my web site at www.drdino.com we’ll put a few pictures on there about the Ica stones. Carvings of dinosaurs on these stones, 50,000 of them. They range in size from golf ball size to the size of a La-Z-Boy chair. Every known dinosaur found carved on the Ica stones. Sometimes the people are killing the dinosaurs, sometimes they’re riding them, sometimes they are making them work. Pretty strange.
      That’s my friend that was down there for eight months studying the carvings all over the desert out there. I read the book by a guy that has 11,000 of them in his museum, Dr. Cabaro, I think that’s how you pronounce his name. He has studied this very intensively, and he says “There’s no question that man and dinosaurs lived together.” Then he says, “This proves that man was here two hundred million years ago.” Man, you got great research and the wrong conclusions. No, this proves that our whole dating history for the world is wrong. Man and dinosaurs lived at the same time. Here’s an Indian chief cutting a head off a dinosaur, this one shows a man riding a dinosaur. Ica stones found all over there.

Dinosaur Sightings and Legends

     During the age of sailing ships, which really started with Columbus, up until about [one] hundred years ago when they went to diesel engines or steam engines. For about a four hundred year span of human history was called the great age of sailing ships. During this time there are thousands of legends of people sighting sea monsters. Well, if you’re in a sailing boat it’s pretty quiet going through the water. Today, with your diesel engine on board of your metal hull boat; sound travels great under water, they can hear you coming a hundred miles away. They’ve learned to avoid the shipping lanes, I’m sure. But, during this age of sailing ships, there are many stories of people sighting sea monsters.
Natural History of Norway by Bishop Eric Fontopodum reported sea monsters. Many stories in his book he wrote. Missionary Hans Eged reported seeing a sea monster near Greenland. I was preaching at a church in Delaware, a man came to me after the service and said, “Brother Hovind my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was Hans Eged; in his diary he reported seeing a sea monster near Greenland.” Captain Peter McKay aboard H.M.S. Nautilus, a British ship, reported that they saw a sixty-foot sea monster swim right under their boat. They watched it for twenty minutes. The sailors on board said, “Captain, please don’t mention this is the log book; we’re going to get laughed at.” Well, he put it in the log book anyway. Sure enough, they got laughed at.

The Monongahela.

You want to read an amazing story? Go to the UWF library, go to QL89 and there is a book in there. I think it’s Monsters of the Deep by Thomas Helm who died recently, but he’s from Crestview, Florida. I think that’s the book where he tells the story of about the Monongahela, the ship that actually shot, killed, and cut up and ate part of a one hundred and three foot, six inch long sea monster. Another ship stopped to see what on earth was going on. They said, “Look at this, a hundred and three foot sea monster.” The Monongahela sold the oil; they boiled the blubber down to the oil and sold it to the other ship. They said, “Look, fellows, we’re out for whales-we’re going after whales. We got the bones of this sea monster in the hull of the Monongahela. You guys can take this oil; go back to port, tell them we’ll be back in six months and show them the proof.” Six months later the Monongahela never showed up. A year later; never showed up. Sometime after that some boards washed on the shore of Japan, I believe, that said Monongahela on the side. Ship sank in a storm. But, the sailors that saw it said, “Look, it was clear sea serpent oil. We’ve never seen anything like it; we saw the creature ourselves. But, people laughed at them anyways, because they liked proof. Interesting story about the Monongahela.
      During World War I, a German submarine commander, a U-boat captain, said he sank a British ship. When it exploded under water, a sixty-foot long sea monster came flying up out of the water; had big paddle-shaped flippers, kind of like a plesiosaurus; had an alligator shaped head, maybe it was a kronosaurus.

Giant Squid and Octopus.

There are stories of giant octopus pulling ships underwater. Come on Brother Hovind, octopus never get that big! They get pretty big. Did you know that an octopus washed up on beach in St. Augustine, Florida? It was two hundred feet across and weighed five tons. Here’s the article from the paper. Orlando newspaper. I got the article on one of the posters around here about the octopus. Two hundred foot-that’s a big octopus.
      That’s not even the biggest one. A whale was killed near Seattle, WA. Inside the whale’s stomach was one arm to an octopus that was a hundred and fifty feet long. See, whales love to eat octopus or squid, either one, and if a whale eats too much octopus, he’ll get sick and puke it back up. If you’ve ever seen a piece of puked up octopus floating around in the ocean, be sure to grab it, because it’s worth more that gold, pound for pound. Does anybody know what they make out of puked-up octopus? Used in perfume, that is correct. That explains a few things doesn’t it fellows? You want get some brownie points? Say, (sniff) Hey dear, you smell like a puked-up octopus. You can sleep on the couch for a month, too. There are some awfully big critters out there in the ocean, folks. I mean some really big ones.
      At Yale University they’ve got a model of a giant squid hanging up there in their Peabody Museum. This baby giant squid washed up on the beach in New Zealand; they said full grown it would have been a hundred and fifty feet long. There’s big stuff in the ocean, the ocean is pretty big. I flew back over the Pacific coming back from Australia, and Brian over here on this camera works in my office; I said, “Brian, the Pacific Ocean is huge.” He said, “That’s just the top of it.” I thought, wow!! What a thought. That is just the top of it.

Job-Dinosaurs in the Bible

     Now people say, wait a minute; if dinosaurs lived with man and Noah took them on the ark and they are mentioned in history, are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? Well, yes. You say, “I read my Bible; I didn’t see them.” Well, they’re in there.

Hard Times

     If you read the book of Job (the book of Job has forty-two chapters, right in the center of the Bible). In the first two chapters Job lost everything: his camels and sheep and oxen were stolen or killed, his ten kids all died, his wife turned against him, he lost his health. Job is covered with boils from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, and his four friends came to torment him-or to comfort him. They must have been Baptist; the way I’ve got it figured. They said, “Job, everything is going wrong? We know why, you sinned.”
      Listen folks, if something bad happens to somebody, you don’t know why it happened; you should love them, pray for them, encourage them, and shut up. Don’t go to the hospital when they get their gallstones taken out and walk in the recovery room and say,”Hey brother, these ain’t gallstones these are tithes and offerings; God’s getting them out of you one way or another.” Don’t do that; let God take care of why everything is going wrong.
      Job is sitting there in the ashes, with all ten kids all dead, his wife turned against him; he’s got a broken piece of pottery and he’s scrapping the puss out the boils that cover his body. His friends talked to him for thirty-five chapters. Most of the book of Job is these four guys arguing with Job about why it all happened. One of those guys was the shortest man mentioned in the Bible-Bildad the Shuhite [shoe-height]. Pretty short! Cousin Nehemiah [knee-high-miah] was next to the shortest. Bildad, Eliphaz, and Zophar they talked to Job for thirty-five chapters. Telling Job, “You must have sinned.”

