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Dr. Hovind’s Seminar Transcripts

Seminar 7a: Question and Answer

(previous 2003 version of this seminar, the slides used for this seminar are not included – only the first part of the seminar is made available here as transcript)

DVD introduction by Eric Hovind:

Questions, everybody seems to have a question that needs answering in life. Hi, my name’s Eric, in this next seminar Mr. Hovind takes a large variety of questions that he’s been asked on a regular basis, combines them and gives his best explanation for what’s happening. He covers a variety of topics such as the Red Sea crossing, primitive man, what about radiocarbon dating? Hey, are there really contradictions in the Bible? Find out for yourself in this seminar entitled ‘Questions and Answers’.


Welcome to our very informal question and answer session where we deal with questions that are not covered in our seminar on creation and evolution. Now for those just getting this material, my name is Kent Hovind, I taught High School science for 15 years, and now do seminars on creation and evolution. Since early 1989 I’ve been doing this. The Bible tells us in the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 7: He said, “I applied my heart to know and to seek Him”, searching to seek out wisdom and the reason of things. 1 Peter Chapter 3 tells us that we should be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh us the reason for the hope that’s in us. I think it’s good for Christians to study the truth so that they can give an answer to those who are not Christians and it’s good for those of you who are not Christians to study the truth so that you can become Christians. When you get to the top of the mountain of truth, you’ll find Christians were sitting there all along – God’s word is truth.

In 2 Timothy Chapter 2 the Bible tells us we should study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman need not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.

So, in this session we’re going to deal with quite a few miscellaneous questions. If you have questions that are not covered here, or elsewhere in the seminar, feel free to send them in. We’ll try to deal with them as time permits on our website at drdino.com or on our radio programme or possibly in a future edition of our question-answer tapes.

Do all scientists believe in evolution?

One question I often get when I say I believe in creation, they’re going to say wait a minute, all scientists believe in evolution. Wa ha, That’s simply not true, ok? The vast majority of scientists they believe… well some do… A majority of scientists they believe in evolution. But that depends on what you mean by evolution. But all scientists do not believe in evolution, and even if they did, that’s not how you determine truth. It is possible for the majority to be wrong. History shows us there are many times when the majority is wrong. The majority of scientists used to teach that all the planets go around the Earth. That is wrong as far as we know, but there are still some folks who believe in the Geocentric theory. I don’t fight them, I disagree with them, but there are really a surprising number of folks who believe in the Geocentric theory. For years many people thought, the majority of people thought, that the heavy objects fall faster than lighter objects. That was taught for 2000 years and it’s wrong. It’s not true. For many years it was taught if you’re sick you have bad blood, take out your blood and you’ll get better. That is simply wrong, it’s not true. They were places all over the country to get your blood taken out, they had little white poles out front with a red stripe around it – the barber was the blood letter. So, even if the majority of scientists do believe in something – that doesn’t make it true.

Let me give you an example here from the book of John chapter 7: “The people therefore”, they were arguing about Christ, and they said, “when they heard this saying, said, Of a truth, ‘This is the prophet’. Others said ‘This is the Christ’, but some said ‘Shall Christ come out of Galilee. Have not the scriptures said that Christ cometh of the seat of David, out of the town of Bethlehem where David was?’.” Here’s the Hovind translation: They’re arguing about the wrong subject. They were arguing should Christ come out of Bethlehem or Galilee, and they thought Jesus came from Galilee so he can’t be the Christ. They didn’t realise he came from Bethlehem. So he was and Christ and did come from Bethlehem but was raised in Galilee. In John chapter 7 it says, “There was a division among the people because of him and some of them would have taken him, but no man laid hold on him.” What I get from this verse is, if you don’t like somebody, if you don’t like their message, kill the messenger; and this you see a lot in the creation / evolution arguments. If you watch some of my debates, I’ve had over 80 debates now at universities, often times they get so angry at me because of what I’m saying. Wha… I’m just delivering a message, I’m just telling you what the truth is from science and what God’s Word says. Don’t get angry at me. They’re folks… they are over 500 anti-Hovind websites, they really don’t like me. They all want to get me into an email debate, and then they say I won’t debate them – I won’t email debate them, but I’ll debate them publicly anytime, anywhere. Ah, I don’t have time for an email debate, I type twelve words a minute with 19 mistakes! I simply don’t have time ok. I run a real busy ship around here. Next verse says, “Then came the officers to the chief priests and Pharisees, and they said unto them, ‘Why have ye not brought him?’.” I get the picture here. The Pharisees sent the officers off to get Jesus, and then the came back without him and they said, “Why didn’t you get him?”, and the officers said, “Never man spake like this man.” Here’s the Hovind translation: The professors sent their students off to ask a heretic question, but the professors didn’t go themselves. I get this a lot. I speak at universities and, a professor doesn’t show up to ask questions, but he sends his students with a list of questions. And you see the student pull out a list of questions and they’re going to trip up Hovind on something you know, so they ask me a question, and I answer all of them. And then they go back and tell the professor, “Well he answered all my questions”, and the professor says, “Well you should have asked him this, and this, and this… .” Well, you coward, you should have come yourself professor! Not send your students off to do your dirty work, if you’ve got a question, give me a call. What I also get from this verse is, that Pharisees decided they’re going to use the law, they’re going to legally try to stop this guy sharing this message. They wanted to shut Jesus up. And there are people who have used legal tactics to try to shut up the Christians, they try to exclude Christianity from public schools. They can’t handle the message, so they shut down the message, so people don’t get a chance to hear it; and that’s what I see from John chapter 7. “Then answered them” – the Pharisees – “are ye also deceived?”, the Pharisees are saying are you stupid? Then they said, “Have any of the rulers or Pharisees believed on him?” Notice this, their evidence that Jesus could not be the Messiah, was because they didn’t believe he was the Messiah; therefore it can’t be because we don’t believe he is. You get the same kind of logic with some of these professors in colleges, they’ll say, “Well all scientists believe in evolution therefore, it must be true.” That’s ridiculous! Ok! They don’t all believe in it, and even if they did, that doesn’t make it true. You see, the same trail of 2000 years ago in the book of John, “Then the Pharisees said this ‘people who know not the law are cursed’.” Here’s the Hovind translation to this verse: We have knowledge, you don’t! We don’t approve of your degree, you’re ignorant if you don’t believe in evolution. And you’ll see this a lot in the creation-evolution argument. They say we’re smart, everybody else is dumb. I get this a lot when I do debates, they’ll say, “Well the average person in the audience probably doesn’t understand the complexity of this topic”, and I’ll say, “Folks what he’s trying to tell you is: you’re dumb, he’s smart?” That’s precisely what they’re trying to say in a subtle way. Next verse, verse 50 says, “Nicodemus saith unto them, (he that came to Jesus by night) ‘Doth our law judge any man before it hear him, and know what he doeth?’, they answered and said unto him ‘Are thou also of Galilee? Search, and look: for out of Galilee ariseth no prophet’, and every man went to his own house.” Even some of the non-believers were smart enough to realise this guy’s telling the truth, and we get people by the thousands, who write our ministry, or call us, and say, “Look, I was not a believer, but I saw your material on creation and I’m convinced creation is true.” And that’s what we’re trying to do, we want to convince you that God’s word is true. The whole argument here in John 7 started with a false assumption that Jesus came out of Galilee. Ok, they’re arguing about the wrong topic. The Pharisees didn’t believe in him, so that said ”that’s proof he can’t be the Christ because we don’t believe in him, if he was, we would believe in him.” That’s silly! That’s the same thing people use today. The sceptics will say, “Well, has Hovind or any of these creationists published in science journals?” and when they say, “No”, they’ll say, “See. That proves he can’t be right.” That’s their logic, ok! Let’s take a few seconds to think how dumb that is. First place creationist material is routinely excluded from creation… from science journals, because… I should say science journals… because they started with the definition that science cannot include the supernatural; therefore, if your explanation isn’t 100% natural, it’s not science. Therefore, creation is, by definition, not science – that’s their thinking. They don’t realise, evolution is not science. Evolution is based purely on the assumption that things happen, it’s never observed or tested or demonstrated in the laboratory. It’s purely religious.

The majority can often be wrong; the majority followed Aaron in rebellion in Exodus chapter 32. The majority voted not to go into the Promised Land in Numbers chapter 32. The majority followed false gods many times throughout the Old Testament. Read through it and you’ll see – the majority was wrong. The majority of religious leaders hated Jesus. The majority of the world hates Christians. So, it is not true that all scientists believe in evolution. If it were it wouldn’t matter, ok; and you don’t determine truth that way, but let me share with you a few Christians who are scientists who are strong believers in creation and are also very brilliant scientists. Robert Gentry, a friend of mine from Tennessee, is a brilliant scientist when it comes to radioactive material and the disposal of radioactive waste. He worked at Oakridge laboratories, he published this book here: Creation’s tiny mystery. Excellent book about radio polonium halos, you can get it through our ministry, in our book store or on our website. Robert Gentry was doing tremendous work; he was published in many major science journals about radio polonium halos being found in granite all over the world. I went and met with Robert Gentry, saw the polonium halos through the microscope in his laboratory, and everybody was fine until they realised, wow his research proves the big bang theory’s not true. And boy, they shut off his funding and his grant money in a hurry, they finally… said we’re not going to have a job for you anymore, just because his research was supporting creation. Doctor Robert Gentry up in halo… look up www.halos.com and see for yourself. Doctor… Ah, sorry, Roger DeHart was a science teacher in… near Seattle, Washington. He was told he could not inform his students of errors in the textbooks. Here they’ve got textbooks with mistakes in them, but he couldn’t tell the students about the mistakes because those mistakes were used to support the evolution theory. They said you can’t even pass out current science journals to inform students of mistakes in the textbooks. That’s not science! That’s a, you know, burn the heretic attitude that some people get or burn the witch, you know, there’s a… talk about a witch hunt. The evolutionists run a witch hunt against the creationists in the public schools. They will try desperately to get them fired from their job. Kevin Haley was a biology teacher at Central Oregon Community College in Bend, Oregon; he lost his job simply because he was exposing errors in the textbooks. He’d say, “Kids information on page 87 has been proven wrong, disregard that, that won’t be on the test.” And he’s right it was proven wrong.

I debated one professor one time and I gave out like 20 or 30 lies in the textbooks. He got up and said, “Now folks, Hovind’s right, all these things are not true. But…”; he said, “Hovind, I have a question – what are you going to replace all this with?” In other words, we can’t take the lies out of the books until I find a replacement. In other words, I’ve got to provide evidence for his theory, or else we can’t take the lies out of the books – talk about dumb! Ah, that’s not the way science works, okay; you teach the kids the truth, just teach the truth, okay. And if all you have is lies to back up your theory, then get a new theory.

In Texas, Baylor University, they fired William Dembski just because he advocated there might be an intelligent designer. Whoa! That’s heresy! There could be a designer! You’re out of here, you’re fired. Forrest Mims was a science writer for several years he published in National Geographic, Science digest, American Journal of Physics, over 60 magazines and newspapers. He was denied a job as a science writer for Scientific America, simply because he was a creationist. They didn’t want to have a creationist on their staff. Teacher Rod LaVake was told he could not share information that might help students doubt Darwin’s theory. You see Darwin’s theory is sacred. You don’t question it without loosing your job in many school systems, okay. The same thing happened in Russia, 10-15 years ago. If a teacher got up in class and said I don’t believe communism works, he’d be out of a job. Maybe out of a country, or out of his life – they’d kill him, or send him off to Siberia. You get the same kind of academic Siberia, people get sent off to academic Siberia if they don’t support the evolution theory – right here in America, the land of the free and home of the slave. Mr. Eller told his teacher Dan Clark in Lafayette Indiana, Mr. Eller was the superintendent, that he could not introduce creationism to his class. So, Dan Clark resigned, he quit. Many good teachers are dropping out of the public school system because they’re not allowed to teach kids the truth. The problem is not the law, the law says you can teach creation, it’s not a problem to teach creation legally. The courts have ruled it’s okay to teach creation. But the boss says don’t do it. The ACLU, which is the American Communist Lawyers Union, they learned years ago, all you have to do is threaten to sue, and the school will back down, even though the ACLU knows they will lose the suit. It doesn’t matter. The threat of a suit is enough to make the teachers get fired, just the threat of a suit. So that’s what’s happening, we’re loosing by default, and we’re not even putting up a good fight. Dean Kenyon was a professor at San Francisco State University, in San Francisco, he wrote many books about evolution. He was the poster boy for the evolutionists, he was a strong believer in the theory. And one day he got converted, and began to believe in creation, and they fired him. He sued, they put him back in as a lab assistant, you know washing test tubes, which the students do normally, here’s a guy, I believe 10-year professor. Finally, after a long battle, he was reinstated with his job, but if he hadn’t continued, he wouldn’t have kept his job. That’s what happened to Dean Kenyon, he wrote the book ‘Of Pandas and People’, which you can get through our ministry. Doctor Dini, at Texas Tech University, has on his website for years, that if you want to get recommended for medical school, he’s from Lubbock Texas, that you had to confess to believing in evolution. If you don’t believe in evolution, he’s not going to recommend you for medical school. When I spoke in Lubbock Texas, in the fall of 2002, the students there got together and offered Dini 900 dollars if he would debate me. He refused, he wouldn’t debate for 2 hours for 900 bucks. I don’t know how much he makes an hour, but I suspect it’s not that much. So, Mr Dini, I’ll come anytime, anywhere, and take you on intellectually in a debate on creation/evolution – evolution’s one of the dumbest theories in the history of humanity, and the Devil is laughing at you for believing in that silly theory. And, I said, if you don’t trust Christ, you’re going to go to Hell. I’m not your enemy, I’m your friend, I don’t want to see you go to Hell, I’d like to see you get converted; but what you’re doing is unfair, and certainly unwise, and I think un-American. To require a student to believe a certain religion, and all you have is a religious worldview of evolution, and you require students to believe that before you give them a recommendation letter… come on, grow up, let kids learn the truth. We can go on and on how people are discriminated against because of their belief in creation. Now Patrick Henry College, was notified they were going to deny their recommendation to be accredited, simply because they didn’t believe in evolution. We have lots of information on their website on how students, or universities, or teachers are discriminated against because of their belief in creation.

It wasn’t always this way, if you go back in the past, a hundred years ago, two hundred years ago, all the scientists believed in creation. Here’s a list of quite a few scientists: Francis Bacon, Johann Kepler, Blaise Pascal, Robert Boyle, Isaac Newton. These guys were in founders of major branches of science, Carolus Linneaus, and they were creationists. Georges Cuvier, on and on the list goes, hundreds and hundreds, if not thousands, of very famous scientists, who were creationists. Not always young Earth creationists, but certainly creationists – many were young Earth creationists.

Now, Richard Owen, Louis Agassiz, James Joule, all you got to do is notice folks that many… nearly all branches of science were started by people who believe in creation – not people who believed in evolution. The evolutionists don’t come up with anything, they don’t create anything, they come in and take over an institution that’s already going, and many Christian colleges have been taken over by evolutionists – Harvard, Princeton, Yale started off as a Christian schools and now they’ve been taken over by those who believe in Evolution. The evolutionists don’t go start something, they take over like a leach, you know or a tick… or a parasite, what someone else has already created. Now Wernher Von Brown, a space scientist, was a strong believer in creation.

There are many books out. There’s a good book ‘In Six Days’, why 50 scientists chose to believe in creation. There are quite a few books on this topic; you can see our website drdino.com and get more.

Okay, next question. What about separation of church and state? Is it okay to discuss creation in public schools? Well first place, the phrase ‘separation of church and state’ is not found in the constitution, don’t let somebody tell you that the law says ‘separation of church and state’, that’s baloney. That phrase was used by Thomas Jefferson in a letter he wrote to some pastors in the Danbury association, a Baptist association, in Connecticut. He’s the one who said, “The first amendment has erected a wall of separation between church and state.” Thomas Jefferson said that, it’s not in the constitution. And, by the way, if there’s a wall between the two, it’s a one-dimensional wall – it keeps the government out of the church, it is not designed to keep the church out of the government. So, there’s no such thing as ‘separation of church and state’ found in the constitution. The fact of the matter is the founding fathers when the gave the first amendment, article one, the same day (I believe), voted to give 7 or 10 or 15 thousand dollars, or something, to a mission in St. Louis to help a Catholic mission reach the Indians there with what they thought was the gospel. So, just go through the history, go to wallbuilders.com, David Barton’s excellent website, and get some of his material, and you can see how the founding fathers were certainly strong believers in creation, and had no intention of the government getting involved in the church, but they had every intention of the church getting involved in the government. And the idea of no Christianity in public schools would have been an anathment of the founding fathers. They would have sent those guys off on a ship to some other country.

How do we see stars that are millions of light years away?

