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About me


About me
Hello, my name is Jurgen Hofmann.
I’m Dutch and grew up in a little city. jurgen
I am married in 1997, and we have five children.

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My parents didn’t raise me with the Christian believe, instead they taught me to respect people who think and live differently then I do. Evolution was the supreme theory for me. All the teachers seemed to believe that this was the way to explain origin and the vast variety in nature.

Evolution was the supreme theory for me. All the teachers seemed to believe that…
I started to work as a bread baker in a small bakery around age 16 . Because of my employer, who was a Christian, I started to think about the option of a God who created everything. At first this was ludicrous to me and I mocked the very idea of creation. I was very sceptical about the trustworthiness of the creation theory.

The conversations with my employer became more intense. I started to investigate both theories and different religions. After a while I found that the creation theory had enough credibility to be convincing. The next step was to find out who the Creator was. Why were Christians and Muslims teaching that it was their god who did it? Islam, Hinduism, Jehovah Witnesses and many other religions did not make sense to me. But why would the God of the Bible be the one? The Bible seemed to be more logical to me so I put my boss to the test. If he could validate the bible, I would become a Christian.

He took on the challenge and the very next week I found my self sitting in the kitchen, during work time, reading history books. Reading through all the passages he noted I discovered that it was mainly about the people of Israel. The week after I had to read several chapters from the Bible. I was shocked by reading a very old book that already foretold everything that would happen with Israel.

My employer proved the bible through the prophets. I saw the truth but I did not want to gave up my live and it took several months and different attempts to escapes the truth, before I gave my live to Christ. I gave up, one can not escape the truth. I tried to deny it but knowing the truth made me decide to follow it as well. I got baptist at 1 October 1995.