Romans 8:28

     Job didn’t know about Romans 8:28, but he’s saying, “Lord, I wish You’d answer me; why is this going on? Boy, I wish he would answer me.” Well, the answer was coming, Job. Romans 8:28, “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose.” By the way, it doesn’t say that everything that happens is good. Everything works together for good.
      Have you ever been real hungry? Been hungry? Suppose you came to my house and said, “Brother Hovind, I’m hungry.” I say, “I’ll fix you up; here’s a cup of flour, eat this.” Cup of flour, ugh. How ’bout this? A tablespoon full of butter? Ugh. I got it! A spoonful of salt. Here open your mouth. Ugh. How ’bout a spoonful of grease. Here open your mouth. How ’bout we mix them all together and make pancakes? Ahh, now you’re talking, right? I don’t know if that’s the ingredients in pancakes or not, but close enough. You know what I’m talking about. The individual ingredients don’t taste good, but together they taste good.
      And God didn’t say that everything that happens is good; he said that everything that works together for good. But, not for everybody, and not even for every Christian. You might be a Christian and have bad things happen to you. He said, this is for those who “Love God, and to them who are the called according to His purpose.” Really, all you need to worry about in this life is make sure your heart is right with God. That’ll be a full time job, by the way. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, who can know it?” Just keeping your wicked heart right with God will keep you busy for the rest of your life.
      So Job is there scrapping puss out of the boils saying, “Why, God, did this happen to me? Please answer me why?” Folks, you don’t have to live on this planet very long before you’ll have those words coming out of your mouth. “God, why are you doing this to me?”

God Answers Job

     Finally, in chapter 38, “The Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind and said, ‘Who is this that darkeneth council by word without knowledge’.” In other words, “Job, your four buddies did not know what they were talking about.” “Gird up now thy loins like a man pride will demand of thee an answer thou me. Where wast though when I laid the foundations of the earth?” I read that twenty-nine years ago as a brand new Christian. And thought, “What a dumb question.” “Where were you when I built the earth?”
      Why would God ask him something like that? How many of you were here when God built the earth? Was anybody here when God made the world. Now kids, this is going to be complicated so listen carefully. Now, since you were not here when God built the world, that means-that God is older than you are. How many can figure that out with no help? Ok. Did it ever occur to you that God is stronger than you are? Did it ever occur to you that God is smarter than you are? Did it ever occur to you that God is richer than you are? You say, “Brother Hovind, everybody is richer than I are.” Well, God sure is. Try this one. I’ve said this one a thousand times and never understood it once, but I like saying it. Did it ever occur to you, that nothing ever occurred to God. Things occur to me all the time. I say, “Wow, I never thought of that before.” Did you know that never happens to God; He already thought of everything. You say, “God did you know.? Yes, son I knew.” How do you sneak up on a guy like that? Did you know that God knows everything you’re thinking. And get this, He loves you anyway! What a nice guy.
      The Lord said, “Job, where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?” Job does not answer the question. Job doesn’t say a word. So God asked him another one.”Declare, if thou hast understanding. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? Job doesn’t answer, so God asks him another one. And another one, and another one, another one. God asked him eight-four questions in a row. Job never answered one.

Scientifically Accurate

God said,”Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea?” Scientists didn’t even know there were springs in the sea until 1977. God asked Job this question about four thousand years ago. See, science is very slowly catching up with the few parts of the Bible. The Lord said, “Job where is the way where light dwelleth?” That’s an amazing verse folks. See, light doesn’t stay in a place; it’s in a way, it’s always moving. You can’t give me a jar of light can you? Pretty amazing. God said, “By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the east wind upon the earth?” The light causes the wind? The weatherman didn’t even know about that until about a hundred and fifty years ago. But, the light causes the wind doesn’t it? Sunlight heats up an area, makes it expand, hot air rises, expands, creates a wind current. Perfectly scientific right there.
      The Lord said, “Job, canst though send lightning?” Boy, it’s a good thing I can’t. How many of you can think of somebody that’s lucky to be alive, because you can’t send the lighting? Can you think of a few? There you go; maybe a boss, or a sergeant in the military. God said,”Can you send the lightning?”

Why God was Asking

     You know God asked Job eighty-four questions; Job never answered one. These are the kind of questions that don’t need an answer. The answer is obvious. Actually, the purpose of the question is to change the person’s attitude. These are the same kind of questions you dads have to ask your kids. I have three kids; I know what I’m talking about. Kids get to a certain age and they start to get kinda of cocky. They think maybe they should make the rules around the house. You dads will understand this; kid comes in one day and says,”Hey dad, listen I believe that I should be able to stay out until four in the morning with my friends. After all, I’m ten now.” Dad says,”Hold on just a minute kid. You’d like to know why you can’t stay out ’til four in the morning. Well, son let me ask you a few questions. Who pays the electric bill around this house? Who pays the gas bill? Who’s paying for the house? Who’s paying for the insurance? Who paid for those clothes you’re wearing son? Who paid for the bed you slept in last night? Who pays for the food you eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, and eat? Who pays for the hot water and soap you took a shower with about a month ago? Let’s just get it straight right now, son. The Bible is very clear, he who payeth the bills, maketh the rules. II Opinions chapter four. You see, son, me:dad; you:kid. If you are going to sleep under my roof, and eat my food, you’re going to do it my way. When you want to do it your way, go get your own roof to sleep and get your own food to eat and you can do it your way. That’s the golden rule son; he that hath the gold, makes the rules. Who do you think you are kid? Where were you when we got this property and cleared this land and drove off the Indians and walked uphill to school forty miles in the snow barefoot, both ways? Me, Dad; you, kid.
      I think that’s what God is doing with Job. Job is sitting there griping, “God why did you kill all my kids?” The Lord says, “Job where were you when I built the earth? Job can you send the lighting? Job, can you do this.?” Eighty-four questions in a row. Job was getting what we call today, an attitude adjustment. Anybody ever have to give one of those to one of your kids? An attitude adjustment. Mmm. Sometimes you have to bend a child over to straighten them out, but it works pretty good. God was giving Job an attitude adjustment. God asked Job eighty-four questions in a row; Job never answered one.


     We come to chapter forty, God is still talking, and He said, “Behold now Behemoth.” Behemoth? What on earth is a Behemoth? Some reference Bibles say that “Behemoth” is an elephant or hippopotamus. It can not be either of those. I think “Behemoth” is the long-neck dinosaur, of which there is about thirteen varieties: the brachiosaur, the apatosaur, the cetiosaur, mamenshisaur, seismosaur, my blondisaurus-just make sure to talk to her kind of slow; she’s down here on the table.