Okay, next question: “How do we see stars that are millions of light years away?” I get this question every seminar I do, I believe. There’s no question, there’s an awful lot of stars out there. The Bible says in Nehemiah chapter 9: “Thou, even Thou, art Lord alone. Thou hast made the heavens and the heaven of heavens.” God created all the stars – there’s an awful lot of stars out there. It’s interesting, stars blow up every once in a while – they run out of fuel, or whatever happens, and they implode and then explode, it’s called a nova or if it’s a big one it’s called a supernova. It seems that about every 30 years a star explodes. Well, after searching the heavens they’ve only found 300 supernova rings, so the question would be, “If the universe is millions of years old, why aren’t there more supernova rings – the remnants of these blown up stars?” That indicates only a few thousand years. Of course the Bible says God made everything six thousand years ago, and the textbooks say millions of years old; I think the textbooks have a problem because there should be a lot more supernova rings. Plus, obviously, you have a problem, stars being born should equal stars dying, or else you’re going to have a real serious problem. There are plenty of stars out there, though we’ve never seen one star forming. We see stars blow up every 25-30 years; we’ve never proven the formation of one new star. One atheist I debated said, “Oh Hovind, there’s a new star forming right now in crab nebula and some of the different clouds out there in space you see stars forming” – no you don’t! you see spots getting brighter. You are assuming these are stars forming, but actually all you’re seeing is a spot getting brighter. It could be there’s a dust cloud clearing and there was already a star behind it, any forth grader would know that. So, nobody’s ever proven the formation of one star. Science magazine in 1986 they said, “The silent embarrassment of modern astrophysics is that we do not know how even a single one of these stars managed to form.” The situation’s no better now, nobody can prove any star form by natural processes. If dust tries to get together as it increases in density, it increases in temperature which increases the movement and it drives them back away, it’s called Boyle’s gas laws. You cannot compress dust into solid matter without creating a real serious physical science problem of overcoming the gas laws. If pressure increases, the temperature increases which drives them out again. It’s not going to happen. One professor said, “Oh Hovind, we figured if 20 stars explode near each other, they’ll produce enough energy to squeeze the gas and make a new star.” I said, “Well sir, that’s just brilliant – you’re saying, if you lose 20 you can gain one”, man you ought to run for congress and help those guys borrow their way out of debt. That’s a dumb idea! We’ve never seen it happen, it’s purely theoretical that 20 stars could do that, but that is a loosing proposition – not gaining; there are lots of stars. The Bible says ‘God created the stars’ in Genesis 1:16. He created them to be lights on the Earth. Psalm 1:47 says ‘He counts the number of the stars and gives names to all of them’. The Bible says ‘He layeth the beams of His chambers in the waters and maketh the clouds His chariot to walk on the wings of the wind’. It is possible that Psalm 104 ties in with Psalm 148, that there is still water above the heavens. Nobody knows what’s beyond the stars, if there’s an end at all, but it could be this verse and the verse in Revelation where The Lord sits on many waters, is talking about the fact that there’s… there was a layer of water above the Earth, then there may be another layer of water beyond the stars. I don’t know, it’s just a theory, something to chew on, there’s no way we could tell anyway.

Okay, there’s a lot of stars out there. It’s been estimated that everybody on Earth could own 2 trillion stars to yourself. That’s a lot – million… billion… trillion. The stars are really far away. Hubble telescope focussed in on a dot, they thought they’d found a black spot in space, about the size of a grain of sand held at arms length, they looked at that spot for ten days, and in that one spot there were so many stars – they’d never even seen before – that they couldn’t even count them. That’s just one spot, the size of a grain of sand, of new stars just discovered. There’s a lot of stars. Stephen Hawking, who hates Christians and creationists, said (and he won’t debate me by the way – Steve I’ll take you on anytime), he said: ‘Stars are so far away, they appear to us to be just pinpoints of light’. He said ‘There’s only one feature we can observe that is the colour of their light’. So when you look at a star, you cannot see the size or shape of the star, all you see is what colour it is. We assume that stars are like the sun, and the sun is like stars, but that is purely an assumption, we don’t know that. Some people say ‘Oh yeah we can tell by the elements that it’s burning, it gives a colour characteristic, you know – the signature, you can tell the elements’. You know evolutionists never talk about this, but they of course are assuming that even the molecules evolved in other places just like they did on Earth. They are assuming the same 92 elements we have here will be the same found throughout the universe. They never talk about that, but you have a real serious problem if you just assume that the same molecular arrangement evolved. The molecules would have to evolve too, by your theory, which I think is a dumb idea. Okay, I taught high school trig for many years, which is one of the subjects I taught; if you want to find the distance to an object you can’t possibly touch, like a star, you have to measure it with what is called parallax trigonometry. You have to know two sides and one angle, or two angles and one side, in order to calculate the unknown distance to this point. With simple Sine, Cosine, Tangent. The problem is, Earth is only 8 thousand miles in diameter, which is basically nothing compared to star distance, so to find the distance to a star you have to get your observers further apart to make a triangle that’s, you know, a decent angle. Well, they look at a star in January. Then they look at the star in June, and they get a much bigger base on their triangle – this is Earth’s orbit around the sun. Well it’s 93 million miles to the sun, which is a long way. But it takes light 8 minutes to get here from the sun. It’s called one astronomical unit. That is the distance from the sun to the Earth is an astronomical unit. So, if we are 8 light minutes from the sun, it means the diameter of our orbit is 16 light minutes, that would be the diameter of Earth’s orbit around the sun. This diagram here shows the little yellow dot on the far left, that would represent Earth’s orbit – 16 light minutes. A year has 525 thousand minutes in it. That’s a real skinny triangle – if you did it to scale – it’s like having two surveyors with telescopes 16 inches apart looking at a dot 525 thousand inches away, which is eight and a third miles. You set that up, and draw it out on a piece of graph paper; you’ll find you’ve got a real skinny triangle. It works out to be an angle of .017 degrees at the apex. Ah, I think they’d have a hard time measuring something like that. If you want to measure 100 light years (by the way that was just to measure one light year)… if you wanted to measure 100 light years, you’d have to move your dot 830 miles away keeping your surveyors 16 inches apart. That’s like having two guys on my roof here, in Pensacola Florida, looking at a dot in Chicago. If the guys are 16 inches apart and they’re focussing on a dot in Chicago, that’s a real skinny triangle, okay. Figuring 16 billion light years is clearly impossible. It just can’t be done. And I don’t think you can tell exactly where you were 6 months ago on opposite sides of Earth’s orbit – that would be a stretch also. Okay, this textbook says, “Parallax trigonometry can be used to measure distances less than 100 light years.” I agree. Much less! I think you’d have a hard time measuring 20 light years, but I’ll give them a hundred – I’ll give them 5 hundred for the sake of the argument. The fact is you can’t measure a billion. I’m not saying the stars aren’t that far away – they probably are; I’m just pointing out, we have no way of measuring it, we don’t know how far away they are. If somebody tells you, “That star’s 7.9 billion light years away”, just say, “how did you measure it?” Was it a Stanley, a Luftman or a craftsman? Who held the other end of that tape measure, ’cause I want to meet this guy? It just can’t be done.


  • Number 1: you cannot measure the distance to the stars.

  • Number 2: we don’t know what light is. Is it a wave? Is it a photon? Is it a particle? It behaves sometimes like waves, sometimes like energy. Nobody knows for sure what light is. We know what is does and we use it all the time, obviously, but nobody’s ever defined what light is very clearly. So, the entire principle or concept behind a black hole is the idea that light can be attracted by gravity. Well if light can be attracted by gravity, if black holes exist – nobody’s proven that either, then the speed of light cannot be a constant. At Harvard University in 1999 they slowed light down to 38 miles an hour. The next year, they slowed it down to 1 mile an hour, in the year 2000. The next year they brought it to a complete stop – they took light and absolutely stopped it. This was done at Harvard, at Smithsonian and it was done at Cambridge. And by the way, that’s how science works – an experiment to be demonstratable, repeatable, testable. Evolution is none of those – nobody’s ever demonstrated, tested or proven any of it, it’s all in the mind – they think it happened – it’s not science. Okay, at Princeton University in the year 2000, the speeded light up to 300 times the speed of light. Why would the speed of light be an unbreakable barrier. Barry Setterfield, an Australian astronomer, did a lot of work on the speed of light question. He says, “The speed of light has decreased.” He said, “In the last 300 years at least 164 measurements of the speed of light have been published” – 16 different ways it was measured. He says, “The speed of light has apparently decreased so rapidly that experimental error cannot explain it.” Here’s a chart showing that the speed of light has declined in the last 150 years. About 1960 the chart seems to level off, and everybody since about 1960 has gotten the same number. If you measure the speed of light today, you’re probably going to get 186,282 point something miles per second. Okay, that could be because in the late 50’s and early 60’s they began using the atomic clock to measure the speed of light, and the atomic clock uses the wavelength of a Cesium 133 atom. Which means we’re using light to measure light – we have a rubber ruler! Of course you’re not going to see it if it’s declining. It maybe we’re on the tail end of a logarithmic digression or it simply may be we’re using a rubber ruler by using an atomic clock to measure it.

Here’re a couple of articles showing about how the speed of light was apparently exceeded by a factor of as much as 100. Clear back in ’88 and ’95 there were articles published about this. The speed of light is not a constant! The radio-physical research institute in Russia, the cosmologist there, said, “The speed of light was 10 billion times faster at time zero.” Astrophysics and Space Science magazine, 1987. According to the big bang theory, the speed of light had to be much faster initially. Here’s an article from 2001, Science News, saying about the speed of light may have changed over history – study says. Imperial college in London, a man wrote an article and said, “The shocking possibility is that the speed of light might change in time during the life of the universe.” At Reuters news service put out an article for Sydney about a team from Australia that said, “The speed of light may not be a constant”, in August of 2002. So the speed of light can change. “The speed limit of the cosmos is being questioned”, September 2002. There’s a book out called ‘faster than the speed of light’, and I’m sure this feller who wrote this book was persecuted for daring to suggest a heresy as this. Discover Magazine ran an article about ‘Was Einstein wrong about the Speed of Light?’ A recent article saying Einstein was wrong, the speed of light is not a constant. So, I don’t think we can prove what light is, and I don’t think we can prove light has always travelled the same speed.

  • Number 3. The creation was finished when God made it. It’s interesting; Jesus made wine out of grapes that never existed, turned water straight to wine. Where’s the grape stage? He can make full-grown man out of the dirt and then make a woman out of his rib, and make animals out of the dirt, he can make the earth out of nothing. Jesus made enough to feed five thousand people out of a little boy’s sack lunch. We’re always trying to limit God. I get real worried about folks who try to put human limitations on God. Now, God didn’t make two babies and put them in the Garden of Eden and hand them a packet of seeds and say, “Here, plant these quick, you’re gonna need supper.” He made a full-grown man and a full-grown woman in a full-grown garden. That’s the only way it’s going to work.

  • Number 4 of things to consider. A light year is a distance – not a time. It’s a distance. It’s the distance light can travel in a year at today’s speed. A light year could be done in one second if you speeded the light up. It’s simply a distance, it’s like so many gazillion miles – I think it’s six trillion miles – is a light year.

  • Number 5. Since the speed of light is not proven to be consistent, why would star distance have anything to do with the age of the universe? Some people say, “Oh, wait a minute now! I know we can’t measure the distance with triangulation – parallax trigonometry – what about measuring with separate variables or red shift?” That’s the other way they try to do it, and it’s also loaded with flaws in the theory there. The red shift is the idea that when light goes from a star, the red is shifted over – they look at the light through a spectroscope, and you’ll see black lines on there, and the black lines are shifted towards the red-end of the spectrum. You get the normal spectrum: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. But the black lines are shifted red. And they say, “Wow, this is proof the star is receding, it’s moving away from us.” That could be, I don’t know, but there may be other ways to answer this. This is called the Doppler effect. If a train is coming towards you, it’s squeezes the sound waves in as the train makes noise, and you hear Eeeeeeeeeehhhhhhh…Awwwwwwwwwhhhhhhh [makes the sound of a train sounding it’s bell while going through a tunnel]. It drops pitch as it goes past you. It’s called the Doppler effect. It you’re going past a sound source, or the sound source is going past you, either way it works the same. Sound is called ‘compressed’ coming in and ‘refracted’ or ‘stretched’ going out. Well, they thought possibly if the star’s coming in it would squeeze the light waves – whatever light waves are – and make a blue-shift, if the star’s leaving it would make a red-shift. And so, when the red-shift was discovered years ago, the looked around the heavens and found most of the stars are giving a red-shift. And then said, “Wow, this proves they’re leaving”; no it doesn’t, but that was the assumption. And then they said, “If all the stars are moving away, that proves there was a big bang.” That was the evidence for the big bang theory – the red-shift. How about a lack of logic, but that’s what they said. Okay, this feller says, “There was an early sign that red-shifts reliably indicate the distance of galaxies. For quasars, however, the diagram shows a wide scatter and apparent brightness at every red-shift.” He said, ”In fact, there is little correlation of brightness to red-shift at all. Either quasars come in an extremely wide range of intrinsic luminosities, as most people believe, or red-shifts do not indicate distance.” Sky and Telescope, December 1994. The same magazine said, “Thus the only conclusion that can be drawn is at least some quasars are relatively nearby, and a large fraction of their red-shift is due to something other than expansion of the universe.” If somebody tells you, “We know to stars because of red-shifts”, say, “I’m sorry but that is simply not correct.” We don’t know the distance because of red-shift. Get the book ‘The evolution cruncher’ from our ministry, it’s 5 dollars for a 900-page book. Excellent book – loaded with stuff on creation/evolution. He’s got a whole section about the Doppler effect and the expanding universe. Science News 1995 said, “Another set of observations indicates that the universe appears to be 8.4-10.6 billion years old. The new work replied on the Hubble space telescope to obtain distance to far away galaxies. The team led by Nail Tanvir of the University of Cambridge in England used a two-step method to estimate the Hubble constant.” I always get a kick out of that! Here they’ve got an equation which involves a number which you’re going to multiply – like an Algebraic equation – and they can change that number. They call it a constant, but they change it all the time. I taught algebra for years – I’m telling you, if you change one letter in an equation, or one value in an equation, you change the outcome. That’s why they’re always getting wild numbers for the age of the universe – because the Hubble constant is not a constant at all.

Okay, let’s go on here. He [Tanvir] said, “First they observed a type of standard candle and started off with a set of variables to find the distance to the spiral galaxy M96.” He said, “You have to be very careful about drawing conclusions because of the Hubble constant because the measurements have huge systematic errors.” Astronomers believed that Vale, one of the best studied supernova remnants was 25 hundred light years away and 18 thousand years old. They were quite wrong – in fact Vale was only 15 hundred light years away and 5 thousand years old. From Discover Magazine, January 2001, an article by Rip Van Winkle showing stars are much younger than thought. The article ‘University around us’ at Cambridge University, said, “Even the nearest Cepheids are so remote, it’s difficult to determine their absolute distance with any great accuracy.” All large distances in Astronomical literature are subject to an error – of perhaps 10 percent – from this cause alone. He said, “We know that faintness”, that’s how bright the star is, “arises from two causes: distance and absorbing matter in space, and it’s generally not possible to apportion it between the two.” Get the book The Evolution Cruncher and find out what happened to Halton Harp who dared to question the red-shift theory. Good way to lose your job as discrimination against those, because they’re looking for anything to hang on to this dumb big bang theory’s the problem. Big bang theory is a dud, Fred Orwell said that 20 years ago.

Okay, Isaiah 40 [v22] tells us, “The Lord sits on the circle of the Earth”, and it says, “He stretched out the heavens like a curtain.” Isaiah 42 [v5] talks about the stretching of the heavens. Isaiah 45 says, “He stretched out the heavens.” Jeremiah 10 [v12] says. “He stretched out the heavens.” There’s several theories of what’s causing the red-shift. One theory is the stretching from the creation. This is the normal thing you’d expect because ‘He stretched out the heavens like a curtain’ just like the Bible told us. Maybe that’s the only reason we have a red-shift. Second theory is: the light’s getting tired travelling great distance. Third theory is as it travels through whatever space is made of – maybe space is nothing, maybe space is something, we don’t know what space is – but as the light travels that may automatically be a phenomena that causes the red-shift. It could be the Doppler effect, the star could be moving away – I don’t know and nobody knows – okay. It could be the light is being speeded up or slowed down as it goes past a dense gravitational mass of space. We simply don’t know what’s causing the red-shift.

Is the sun shrinking?

Next question: – I get asked this question quite frequently actually – is the sun shrinking? The sun is obviously burning, just step outside and look at it – in the daytime. The sun is loosing about 5 million tonnes of mass every second. The sun is obviously burning and loosing an enormous amount of fuel. So, if you go backwards in time, and add 5 million tones per second back to the sun, you start to create a problem at some point. I don’t know what the number is, but I wouldn’t give a number because as soon as I give a number and say x number of million years ago this would have happened, the atheists, or the sceptical, pick on the number and miss the concept. The fact is the sun is burning. If the sun were larger, it would begin to suck Mercury and Venus in first of all, Mercury first, and then Venus and slowly affect Earth. Now the bulletin of America Astronomical Society in 1979 said, “Since 1836, more than 100 direct observers – different observers – at the royal Greenwich observatory, and at the U.S. Naval observatory, have made direct visual measurements that suggest the sun’s diameter is shrinking at the rate of about a tenth of a percent each century.” Which works out to be 5 feet per hour. Now, whether the number’s right, I don’t know, but the fact is it’s pretty obvious the sun is burning and the sun is, for a hundred years of measurements, they said it’s shrinking about 5 feet an hour. Of course now, the sun is gigantic, about 880 thousand miles in diameter. So, it’s not a problem – we’re not going to lose it anytime soon. Science Magazine ran an article in 1980 that said, “Several indirect techniques also confirm the sun is shrinking. Although these inferred collapse is only about one seventh as much.” By that thinking the sun would have been touching the Earth 158 million years ago. And again, that’s not my number, somebody else came up with that as a possible calculation that the sun would have been touching the Earth. The fact is the sun is shrinking. This chart shows the measurements of not only the polar diameter but the equatorial diameter – the sun has north and south pole like the Earth does. Both measurements are diminishing in the last 160 years. It’s been observed – the sun is shrinking. Now the sun oscillates, it swells and shrinks and swells and shrinks, but the overall trend is quite obviously toward shrinking – the sun is burning. That creates a problem if you go backwards in time, the sun would be bigger and more massive, which is going to upset the gravitational pull. So I don’t think it’s logical to say that the Earth’s been going around the sun for billions of years while the sun is constantly losing its mass, and losing its gravitational pull. To me, that invokes a miracle, but it’s simpler to say that the system is not billions or years old like they’re telling us, and God created everything about 6,000 years ago exactly like the Bible says.

