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CSE-102 Class 10 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 10 Appendix vestigial vestigial – don’t need it anymore ours is smaller than a horses so it is a sign that we are loosing it or we just eat less roughage than a horse so don’t need it as much you can live without both your arms and legs, that doesn’t […]

CSE-102 Class 9 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 9 Jump frog 4 legs – 80″ 3 legs – 70″ 2 legs – 60″ 1 leg – 50″ no legs – 0″ OBSERVATION The less legs a frog has the shorter it jumps CONCLUSION After removing the last leg the frog goes deaf Good observation – Bad conclusion Flies with […]

CSE-102 Class 8 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 8 Grandpa Erasmus Darwin Very over weight – Had to cut table out so he could get to food Darwin’s dad was also a Doctor Charles Darwin was sent to become a doctor however he didn’t like blood Dropped out of medical school Liked to shoot birds because he loved worms […]

CSE-102 Class 7 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 7 2 people see same thing and come too two different conclusions Grand Canyon Evolutionist – Millions of years Creationist – Flood did in 30 minutes Kaibab uplift – 7000-8000 ft Colorado river enters canyon at 2800ft above sea level Leaves canyon at 1800ft above sea level Drops 1000 ft No […]

CSE-102 Class 6 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 6 Dinosaurs still alive Seminar 3b Dewey decimal 001.9 Library of congress QL89 cryptozoology Study of hidden animals bernard heuvelman wrote book reporting there were 20000 sightings of live dinosaurs some were frauds if dinosaurs are still alive then it doesn’t matter if we find dino bones with human bones of […]

CSE-102 Class 5 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 5 Dinosaurs mentioned in bible Job – oldest book in bible? no mention of the Mosaic Law Job richest man in the east – Chinese Job’s 10 kids were married and then died and he lived long enough to have 10 more and see his great great grand children Job lost […]

CSE-102 Class 4 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 4 1809 – First dinosaur bones found and reassembled Doctor was doing house call and wife waiting in car she saw workers digging trench and they found strange bones she got the bones for her husband and he said they looked like the teeth from an iguana found most of the […]

CSE-102 Class 3 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 3 Exodus 20:11 “For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that in them is” Reptiles never stop growing Break bone near joint when kid – one leg shorter than other Reptiles don?t have those cells on end of bone Egg to 5ft in 1 […]

CSE-102 Class 2 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 2 Glen Rose TX – Paluxy river 2nd fastest in TX Mississippi drops 8″ / mi Paluxy drops 17″ / mi Flash floods 1908 – Flood 27ft above flood stage River make of thick layers of lime stone – does not get deeper at middle Flood ripped off top 2′ of […]

CSE-102 Class 1 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 1 Neanderthals Rickets when young – arthritis when old Donald Johanson discovered Lucy Australopithecus africanus He received grant to go find missing links – getting to end of his money and he found Lucy Found 40% of a skull in 200 pieces Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds Locals were hired […]

Creation Science Classes 102 – Dr. Kent Hovind

This course is a detailed study of the history of dinosaurs and false evidence for evolution in the textbooks. Research the evidence that dinosaurs were carried on the ark and discover the times they were mentioned in the Bible. Learn about the many historical and archaeological records of dinosaurs made by man throughout history, from […]