Biblical description

     I think when God said, “Behold now, Behemoth.” He’s talking about brachiosaurus, the long-neck dinosaur. It says it eats grass like an ox. Some people say, “Now wait a minute, Brother Hovind, a lot of animals eat grass.” I know. Better look at the next verse.
      The next verse says,”His strength is in his loins and his force is in the navel of his belly. The biggest, strongest part on him is his belly. People say, “Elephants have a big belly.” I’ve got one right here. Hippopotamus have a big belly; I’ve seen them. Brachiosaurus has a big belly; I’ve seen them. This guy’s got a big belly. Better look at the next verse, right?
      Next verse says,”He moveth his tail like a cedar.” His tail is like a cedar tree? Have you ever seen an elephant’s tail? Would that remind you of a cedar tree? I don’t think so, no.
      Next verse says,”His bones are strong pieces of brass, his bones are like bars of iron.” This guy had big heavy duty bones. They did, by the way. Here’s one on the table. This is a real toe bone from a brachiosaurus. Now, kids this is going to be kind of complicated, so listen carefully. The reason he had such big toe bones-is because he had big toes. How many can figure that out with no help? He had those big toes because he had a big foot. They’re big enough footprints to take a bath in. They had that big foot, because they had a big leg to hold up. Just the front leg is twenty feet tall. They had that big leg, because they had a big body. The biggest one they’ve ever found was found in Alberta, Canada. They say it’s a new world record, one-hundred and fifty feet from nose to tail. They say it’s going to take them sixty years to dig is out of the ground, because it is a government project. They say that when it was alive it probably weighed a hundred tons. Now, a hundred tons is a big number. Big numbers do not fit in a human brain; Congress knows that and takes advantage of it all the time. But, a hundred tons is equal to fourteen schools buses put together. That means if he were to come by and step on you, you would be deeply impressed by him. You would be road pizza.
      Speaking of government projects, I got to share with you folks my new invention. I’ve invented something that’s going to make the richest man in the world. I’m going to save so much money for the highway department, construction crews, utility companies, and the military. All I want is ten percent of the savings; I’ll be the richest man in the world. I have invented a shovel that will stand up by itself; you won’t have to hire that guy to lean on it anymore. That must have been that crew working on Highway 29 here in Pensacola, man.
      Next verse says,”He is the chief of the ways of God.” He’s the chief, that’s the Hebrew word Rischa which means “The principal, the chief, the beginning.” He’s the biggest animal God ever made. That wouldn’t be the elephant or hippopotamus, it’d be the brachiosaurus.

Satanic Perversion

     You know, it fits the pattern that the devil works. Whenever God makes things, the devil tries to ruin them. God invented some beautiful things and the Devil has tried to ruin them ever since. God invented music; God loves music, and the Devil has invented some ungodly kinds of music you ought not listen to. Somebody asked me on time, “Brother Hovind, do you know what you get when you play country music backwards?” I said, “No.” They said, “You get your wife, your pickup, and your hound dog all back.” Oh, yeah, backmasking I heard about that. God invented marriage and family and sex and God made them male and female. He understands it pretty good, and he put some rules down. Boys, don’t touch the girls until you’re married to them. Now, if you don’t want to touch them, you stay away from me please. I saw your kind in San Francisico. God put the rules down because he wants the best for his kids. God invented the dinosaurs and they represented the awesome power of God.
      You know, scientists today are still amazed how a giraffe, seventeen feet tall, can bend down and get a drink and lift his head up and not get a headache. Incredible network of blood vessels in their neck; their heart is two feet long to pump the blood up there, incredible. This guy’s head was fifty feet off the ground-engineering marvel.

The Devil’s Lie.

The Devil couldn’t fool Adam about them, Adam named them. He knew they [humans] were with them. Devil couldn’t fool Noah with dinosaurs, because he had them on the ark. He fed them every morning. The Devil couldn’t fool people for hundreds of years, because they knew about them. But, as time came along, dinosaurs became more rare; big ones died off or killed off. Thousand years ago, they were extremely rare, five hundred years ago they were even more rare, and the population of people started to sky rocket. So here we’ve got billions of people on the earth that [have] never seen a dinosaur. Two hundred years ago, when they found the bones and put one together, the Devil said,”Ha, Ha, here’s my chance; I’ve been waiting six thousand years for this. These critters have always lived with man, I know that and God knows that. But these people don’t know that.” The devil said, “I think that I’m going to tell these folks that they lived millions of years ago, and if they believe it, it will make them doubt the Bible.”
      And boy, has it worked good. For the last hundred and fifty years, boys and girls go to kindergarten and they learn, “Boys and girls, we are going to read about prehistoric animals.” You open up the first page of the book and it shows a dinosaur. The first sentence in the book says, “Millions of years ago.” Right? And those kids are learning to doubt the Bible before they can even read it. Satan is reaching the kids when they are three and four years old. And we are waiting to win them back to the Lord when they’re twelve or sixteen, and the devil already has them.
      Go to any public school-I was in a public school a couple years ago. I had three-hundred first graders in the room with me. I spoke on dinosaurs. That was exciting; three hundred first graders. I said, “Boys and girls, when did dinosaurs live?” Instantly , the entire crowd shouted out, “Millions of years ago.” How did they learn that? Where’s the Christian? Isn’t that calling Jesus a liar? Jesus said that the creation of Adam was the beginning and no death until Adam sinned. I think it’s time Christians quit being afraid of the subject dinosaurs and start using them for the glory of God.

Back to Behemoth

     The Bible says,”He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of reed and fens.” The word “Fens” is the old English word that means “The swamp.” Behemoth lived in the swamp. Well, the biggest swamp; n the world is in the middle of Africa. It’s called the Likouala Swamp. Fifty-five thousand square miles. Bigger than the entire state of Arkansas, where our President and her husband Bill come from. This is a big swamp folks. Hard to comprehend, for an American, the size of Africa. Here’s how America compares to Africa. It’s gigantic. That Congo swamp is eighty percent unexplored. Did you know that there have been many reports out of the Congo swamp of dinosaurs still alive? That swamp is bigger than any one of these yellow states. Same size as these three red states here. A swamp as big as Florida, eighty percent unexplored.
      You say, “Wait Brother Hovind, dinosaurs still alive?” Well, there aren’t any giant ones; they couldn’t survive today, because the climate is different. There have been 20,000 reported sitings of dinosaurs this century. How many have ever heard of Loch Ness Monster? Lake Champlain Monster? Mokele-mbembe in the Congo swamp in Africa. The stories go on and on. We cover that on the second half of this video tape; dinosaurs that are still alive. I don’t want you to think that there are millions of them. It’s still safe to go to the mall. But, there is still some around folks. Closest one I know to here was seen in 1962 in Pensacola Harbor. Get videotape two and watch the last half and you’ll see a story that will absolutely amaze you. Four kids eaten by a dinosaur. One survived and saw it happen to the other four. Got the whole story right there on the table; we’ve got it on video tape number two.
      You say, “Now Brother Hovind, if dinosaurs have been living with man all through history, what about Job 41 where it talks about Leviathan the fire-breathing dragon? Was there really a fire-breathing dragons? Oh, yes. We talk about that in the next session. You say, “Now wait a minute. If the textbooks are telling the kids the earth is billions of years old, are there any other lies in the textbooks?” A bunch. We cover that on video tape number four. Some people say, “Now, hold on Brother Hovind, if there was a flood what made the world flood? Why did the world all of the sudden flood?” Well, there are a couple of theories about that, and I’ll share the Hovind theory with you on video tape number six. Then people say, “If Charlie Darwin wrote the book about evolution in 1859, why did he do that, and what affect did it have on our society? How does this tie in with socialism, communism, Marxism, Nazism, the New World Order?” Oh, it ties in directly, and we cover that on video tape number five. How they tie in with the evil things that have happened in this world.

Seminar 3b: Dinosaurs Alive Today

(previous 1999 version of this seminar)


      Okay, in the previous sessions we talked about the age of the earth. The Bible teaches that God made the whole world about 6,000 years ago. And then we talked about how dinosaurs have always lived with man. They are part of the normal creation.
      Now, in this session we want to cover dinosaurs that are still alive. I know how crazy that sounds, but I’ve been researching this for a long time, folks. Let me just share with you what I’ve found and then you can make your own decision. The Bible says in the book of Job that there was an animal named Behemoth that God describes in Job chapter 40. And it says this animal, Behemoth, lieth under the shady trees in the covert of the reed and fens. The word fens is an archaic English word that means the swamp. Behemoth lives in the swamp.