Carbon dating

Okay, what about carbon dating? In every seminar I do, somebody will say, “Wait a minute, carbon dating proves the Earth is billions of years old.” Ah, no it doesn’t. The fossils are actually dated by their position in the geologic column (we cover that in seminar part 4) and the geologic column does not exist any place in the world. Radiometric dating would not even be possible if the geologic column had not been erected first. An article in American journal and science magazine talks about this. Ever since William Smith at the beginning of the 19th centaury, fossils have been and still are the best and most accurate method of dating and correlating the rocks in which they occur. Apart from very modern examples, which really are archaeology, this guy said, “I can think of radioactive decay being used to date fossils.” So, they don’t date fossils by carbon dating or potassium argon dating – this is a mammoth tooth, they date them by the geologic column. They pick a spot and say: Wow, that era was so many thousand years ago, so this must be that old. Fossils are not dated by carbon dating.

Well let me explain how carbon dating works. The Earth’s atmosphere is about 100 miles thick, on this globe it doesn’t even show up – I mean it’s the thickness of the paint, basically. A hundred miles is not much. The space shuttle whizzes around just above the atmosphere so as to cut down on drag – and there’s no friction out there. They still get lousy gas mileage though. The air, 100 miles thick, is mostly nitrogen – 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.06% carbon dioxide (and that’s that plants breathe – CO2, some people say 0.09 or 0.03 I don’t know, it varies I’m sure from location to location). There’s not a lot of CO2 in the air, if you increase CO2, plants grow faster, which is a frustration for the environment whackos when they burn forests, you know, all the CO2 is released and the trees next door grow faster. So it doesn’t create an environmental crisis like they want you to believe. There’s extremely small quantities of radioactive carbon 14. The way this works, radiation from the sun strikes the atmosphere, super high-speed energy comes down, bangs into the nitrogen and changes it to carbon 14. Just a quick simple chemistry lesson here: carbon and nitrogen are right next to each other on the periodic table; nitrogen is number 14, carbon is number 12. But if the nitrogen gets blasted by radiation it turns into carbon 14. Normal carbon is called carbon 12; here what we have is called radioactive carbon – carbon 14. It’s very rare, and it doesn’t stay stable because it’s always breaking apart. You can hear it with a Geiger-counter, you know in the movies they’ve got the Geiger-counter and get near the Uranium going click… click… click… click. Well the same thing with carbon 14 – it breaks apart, it keeps falling apart. And it’s turning back into nitrogen, and disappearing, which is a gas, so it disappears into the air. Carbon 14 is produced in the atmosphere by the sun, it breaks down at the rate of: about half of it will break down every 5,730 years. It’s called the half life. So if I gave you a pile of carbon 14, and you waited 5,730 years, half of it would turn back to nitrogen, and you’d end up with half a pile. If you wait another 5,730 years, half of that is going to turn to nitrogen, you end up with a forth of a pile. In theory it never goes to zero, it goes from half to a fourth to an eighth to a sixteenth, etc… But plants are always breathing in Carbon 14, in the photosynthesis process – they’re breathing in carbon – some of it’s carbon 14, but most of it is normal carbon 12. Animals eat the plants, and make it part of their body, probably during your lifetime you’ve either eaten plants, or you’ve eaten animals that have eaten plants. That’s about all there is to eat out there. And so, you’re absorbing radioactive carbon into you, just like I am into me, because we’re getting it through the food chain, the plants got it from the air, the air got it from the sun. This carbon 14 got into the plants then it got into you or to the animals, and then into you, but either way we all contain some radioactive carbon. When the plant or animal dies, it’s not going to get any more, obviously, so several assumptions are involved in carbon dating. First of all, they assume that the amount of C14 in the atmosphere – the ratio – which is a very small number is the same found in the plants and animals. For instance the atmosphere contains 0.0000765% radioactive carbon 14. It is assumed that I have the same. I’ve never been tested for C14 and I’ve never met anybody who has, but I would say that’s a reasonable assumption – but it is an assumption. Okay, when the plant or animal dies it doesn’t get any more C14, so whatever it had begins to decay, it was decaying while it was alive, but you never noticed it because it was being replenished, so the balance would stay. But as soon as it dies, it begins to go out of balance, so basically carbon dating is measuring the amount of carbon in the object with the amount of carbon in the atmosphere and getting a balance. If the atmosphere is 0.0000765% and the object you’re taking is only half as much, they would assume it’s been dead for one half life. If it’s only one fourth as much, it’s been dead for two half lives – 2 times 5,730, and then it goes to a fourth, to an eighth, to a sixteenth. So they’re comparing the amount in the object with the amount in the atmosphere. This is how carbon dating works. Sounds good, scientific, but it’s based on some serious assumptions that mess up everything – it doesn’t work. If I told you to fill a barrel with water, but I have drilled holes in the barrel, while you’re putting water in, it begins to leak out. So you have a process of filling, and a process of leaking at the same time. You have adding and subjecting going on simultaneously, at some point you’re going to reach a stage called equilibrium – you’ll never fill the barrel past that point unless you speed up the input or decrease the outgo, one or the other. Well, first atmosphere is constantly taking in carbon 14 from the sun and it’s constantly losing it to decay. You have the same thing with the barrel. The question would be: How long would it take the Earth’s atmosphere to reach equilibrium? Well, when carbon dating was first discovered or invented in early 1950’s, or late 1940’s actually, Willard Libby did this at the university of Chicago. He said, “I wonder how long it would take the Earth’s atmosphere to reach equilibrium?”, ’cause he knew about the equilibrium problem. They said, after doing some studies, it would take about 30 thousand years. Basically, if you made a brand new planet Earth, poof – create one, cover it with air, start it spinning around itself and spinning around the sun. The sun is going to strike the atmosphere, produce carbon 14 and it’s going to start decaying. They said within 30 thousand years, the atmosphere would be equalised, you would reach this point called equilibrium. You’re never going to get more C14 and you shouldn’t get any less unless something changes in the system. Well, sounds good – I don’t know if the number’s right, but the concept is. Within 30 thousand years the Earth’s atmosphere would reach equilibrium. The problem is we still haven’t reached equilibrium. There’s more C14 now, than there was 20 years ago. Actually, radio carbon is forming 28-37% faster than its decay. So, if we still haven’t reached equilibrium, then the Earth is less than 30 thousand years old – which is what the Christians have been saying all along. A friend of mine has a website arky.org, you can get information there about Earth’s atmosphere still not reached equilibrium. There’s been a lot of people doing research on this, and they say we’re not there yet. This chart indicated how carbon 14 is supposed to work, in theory. An object that is still alive should be in balance with the atmosphere, which will give you 16, I’m going to simplify this a little bit, give you 16 clicks a minute per gram on your Geiger counter. You’re listening to, testing a sample and it goes click, every 4 seconds, you know, click… click. If it’s only giving you 8 clicks per minute, then you’re assuming it’s 5,700 years old – it’s been through one half life. If you’re only getting 4 clicks a minute, then it’s been through 2 half lives. If you’re getting 2 clicks a minute, then it’s been through 3 half lives, it’s 11,000 years old. This is how carbon dating is done. If you test a sample and you find out you’re getting 2 and a half clicks a minute or 2.9, or something like that, you look at the chart and read over and find the age by the simple calibration curve they call it. Sounds good – doesn’t work.

If you walked into a room and found a candle burning on a table, and I asked you the very simple question: “When was it lit?”, you say, “Well, I don’t know, it was burning when I got here.” Okay, let’s do what’s called empirical science – things we can test and demonstrate and weigh and prove. Okay, we’re going to measure the candle. We measure the height of the candle, we find out the candle is seven inches tall. “Okay, when was it lit?”; you say, “I don’t know.” Okay, let’s do some more science. Let’s measure how fast it burns. Suppose we get an Olympic stopwatch and we measure this thing very carefully, and find out the candle is burning one inch every hour. Now, we’ve got two hard science empirical facts: the candle is seven inches tall, it is burning an inch an hour. “When was it lit?” You still can’t tell me unless you make some assumptions. How tall was it? And has it always burned at the same rate? Neither of those assumptions can be proven – they are purely assumptions. Okay, if you find a fossil in the dirt, all you know is – it died! You don’t even know where it died, you just know where it ended up buried – that’s all. Now the amount of carbon 14 could be measured very precisely, and the rate of decay could be determined. But when did it live? I have no idea, and nobody does, ’cause you’d have to know how much was in it when it was alive, that would depend on the assumption that the Earth’s atmosphere has reached equilibrium – and we haven’t, and you’d have to know whether it has decayed at the same rate. Now if the Bible is right, and the Earth has a canopy of water overhead, like I think the Bible clearly teaches in 2 Peter 3 and in Genesis 1 6-7. This canopy of water would filter out quite a bit of radiation and they probably had a lot less carbon 14 in the original creation than we do today. So, if you dig up a fossil from an animal that drowned in the flood, I don’t know if any of these are or not, but if you find a fossil and say, “Wow, I believe this one, this Amorite, may have drowned in the flood”, it probably did. And we want to find out if it’s got carbon – it probably doesn’t, it’s probably been totally replaced by minerals, but let’s assume it has an organic material, and so we carbon date it. They would assume that it lived in an atmosphere just like we have today. Nah! Faulty assumption! Not a good idea.

Here’s some examples of how carbon dating doesn’t work (we’ll go in chronological order here):

  • Back in 1949 an article came out in Natural History Magazine that said, “The lower leg of a Mammoth dated 15,000 years old, but the skin dated 21,000 years old. It didn’t work in 1949.

  • 1963 – a living mollusc shell carbon dated at 2,300 years old. Well, here we are 14 years later – carbon dating is still not working.

  • 1970 – this article came out and they said, “If a carbon date supports our theories, we put it in the main text, if it is not entirely in contradiction we put it in the footnote. If it’s completely out of date we just drop it.”

  • 1971 – a freshly killed seal carbon dated at 1,300 years old. Still not working folks!

  • 1975 – a baby mammoth was found frozen, part of it dated 40,000 years old, another part was 26,000 years old and the wood next to it was 9,000 years old. Still not working in 1975!

  • 1981 – they tried it again. This guy said, “No matter how useful it is; the radio carbon method is still not capable of yielding accurate and reliable results. They are gross discrepancies, the chronology is uneven and relative, and the accepted dates are actually selected dates. This whole blessed thing is nothing but thirteenth century alchemy. It all depends on which funny paper you read.” Still not working!

  • 1984 – Shells from living snails were carbon dated at 27,000 years old. Still not working!

  • 1985 – They took 11 human skeletons, the earliest know human remains in the western hemisphere, and they were carbon dated, or dated by accelerator mass spectrometer, all 11 dated 5,000 radio carbon years or less. Here, these things were supposed to be a quarter of a million years old, or something. It’s not working in 1985!

  • 1992 – Two Colorado Creek mammoths, side-by-side, buried frozen mammoths, were dated, one was 22,000 years old, the other is 16,000 years old. Still not working in 1992!

  • In 1996 – at Berkeley University, they’ve got the Geochronology Centre – Carl Swisher used the most advanced techniques to date human fossils. This article said, “Last spring, he was re-evaluating Homo Erectus skulls found in Java by testing the sediment found with them. A Hominid species, assumed to be an ancestor of Homo Sapiens, Erectus was thought to have vanished a quarter of a million years ago. Even though he used two different dating methods, Swisher kept making the same startling find: the bones were 53,000 at most and possibly no more than 27,000.” Well, I’d like to point out your honour, that is a 96% error. So, it’s not working in 1996 either.

It’s not logical to say that carbon dating works. One part of a mammoth dated 29,000 years old, another part was 44,000 years old. This article said, “In the last 2 years, an absolute date has been obtained for the Ngandong Beds, it has the very interesting value of 300,000 years plus or minus 300,000 years.” So, Ah, it doesn’t work!

We have in our library the geological survey professional paper 862, some sceptics on the web have argued that I didn’t understand what the paper was saying – I think I do, it shows the charts here of the different carbon dates that they got from different animals in different organic material found all over Alaska, it’s a geologic survey paper. Sample number 454 carbon dated at 17,210 years old, sample 455 gave a carbon date of 24,000 years old. People say, “See, what’s the big deal?” “Well, look at it.” This is the same sample as 454. 455 and 454 are the same creature – they’re getting different ages. Sample 299 was dated at less than 20,000 years old, sample L-137X was dated at greater than 28,000 years old. Well, read it carefully, that’s the same sample as 299! He gave it a different number and a different laboratory, but it’s the same sample. Two different numbers – same sample. Living penguins date 8,000 years old. Material from dinosaurs layers were found and dated at 34,000 years old. They find organic material with dinosaurs, sometimes frozen dinosaur bones, sometimes unfossilised dinosaur bones are found.

Two Russian scientists dated dinosaur bones at less than 30,000 years old. Hugh Miller in Columbus Ohio had 4 dinosaur bone samples carbon dated. They told them they were 20,000 years old. He didn’t tell them they were dinosaur bones. If he would have said, “This is a dinosaur bone, I want you to carbon date it”, they would have said, “Oh, we can’t date that because it’s too old”, you see, they start – this is a dinosaur bone by the way, it’s been replaced by minerals – they start with the assumption that dinosaurs lived 70 million years ago. If I took this to a laboratory and said, “Would you please date this?” They would say, “Oh well, we’d have to use something other than carbon dating because this is too old for carbon dating.” They’ve already decided what range it fits in. That’s not how science ought to work. You ought to be able to say, “Well, Ah let’s just be open-minded about this.” They can date the same sample 10 ways and get 10 different numbers.

Here’s some things to consider about carbon dating:

  • If you date a sample of known age – I mean you know how old it is, like a tree ring, carbon dating doesn’t work.

  • If you date a sample of unknown age, it’s assumed to work.

It’s not science and it’s not common sense.

As elements decay, they produce helium. One of the by-products of carbon decay, or radioactive decay of any kind, is that it produces helium gas; which, unless you’re in the ground where it can be trapped in a cave, it’s going to escape into the atmosphere. But helium in the atmosphere indicates the Earth is not billions of years old, actually less than 2 million years old – just based on the helium content in the atmosphere. If radioactive decay has been going on for millions of years, there should be a lot more helium; taking all factors into account, the helium escape mechanism and everything, it just is not more than 2 million years old. There’s an excellent book if you want to get more on ‘the go down deep stuff’ on carbon dating [called ‘The Mythology of Modern Dating Methods by John Woodmorappe, you can get it from our bookstore if you want or call icr.org – they have the book there.

This guy said, “The rocks date the fossils, but the fossils date the rocks more accurately”; I tell you what folks, the cheese fell out of his sandwich, alright. He said, “Circularity is inherent in the derivation of timescale”, they use circular reasoning.

Specimen 10017 from the moon was divided into 6 pieces and dated many times, the ages range from 2.5 to 4.6 billion – notice there’s nearly a 500 percent error – it doesn’t work.

I talked to a J P Dawson in Oklahoma, he was the chief on engineering and operations for the Luna and Earth science division at NASA in Houston, he said they worked on the Luna samples including the Genesis rock, he told me they found ages from 10,000 years to several billion years in the same rock. So basically you kind of pick what you want. There’s an excellent chapter in this book called ‘Bones of Contention’, the last chapter deals with what is called ‘The dating game’. It’s hilarious to see how they change the dates to make them fit, you know, if any new evidence comes in, we’ll just change the date to make it fit the theory. Alright, we’ll take a little break here and we’ll come back and talk about the other dating methods, potassium argon and some of the other ones, and then we’ll go on to some more of your questions.


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     You know people say evolution is not a bad philosophy, but at the same time, it was Hitler’s religion during the third Reich in Germany. Hi, my name is Eric. In this next seminar, Dr. Hovind exposes some of the terrible things that have been done in the name of evolution, cause dictators throughout time have used the evolutionary ideas to support their brutal tactics.

SEMINAR PART 5: THE DANGERS OF EVOLUTION – Satan’s Religion to Destroy Humanity

     I taught high school science for 15 years, and now for 14 years I’ve been an evangelist traveling and doing seminars on creation, evolution, and dinosaurs. And tonight we are going to share with you some of the dangers of this evolution theory. I don’t leave my gorgeous wife and travel every week of the year because I like being gone. Folks, evolution is not just a dumb idea, it’s a very dangerous philosophy.