Dinosaurs in the Congo

Description of the Congo

     Well the biggest swamp in the world today is the Likouala swamp in the middle of Africa. Mostly in the Congo but partly in Zaire. That swamp is 55,000 square miles of swampland. That means it is bigger than the whole state of Arkansas. It’s bigger than many of the states here in America. Almost as big as Georgia. Georgia is 58,000 square miles. That swamp was taken over by the Belgians in 1880 and it was called the Belgian Congo. How many of you learned it as the Belgian Congo when you studied your history years ago? Then in 1960 the communists came in there and liberated them. You know how the communists liberate countries. They killed everybody and said, “Okay, you are free now”. And so they liberated them. It was called the Belgian Congo up until 1960.
      Well explorers began going into that swamp in 1880, and they began coming back with reports that there are dinosaurs still alive. In 1910 this article appeared in the New York Herald. “Is a Brontosaurus Roaming Africa’s Wilds?”. Of course we have since discovered there was no Brontosaurus. They had the wrong head on the skeleton. But probably something more like a diplodocus or an apatosaurus.
      In 1948 this article appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. The author said, “A well known South African big game hunter, named Mr. Gobler, returned from a trip to Angola and announced to the Capetown Newspaper that there was an animal of large dimensions, the description of which could only fit a dinosaur, dwelling in the Dilolo Swamps and known to the natives as ‘chipekwe.’ It has the head and tail of a lizard.” In different parts of the area over there, they have different names for the same creature, depending upon their local language I’m sure.

Mokele Mbembe

     But in 1980, Dr. Roy Mackal from the University of Chicago had read all of these stories about those creatures still alive in African swamps. He was a microbiology professor. So he decided he should go to the Congo Swamps and check it out for himself. He went over to the swamps and spent six weeks. He said it’s the most miserable swamp in the world. Right on the equator. 95 degrees all the time. And 95 percent humidity all of the time. Mosquitoes landed on them at the rate of 1000 per hour. Just a miserable place to go. They were there for six weeks. They talked to the natives that lived in the swamp and said,”Do you have any crocodiles in this swamp?” And they said, “Oh, white man, we have big crocodiles!” They paced off on the sand bar how long they were and nobody would believe them. Until 1983 or 1984, one of the expeditions that went to that swamp saw a fifty foot crocodile! Now if you are a pygmy, four feet four inches tall, a fifty footer looks real big to you!
      They asked the natives, they showed them pictures in a kid’s coloring book. They said,”Have you ever seen an animal that looks like this?” The natives said, “Oh yeah, that’s Mokele Mbembe. He lives in the swamp.” Dr. Mackal said, “Fellows, that’s a dinosaur! Don’t you know they’ve been dead for 70 million years?” The natives said, “We’re sorry, we didn’t know about that. See we’ve never been to America to study evolution. All we know is we see them out there every once in a while when we’re fishing in the swamp.”
      Now I don’t want you to go home and say there are billions of dinosaurs roaming the world and you need to be careful when you go to the mall. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is there are a few places where there is still a few that have been spotted here lately. And a swamp in Africa is one of those places.
      The animals there that they call Mokele Mbembe are only about 20 feet long. Most of that is neck and tail. The body is about the size of a hippopotamus. Total of about 20 feet. They claim that these animals live under water. They live in caves or they live under water. And they come out, barely stick their necks out and grab the plants on the side of the river. Their favorite plant is the Malombo plant. There is Dr. Mackal holding one of the Malombo plants. It’s got a fruit kind of like an apple on it, only harder than an apple. And the animals just love these things. And the natives said, “If you’d like to find Mokele Mbembe just travel through the swamp until you find lots of Malombo plants and no hippopotamus.” Hippos like to eat it also, but Mokele Mbembe doesn’t like hippos so he drives them out of the river or the swamp and he takes over that area for himself.
      They did find footprints of the creatures on shore. Apparently they come out at night to get more plants and the footprints had claw marks on them. Elephants and hippos are about the same size but they do not have claws on their feet. The natives claim that these animals will sometimes surprise you when you are going in your canoe through the swampy area and they will come up out of the river, or the swamp holes they call them. And if you happen to get too close to it and startle it, its tail will smash your canoe and he will drown you. But he won’t eat you if that’s any consolation.
      A missionary friend of mine was there for 42 years as a missionary. His name is Eugene Thomas. There is his phone number. He said he had two pygmies in his church that helped kill one of the creatures back in about 1959.
      Marcellin Agnagna is a biologist from the Congo. He went on one of the expeditions back into the swamp. He said, “You know I live in the Congo and I didn’t know that 500 miles up river from my house the swamp had stories of dinosaurs. He went back there and claims that he saw one. Now this is a communist country so he’s probably an atheist. But he said, “I’ll draw a sketch on the board of what I saw.” And he drew that sketch. It’s in Time/Life and Mysterious Creatures.
      Herman Regusters from Los Angeles, from Jet Propulsion Laboratory, took an expedition in 1981 or 1982 I believe. When he came back the Los Angeles Newspaper carried this article about a dinosaur like creature that was photographed. And the photograph was kind of fuzzy. Regusters said that the humidity is so bad over there just survival is a full time job. Keeping your equipment dry and serviceable is another whole set of problems. And then being alert enough when you do get a five or ten second glimpse of something to do something with it is another whole set of problems.
      People often say, “Well why doesn’t someone get a good, clear photograph?” Well that’s a fair question. Let me ask you a question. How many of you have ever seen a car wreck? You watched it happen. You saw an accident? I’d like to see you get a picture of one as it happens. In the first place, who has got a camera with them at all times? And if you did have a camera and you saw an accident, you wouldn’t think of it in time. You are so caught up in the moment.
      So I think that’s part of the problem with these sightings of the dinosaurs still alive. Certainly in the African swamp, you are just worried about survival and mosquitoes and everything else. But Regusters said the creature was dark brown. The skin appeared slick and smooth with a long neck and a small head. Herman-that’s Herman Regusters and his wife Kia-saw this creature. They heard it making a roar. Many other members of the expedition including government officials heard it and saw it. The natives claim these animals live in caves along the side of the swamp. And they eat plants for awhile and when there are not enough plants they move on someplace else. So it’s not a simple matter of,”hey let’s drive over to Africa and take a picture and drive back home.” It’s just not quite that simple. In the first place, this area is almost as big as Georgia, and they said you could average about one mile per hour traveling through this impenetrable swamp. It would take you all day to go eight or ten miles. If I told you there were a hundred elephants hiding in Georgia and you can only go one mile an hour and I want you to find them. You’d better bring a lunch! You’re going to be there for awhile. Right?
      This Mokele Mbembe creature has been reported by many expeditions by people who have gone over there. Including William Gibbons, a friend of mine from Canada. He and I have written a book called Claws, Jaws and Dinosaurs. It is written for young readers and is all about dinosaurs still living. He’s been over there three times. There’s his phone number.
      A missionary friend of mine named Cal Bombay works for the One Hundred Huntley Street in Toronto, Canada. He and his wife are missionaries in Kenya. And he said they saw a creature like this sunning his self on the road. They watched it for fifteen minutes.
      At the end of my videotape number two, we put interviews on there. I’ve interviewed about fifty people who have seen one of these creatures. And we get as many as we can on videotape. And we put it right at the end of tape number two. If you get that tape you can see for yourself the interviews with these people.

South American Dinosaurs

     Down in South America, there is a large, swampy area called the Amazon Jungle. How many have ever heard of the Amazon Jungle before? [The] Amazon River is gigantic! In 1907, Col. Percy Fawcett of the British Army was sent to mark the boundaries between Brazil and Peru. He was an officer in the Royal Engineers and was well known as a meticulous recorder of facts. Col. Fawcett said in 1907, when he came back from that trip that he was in the swamps there and he saw an animal he believed to be Diplodocus. The Diplodocus is this creature right here. The natives in that part of the swamp in Amazon said, “Yep, we’ve got those living out there in the swamp.” Many different tribes around that region report the same thing in South America. Col. Fawcett shot and killed and measured a 62-foot Anaconda snake. The natives that were with him said,”Colonel, you should see the big ones!” He said, “This is not a big one?!” A couple of years ago, 130 foot Boa was reported in Reuters News Service in Peru. It scared the soccer team half to death! They said the snake went crashing through the jungle and left a trail wide enough through the trees that you could drive your wagon down it. Then the snake went back into the river. This one, they claim, was 150 feet long. It floated down the Amazon.
      One of my former students from California, when I was teaching out there, was a missionary in Minoas, Brazil. Which is kind of in the middle of the country. He said, “Mr. Hovind, we are way up river of the Amazon. Right in the middle of the country.” He said, “Where we live the Amazon River is only nine miles wide. Can you imagine a river nine miles wide? It’s amazing.

Loch Ness

The Search for Nessie

     There’s a lake in Northern Scotland called Loch Ness. Has anyone ever heard of Loch Ness before? Loch Ness is a huge lake. Twenty-four miles long. About 1-1.5 miles wide. It’s nearly 1000 feet deep in places. It has been reported, or calculated I should say, that Loch Ness is capable of holding every person in the world. All six billion people in the world could go drown in Loch Ness at the same time. It’s a big lake!
      The problem with Loch Ness is it’s up in the mountains and if you wanted to see the lake, you had to either travel up river seven miles from the town of Inverness or you had to climb over the mountains to get there-until 1933 when they decided to go in with a bulldozer and dynamite and put a roadbed along the edge of Loch Ness. Because there really was no place to put a road. So they chiseled a groove in the mountains and put a road there. This book is showing a picture of the road looking the other direction. See, they cut into the mountains to make this roadbed. This author reported that in 1933, there were 52 separate sightings the first year the road was in. By 1960, when this book was written, the author said there had been 9000 reported sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. Today it is over 11,000. There are 11,000 people that have claimed they have seen something in Loch Ness! Now of course there are always hoaxes and frauds. I’m not going to say that all 11,000 are legitimate. But just because there are some hoaxes and frauds doesn’t mean they are all hoaxes and frauds.
      World Book Encyclopedia spent a lot of money to take a submarine from Georgia over to Scotland and put it down in Loch Ness. The guy in the submarine, named Dan Taylor (he now lives in Hardeeville, South Carolina). Dan Taylor went down in the submarine. And here is what he said about it. He said, “Nessie was pretty elusive. I thought I got her. Something was lying on the bottom, and the wash from it threw my submarine way off course.” He’s building another sub, by the way, to go back. He still wants to write a capture of the Loch Ness Monster with a mini sub.

Operation Deepscan

     Well they gave up on the sub idea because pretty much because the water is so black. It’s like being in a giant cup of coffee. Visibility is zero. You turn your spotlights on and the light just doesn’t penetrate. So instead they put boats all the way across the top of the lake and they called it Operation”Deepscan”. And they scanned the bottom of Loch Ness. As far as anybody knows, that’s the first time there has been a sonar scan of the lake bottom. They said the bottom of the lake is wrinkled up like a raisin. Lots of places to hide. I’ve got a map from Scotland. A map of Loch Ness. There were caves going off to the side also of Loch Ness. Lots of places to hide. I’m sure the critter heard 24 boats coming down the lake and said, time to go someplace.

Pictures of Nessie

     One guy got a picture of a giant diamond shaped flipper. This was taken by the Academy of Applied Science. Underwater photography is difficult because the water is so black. But they took those pictures with a sonar-activated camera. One man did get a picture of Nessie with its mouth open. That picture is from Reader’s Digest Strange Stories. Many people have said they have seen humps sticking up out of the water moving across the lake at very great speeds. Tim Dinsdale got good film footage of almost a minute of this creature going across the lake. And it wasn’t a boat, it wasn’t a submarine. The Royal Air Force Academy or somebody over there in England analyzed the photo and said, “This is a live animate object.” They claim that this picture was a fake. And it could be, I don’t know. Called the “Surgeon’s photo”. But I think it’s awful interesting that they waited till the last guy died to announce it’s a fake. They claim that he said on his deathbed that the picture was a fake. And he might have, I don’t know. But I think it’s kind of interesting there are no living witnesses now to determine the truth.
      But even if that one is a fake, it doesn’t matter. There are 11,000 sighting of this creature. And there are other lakes besides Loch Ness. There are seven other lakes just in Scotland reporting similar creatures. And you can go to your library and books on any one of these. If your library is on the Library of Congress system, you go to QL 89. Or if it’s on the Dewey system, you go to 001.9 and you will find books on Loch Ness Monster.

Other Sea Creatures

The Cornish Sea Serpent

     There is one called The Cornish Sea Serpent down in Southern England. In the English Channel something has been seen reported many times. A similar creature. A dictionary in 1766, we think it’s a 1766 dictionary – the cover and first two pages were torn off. The best we could tell; that’s what the research indicates. This was listed in the dictionary in 1766. We looked up the word “Sea Dragon.” It said, “A Marine monster caught in England in 1749, resembling, in some degree, an alligator, but having two large fins which served for swimming or flying. It had two legs terminating in hoofs, like those of an ass. Its body was covered with impenetrable scales, and it had five rows of teeth. Strange creature.” In 1934, Time Magazine ran this picture. There is a man in the upper right hand corner there for scale. Something huge laid on the beach in Normandy, France. They said it “Was definitely: 1) not a whale; 2) not a sea cow. It’s is possible we are in the presence of an unknown species.” March edition 1934.


     Something slammed past a couple of scientists on a boat in Brazil in 1905. The guys who saw this creature were on some yacht. They said it had a dorsal fin six feet long and two feet high. And a small head on a neck about seven or eight feet long in front of the fin. Two experienced British naturalists saw it. They said there was a good-sized body under the water. But couldn’t see the details.