     I’ve only got three things I want to cover, but it’s probably going to take several nights to do that. First of all, I want to tell you what on earth is happening, and secondly, why is the evolution theory dangerous, and what do you do about it. Pretty simple. Okay, what is happening? Tonight as I speak, our president is announcing we are about to go blow up Iraq, I believe, right. The world seems to be coming unglued at the seams. There are wars and rumors of wars every place we look. Why on earth would Joseph Stalin order the execution of 14,700 Polish POW officers? I thought there was a Geneva Convention, why do order the execution of Prisoners of War? Why did Hitler order the execution of nearly 6 million Jews plus others? Why did Pol Pot the leader in the Cambodian Khmer Rouge order the execution of 1/3 to ½ of his entire population? His own people, he killed them. Why, why would somebody do that? Why would the Australian aborigines be rounded up like cows and shot, so their heads could be put in museums, years ago? Why would somebody do that? Why did Kip Kinkle murder his parents, 2 other classmates, and shoot 26 other ones? Why would a student do that? Kip said, “If there was a God, He wouldn’t let me feel the way I do. There is no God, only hate.”

     On May 21, 1998, 15 year old Kip Kinkle, a student at Thurston high school, (that’s in Oregon, near Eugene) allegedly entered the school cafeteria, and fired more than 50 rounds from a semi-automatic rifle.26 students were injured, 2 killed. Later, the bodies of his parents were found in his home.He was then arrested and taken into police headquarters, where he attempted to murder a detective during his initial questioning. Kip said, “If there was a God, He wouldn’t let me feel the way I do. There is no God, only hate.” Why have we had a nearly 1,000% increase in violent crimes since I was a boy? I remember the days when you did not have to lock your house. We’d go off on vacation and never lock the house, I never had a key to my house growing up, never did have a key. I don’t know if it even had one. You didn’t need one in those days. Why would there be such a horrendous increase in unwed birth rates? So much of our moral structure is just simply unraveling. What on earth is happening? Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold made a video tape prior to the Columbine shootings, on that tape they said, talking about one of the football players, “He doesn’t deserve the jaw evolution gave him. Look for his jaw, it won’t be on his body.” Huh, these two boys were very strong believers in evolution. They did the shooting on Hitler’s birthday on purpose. They shot Isaiah Shoels just simple because he was black. They shot Cassie just because she believed in God, same thing with Rachel. What happened, why would somebody do this, what’s going on in our thinking? Well, the newspaper article in Columbine High School said, “The clothes may give a clue to the thinking to these teenagers. The autopsy said one of the boys shirts said, ‘Natural Selection’ on the front. Interesting. Textbooks used in Escambia County, Florida, this textbook, says, “Evolution and natural selection go together.” Huh, this textbook says, “Natural selection causes evolution.” Well, just what is this natural selection? Ah, you see Adolf Hitler thought he would speed up the process by eliminating the inferiors. Hitler honestly thought he was doing the world a favor, so did Joseph Stalin, so did Pol Pot. Why do people do these things though, what is wrong with our thinking?

     Right after the Columbine shooting: “Almost instantaneously, 5 more students from within the Springfield School District were arrested for threatening to murder students, principals, or teachers. In the adjacent school districts, more students were arrested for violent threats, and in one case, an elementary school boy shot 5 of his classmates with a BB gun.” Could it possibly be that what we are teaching them is causing this behavior? You know, what you believe determines how you behave. If you are raised up in a head-hunting society, and you are taught from the time you are a boy, if you go off to war and shot somebody, you ought to kill them and cut off his head and eat the brains because you get his spirit. I mean if you really believe that, guess what you are going to do when you go off to war? Your behavior is determined by your beliefs. What you believe determines how you behave. It’s always been that way, and it’s no different today. Could it be that this evolutionary theory is to blame? This textbook says, “You are an animal and share a common heritage with earthworms.” Question, if evolution is true, how are the kids supposed to tell right from wrong? I spoke in a public school in Pennsylvania one time, a kid sat in the second row, and he said, “Mr. Hovind, I’m an atheist.” I said, “Really?” He said, “Yep, there is no God.” I said, “Well, tell me son, are you sure?” He said, “Yep, I’m sure.” I said, “Well, son, do you know everything?” He said, “No.” I said, “Do you know maybe half of everything?” He said, “No.” I said, “Okay, well let’s just pretend that you know half of everything. Is it possible God exists in the other half you don’t know?” Brand new thought rattled around in his brain for a while and got lost, I believe. I said, “By the way son, if there is no God, how do you tell right from wrong?” He said, “Oh, that’s easy.” He said, “I determine what’s right and wrong.” He said, “I’m the god of my own universe.” I said, “I’m glad to hear about that son ’cause I’m going to shot you in 5 minutes.” He said, “You can’t do that.” I said, “Oh, ya I can. You see, I’m the god of my own universe, and I decided that it’s fine for me to shot you.” Question, exactly how do we tell right from wrong?

     In the first couple of seminar tapes we talked about a variety of topics, like the big bang theory, how it’s a big dud. We talked about the Garden of Eden, and we talked about why the earth cannot be billions of years old, and why did the people lived to be 900 years old before the big Flood came. We talked about dinosaurs, and students are being lied to about dinosaurs, they did not live millions of years ago. And on tape number four we talked about a whole bunch of lies in the textbooks. Now here we are going to talk about what’s happened in the last 150 years since evolution became a popular theory, what on earth is happening, and what you can do about it. We’ll get to that eventually.

     We are going to review some of what we covered on tape number four, some of the lies in the textbooks, and then go on into how it carries into some practical steps we can take.what do you do about it. We covered in the last sessions how that James Hutton wrote a book in 1795, and he said the earth is millions of years old. Now during the late 1700’s most folks believed the Bible, and most folks thought the earth was about 6,000 years old. ‘Cause if you add up the dates in the Bible you are going to get about 6,000. 4,000BC Not millions. So James Hutton came along and caused people to doubt the earth was 6,000 years old. Then, his book had a very strong influence on a lawyer from Scotland named Charles Lyell. Charles Lyell wrote a book in 1830, and in his book he developed what we call today the geologic column. Cenozoic, Mesozoic, Paleozoic. You know, maybe you say the movie, Jurassic Park, named after the Jurassic layer. This whole thing was made up by Charles Lyell in 1830, and the geologic column does not exist any place in the world, except in the textbooks. It’s pure imagination, it doesn’t exist. But all of evolution theory is based on that dumb geologic column, made up in 1830.

     This fellow said, “I myself have little doubt that in England it was the long-age uniformitarian Geology and the theory of Evolution that changed us from a Christian to a pagan nation. He’s right about that and England is a pagan nation, and folks, I don’t know if America ever was a Christian country or not, but it’s not now. We are a pagan nation also. What has happened? Charles Lyell’s book had a very strong influence on a young preacher, named Charles Darwin. Darwin graduated from Bible College to be a preacher, in 1859, after 22 years of writing; Darwin finally published his book, the Origin of Species. We’ll get into more of that later, the real title to the book. Darwin’s philosophy was strongly influenced by people like Charles Lyell; people like Thomas Malthus. Malthus had written a book that said, ‘There are more babies born than can possibly survive, so it’s best if the weakest die off.” That greatly influenced people like Charles Dickens when he wrote The Christmas Carol. Remember the scene in there were Scrooge said, “Well, if he’s gonna die, let him die then, and decrease the surplus population.” Remember that line in there? I don’t think you can understand The Christmas Carol, the history behind that until you understand how evolution ties in.

     James Hutton’s book made people doubt the earth was 6,000 years old. Along came Charlie Lyell and people began to doubt the flood, ’cause instead of the Flood making all those layers they said, “Oh, maybe each layers is a different age.” Then along came Charlie Darwin, and people began to doubt the Creator. And so by the mid 1800’s, the Western World at least was left in a bad situation; they said, “Well, if there is no God, who’s in charge? Well, it must be us.” This led directly to the rise of humanism. Humanism is the teaching that there is no God, so we must be God, we make the rules; we decide what’s right and wrong. For the next fifty years, after Darwin’s book came out, many “ism’s” arose in the world: Marxism, Nazism, Communism. Communism would have been just a footnote in the history books if it hadn’t been for evolution coming along at the right time. We never would have heard of Communism, most of us wouldn’t, if it hadn’t been for Charles Darwin coming along and giving justification to that dumb idea of Communism.

     Hoyle said, “I’m haunted by a conviction that the nihilistic philosophy which so-called educated opinion chose to adopt following the publication of the Origin of Species committed mankind to a course of automatic self-destruction. A doomsday was then set ticking.” I agree, Fred. Once you start believing there’s no God and that we are in charge, we are in trouble. There was a Russian atheist astronomer came to America one time and he spoke at one of the universities and he said, “Now, folks, either there is a God or there isn’t.” I thought, boy this guys brilliant. But then he said, “Both possibilities are frightening.” I thought, wow, now that is brilliant. You see, if there is a God, we better find out who He is, what He wants, and do what He says. If there is no God, we are in trouble, ’cause we are hurdling through space at 66,000 miles per hour and nobody is in charge. Pretty scary thought.

     Charles Darwin said, “Often a cold shudder has run through me as I’ve asked myself whether I may have devoted myself to a fantasy.” Well, Charlie, you did devote yourself to a fantasy. If you believe that you came from a rock, 4.6 billion years ago, you need help. You were designed for a purpose. Now what is it? There are four great questions that every single religion in the world tries to answer, even atheism, which is a religion, you have to believe there is no God; there is no way to know that.

The four great questions every religion tries to answer:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Where did I come from?
  3. Why am I here?
  4. Where am I going when I die?

     The way you answer these questions depends on how you view the world. There are basically only two ways to look at this world. One view says, “You know there is incredible design. There must be a designer.” That’s the Creationist’s worldview. Other people look at the world and say, “You know, nobody made it, it just made itself.” They don’t believe God created the heaven and the earth (Genesis 1:1). They think a big bang just made this world from nothing. That’s called the humanist’s worldview. “It just made itself.” The first plank in the Humanist Manifesto in 1933 was “The Universe is self-created, self-existing and not created.” That is the first thing they have to agree to to be a humanist. There has now been Humanist Manifesto II in 1973, and Humanist Manifesto III in the year 2000. They have to declare what they believe. Humanism is a religion, you have to believe there is no God.

     So why is this theory dangerous? Evolution, I am convinced after studying this stuff for 30 some years, evolution is absolutely the foundation for communism, Marxism, Nazism, Socialism, Racism. We’ll get into some more of that in a minute. Number One, I think evolution is dangerous because it’s bad science based on lies. There is no scientific evidence to back up this evolution theory. We have been offering $250,000 for a long time at our ministry for someone who can give us some real scientific evidence for evolution. It is funny, brother, to see the people try and turn stuff in. One guy said, “I’ve got proof for evolution.” I said, “Really, what do you have?” He said, “Well, I’m working in the laboratory right now and we have developed soybean plants that are resistant to frost.” I said, “Man, that’s good, that will really be handy.” I said, “What did you start with?” He said, “Well, soybean plants.” I said, “Oh, what do you have now?” He said, “I’ve got a whole new species.” I said, “Of what?” “Of, ah, soybean plant.” I said, “I’m sorry, sir, that’s not evolution, okay. That’s a variety of a soybean plant. And it’s interesting and I’m glad you are able to do that, but that’s not evolution.” There is no evidence whatsoever that any animal ever produced a different kind of animal, so why would anybody believe such a dumb idea? And, how can this be so dangerous? Well, we will cover some of the isms in just a minute, but evolution is based on lies and bad science, there is no good science to back it up.

     This textbook says, “Evolution is a fact, not theory.Birds arose from non-birds and humans from nonhumans. No person who pretends to any understanding of the natural world can deny these facts any more than she or he can deny that the earth is round, rotates on its axis, and revolves around the sun.” Sounds like he’s open-minded for discussion, doesn’t it? This is not a fact, folks, evolution is a mantra, they say this over and over hoping it will become true. That’s all it is, they just keep repeating it, oh hope, evolution is a fact, it’s a fact, it’s a fact. Well, you better define what you are talking about with evolution; we do that on videotape number four, the six different meanings of this word, ‘evolution.’ ‘ This textbook says, “Evolution has evidence from fossils, from structure, from molecular biology, from development.” Any evidence that is used to support evolution has been proven wrong. I’ve said many times, “I’m not trying to get evolution out of the schools. I just want the lies out of the textbooks.”

     We almost got a bill passed in Arkansas a couple of years ago, and I went up to Arkansas and testified before the senate, before the House of Representatives Committee that is, that was looking at this bill HB2548, I believe it was. The bill simple said, “Arkansas will not use tax dollars to purchase materials if they contain knowingly fraudulent information.” We’re not going to buy books that have lies in them, and it gave a few examples like some of the examples I gave in my seminar. If it says the embryo has gill slits we’re not going to buy it. I stood up and testified for 45 minutes before this committee. After I got done the ACLU lady, woman, I mean, she got up and she said, “Folks, this is obviously an anti-evolution bill.” One of the representatives said, “Madam, evolution is not mentioned in this bill. All this bill says is that we aren’t going to buy books if they have lies in them, and these things are lies so we aren’t going to buy that book. How can you say this is an anti-evolution bill?” And she said, “Everything mentioned in this bill is used to support the evolution theory.” And the guy said, “Well, Madam, is it true that theses things mentioned here are false?” She said, “Well, yes, but obviously this is an anti-evolution bill.” She knew full well. If you took all the lies out of the textbooks there would be nothing left to support the evolution theory.

     I was in a debate one time at University of West Florida, and the professor got up and he said, “Now, Mr. Hovind, you are claiming all these things are lies, and you are right, all these things have been proven wrong, but,” he said, “I’ve got a question for you. You told us we got to take all this stuff out of the book, what are you going to replace it with?” I said, “Folks, what he’s trying to not say is, ‘We want the kids to believe in evolution, we have to give them some evidence, and all we have are these lies and you want to take these out of the book, so you better find some more evidence for my theory.” I said, “Sir, if you don’t have any evidence for your theory, I’m sorry, maybe you ought to consider getting a new theory. I could suggest one for you, if you’d like.” He did not like. He don’t want to hear about it, okay. All they have to support their theory are things that have been proven wrong many, many years ago.

Here are some of the lies we covered in the first, how many hours of this seminar so far. I’ll just review them very very quickly.

  • The Colorado River was not formed slowly..or the Grand Canyon did not slowly form by the Colorado River running through it.
  • The geologic column does not portray earth’s history. It doesn’t even exist anywhere in the world.
  • Rocks do not date the fossils. The fossils do not date the rocks. It is based on circular reasoning. We cover that on videotape #4.
  • There are no index fossils. There’s no such thing as an index fossil.
  • The layers are not different ages. Petrified trees connecting them all prove the layers all formed at the same time. We cover that on video #4.
  • Plants and animals are not related to each other. We have the same Designer, but not the same uncle and grandpa.
  • Change in species is not the real meaning of the word evolution. That’s not really what they mean. There’s a lot more to that. We cover that on video 4.
  • Natural selection does not cause any evolution. Natural selection selects, it doesn’t create a thing. We believe in natural selection.
  • The peppered moth story never happened. It’s a lie.
  • Comparative anatomy does not prove common ancestry. We cover that on videotape #4.
  • Humans never have any gill slits. It’s a human at conception, not a fish or amphibian or anything else. And abortion is murder plain and simple. Okay.
  • The appendix is not vestigial. You do need your appendix.
  • The whale does not have a vestigial pelvis. That is a lie. The human tailbone is not vestigial; if you think it is I’ll pay to have yours removed.
  • Dinosaurs did not live millions of years ago.
  • Man did not evolve from animals or cave men.
  • The big bang is a big dud. It didn’t happen.
  • The horse series in your textbooks is a lie. Proven wrong 50 years ago.
  • Life cannot evolve from non-living matter like the textbook says.
  • The law does not ban teaching creation science like some people would like you to think. It’s perfectly fine to teach creation science in the schools. We’ll get into more of that later.
  • Smaller is not simpler. A little paramecium is more complex than a space shuttle. Smaller is not simpler – smaller is more complex.
  • Birds did not come from dinosaurs. Talk about a dumb idea.
  • The eye did not arise by slow changes over billions of years.
  • The first bird did not hatch from a reptile egg, like Gould Schmidt said.
  • The trees of life in the textbooks are pure imagination. They didn’t happen, folks, they drew it on paper and that’s as far as it goes. It didn’t happen in reality.
  • DNA does not prove evolution it proves creation. It proves a Designer.
  • Fossils don’t provide any evidence for evolution. Fossils don’t count at all. You find a bone in the dirt, you can’t prove that bone had any kids, let alone kids that lived, and certainly not kids that were different than the grandparents. Fossils simply are a dead end street – they don’t count for evolution.
  • The earth is not billions of years and the earth was never a hot molten mass.
  • The pangaea theory that’s taught in your books never existed. They say “all the continents used to fit together” – I get that all the time.. “Do you think all the continents used to fit together – used to touch each other?” I say, “Well, they still are, just the low places are full of water. I mean the continents are still connected you know. What do you mean did they, hello, they still are.”
  • Animals and plants are designed, not adapted to their environments.
  • There are no simple living organisms.
  • Life did not arise 3½ billion years ago like the textbook says.
  • The sun did not form before the earth like the textbook says.
  • Scientists have not made life in the laboratory.
  • Snakes do not have vestigial legs.
  • The earth never had an oxygen free atmosphere like the textbook says.
  • No animal is related to any other kind of animal.
  • DNA is more than just chemicals; it carries information.
  • Mutations do not improve the species.
  • Similar bone structure does not prove a common ancestor it proves a common Designer.
  • Amino acids do not prove relationships.
  • Humans are not related to chimps.
  • Darwin did not prove evolution.
  • Textbooks do not teach kids to think critically. They teach them to not think at all.
  • Arranging animals on paper does not prove a thing.
  • Archaeopteryx is not part reptile. It is 100% bird.
  • Feathers did not evolve from scales.
  • It is not just the religious fundamentalist who disbelieve in evolution. Most folks disbelieve in evolution.
  • Evolution is not a light which illuminates all facts.
  • There is no evidence for the magnetic reversals at the ocean floor.
  • The Constitution does not discuss the separation of church and state. It does not discuss that.
  • The Supreme Court did not ban creation.

     Let’s give a little bit of the history of what really happened. In the 1800’s almost all the textbooks were thoroughly packed with information about creation, Christianity, godly teaching, kids memorized Bible verses. I remember in public school in Illinois growing up we memorized Bible verses and said prayer every morning. Didn’t hurt the kids a bit. Helped them quite a bit. Back then kids got in trouble for throwing spit wads. Today it’s for bringing guns and shooting people. It’s a different world, and some of you older folks know what I’m talking about, it has changed radically. In 1925, Tennessee passed a law that said you cannot teach evolution, it actually banned the teaching of evolution in the public schools – it’s called the Butler Act. The ACLU, which is the American Communist Lawyers Union, decided they wanted to test this law so they ran an ad in the paper, said we are looking for a teaching willing to claim that he taught evolution so we can have a trial to try and get this law overthrown. A guy named John T. Scopes volunteered. He said, “I don’t know if I taught evolution or not, but I did sub for a biology class one day, and I think all we had was a study hall, but if you want me to go testify that I taught evolution I’ll do it.” So John Scopes went on the trial, it lasted ten days in the hot Tennessee July summer. After ten days, John Scopes was found guilty of breaking the law. The law said, “You can’t teach evolution”, he claimed he did, so he was found guilty. He admitted he did. He was fined $100, the case was over. Later the fine was overturned on a technicality, but the judgment was not overturned. The evolutionists lost the Scopes Monkey trial. If you want to read the entire story about what really happened you can see it right here in this book The Scopes Monkey Trial, The World’s Most Famous Court Trial. And by the way if there is a movie circulating around your school called Inherit the Wind you better be real careful about that, that’s a dangerous movie. That does everything they can to twist everything about the trial to make the Christians look dumb. You want to read word for word everything that was spoken there, the court transcript, verbatim, right here. You can get it from Bryan College in Dayton, Tennessee. The Dayton Courthouse is still there with a big museum where you can go and see where it actually happened. If you go north of Chattanooga about, I don’t know, 70 or 80 miles, you can get to Dayton, Tennessee. I’ve been through there a bunch of times. There is a good book expose about the Inherit the Wind movie that circulates around. Just about every year it is shown in public schools, here in Pensacola, where they try to teach the Christians are dumb and they lost the trial. They changed all sorts of things about that, and you ought to be up in arms over that being shown to your kids. You can sign a statement saying, “I don’t want my child being shown the movie Inherit the Wind”. Have it notarized and taken into the school, they won’t show your kid. You say, “It’s against my religious convictions to lie to my kids and that movie is a lie.” Okay, but I guarantee you it will be shown this year, and the next year, and the next year. I say it about four times growing up before I realized what a lie it was. You want to get the material from Bryan College there’s there phone number or from George Sarrell who has an excellent article about the Inherit the Wind, about what really happened in the book – the real trial – compared to the Inherit the Wind movie, which is just bologna. Or you might want to get the book Ride to Glory; you can get it through our ministry. I don’t read novels much, but this one is incredible. This guy said what if the Scopes Trial was redone now, you know 21st century, at a modern university. Brother I couldn’t put it down. I mean, I read a lot of books, but this one I never should have started. Man I didn’t sleep for four days trying to finish it. I wasn’t quite that bad.

     In 1968, the last law banning evolution was overturned. Now keep in mind there were many laws against teaching evolution until 1968. There’s never been a law against teaching creation. The laws banned evolution. In 1980, the state of Arkansas past a law and said we want balanced treatment. If the teacher teaches evolution they must also teach creation. You know, give it balanced treatment. The court in Arkansas, 8th Circuit Court, I believe, struck that down and said, “Nope, this law is unconstitutional.” They didn’t say you couldn’t teach creation, they just said you can’t demand equal time. And the atheist started going around saying, “See, you can’t teach creation.” That’s not what the law said, that’s not what the court said, they never said you can’t teach creation. They just said you can’t require that the teachers teach creation. If we passed a law in Florida that said, “The teachers are required to breathe.” I bet that law would be struck down. Because, I mean, you probably ought to breathe, but they can’t require that you breathe. Right. And that’s what happened with the Arkansas law.

     Then Louisiana passed a law requiring teachers to teach creation if the taught evolution, again, balanced treatment. And the Supreme Court struck this one – it went all the way to the Supreme Court, Supreme Court struck it down. After the 1987 ruling by the Supreme Court, Stephen Jay Gould who hated creationist, and had a set of my tapes on his shelf. I went and visited his office, his secretary was there, she said, “Yeah, he’s got your tapes right here Mr. Hovind.” I never did get to meet him, he died a few years ago, he knows better now, he is no longer an evolutionists. But, Stephen Gould said after the verdict, “No statue exists in any state to bar instruction in creation science. It could be taught before and it can be taught now.” They never said you can’t teach creation. The courts said you can’t require it, that’s all. And don’t let anybody tell you different. That’s what the law says, that’s the way it stands right now.

     Michael Zimmerman said, and he is an evolutionist, he said, “The Supreme Court ruling did not in any way outlaw the teaching of ‘creation science’ in public schools. Quite simply, it ruled that, in the form taken by the Louisiana law, it is unconstitutional to demand equal time for this subject. Creation science can still be brought into the classrooms if and when teachers and administrators feel that it is appropriate. Numerous surveys have shown that teachers and administrators favor just this route. And in fact, ‘creation science’ is being taught in science courses throughout the country.”

     Eugenie Scott is the president of the National Center for Science Education. Boy what a lousy name. They aren’t in favor of science; they are in favor of defending evolution is all. She said, “The Supreme Court decision says only that the Louisiana law violates the constitutional separation of church and state: it does not say that no one can teach scientific creationism – and unfortunately many individual teachers do. Some school districts even require equal time for creation and evolution.” Here is the Home Web Page for the National Center for Science Education.. “Welcome to the Homepage of NCSE – a non-profit, tax-exempt membership organization working to defend the teaching of evolution against sectarian attack. We are a nationally recognized clearinghouse for information and advice to keep evolution in the science classroom and scientific creationism out.” That’s why they exist. I spoke in Berkeley last November, Berkeley, California, that’s where these guys are located. I went and visited the National Center for Science Education. It’s a little bitty storefront building; they had, I think, four or five employees, all crammed in this little building. I thought, this is the National Center for Science Education. Yeah, property is expensive in Berkeley, I understand, you know, good place for them. I went in there, they didn’t know who I was, I didn’t tell them my name. I went in there and said, “Hey, what kind of information do you guys have here? I used to be a science teacher.” And they began giving me pamphlets and articles and stuff. Finally one of the guys said, “Your voice sounds familiar, what’s your name?” I said, “Kent Hovind.” He said, “I thought so.” They taped a piece of paper on the floor that says, “Kent Hovind stood here.” And I understand they won’t walk on it – they walk around it. One of the guys came to all ten hours that I lectured at Berkley and asked me question after question after question. Look these folks are not the enemy. Now they do work for him, but they are not the enemy, okay. Satan is the enemy. They are just blinded that’s all. They are willingly ignorant like the Bible says. But even the National Center for Science Education knows that it’s okay to teach creation if you want.

     William Provine said, “Teachers and school boards in public schools are already free under the Constitution of the USA to teach about supernatural origins if they wish in their science classes. Laws can be passed in most countries of the world requiring discussion of supernatural origins in science classes, and still satisfy national legal requirements. And I have a suggestion of evolutionists. Include discussion of supernatural origins in your classes, and promote discussion of them in public and other schools. Come off your high horse about having only evolution taught in science classes. The exclusionism you promote is painfully self-serving and smacks of elitism. Why are you afraid of confronting the supernatural creationism believed by the majority of persons in the USA and perhaps the worldwide?” Good question! Why are they so afraid of this topic? I speak in public schools all the time. I’m telling you, some schools though I can’t get into, they are just absolutely afraid of having a creationist come in. There is no reason to fear. The fact is most folks don’t believe in evolution anyway. The fact is there is no law saying you can’t teach creation. Just go ahead. Now it is against the law for the public school teacher to use tax dollars to try to convert the kids to be a Buddhist, or Catholic, or Baptist, or something else; that is against the law. But it’s not against the law to discuss creation.

     Provine said, “Shouldn’t students be encouraged to express their beliefs about origins in a class discussing origins..?” If you are discussing origins then lets discuss origins. But see, in the mind of the evolutionist, your answer must be naturalistic. Suppose I said, “I want you to explain how computers came to be, but you can not use man as your answer. I want a naturalistic explanation of how computers came to be.” Well, you’re dead in the water right up front because of the definitions I gave. And the evolutionist says, “We have to explain how the world got here but we can’t use supernatural as an explanation.” Well, duh. And what we got here is like two computers arguing with each other “Does man exist?” They can’t see him, they can’t touch him, they can’t feel him, but he does exist. You see it’s obvious the Creator would be outside of the creation. He is above and beyond. He is not affected by what He created. God created time, space, and matter – He is outside of time, space, and matter. Then God is not affected by time, this is not 2003 in heaven, there’s no time. And after we get to heaven one of the first things you are going to do is flip your watch off and fling it over the side. You won’t need that – there is no time there. We sing all of these songs you know – when we’ve been there 10,000 years – that’s bologna. That’s a good song, I like it, but we aren’t going to be there 10,000 years. We are just going to be there. Now my brain can’t handle that thought but, you know, I can think about thinking about it.

     This public school teacher said, “I’m a public school teacher, Mr. Hovind. I went to a conference today and we were all given a new science textbook to use in the conference. It’s called Sciences by Trefil and Hazen, John Wiley and Sons. On page 611 it said this, “To what extent do you think that parents should have the right to decide which scientific theories and ideas are presented in schools? To what extend do you think parents ought to have the right to demand that opposing religious views be taught as well? Should the views of creationism, which are primarily based on one particular type of Christianity, be given special consideration? It is getting more difficult to say the truth all the time.” The teachers are now being trained in sessions on how to handle the creationists. I know this; they work very hard to make you feel that you are the only one complaining. When I went to meet the lady in charge of curriculum here in Pensacola, Florida, when I first moved to town, I had been complaining about some of the lies in the science textbook and the science curriculum, and she said to me, “Mr. Hovind, you are the only person in the county complaining about this.” I thought, there’s what, 128 Baptist Churches in this town plus all the other flavors, I mean what’s everybody doing? Aren’t we supposed to be the salt of the earth? Man, salt irritates, go irritate somebody.That’s our job.

     Teachers can teach creation science in the classroom if they want, there has never been a law against it. Not only can you teach creation science in the public schools, you can teach it right out of the Bible. There’s no law against reading your Bible in public school or bringing your Bible to public school. Or you can teach or devote a class to religion and you can have the textbook be the Bible. We know the effects of what happened in ’63 when the Bible was taken out, and evolution was put in the schools, but we got deceived by the ACLU. In 1963, the Supreme Court banned the use of the Bible to get kids saved. Which is not good obviously, but it’s a lot better than what the ACLU led us to believe. They did not throw the Bible out; we have thrown the Bible out because we have allowed ourselves to be deceived by the ACLU. You might want to get the website bibleinschools.net and get the information by Elizabeth Ridenour. She helps people start Bible classes in their public school. “Preacher, how would you like to go every day and teach a Bible class to the public school kids at Tantar and Escambia High?” Wouldn’t that be awesome? You can do it. She knows how to cut through all the red tape and get it done. ACLU, well we can talk a long time about that. Call Bible in Schools (bibleinschools.net) and get a hold of Elizabeth or get the book from us, Teaching Creation Science in Public Schools. It is certain fine to do that. Many schools do.

     States can require teachers to discuss evolution. They can do that. They set the state standards. The state school board or the legislator will rule and say, “This is what we want the kids to know by 3rd grade or by 5th grade or by 7th grade.” They have state standards, and they sometimes include evolution. A kid must know about evolution by 8th grade. Now the problem is the atheist are really good at packing that committee. That way you only have to have five or six atheist in the whole state and you can control what all the kids are learning. Then the Christians wait till the books are chosen to meet the standards and get in the classroom and then we complain about the books in the classroom. About three years too late. State standards are going to be selected for Florida textbooks in the next two months. This is the time. It will affect the books they buy in ’94, September of ’94. Now is the time to do something.

     The states cannot require them to discuss creation. It’s already been tried many times, and I’ve seen so many people waste enormous time and money in an effort to force creation into the schools. I’m telling ya, you are wasting your time. It’s not going to happen, and the atheists love it when a campaign gets started saying, “We’re going to make the schools teach creation.” They love that. They just let you spend all your money and waste all your time and then defeat you in the last five seconds. You are not going to go anywhere. The teachers may discuss creation if they like in their class. They have always been allowed to do that. You might want to get a hold of the website textbookreviews.org, Mel Gabler, they for 40 some years have been doing research on public textbooks and what’s being taught. Mel said, “Courts allow states to require discussing scientific weaknesses in evolution theory but not requiring discussing evidence for creation.” You can’t make the teacher talk about creation, but you can require them to talk about the weaknesses in the evolution theory. That’s a start. In their landmark decision back in 1963 the court held, “Iit certainly may be said that the Bible is worthy of study for its literary and historic qualities. Nothing we have said here indicates that such study of the Bible or of religion when presented objectively as part of a secular program of education, may be effected consistently with the First Amendment.” Supreme Court said, “The Bible may constitutionally be used in an appropriate study of history, civilization, ethics, comparative religion, or the like.” A circuit court ruled and said, “Permitting public school observances which include religious elements promotes the secular purpose of ‘advancing the student’s knowledge and appreciation of the role that our religious heritage has played in the social, cultural, and historical development of civilization.” “Teachers already possess the flexibility to present a variety of scientific theories about the origins of mankind.. and are free to teach any and all facets of this subject.” – 1987 Supreme Court. The court further ruled, “Teaching a variety of scientific theories about the origins of mankind to school children might be done with the clear secular intent of enhancing the effectiveness of science instruction.” California State School Board said, “Discussions of any scientific fact, hypothesis, or theory related to the origins of the universe, the earth, and of life (the how) are appropriate to the science curriculum.” They are telling their teachers, “If you want to talk about creation, do it.” Can’t be more clear than that. If you want to keep up on the latest in what’s happening in education you might want to watch the video Crisis in the Classroom from Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly’s organization. I would disagree with Phyllis on several philosophical things, but I think she has done a great job with this video here on what’s happening.

     People say, “What about the separation between church and state, doesn’t the Constitution say that?” There is no such phrase mentioned in the Constitution. That phrase is found mentioned in a letter that Thomas Jefferson wrote to the Baptist Association in Danbury, Connecticut. The Constitution does not talk about the separation between church and state. That’s a lie. Jefferson said, “The first amendment has erected a wall of separation between church and state.” That is from his letter, not from the Constitution. By the way, this wall is a one-dimensional wall. It keeps the government from running the church, but makes sure that the Christian principals will always stay in government. Go see David Barton’s excellent website, wallbuilders.com. If you want to get more on how all the founding fathers believed that the church had to influence government or corrupt government would go corrupt. It’s happened! What’s happened over the years, several different people have taken it upon themselves to survey the textbooks and see how much evolution is in this book. These guys did a survey of all the biology books used in 1991, and they found out the one used by Merrill called Biology: An Every Day Experience only had 2.9% of the text devoted to evolution. It really wasn’t talked about much. However HBJ had 15.6%, they really crammed evolution down the throat of those kids. I’ve seen books today that nearly had 30%. Well, if I was on the committee to select textbooks this year I would pick the least poisonous book I could find. And then I would write to the publishers of the other ones and say, “Hey folks, we did not pick your book this year because.” and spell out your reasons. And then I would write to the one I did pick and say, “Hey fellows, we did pick your book this year because you got the least amount of evolution; however, we would like that out also, and we want to warn you if we find another one next year that has less we will buy them.” You see folks there is only one language these textbook publishers speak, the only language they speak is Money. Now if you were the CEO at HBJ, Harcourt Brace Jovanich, and you got letters from all over the country from people, saying, “Hey we did not buy your book this year because.” Guess what you are going to do next year. Only language they speak brother. You want to get an excellent book on some of the lies in the textbooks to see what you ought to be watching for get this one here by Jonathan Wells excellent book on Icons of Evolution, or you may want to get the book by the Gablers, What are They Teaching Our Children; they’ve spent 40 years discussing lies in the textbooks and what you can do about it, excellent ministry in Longview, Texas. Go to textbookreviews.org or to CRSC.org, they’ve got a newer review of the more modern textbooks. Mel wrote me a letter said, “Dr. Hovind, thank you for using our book, What are They Teaching Our Children. You’d be interested to know that in the 39 years of work we have never seen publishers so sensitive, or schools so receptive, to our textbook reviews and ranking. We are pleased to recommend Harcourt and Scott Foresman elementary science series. They are much less dogmatic on evolution than the others we’ve reviewed.” Mel says that the publishers are scared to death of their letters of recommendation because they know the sales of those that are not recommended plummet in the states. But here’s what happens, they only work in Texas. Texas is one of the largest buyers of textbooks in the nation. So the publishers will publish all of these books, spend billions of dollars, millions of dollars publishing these books. They try to sell them. If Texas doesn’t buy them you think they are going to burn them? No, they are going to go pedal them off in some other state that’s not looking. The Gabler’s have a crew of folks; they’ll help find errors in the textbooks. Like the book might say, “George Washington was Abraham Lincoln’s vise-president” or something like that you know, dumb stuff. And they are not about to throw that book away. They spent a lot of money printing that thing. Nice beautiful paper, colored pictures. They are going to find some state that’s not looking. So if you are in some state other than Texas you better really be on the look out. Get a hold of the Gabler’s and they will tell you which ones to watch for. They work on a donation basis, and don’t be a tight wad with them, send them $50 and say, “Here send me your letter of recommendation.”