New Zealand

     Down by New Zealand there is a place where the Japanese do a lot of fishing. It’s called the Chattum Rise because at that point the water is only 900 feet deep. You say, “Only?” The rest of the ocean is a lot deeper than that! I flew back over the Pacific from preaching in Australia. I told one of the guys in the office I said, “Man, the Pacific Ocean is huge!” He said, “That’s just the top of it.” Pretty amazing thought.
      But down by New Zealand they fish and one day they were fishing down there in 1977 with this gigantic fishing boat. Dragging their massive nets down across the bottom, they pulled up a dead, rotten, stinking carcass from 900 feet down. It was 32 feet long, and weighed 4000 pounds apparently a Plesiosaurus. It stunk so badly, that they photographed it a bunch of times and threw it back. They made sketches of the thing. A marine biologist on board made the sketches. Said it had four flippers and a skinny neck. Of course the typical humanist or evolutionist answer to this is that it was a basking shark. And they go through all of their details about the gill slits rotting away and the fins rotting away. The guys who had it on board in their hands said look we know what basking sharks are; it was not a basking shark. The Japanese Government issued a special stamp in 1977. A commemorative stamp, first class mail.


     In Russia, there have been several sightings in some different lakes in Russia. There is one lake they call Mystery Lake. Some scientists went up there and said they saw a creature with a big fin on its back and a long skinny neck. A different spot up in the North Coast of Russia in the Arctic Ocean, what looked like a dinosaur washed up on coast just after a storm in the Arctic in 1994. A Russian news service reported the carcass was 39 feet long. Well what is that?


     In Japan there are several different lakes that are reporting creatures similar to this. There’s one they say has a long neck and it’s an eel like monster. Many people have seen it. A different lake in Japan has a creature that they’ve nicknamed “Issie”. They’ve got a statue of it up there by the lake. Whatever it is.


     In China there has been something seen over there in one of the lakes. They call it an USO. Unidentified Swimming Object. The monster was golden yellow. It had a long neck and a beard and a horned head the size of a wash basin. What on earth is that?


     Just a few years ago up in Sweden, there was an expedition to go to one of the giant lakes up there. 450 people have reported they’ve seen something awfully big in that lake in Sweden.


     Canada has twenty different lakes that are still getting regularly reported sighting of dinosaur like creatures still alive. I’ve got the article right here about Canada’s lake monster. As well as names and addresses of many people who have claimed they’ve seen this creature. There are articles in the paper all of the time about Nessie’s Canadian cousin.      Ogopogo      In Southern British Columbia there is a big lake in the town of Kelowna. The lake is called Okanagan. It is 80 miles long. Many people there have reported a creature called the Ogopogo. There are songs about it. There is a million-dollar reward for anyone who can capture the Ogopogo. If you’d like to try and capture it. If you watch the videotape number two, at the end I put some clips on there of some people who have seen it. You can listen to them describe it for yourself. This article about Ogopogo says, “They were the latest among thousands to see something strange in this narrow, 80-mile-long lake in southern British Columbia.”
      I talked to the man on top here. His name is Keith Ross. I talked to him for about an hour and audiotaped the conversation. These four guys were fishing off of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. They were fishing in the Atlantic Ocean six miles off of the shore. I talked to Keith Ross. I met with him in 1992. There is his phone number if you want to call him and verify anything I’m telling you [902-745-2285]. He said he was 67 and he’d been fishing out there since he was five years old. He said the creature was 40-50 feet long. It had a wide mouth and 4-foot tusks like a walrus as well as other pointed, sharp teeth about the size of his finger. It chased their boat for 1-2 miles. Its head was out of the water about 15 feet. It can’t be a fish because they have to breathe underwater. I showed him a plesiosaur. He said it was close but not exact. What he saw had a two-foot thick, eight to nine foot long neck. Nine-inch diameter eyes with yellow/red circles around them. And they were set at an angle from the front not on the side like a fish. He could see no visible means of propulsion as it swam toward them. It was grayish brown, covered in barnacles, rough textured and did not appear to have scales. They were six miles south of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. The water was 180 feet deep and flat calm. He said, “I don’t want to see it again!”      Cadborosaurus      I’ve got a book about the Cadborosaurus. Interesting creature. Many folks have claimed they’ve seen the Cadborosaurus in Cadboro Bay, British Columbia just north of Vancouver. It has been seen down as far south as Oregon. All up and down the Pacific Coast there. A baby one three meters long was found inside the stomach of a sperm whale. They say the creature has a long neck, short pointed front flippers and a horse-like head. These two pilots saw one here recently. They reported seeing Caddy over there in British Columbia. A man caught one and had it in a bucket in his boat! He drew that sketch of it. It was sixteen inches long. This is found on page 57 of the book. He said it was scratching the bucket trying to get out, so he felt kind of bad. He thought it was going to die, so he threw it over board.
      This book Monster! Monster!-we have it available from our ministry. It is all about North American sightings of creatures similar to Loch Ness Monster.      Lake Memphremagog Monster      I talked to this man in the photo. His name is Jacques Boisvert. He’s a Canadian fellow. He speaks French and he speaks English pretty well. I talked to Jacques Boisvert for three hours. He said, “Mr. Hovind, I collect sightings of the Lake Memphremagog Monster.” It is a big lake that goes from Vermont up into Quebec, Canada. Jacques videotapes interviews with the folks. He doesn’t allow them to practice his live first time videotape interview. He has doctors, corporate vice presidents, lots of people who have claimed they’ve seen the Lake Memphremagog Monster.

Other North American Sightings

The Block Ness Monster      Something has been seen and reported in the Potomac River. They say it has a striking resemblance to the Loch Ness Monster.
      This creature washed up on the coast of Rhode Island a couple of years ago on Block Island. So of course they called it the Block Ness Monster. It was fourteen feet long and somebody stole the bones. Now nobody knows where it is. It has disappeared.      Erie’s Bessie      There is a big lake in America called Lake Erie. There have lots of folks who have claimed they’ve seen the Erie Monster. “Erie’s Besse matches Nessie.” They say the creature is 35 feet long and has a snake-like head. Many folks have claimed they’ve seen the Lake Erie Monster. It’s reported in the newspaper from time to time. Boaters spot the Erie Monster here in Ontario. They say the creature “Moved up and down not side to side like a snake.”
      I talked to John Kraft. My interviewed with him is on videotape number two. He said, “Mr. Hovind, when I saw that creature, the head was out of the water first. By the time I got my camera set up and focused in, the head was down and all I got was the back. Sorry about that. But that’s the picture I got.”
      In 1998, I talked to Pete Peterson who lives in Cleveland, Ohio. He said he was walking on the beach about six years earlier and found a dead baby creature three feet long. The seagulls had been pecking at it. Pete took it home with him and mounted it. He’s a taxidermist. He said this creature was lying on the beach of Lake Erie. Strange looking little fellow. Four flippers and has a tail sort of like a fish. He said it had something like pouches on the side of its cheeks. Carl Baugh bought it and it’s in the museum in Glen Rose, Texas now. They’ve done a DNA analysis and a CAT scan x-ray. It had a fish hook stuck up in its head. Apparently somebody caught it sometime in the past and broke the line. The fish hook is still in there, it shows up on the CAT scan. Strange little critter.      Massachussetts      There is a place called Scituate, Massachusetts that is south of Boston where this creature washed up on the beach in 1970. I talked to the lady who was the first one there on the scene. The lady and a sheriff at 2 o’clock in the morning, they had both heard about this creature on the radio or something, and came to see it before it got all chopped up. By the time they got pictures of it, everyone had been out there hacking off pieces to have a piece of the sea monster. So it is all chopped up in this picture. But it was 50 feet long. They said laying on the beach it was about eight feet thick. They said you could smell it about three miles away. Everybody argued about what it was. Finally the health department came and took dynamite and blew it back into the ocean. They said that they didn’t want 50 feet of rotten meat laying on the beach right here near a major city. And they argued about it for a long time. And the people from Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Center said it’s a basking shark. Typical response. And the other folks that saw it said,”Hey look, it was not a basking shark, it was a sea serpent.” I don’t know, you can argue with them if you’d like.      California’s Nessie      On the coast of California, in Monterey Bay, something washed up on the beach in 1925. It came to be known as”California’s Nessie”. There is an article from Skin Diver Magazine about”California’s Nessie”. We sell the book at our ministry called Shipwrecks and Sea Monsters of California’s Central Coast. Here are a few pages from that book. Here you can see the head of that creature as it lay on the beach. The guy in the background has a rifle in case it moves again. The neck was 20 feet long. Some people tried to say it was some rare form of beached whale. Excuse me? Show me any neck on a whale! Talk about a rare form! The guys who examined it, like the president of the Natural History Society in British Columbia, said, “My examination of the monster was quite thorough. It had no teeth. Its head is large and the neck is 20 feet long. I would call it a type of plesiosaurus.” People watched it get killed a couple of days earlier. Some fishermen had seen it fighting with a group of seals. And apparently it lost the battle and rolled up on the beach a few days later.
      In the 1930’s and 40’s, these creatures were still being reported (same family I guess). In Monterey Bay you go out a few miles and it drops off to 9000 feet deep. There is a big trench out there. Real deep water. During the 1930’s and 40’s the sardine fleet (which at that time was the sardine capital of the world) reported seeing something. They said one account said a whole crew, 12 men, watched this creature. One report described the creature as surfacing near a fishing boat and staring at the crew with large baleful eyes from a rounded head that topped a long slender neck. Notice the description. The head is rounded on a long skinny neck. You will see that again in just a minute. They said it stuck out of the water a distance of eight or more feet.” There is a book called Mysterious Sea Monsters of California’s Central Coast. You might want to get that one.      New York City      In 1969, fishermen were scared to death when something gigantic swam under a bridge in New York City. The New York Harbor Police reported they chased this creature trying to catch it. Bigger than a whale! Nobody knows what it was!      Arkansas’ White River Monster      There could be a few of these creatures still alive. This is called a Zeuglodon or a Basilosaurus. That might be what was seen in Newport, Arkansas in the White River. The White River is huge. I have been over it hundreds of times. My wife’s parents live right near there. And I preach in that area a lot.
      This photograph was taken in 1972 of what came to be known as the White River Monster. From Arkansas. Not the White Water Monster-she’s in Washington-the White River Monster. Many folks claim they saw it. Now it hasn’t been seen since 1972, so apparently the creature died or moved on someplace else. But they said in 1972 there was a big flood and a lot of the river filled in. It used to be 100 feet deep. Now it is only 50 feet deep. So apparently it likes deeper water or something. I don’t know. But you can see the body to the right and a bunch of bumps down its back going off in a straight line to the left there. The Arkansas Senate passed a resolution in 1973. It is unlawful to “Molest, kill, trample, or harm the White River Monster.”      Florida Monsters      Down in Jupiter, Florida, which is just north of Miami, a friend of mine emailed me a letter. He said, “Mr. Hovind, during the 1950’s I was flying (he has a small plane) off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. “I was seven or eight miles out over the Gulf Stream. The water was glass calm. Suddenly I saw an animal. Its head came out of the water and its eyes stayed trained on me as I made another pass. It appeared to be thirty-plus feet long. Having seen the creature taken by the Japanese fishing boat and later the drawing in the National Enquirer I would say this is the same creature. I did not tell anyone for fear they would think I was nuts! I was working for Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Co. with high security. Later my brother and I caught a pigmy sperm whale for the Miami Sea Aquarium. (Captain Gray). I hope this will further support your belief.”
      Almost every week, somebody will come to me after a seminar and say, “Mr. Hovind, I saw something. But I’ve never told anybody because they’d think I was crazy!”      Viet Nam      I had a guy tell me, “Mr. Hovind, I was in Viet Nam and I heard about reports of the local people being afraid of some creature near Saigon in the river there. Some big dinosaur-like creature in the river. I thought it was a bunch of bologna. I was home on R and R, I was in Saigon and I was on a Ferris wheel. He said I happened to be at the top of the Ferris wheel while they were loading someone into the bottom chairs. I looked out over the river and I saw this creature with its head sticking up out of the water like a snake. But the head was five or six feet out of the water. Swimming along like a periscope on a submarine. You are right. There are creatures like this still alive!”      Champ      There is a lake between New York and Vermont called Lake Champlain. It’s a big lake. Many folks have reported the Lake Champlain Monster. It appears in newspapers up in that region all of the time. This book is finally out of print, I wish we still had it. Maybe they will reprint it again. But as of January 99 they stopped printing the book. This book is called Champ: Beyond the Legend. About the Lake Champlain Monster. I called the lady that took the photograph; her name is Sandi Mansi. She agreed to meet with me. So I met with Sandi and we got a video camera and we set it up at her antique’s shop and it’s on videotape number two. You can listen to Sandi describe the creature that she saw. She and her husband and two kids watched it for ten minutes. I said, “Sandi, do you think you saw a dinosaur?” She said, “Oh no, Mr. Hovind I know I saw a dinosaur!” This was just in 1977.
      In 1998, Discover Magazine reported in Lake Champlain, “Fifty eight passengers. aboard the Ethan Allan reported that a creature 30 to 35 feet long with three to five humps cruised with the boat about 200 feet off the port side for five minutes.” “Don’t tell me it was a carp or a sturgeon,” said the skipper. “If it was a fish, it weighed 3,000 or 5,000 pounds.”
      Somebody tried to tell Sandi Mansi that what she saw was a duck. You can listen to her on the videotape. She said, “If that was a duck, it was a 2,000-pound duck!!”
      The Bible talks about the dragons in the waters. Dragons in the sea. You know it’s obvious that dinosaurs, if they are still living, the ones in the water would be the last ones killed. It’s a lot harder to exterminate them than it is the ones on land.      A Florida Account      In Pensacola, Florida, where I live, in 1962 five teenagers decided to go scuba diving. If you go off the coast about two miles there is an old sunken ship right off the harbor where the Navy base is. Here is the story that Edward Brian McCleary wrote. He was the only survivor. Five teenagers went scuba diving out by this sunken ship in 1962. Edward lives in Jacksonville, Florida now and he refuses to talk about it. After this happened, he became an alcoholic and a drug addict. He’s right now a recovering alcoholic thirty-some years later. Here is his story. He said, “We were in an Air Force rescue raft bound for a sunken ship a few miles off the coast. Midway out, we were caught in a storm and dragged out to sea. When the storm cleared, we were in a dense fog..We began to hear strange noises, rather like the splashing of a porpoise.also a sickening odor like that of dead fish. The noise got closer to the raft and it was then we heard a loud hissing sound. Out in the fog we saw what looked like a long pole, about ten feet high, sticking straight up out of the water. On top was a bulb like structure.” Like a light bulb? Round with a beak on it. “It bent in the middle and went under. It appeared several more times getting closer to the raft.” “The silence was broken once again by something out of the fog. I can only describe it as a high-pitched whine. We panicked. All five of us put on our fins and went into the water..’Keep together and try for the ship,’ I yelled. After we were in the water we became split up in the fog. From behind I could hear the screams of my comrades one by one. I got a closer look at the thing just before my last friend went under. The neck was about twelve feet long, brownish- green and smooth looking. The head was like that of a sea-turtle except more elongated, with teeth..There appeared to be what looked like a dorsal fin when it dove under for the last time. Also, as best I am able to recall, the eyes were green with oval pupils.” His four friends got eaten by it. He heard them screaming as they went under. He said, “I finally made it to the ship, the top of which protruded from the water, and stayed there for most of the night, early that morning I swam to shore and was found by the rescue unit.” Only survivor.
      In late 1998, I was preaching in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. A lady came up to me after the service, and I told this story, and she said, “Mr. Hovind, my name is Val Bill. My step-son, Larry Bill, was one of the boys that was eaten.” She said his dad was involved in search and rescue for the president. He was real high up in Navy Search and Rescue. And he was in charge of trying to find his own son and they searched for days and didn’t find a clue. One body was found. One boy apparently panicked and drowned. The other three apparently were eaten. You can call Val Bill. Her address is 612 Powell Dr. N.E., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547. You can write her a letter.
      In Panama City, Florida there has been something seen there several times too. I talked to a youth director at the Lutheran Mission. His name is Ray Angerman. He said, “Mr. Hovind, my youth group traveled over the bridge into Panama City and we saw a creature just like that sketch right there. We were afraid to tell anybody because they would think we were crazy.” There is a book in the library called Monsters of the Deep by Thomas Helm. He was a biology teacher in Crestview, Florida. He just died a few years ago, but Thomas Helm wrote a book after he and his wife saw a creature in Panama City.