     Adolf Hitler said, “Let me control the textbooks and I’ll control the state.” What’s in these books anyway? What can I do to fix this problem? Well, this chart shows how the atheist have rated the different states in America on how well they teach evolution. They think here in Florida we’re doing a lousy job of teaching evolution. Yeah. They think the folks in Minnesota, where I was yesterday, are doing a wonderful job teaching evolution. You ought to be ashamed of yourself in Minnesota, get that junk out of your textbooks, okay.

     You can get creation materials and put them in your library. Bert Wagoner up in Iowa knows how to cut through all the red tape and get this done. Get a hold of Bert and say, “How do I get public schools to accept creation books?” One guy wrote me a letter and said, “Dr. Hovind, your video series was bought for our local high school, Waverly High in Ohio. When I went to check out video #5 I found someone had hidden the box of seminars and debates unopened and underneath a desk by a back wall. I was told by the librarian that she was told not to put them out for the students to find. My 18-year-old daughter witnessed this. We were very upset but I told her it was proof that the enemy was trying to void and hide the truth. My daughter has since graduated and I don’t know if those tapes are available to students or not.” So if you do donate something be sure to check and make sure that it is kept on the shelf. I went to a big university one time and spent probably an hour going through their computer search system looking for how many books they had on evolution. It was like 1800 or 1900 books about evolution. And then I searched to see how many books they had on creation…this is a big university library.not one book. I searched every author I know and I know most of them. I went to the library and said, “I noticed you have 1800 books on evolution but you don’t have any books on creation, why is that?” She said, “There is too a good book in here on creation. I put it in here myself. It’s from my church, the Watchtower Society.” Oh brother, we’ve got one Jehovah’s Witness book in here and 1800 teaching evolution. And then they brag about being a liberal university and giving the kids a liberal education. You’re lying. A liberal education is when you look at all sides. Let’s just discuss all sides and then decide where the truth lies. They don’t want to compare evolution with creation because evolution looks stupid.next to the truth.

There are some practical things, folks, we can do to fix this.

  1. You can demand that the schools cut out the pages with false information or, you don’t have to get creation in the schools and you don’t have to get evolution out, just simply get the lies out.
  2. You can tell them you want to glue the pages together or,
  3. You at least post a warning sticker in the front cover saying, “Kids, the information on page 97 is not correct”, or, you know, list the pages. I’ve volunteered many times and I’d do it again. If you will send me your textbook I will check the pages that need to be torn out and will make a tape recording while I’m traveling someplace, and I’ll hand you the tape and it will say, “You know the information on page 84 is wrong, tear that page out, page 217 is wrong, etc.” And I’ll list the pages. And if you tore the pages out of the book it won’t cost the school one penny. I’ll show ya, so simple. Because the first objection they’re going to say is, “Oh, this will cost the schools a lot of money.” Won’t cost them a penny. How many of you would volunteer to tear the pages out of the books and bring your own scissors? Let me see? There you go. So when you go to your school board hand them a list of 500 names and say these people are willing, when would you like it done?” Won’t cost a thing. Look the book is not sacred it’s made out of paper, you know. If the county bought it it belongs to the school, if you want to tear a page out that’s perfectly fine. I was just speaking at UWF University a year or so ago and I mentioned, “Tear the page out of the book”, and this one professor said, “I don’t think we should deface textbooks.” I said, “Well, sir, if you were teaching math and you came across a book that said 2+2=5 what would you do?” He said, “I would tell the students to mark out the wrong answer and write in the right answer.” I said, “Uuuh, you would deface a textbook?” I said, “Now, sir, if you were teaching biology and you found a book that said the embryo has gills and you know that’s proven wrong in 1874, what are you going to do?” He said, “Well, nothing.” I said, “You wouldn’t correct it?” He said, “No.” I said, “Then you, sir, are a hypocrite. And you have no right using tax dollars to lie to these kids. You ought to get a different job changing tires or picking peaches and try working for a living for a change.” Guys like that burn me up, brother..like a leach sucking on somebody else’s blood that they built, you know.
  4. You can give the kids my little brainwashed book. There are different people around the country that buy these by the thousands and give them out to people in their schools. One guy from Santa Rosa County bought 3000 of these books several years ago and gave them to all the kids in the county. They are going to have a hard time teaching evolution for a while over there. Go to your school board and say, “Would you please vote to purchase this book to go along with our biology books so the kids can see the lies in their books.” If the school board buys them great. If you get more than ten you get them for $1 a piece. If the school board says, “No, we don’t want those books in school”, then you run a full-page ad in your paper, “Stop by the following address and pick up the book the school board banned.” Now the kids will get it and read it. MmHum, Yeah.

     Florida has a law, they’ve changed the number now – it used to be 233.09E I believe, but they’ve changed it so people couldn’t find it I guess. It’s now Florida Statute 1006.35 Accuracy of Instructional Materials. Do you know the State of Florida Legislator can vote to recall books if they are not accurate? They can right letters to the publishers and demand that they change the books. The laws on the books, folks. The textbooks are supposed to be accurate, but they’re not. They contain 50 some lies in every textbook I’ve seen. Get the pages out! Texas has a law requiring textbooks to be accurate. Wisconsin has a law requiring textbooks to be accurate. Alabama has a law that says, “Textbooks shall be adequate and current..” Well, if they are still teaching that a baby has gill slits they are not current. They are 128 years behind the times. Alabama used to have a sticker, they’ve modified it – watered it down some, but the sticker used to say, “This textbook discusses evolution, a controversial theory.and students need to learn the difference that there is a difference between microevolution – which is a fact, and macroevolution – which is not a fact.” Go ‘Bama!!! California has a requirement, “Textbooks shall be factually accurate.” Many states have this requirement but they just are simply not enforcing it.

     Did you know that the publishers will publish a special book just for our state? If the committee got together and said look GlenCo we like your book; however, we want you to take out chapter 3, or take out the following pages. Do you know how much money is spent just in one school district on textbooks? The publisher would be foolish to turn down a contract for ¾ million dollars. They will publish a special book. They do it all the time for different states. Get on that committee and do something about it. Parents you should also be aware that your kids can be exempted from anything you don’t want them taught. If you don’t want your kids taught evolution you sign a little paper that says, “I don’t want my child taught evolution – it is against my religious convictions.” Have it notarized, signed, and give it to the school principal, the teacher, the superintendent, and if they do teach your kid evolution or if they say, “Oh, you’ve got to stay in class.” Then you can simply say, “Do you discriminate against people because of their religion?” Ooooh, that will get their attention. You can email our office, there is a guy I pay to work for us – we ask for a donation because I’m going to pay this paralegal a bunch of money- but if you are having trouble in your school email mauryadkins@hotmail.com, or just our office if you can’t get a hold of him, and we’ll have people take care of this if the school gives you a hard time making your kid learn evolution. We can fix that. See if you don’t know your rights you might as well not even have them.

     Here are some pitfalls you should watch for in your school. I’ve seen so many times: If the school is going to have a good program, so left wing liberal will make sure it’s an ‘opt in’ program. In other words you have to get parents permission to go to the program. This happens all the time when I speak in schools. The kids have to come back with a note saying, “It’s okay for me to go to Hovind’s program.” But if you are going to have some homosexual speak in your school or some lesbian about the gay life style, which is not gay at all, and it’s not a lifestyle it is a death style. If they are going to speak in your school they will make sure it is an ‘opt out’ program. You see the difference? In other words, you have to get a note in order to not come. But if it is a good program you have to get a note to come, but if it is a bad program you have to get a note to not go. They don’t want a level playing field, folks. And if you have a superintendent or a school principal that tries that one you ought to help him get a different job too. Put the pressure on, he needs to find a new job. maybe in a new county some place.

Some practical steps you can do:

  1. Kids don’t confront your teachers publicly. Try to talk to them after class. Now listen carefully, if you are late to class frequently, if you are a troublemaker or a goof off, if you never do your homework, if you don’t pay attention in class, Then Please Don’t Tell Them You are a Christian! Shut your mouth. First be a good student.
    Now if a question comes up that says, “How old is the earth?” and you know the answer they want, you can simply write on the test, “The textbook says 4.6 billion, however, this is not correct.” Now they know that you learned the book, you did your homework but you don’t believe it and you didn’t swallow it. That’s perfectly fine. If they give you a hard time or mark that answer wrong please let us know. We have had 350 cases or so where we’ve had Maury or somebody write a letter to these folks saying, “You realize you just discriminated against a Christian. You’re right, we’ll fix the grade.” Get it fixed every time.
  2. You can learn the material but don’t swallow it.
  3. You can ask to be exempt. Now parents have to do this, the kids can’t do it. I’m not positive of that statement, but I believe it has to be done by the parents. You have to say, “I want our child exempt from anything that is against our religion.” Sign a note, give it to the school. Look if 40 or 50 or 60% of the class was standing out in the hallway it wouldn’t take the teacher long to figure out, you know we ought to just skip that chapter.
    I had one guy call me up one day, he said, “Brother Hovind, my second grade daughter has watched your videotapes probably fifty times, she can quote them.” I don’t know why kids watch the same tape over and over and over and over. He said, “My second grade daughter’s teacher just called me and she said, “Sir, every time I talk about something in the class having to do with evolution your daughter stops me and says, ‘Oh teacher, that’s not right.’” And the teacher said, “I just want you to know I’m going to skip evolution for the rest of the time this girls in my class.” My first thought was, Yeah, this is great. And then I thought, why are we sending second graders off to war? Why aren’t the parents fighting this battle? You know a second grader ought to be able to go to class, read the book, and believe what they are taught. Why are we allowing lies in the textbooks, why are we allowing liars to teach? Don’t lie to the kids.
  4. You can contact Joe Baker, he helps folks set up meetings on getting kids fired up to do something in their local school. joeman12482@hotmail.com. Joe had me come speak at his high school in Pennsylvania, had a auditorium seated about 1000 people, they had 1500 people come, the principal was pulling his hair our, nervous as a cat thinking the fire marshal is going to come and arrest me and throw me in jail. They turned away like 300 people at the door said, “No you can’t get in.” And I spoke for over two hours at that public high school in Pennsylvania. Joe Baker arranged the whole thing and he’s been on fire for God ever since. Get a hold of him and say, “What can I do in my school? If you are a high school student and you want to do something, Joe can help you get going.

Some practical steps:

  1. You can give your teacher a videotape to watch at home.
  2. You can pray for them. Teaching is a tough job. My brother is in his 34th year, he said, “Kent, it’s not fun anymore, I can’t wait to quit teaching. I’m about sick of this.” He teaches public school up in Illinois. My mom retired teaching at public school.
  3. You can invite your teachers to a creation seminar.
  4. You can have them call me with any questions. You can ask my secretary Martha, sitting right there, I answer questions all day long and half the night. I’ll be glad to help.
  5. You can ask them to have a creation speaker come and speak at your school. I’ve got a list of about 8 pages of other people that speak on creation. We’ll be glad to get somebody to you as quick as we can.

Some practical steps to change your schools:

  1. Some of you could run for school board.
  2. Influence the textbook selection committee.
  3. You could pass or enforce laws for textbooks to be accurate. The Bible says, “The fear of man bringeth a snare.” Proverbs 29:25 And we’ve got a bunch of Christians that are scared to do anything for fear that people might not like them. Duh, we are supposed to be Christians you know. They didn’t like the disciples very well or Jesus himself did they? Our job is to do what’s right, leave the results up to Him.
  4. Okay, you can try to convert the teachers or the students.
  5. You can write letters to the editor. That’s what got my whole ministry started, brother. Hugh and I were working together at a factory, an article came out in the newspaper that said, “Dinosaur bones are found from 80 million years ago.” And I wrote my first ever letter to the editor. I had never written a letter to the editor before. I said, “These dinosaur bones were from the flood of Noah 4400 years ago.” Man, you would have thought I shot the sacred cow. For the next 6 or 8 months here in Pensacola I got called every name you can imagine in the paper. And I wrote letters back and forth and other people wrote letters. Finally the University asked me to come do a debate and a couple churches asked me to come speak, and now it’s 14 years later and I’ve got 30 people on my staff and got 20 calls a week, Martha?, asking me to come.. 55 calls. It’s crazy, there’s a war going on. Get in! Find something to do.
  6. You could donate some Christian books to your public school library. We get calls and letters just about every week from somebody getting saved because they watched a video or read a book that they checked out of their public library. One of our videos. Donate some.
  7. You could educate others to use creation as a means for evangelism.

Tactics used to keep creation out of public schools:

  1. Here’s what the ACLU will do though. They will threaten a law suite if somebody tries to teach creation. Now they know they will loose, but it doesn’t matter the fact that it will be a law suite will make it costly for the school. So the ACLU knowing they’ll loose threatens to sue, and sometimes even sues, knowing the school will back down for fear of not having enough money to defend themselves. They are winning be default.
  2. They claim teachers can only teach what is in state approved curriculum. That’s a lie; the curriculum really starts when the classroom door closes. Every teacher knows that. And every teacher discusses things in their class that are not in the textbook. Come on, you can’t teach otherwise.
  3. They claim teachers cannot correct the curriculum. That’s a lie, they do it all the time. I taught math and science for years and I was always making corrections in the math book.
  4. They mislead people into thinking that evolution is a sacred part of science that is never to be questioned.
  5. They use ridicule or peer pressure to silence those who oppose lies in textbooks.

     Now, if you are going to do something, you be prepared for opposition from the enemy. Satan protects his evolution theory with a vengeance. This is the foundation for all sorts of things.
  • Roger DeHart, science teacher at Burlington-Edison High School in Seattle, was told that he could not inform students of errors in the textbooks just simply by passing out current science journals. If there was a current science journal that said this is wrong, he couldn’t tell his students because in the book it said it was right. Some of these lies have been proven wrong 100 years ago.
  • Kevin Haley, biology teacher at Oregon Community College, lost his job simply for exposing errors in the textbooks.
  • Baylor University, formerly a Christian University, fired William Dembski just because he advocated intelligent design. He said there must be a designer.
  • Forrest Mims was a science writer for 20 years. He published in National Geographic, Science Digest, the American Journal of Physics, 60 magazines and newspapers. He was denied a job as writer for Scientific America simply because he was a creationist.
  • Rod LaVake in Faribault, Minnesota was reassigned because he doubted Darwin’s theory. They said, we don’t want you teaching biology if you doubt Darwin’s theory.
  • Dan Clark in Lafayette, Indiana, he quit because he was reprimanded for teaching an evolutionary alternative. The superintendent Mr. Ed Elier told him not to introduce creation to his class. Well, Mr. Ed Elier, you need to get a different job. Our grass needs mowed every once and a while, come on down we may put you to work if you are a hard worker, okay. He said, I’m quitting; I’m not going to take this. There’s all kinds of articles here.
  • Dean Kenyon was a tenured professor in San Francisco at the University. He’d been teaching for years. He wrote books about evolution – how wonderful evolution was. He was the poster boy for the evolutionist. And then one day he got converted and they fired him, but he said, “Hey, I’ve got 20 years you can’t fire me.” They said, “Okay.” They put him in as a lab assistant. You know washing test tubes. Had to go through a whole big law suite just to get his job back. Simply because he doubted Darwin’s theory. So don’t think it’s going to be an easy road.

     There are some things you can do. Cut the pages out. Get something done in your area. There are all kinds of practical steps – you can watch our video 4 for other stuff like that.

     Why is this theory dangerous? It’s dangerous because it’s bad science backed up by lies. Number 2 – it brings forth bad fruit. All the effects of evolution that I know of are evil and wicked. We teach the kids they are an animal, we teach them there are no moral standards, there’s no absolute – what do you expect? This theory has led directly to the rise of Communism, Humanism, Marxism, Nazism, Socialism, and the coming New World Order. We are going to cover more on that tomorrow night..The Dangers of this Evolution Theory. Folks, it’s not just dumb – it’s dangerous. You are going to be shocked to see how many people have died because of this theory. Why did we fight the Vietnam War? Why did we fight World War II? Why was World War I fought? Why are we fighting against Communism? How many people did Hitler kill? How many did Stalin kill? We will cover all that tomorrow night.


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Dr. Hovind’s Seminar Transcripts

Seminar 4a: Lies in the Textbooks

(previous 1999 version of this seminar)

Indoctrination or Education?