     There could be a few pterodactyls still alive. They are usually classified as dinosaurs, though technically they are not.


     In Africa, they call it the Kongamato. I was sitting in my office one day and I got a phone call and the man on the other end of the phone said, “Mr. Hovind my name is Romandi”. I forget his last name, but they call him “Steve” because his African name is a real long name. He said, “I’m a student at Louisiana State University.” LSU. Here is his phone number (612) 933-7895. He said, “I live in Kenya Africa. I’m over here as an exchange student.” He said, “You mentioned that there were pterodactyls still alive? We’ve got them in my village back home. They are only about a four feet wing span. They come out at night. Nobody likes them. Their favorite food is rotting human flesh. So if you bury somebody and you don’t bury them deep enough, Kongamato will dig them up and eat them.” Four-foot wing span.
      An African explorer named Melland kept hearing reports about a creature named Kongamato who is supposed to live in the swamps near Rhodesia in the Belgian Congo. The natives told him it was a bird. But not exactly a bird, more like a lizard with wings of skin like a bat’s. When he showed them pictures of a pterodactyl and other animals, “All immediately plumpted for the pterodactyl, excitedly muttering kongamato!” Folks, have we been lied to about dinosaurs being dead for millions of years?

Bird with No Feathers

     A couple of cowboys apparently shot a pterodactyl in Arizona. It appeared in the Tombstone Newspaper about 100 years ago. They said, “Nobody’s going to believe us! We shot a giant bird with no feathers!” So they cut off part of the wings and took them back to the saloon and showed the boys at the saloon. Saying look what we did fellows. We shot a giant bird with no feathers. It’s in the Tombstone Epitaph Newspaper April 26, 1890.

Venezuelan “Giant Bat”

     A missionary from Venezuela came to me a few months ago in November of 1998. His name is Adam Hutchison. He said, “Mr. Hovind, I’m a missionary in Venezuela. The natives in our area keep talking about this animal that they are scared to death of. A big flying animal. They killed one of them about 30 years ago.” Here is the story he told me. “There is a giant bat that they feared greatly. It was said to capsize canoes and even carry off Indians!” Adam told me that, “Indians, terrified of this great ‘bat’ had sent their bravest men to the head of the river where they killed the creature about 30 years ago and buried it near the Muwada River. (Muwada means bat dung in their language) When Clint (another missionary) showed the Indians a picture of a pterodactyl their eyes got as big as saucers and they said, ‘That is the bat!’ They positively identified this ‘extinct’ dinosaur as the bat that lived just a few miles from their village. Even today the Indians will not fish or drink from the river for fear of this creature.” Here is Adam’s phone number 615-612-2586, you can call him and talk to him about it. He’s a missionary down there.


     There is an island called Seram off the coast of New Guinea an Indonesian island chain. Missionary Tyson Hughes told William Gibbons (my friend in Canada) that local people say there is a creature down there four and a half feet tall that has leathery wings. They call is Orang-Bati, which means: man with wings. They say the creature comes especially when you are fishing. He tries to steal your fish away from you. It’s not a seagull. Carl Baugh has made several trips to Papua New Guinea where there are many reports of a creature like the pterodactyl. And again they say its favorite food is decaying humans and it glows in the dark!
      One missionary told me when I was preaching in Bloomington, Illinois, that he was spear fishing under the water and his wife was holding a flashlight in the canoe so he could see. And this creature with about a four-foot wing span came in there and hovered over the top of her and was glowing. And whatever was glowing was dripping off. All that they could figure was that it must have been some kind of bioluminescent creature. When this animal goes and hangs in a cave little creatures get on its skin and as the animal flies they fall off. No one knows for sure. But the reports are that it glows in the dark.

The Thunderbird

     The Su Indians watched the creature get hit by lighting. It came to be known as the Thunderbird. When they found the bones three days later, they said it had a 20 foot wing span, had a bump on the back of its head and teeth in its beak. The legend of the Thunderbird existed all over, up and down the West Coast of America. Henry Ford put an eagle on the taillight of his thunderbird. It should have been a pterodactyl Henry!
      Here is an Indian prayer stick from Colorado. It’s in a museum right now in Manitou Springs. Showing the head of a pterodactyl.
      When Marquette and Joliet traveled down the Mississippi in the 1600’s, they saw this big ugly bird painted on a cliff. They asked the Indians, “What is this big bird?” The Indians said, “Oh, that’s a Piasa bird. It used to swoop down and pick up Indians and carry them away. But a great chief prayed and the Great Spirit gave him a plan and he killed the great bird.” Well the Indians moved out involuntarily and the white man moved in and the painting faded away. About a couple hundred years later people said,”Hey, you know we ought to put that painting back up on the cliff.” So it’s on the Illinois side, just north of Alton, Illinois. They put the painting back up. All that they had at that time was a verbal description so they did the best they could. They got tired of painting this thing every year so they put a big metal plaque up. In the picture you can see me down below for scale. They finally took the plaque down in 1996. I went to Alton, Illinois and picked up the phone book and looked up the word Piasa. I found 25 listings.


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