     Well, thank you for joining us today. My name is Kent Hovind; I live in Pensacola, Florida. I was a high school science teacher 15 years. And now I travel around and speak on creation, evolution and dinosaurs. In the first sessions we talked about the age of the Earth and how dinosaurs fit into the Bible; but in this session I want to talk about things in the textbooks that you kids have to face when you go to school in a secular school or a secular university. Things that simply are not true.

The Dilemma

     And it’s always amazed me in my 15 years of teaching science how two people can look at the same thing and come to opposite conclusions of what they are looking at. Two people can look at Grand Canyon. They are both looking at the same canyon. One guy believes in evolution, so he looks at the canyon and he says, “Wow, look what the Colorado River did for millions and millions of years.” The Bible believing Christian stands there, looks at the same canyon and says, “Wow, look what the flood did in about 30 minutes.” How was that canyon formed? Was it a little bit of water and a whole lot of time. or could it be a whole lot of water and a little bit of time? Sometimes there are two different ways to look at things. And if a teacher is only showing you one way to look at things, they’re not educating you, they’re indoctrinating you. Which may be good-the Bible is good for doctrine. However, in the humanist school system, I’m afraid kids get indoctrinated with evolution only and they’re never shown the other way to look at things.

The Calf Puller

     I’ll give you another example. Anybody in the crowd know what this thing is? Yes sir, what is it? That is a calf puller. A what? A calf puller? Yes. You see, once in a while a cow has a hard time having that baby calf and so they get the calf puller out there, put the cable around the calf’s legs and jack the calf out of the cow. You get a few tons of pressure on there and the calf will come right out-no problem. Well this farmer was out pulling a calf one day. It was a breach birth-the back feet were coming out first. Not good. And so the farmer had the calf puller out there and he’s trying to pull the calf out. And a city fellow stopped his car to see what on earth is going on. And the farmer said, “Wait, come here and give me a hand will you?” And the city fellow said, “Me? I don’t know anything about cows.” He said, “Just give me some help, would ya?” He said, “Okay, okay.” So the city fellow helped him pull the calf and about ten minutes later they are walking up to the barn, going to get washed up. And the farmer said,”Have you ever seen anything like this before?” And the city fellow said, “No sir, I’ve never seen anything like this.” The farmer said, “You got any questions?” He said, “Yes sir, I’ve got one question, it’s been bugging me for ten minutes.” The farmer said, “What’s your question?” The city fellow said, “Sir, how fast do you figure that calf was going when it ran into that cow?” No, no, no, no you are looking at this all wrong fella. We are not separating a wreck here. Sometimes two people look at the same thing and one of them is getting the wrong idea.


     You know, the Bible warned us that was going to happen. In II Peter chapter 3 it says, “Knowing this first, there shall come in the last days scoffers.” Did you know there are people that scoff at the Bible? I deal with them on a regular basis. I attract them like a magnet! Scoffers.

Why They Scoff

     And it says they are going to walk after their own lusts. See, the reason they scoff at this Book is because of their sin, not because of their science. There is no scientific reason to reject the Bible. But they don’t like this Bible because it chaps their hide. Well, get some Vaseline, man, you are going to need it! Because we’re going to be judged according to this book-whether you like it or not.

What They Scoff

     But the scoffers walk after their own lusts and they’re going to say, “Where’s the promise of His coming, for since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.” [2 Peter 3:4] That’s an extremely important phrase. The scoffers are going to teach something in the last days that means ‘the way things are happening now is the way they’ve always been happening-long, slow, gradual processes called Uniformitarianism.’ The Bible warned us in 2 Peter that the scoffers are going to teach the way things are happening now is the way they’ve always been happening. The problem with that is, the scoffers are willingly ignorant. It says in the next verse, they are “Willingly ignorant.” In the Greek, that means ‘dumb on purpose.’

The Creation.

     The scoffers are willingly ignorant of how God made the heavens (and heaven is plural. There is more than one heaven; we talk about that in videotape number one. There is more than one heaven.) They’re ignorant of how God made the heavens and the earth and how it was standing out of the water and in the water. The earth when God first made it was a lot different than it is today. It used to have water above the atmosphere and more water under the crust of the earth and we talk about all that on videotape number one and on videotape number six. But the scoffers are ignorant about the creation and they’re also ignorant of the flood.

The Flood.

     The next verse tells us, “Whereby the world then was, being overflowed with water perished.” The world was destroyed by a flood. You see, the scoffers don’t want to admit God created the world because that means God owns it. And that means there might be some rules. You know, like “Thou shalt not…” And they don’t want those rules so they scoff at the Bible. Rather than change their lifestyle and get right with God, they try to eliminate the thing that’s bothering them, which is God’s word. They’re also ignorant of the flood. They don’t want to admit that there was a flood because if there was a worldwide flood, that means God has a right to judge His creation. And He does by the way; this is His world. He can wreck it if He wants.

Historical Scoffers

James Hutton.

     Now, one of the scoffers in the last days was a guy named James Hutton. James Hutton lived in the late 1700’s. He was a scoffer. James Hutton did not like the Bible for some reason. And James Hutton especially did not like the idea that the earth was only about 6,000 years old and God created it. So in 1795, James Hutton wrote a book and said, “I think the earth is much older than most people think.” I think they started off with about 80,000 years. He said that the earth was about 80,000 years old. By 1900 they were teaching the earth is 2 billion years old. Now they’re up to 4.6 billion years old. So I figure the earth is getting older at the rate of about 65 million years per year. It’s aging rapidly folks! But you have got to understand, in the late 1700’s most people believed the Bible and most people thought the earth was about 6,000 years old.
      But that was also the time of many revolutions. Many countries were trying to get rid of the king or monarchy as a form of government and they were trying to establish a democracy where the people rule. Revelation 3 talks about that-the Laodicean age, the rule of the people. I think that started about this time when they tried to eliminate the king. There were many revolutions: the American Revolution, the French Revolution, the German Revolution, the Polish Revolution, the Spanish Revolution. All these countries were throwing off the king. It was an age of anti-monarchy-which may or may not be good, I don’t know-but that’s not the point. The point is they were looking for a way to get rid of the king but the Bible says to honor the king. And so some of these folks thought the Bible stood in their way for their political objectives. And so they wanted to discredit the Bible for political reasons, which goes back to what Jesus said: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” They wanted financial control and ultimately a one-world government (which we get into later in the seminar about how this evolution theory is responsible [as] the foundation for the philosophy that leads to a one-world government with Satan in charge). But the Bible says honor the king and they didn’t like that so they tried to discredit the Bible.
      Now, see, even the textbooks admit [that] in the late 1700’s that almost everybody thought the earth was only a few thousand years old. But James Hutton came along and developed his idea called uniformitarianism. (Oh, big word-that will be on the test.) Uniformitarianism means ‘the way things are happening now is the way they’ve always been happening.’ Long, slow gradual processes. They’ve got a fancy phrase for that. They say, “The present is the key to the past.” Well, the problem they don’t understand is that’s just simply not correct. The Bible is the key to the past. But these guys wrote about Uniformitarianism and long, slow and gradual processes and James Hutton’s book had a very profound influence on a man named Sir Charles Lyell.

Charles Lyell.

     Charles Lyell was a lawyer from Scotland. He also hated the Bible. Charles Lyell, as I said was a lawyer (somebody told me recently that they figured that if all the lawyers in the world were laid end to end around the equator, we would all be better off) but Charles Lyell hated the Bible. And in 1830 Charles Lyell wrote this book, Principles of Geology, Volume one, (I’ve got all three volumes all marked up). In this book right here Principles of Geology, Charles Lyell’s hatred for the Bible kind of oozes off every page. He talked about ‘ancient doctrines’ and ‘those who rest on scriptural authority.’ He talked about how ‘religion does not mix with sound philosophy.’ In other words, if you believe the Bible you can’t really have sound philosophy. He was always looking for ways to put the Bible down. I mean, you can read through this book and see all sorts of slams against God’s Word. ‘Those whose beliefs are founded on religious prejudices’ and ‘men of superior talent ([now] he’s talking about himself) who thought for themselves.’ I mean typical scoffer type vocabulary. He just scoffed at the Bible all through this book.

The Geologic Column

     And Charles Lyell in 1830, building on the work of some other guys and along with some other guys, he really developed what we call the geologic column. How many have ever heard of the geologic column before? All the textbooks teach this in the public school system and all the ones on earth science or geology or even biology. The geologic column was invented in the early 1800’s and it’s by William Smith and Cuvier and some other guys, but Lyell was the primary culprit as far as I can figure out. In that geologic column, they took the earth (which has many layers to it) and they gave each layer a name and they gave it an age and they gave it an index fossil. Like, for instance, maybe you saw the movie Jurassic Park. Well, the Jurassic was supposed to be an era that lived millions of years ago and they have an index fossil of the dinosaurs. So each layer of the earth was given a name, an age and an index fossil.

Where’s the Geologic Column?

     Now, you might want to know a couple of things about this geologic column-and I taught earth science for 15 years-the geologic column is the bible to the evolutionists. That’s their bible folks. Secondly, it can only be found one place in the world-in the textbook. The geologic column does not exist in reality. The textbooks admit that. “If there were a column of sediments…unfortunately no such column exists.” The whole thing is imagination.
      Now, it is true, the earth has many layers. That is not the question. I’ve been to the Grand Canyon, Royal Gorge, been to 49 states and 20 countries, been to the San Andreas Fault, the Hayward Fault, the New Madrid Fault-none of them are my fault but I’ve been there, done that, seen that, have a T-shirt. There’s no question the earth has layers. The question is how did they get that way? How did the earth get all those layers?

Rock Layers and the Flood

     There might be two ways to look at that. (How fast was that calf going?) Keep that thought in mind. It could be that each of these layers is a different age or it could be all of those layers were dumped off in one big flood. You know, if you had a flood lasting for 12 or 13 months, like the Bible says the flood lasted-.

Hydrologic Sorting

     See, just the earth turning under the moon-the moon causes the tides, and if the earth were totally covered by water the tides would become harmonic. You music folks understand that. People have calculated that the tides would go [through a] 200-foot tidal change. If the earth were covered with water, there would be no continents to stop them. And with a 200-foot tidal change every 6 hours and 25 minutes, you would get reshuffling of the sediments down at the bottom for thousands and thousands of feet. You would get over a mile of sediments down there in finely stratified layers.
      You can get a jar [of mud] out of your yard here, put some water in it, shake it up and set it down it will settle out into layers for you. Hydrologic sorting. They say those layers are different ages, I have a hard time with that because don’t you think if each one of those layers laid there for millions of years waiting for the next one there would be a few erosion marks in-between the layers? Why are there no canyons and gullies and cricks in-between the layers? I mean, why is it all stacked up like pancakes? Those layers are not different ages and the Grand Canyon did not take millions of years to form.

Colorado River in Grand Canyon

     I was in a debate a few months ago and the professor said, “Mr. Hovind, obviously the world is millions of years old. Look at Grand Canyon. It would take millions of years to form Grand Canyon.” I said, “Sir, did you know that the top of Grand Canyon is higher than the bottom?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Well, did you know the river only runs through the bottom?” He said, “Well, yes.” I said,”Did you know the top of the canyon is higher than where the river enters the canyon? So if that river made that canyon, it had to flow uphill for millions of years to cut the groove deep enough to flow down hill.” I don’t think so. I don’t think the river made that canyon. I think the flood made Grand Canyon, probably in a couple of hours when the mud was still soft and there was lots of water running through. We cover lots more on that in video number six about the flood.

Circular Reasoning

     But oftentimes there are two ways to look at things. (How fast was that calf going?) I took my family one time when I was preaching in Union Center, South Dakota. Now, Union Center, South Dakota is not quite the end of the world, but we could see it from there. We were close. I mean, it’s the middle of nowhere. There were forty people in the whole town. Thirty-eight of them came to church. (I don’t know where the other two were, out pulling a calf I reckon.) But anyway, we had a great meeting. And the preacher said,”Hey, Brother Hovind, lets get the cars and vans and lets go down to Rapid City, South Dakota, where they’ve got a museum with a bunch of dinosaur bones in it.” I said, “Alright, I like dinosaurs, lets go.”

In the Museum

     So we all drove down to Rapid City, South Dakota. We walked in this museum and a guide, an older fellow met us at the door and he said, “I’m a guide here, would you like me to give you a tour?” We said, “That would be great, sir.” The first place we stopped on the tour was a great big huge chart all lit up called the ‘Geologic Time Scale.’ The geologic column. And the guy started his speech right there. He said, “Ladies and gentlemen, this layer of rock you’re looking at here, is about 70 millions of years old.” My daughter was twelve at the time. She raised her hand. She said, “Sir, how do you know how old the rock layers are?” He said, “That’s a good question honey. We tell the age of the rock layers by the types of fossils they contain. They’re called index fossils.” She said, “Thank you, sir.” We walked around the other side of the dinosaur. We’re standing over there and the guide said, “Now, ladies and gentlemen, these bones you’re looking at here are about a hundred million years old,” or something like that. And my daughter raised her hand again. She said, “Uh, sir-how do you tell the age of the fossils?” He said, “That’s a good question honey. We tell the age of the fossils by which layer they come from.” She said, “Excuse me sir, but when we were standing over there, you told me you knew the age of the layers by the fossils and now you’re telling me you know the age of the fossils by the layers.” She said, “Isn’t that circular reasoning?” I thought, “Wow, a chip off the old block!” That guide had the strangest look on his face. It was almost as if he were thinking. He looked at my daughter; he looked at me. I wasn’t about to help him. I thought, “Wow! This is going to be good!” He looked back at my daughter and he said, “You know, you are absolutely right. I never thought of that before.” He said, “That is circular reasoning.”
      That poor fellow drove fifty miles one way that night to hear me preach in Union Center, South Dakota. The crowd swelled to thirty-nine. We set up a chair in the aisle. Afterwards, he talked to me for nearly an hour. He said, “Mr. Hovind, is everything I believe about geology wrong?” He said, “I teach this stuff at the college.” I said, “Oh no, no. Man, I like geology. You learn lots of good stuff. You learn all the names of the minerals.” Just that’s a good trick folks. There are 1200 minerals, some have names about that long. I said, “You learn to prospect for ore, the hardness test, the Rockwell test, the scratch test.” I said, “No, no. I like geology and there’s nothing wrong with geology. But as far as the layers being different ages,” I said, “Yes sir, that’s all bologna.”

Blinded by Money

     Now, he doesn’t dare quit teaching it because he’ll lose his job. And kids you might as well learn this today: to some people in this world, money is more important than truth. And if they have to lie or teach a lie to keep the paycheck coming in, they will do it because money means more to them than what happens to you if you believe their lie. And there are teachers all over the world that do not believe in evolution but continue to teach it because they’re afraid they might lose their job. We know who their god is, don’t we?
      The Bible talks about those folks whose god is their belly. They are more worried about keeping that paycheck and keeping that food coming in, which is really what it boils down to. Well, you’ve just got to make a decision some time in your life if you’re going to serve God you’ve got to decide, I don’t care what anybody else thinks. I’m just going to serve God. Like Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. We don’t care what Nebuchadnezzar says. We are going to serve God. If that means going to the den of lions or the fiery furnace, “Well, okay!” Boy, we need some folks with some backbone like that; who are just going to stand up and say I’m going to do what God says regardless of what anybody else thinks about it. But there are a lot of teachers, even Christian teachers in our public school system, that teach evolution for fear of losing a job. They are cowards. They should quit. They should get an honest job picking peaches or changing tires and quit destroying boys’ and girls’ lives. That’s my humble opinion on the subject. Anyway, I have a lot of humble opinions on lots of things we’ll talk about.

Rocks by Fossils or Fossils by Rocks?

     So, let’s see what the evolutionists say about this circular reasoning in the textbooks. Do they really use the fossils to date the rocks and the rocks to date the fossils? Well, here’s Glenco Biology. On page 306 they date the rocks by the fossils. On the very next page, page 307 they are dating the fossils by the rocks. Circular reasoning right in the text book. “The intelligent layman has long suspected the use of circular reasoning in the use of rocks to date fossils and fossils to date rocks. The geologist has never bothered to think of a good reply, feeling the explanations are not worth the trouble as long as the work brings results.” (J.E. O’Rourke) “Ever since William Smith at the beginning of the nineteenth century, fossils have been and still are the best and most accurate method of dating and correlating the rocks in which they occur. Apart from very modern examples, which really are archeology, I can think of no cases of radioactive decay being used to date fossils.” (Derek Ager) Don’t tell me they date those layers by carbon dating or potassium argon dating, or rubidium strontium, or lead 208, or lead 206, or U235 or U238; that’s not how they date them! They date the rock layers by the fossils in every case. “Paleontologists cannot operate this way. There is no way simply to look at a fossil and say how old it is unless you know the age of the rocks it comes from.” Quote goes on. “And this poses something of a problem. If we date the rocks by their fossils how can we then turn around and talk about patterns of evolutionary change through time in the fossil record.” That’s Niles Eldredge, one of the biggest evolutionists there is. American Museum of Natural History in New York. He knows it’s circular reasoning.
      How about this: “The rocks do date the fossils but the fossils date the rocks more accurately.” (Figure that one out) “Stratigraphy cannot avoid this kind of reasoning if it insists on using only temporal concepts, because circularity is inherent in the derivation of time scales.” (J.E. O’Rourke) They have to use circular reasoning. “The charge of circular reasoning in stratigraphy can be handled in several ways. It can be ignored, as not the concern of the public (In other words, it is none of your business) or.it can be denied, by calling down the Law of Evolution. It can be admitted, as a common practice.. Or it can be avoided, by pragmatic reasoning.” (J.E. O’Rourke) Don’t tell me that you know the age of those rocks or those fossils because they are both based upon each other. It’s all based on circular reasoning.”.evolution is documented by geology, and. geology is documented by evolution.” (Larry Azar) Figure that one out, would you please. It’s all based on circular reasoning. It cannot be denied.”.from a strictly philosophical standpoint geologists here are arguing in a circle.” (R.H. Rastall) They date the rocks by the organisms they contain and the organisms by the rocks they are found in. Folks, it’s all based on circular reasoning.
      I like to show evolutionists the geologic column, and I ask them this question: “Now, fellows,” I’ll say, “You’ve got limestone scattered all throughout this geologic column. I mean there is limestone and shale and sandstone and conglomerate and limestone and sandstone and limestone and shale. And I say,”How do you tell the difference? If I hand you a piece of limestone, how would you tell the difference between 100 million-year-old Jurassic limestone and 600 million-year-old Cambrian limestone? I mean, how would you know how old it is?” There is only one way they can tell the difference: that is by the index fossils. It’s all based on that. “Radiometric dating would not have been feasible if the geologic column had not been erected first.” (J.E. O’Rourke) They don’t date them by carbon dating folks; it’s all based on fossils.

Trilobites and Graptolites

     This is from a textbook. It shows a trilobite. It says, “Trilobite fossils make good index fossils. If a trilobite such as this one is found in a rock layer, the rock layer probably formed 500 million years ago.” You think the rock with the trilobite is 500 million years old? Well, I have a question. How come somebody found a human shoe print where somebody with a shoe on had stepped on a trilobite? They asked geologists all over, how could a human step on a trilobite? I mean trilobites lived 500 million years ago, man didn’t get here until three million years ago and he didn’t start wearing shoes until five thousand years ago. How can this be? One geologist said, “Well, maybe aliens visited the planet 500 million years ago.” Yes, that will do it every time. Another guy said, “Maybe there was a larger trilobite shaped like a shoe that fell on a small one.” Oh there are some big ones, but they are not shaped like a shoe.
      Anyway, if you took this fossil and showed it to any University professor who believes in evolution, and said, “Sir, how old is this rock?” He’d say, “Ah, this is an easy one. This contains an index fossil. That index fossil is in graptolite, and the graptolites lived 410 million years ago. It’s the New York State fossil.” That’s what they said until 1993 when they found that graptolites are still alive in the South Pacific. Oops. Well, now, think about it. If they are still alive, maybe they lived between 400 million years ago and today. Maybe they could be found in any rock layer. Maybe all of the dating we’ve done by geologic positioning is bologna, and it is by the way. By the way, there is good indication that some trilobites are still alive in the Deep Peruvian Trench. In the Pacific Ocean. All that geologic dating is crazy. However, it has a profound influence on folks. As we’ll see in a minute.

Other Evidences

     “Dinosaur blood found in bone. Medical pathologists examined dinosaur bone under a microscope and found dinosaur blood inside the bone.” (Earth June 1997) How could the blood survive seventy million years? Well, it couldn’t but they don’t want to admit that. Eighteen million-year-old Magnolia leaves from Idaho shale were still green when the rock was cracked open. Kind of interesting don’t you think? Folks, those layers are not different ages and if you’ve been taught that the earth is millions or billions of years old, you have been either lied to or deceived. Hopefully, the teacher doesn’t know they are lying to you. But they are regardless. It’s a lie. The earth is not millions of years old. Those layers are not different ages.

Petrified Trees

     Here is a petrified tree standing straight up running through many layers of rock strata. Now, think about it for a minute. If those layers are different ages, you’ve only got two choices: the tree stood there for millions and millions of years and didn’t rot or fall down, or it grew through seventy-five feet of solid rock looking for sunlight. Which do you prefer? Petrified trees standing straight up are found all over the world, folks. They are called Polystrate fossils. Evolutionists have no explanation for this. I’ve seen lots of them. Petrified trees standing up. How can this be? Well, according to evolution, this is a real problem. They call it a geologic enigma. Because it doesn’t fit the theory. Sometimes the petrified trees are upside down running through many rock layers. Explain that one, would you please? The tree grew upside down for millions and millions of years? “That sun is up there somewhere, we’ve just got to find it, boys-keep growing!” I don’t think so.
      No, this geologic column does not exist anywhere in the world. But in spite of that it has had a profound influence. It has changed people’s worldview. The geologic column was accepted in the early 1830’s-long before there ever was any carbon dating. That was done in 1950. But it turned people away from a Biblical worldview. Up until that time people accepted the Bible as God’s word and the earth is about 6,000 years old and the world was destroyed by a flood. It was just a common, accepted worldview. This geologic column is one of the primary things that changed people’s minds about the authority of God’s Word. And it is still taught in your textbooks today, by the way, in earth science and geology classes.

The Geologic Column and Charles Darwin

     Especially this had a very profound influence on Charles Darwin. Charles Darwin graduated from Bible College to be a preacher. The only degree he ever got, by the way. Charlie Darwin, at age 22, fresh out of Bible College, couldn’t get a job. So his dad pulled a few strings and got him on board HMS Beagle. He was going to sail around on this ship for five years collecting bugs and birds for somebody back in England.

Where Darwin Went Wrong

     While he sailed around on that voyage, he brought with him some books to read. He brought his Bible (he had just gotten out of Bible College) and he brought with him this book, Principles of Geology. As Charles Darwin read this book, Principles of Geology, it absolutely changed his life forever. Later in life he said, “Lyell one of my favorite authors, has made a profound influence on my life.” As he read that book, Charles Darwin began to doubt the Bible and began to think the earth is millions and millions of years old. That’s the book that changed his life. Studying about Geology. And it’s amazing how many kids go through seventh or eighth grade in regular public school and they are taught in their earth science book that the earth is millions of years old and it destroys their faith in the Bible and they don’t even realize it. It undermines it. Cuts it right out from under them. That’s where it all starts.
      Later in life Darwin said,”Disbelief crept over me very slowly. I felt no distress.” By the way, he did not repent on his deathbed. His wife started the rumor that he did and that rumor still circulates today. But the best research says he did not repent on his deathbed. He remained loyal to his atheism right up to the end. But that is the book that changed Charles Darwin’s life.

Leap of Faith

     As Charlie sailed around the world, he came to the islands off the coast of Ecuador, South America, called the Galapagos Islands. There on those islands Charlie noticed there were fourteen different varieties of finches. He studied the finches carefully and he said, “You know what? I think all of these birds came from a common ancestor.” I bet you are right Charlie-it was a bird. Which is all correct; they probably had a common ancestor. But then Charlie made a giant leap of faith and logic in his book, which I have right here. Charlie said on page 170, “It is truly a wonderful fact that all animals and all plants throughout all time and space should be related to each other.” Whoa, now hold on a minute Charlie. I’ll go along with all of those birds coming from a bird, but that doesn’t mean the birds are related to the bananas. But isn’t that what he’s saying? Am I reading that wrong? Birds and bananas are related? That’s exactly what he was saying. See, what happened, Charlie got all confused with the two different meanings of the word evolution.
      Now, there [are] two different Charlie’s. We’ve got Charlie Lyell and Charlie Darwin. Call them Chuck one and Chuck two or Chuckles for short if you’d like. But Charlie Darwin said, “All the animals and plants are related.” Charlie actually observed what we sometimes call micro-evolution.

Micro vs. Macro Evolution

     Now, I object to the use of that term. We really should just call it variation. It’s a variety. But they call it micro-evolution. Okay for the sake of argument, we will use their word but I don’t like the word. I think it is deceptive. Micro-evolution tells us that dogs produce a variety of dogs. Nobody is going to argue with that. Probably the dog, the wolf and the coyote had a common ancestor. But stand 30 feet away and look at it. It still looks like a dog. This is not a banana or a tomato, it’s a dog. Anybody can recognize that. And roses produce a variety of roses.
      Now, if you are going to get into a discussion on evolution or a debate (I had one last week in Detroit, I’ve got one this week in Peoria, one two weeks next to that in Georgia)-if you are going to get into a debate on evolution, let me just tell you, you have to do this. First thing you must do is define the word. “What do you mean ‘evolution’?” Because there are two different meanings to the word and this is where all of the confusion comes in. And you will never get any place in the discussion unless you define the word. Micro-evolution is a fact of science. It is observable, it is testable, it is demonstrable it is also scriptural. The Bible says, “They bring forth after his kind.” You might get a big dog or a little dog, but it is still a dog. And it could be the wolf, the coyote, and the dog are related. I wouldn’t argue about that. They are still the same kind of animal. And a three year old could tell the difference. Okay boys and girls, here we have a dog, a wolf, a coyote and a banana. Which one is not like the others? Well, duh. A three-year-old can figure that out. The Bible says, “The animals bring forth after his kind.” Not after his species or variety. After his kind. Ten times that phrase appears in the first chapter in the book of Genesis. I think God wanted us to get the message. They bring forth after their kind.
      But what happened, Charlie somehow in his mind made a giant leap of faith and logic from seeing the micro-evolution into believing in macro-evolution. See, macro-evolution says the dog and the rose are related if you go back far enough in time. And the ancestor ultimately was a rock. Now, the evolutionists really get upset when I say that but I say it anyway. I’m not trying to upset them, but I’m trying to make them realize how dumb their theory is. They believe 20 billion years ago, there was a big bang, where nothing exploded and produced everything. Figure that one out. And then 4.6 billion years ago the earth cooled down and developed a hard rocky crust. And it rained on the rocks for millions of years and turned them into soup. And the soup came alive about three billion years ago. And this early life form found someone to marry. (A pretty good trick!) And something to eat. And very slowly evolved into everything we see today. That is the evolutionary teaching in a nutshell.
      One lady came to me after a debate one time. She taught at this university I was speaking at. She said, “Mr. Hovind, tonight you said that we believe we came from a rock! We do not believe that!” I said, “Well, ma’am, do you believe in evolution?” She said, “Yes, I do!” I said, “Well, then do you believe that 20 billion years ago there was a big bang?” She said, “Yes, I do.” I said,”Do you believe 4.6 billion years ago the earth cooled down and developed a hard rocky crust?” She said, “Yes, I do.” I said,”Do you believe it rained on the rocks for millions of years and turned them into soup, and the soup came to life about 3 billion years ago?” She said, “Yes.” I said, “Well, then you believe we came from a rock.” She said, “No, I believe we came from a macro-molecule.” I said, “Where did that come from?” She said, “Well, it rained on the rocks for millions of years….” It finally dawned on her. She does believe we came from a rock. And I don’t care if you want to believe that. You can believe that if you want. But don’t call it science. That’s not science-that’s a pagan religion. It’s a dumb one, too, by the way. Macro-evolution is the other meaning of the word. And Macro-evolution is the other meaning of the word. And what they do is give the kids millions of examples of micro-evolution and try to make them believe in macro-evolution, and that is where it gets deceptive. Macro-evolution is a fantasy. It’s based upon imagination. We’ve never seen it in nature. Can’t find any fossil evidence of it. You can’t even imagine how it could happen. It’s just a fantasy; but they will give the kids millions of examples of micro-evolution and try to make them believe in macro-evolution, which has only been assumed-it has never been observed. It’s a religious world view.
      So when I say evolution, I’m talking about macro-evolution. But if you get into a discussion with some professor someplace, and you start using the word evolution, and when you say, “I do not believe in evolution,” he will be thinking of millions of examples of micro-evolution, which is true. And he doesn’t understand how you can’t see it. ‘How can you be so blind as to not see this?’ But you are thinking of macro-evolution and you don’t understand how he can see it. And there is no communication taking place. You are not talking the same language and that is why you will never get anywhere with this guy or girl. If you are talking about evolution, you have to define the word.

Variation of Corn and Cows

     Now, I come from Illinois, corn country. There are so many kinds of corn down there that they have to number them. You’ll see XL 1047, don’t mix it up with XL 1029-something will blow up. But I’ll tell you right now, folks. You can cross breed your corn from now until the cows come home and you’re always going to get corn. You will never get a hamster, or a tomato or a whale to grow on that cornstalk. It won’t happen. All you are going to get is a variety of corn. Sometimes pretty wild varieties, but you are just going to get a corn that’s all you are going to get.
      Sometimes you get a variety of cows. This is what farmers do for a living. They try to get a new variety that’s bigger and better or something. And the cows probably all had a common ancestor. A cow. That’s not evolution, that’s variation (which they like to call micro-evolution). But really it is a variation. That’s not evolution.

Variation with Limits

     See, variations do happen. That’s not the question. However, they have limits. Haven’t the farmers been trying to raise bigger and bigger pigs? Do you think they will ever get a pig as big as Texas? Probably not. I bet there is a limit in there, isn’t there. Haven’t roaches become resistant to pesticides? They will say, “See, Mr. Hovind, roaches have become resistant to pesticides, that’s evolution.” No, no it is still a cockroach. And their resistance has limits. I bet they will never become resistant to a sledgehammer. In an evolutionist’s mind, they have no limits. This variation that does happen and is observable and stays within the kind, somehow the Devil has tricked them into believing that this goes on forever and there are no limits to these evolutions. Plus they are still the same kind of animal. It’s still a pig, or still a cockroach, or still a dog-it’s not anything different.

Genetic Information Already Present

     And another major point, the information was already present in that creature for the variation. If you had a million cockroaches and you sprayed pesticide on them and it kills all but a hundred of them, the resistance was already in the cockroaches. The pesticide didn’t add the resistance. It just allowed that section of the population to survive.
      Another major factor they don’t like to admit, when you get done going through this resistance phase, you have now limited the gene pool. What you have left is roaches that are resistant to a particular pesticide, but the genetic information is very limited from the original grandpa cockroach. So it’s not going to help the species anywhere. Somehow in their mind they think it does.

Three Bad Books (Overview)

     Several books had a profound influence down through history. Charlie Lyell’s book is based on James Hutton’s book. James Hutton really said the earth is millions of years old. He took away the authority of the scripture in the time factor. Along came Charlie Lyell’s Principle of Geology, published in 1830, and he took away the flood. The Bible says there was a flood that destroyed the world and made all of the sediment layers, and Charlie Lyell took that away from us. He said the present is the key to the past. Then along comes Charles Darwin’s book, published in 1859, and he said all things come from a common ancestor. He took away the Creator. These books had an incredible influence on the world. And what this book particularly did to different people is unbelievable folks. (We cover that on videotape number five, about the influence of evolution on communism, socialism, Marxism, the New World Order. Very politically incorrect. You don’t want to watch that video. I recommend that no one buy that one.) All three of these false teachings: Millions of years, uniformitarianism, slow gradual processes, and evolution saturate textbooks today.

Lies in the Textbooks

     For many years I have been collecting public school science textbooks. I have lots of them. My wife says too many. I don’t think I have enough yet. I’ve got hundreds. I’ve got them from many countries, in many languages, many years, many publishers. I collect public school textbooks. There is a lot of good science in the textbook, folks. Lots of good science. But there is some poison mixed in there. I’m afraid some teachers are trying to use those books or those classrooms to teach evolution instead of teach science. I don’t mind if a book is about science. But some of these books are not about science, they are about evolution instead. They’ve mixed the two together so much, they think they go together. And they are trying to convert people to their belief. Which is normal. Everybody tries to convert people to believe like they believe. We all do that. If you think the Green Bay Packers are the best team, then you try to make other people think that way. Everybody tries to convert people to their belief. But if you are going to lie in order to do it, now there’s a problem. I don’t mind if the evolutionists want to convert people to their belief. I do mind if they want to use my tax dollars to do it. And I do mind if they are going to lie to do it.

No Evidence

     There are some lies in the textbooks. The textbooks say, “Boys and girls we’ve got evidence of evolution. We have evidence from fossils.” Not true at all. No evidence what so ever for evolution from the fossils, as we’ll see later. But they say, “Boys and girls we have evidence from structure. The design of the bones, we’ll talk about that in a minute. Evidence from molecular biology. Evidence from development-Embryology. We will talk about that in a minute. And they say natural selection is what causes all of this.
      Now, just hold on a minute. Evolution is based on two faulty assumptions: number one, they assume mutations make something new and natural selection makes it survive and take over the population. Neither of those has ever been observed. But that’s what they base everything on. The textbooks say, “Mutations provide the source of variations.” That is how evolution is supposed to work. A mutation causes something new. Well, mutations do happen, that’s not a question. Here’s a five legged bull. He has an extra leg growing out of his back. Now, he can’t run any faster. Mutations do happen but they are harmful or fatal or neutral. And even if you can get one that you can claim might be good, who is it going to marry? And who are its kids going to marry? It is going to get blended back into the population. The chances of it taking over a population are zero. This is not going to happen. But they believe it did. Mutations happen. Here is a short legged sheep. Notice the textbook says, This “Mutation would not last in nature.” Well, of course not, he is the first one the wolf is going to catch! “Go boys go! Here comes the wolf! Well, Herman didn’t make it! Sorry about that.” Here’s a two-headed turtle. That’s a mutant. Not ninja but mutant. He is going to freeze first winter. Nobody makes a double necked turtle neck sweater. See, mutations are harmful or fatal or neutral.
      A mutation is a scrambling up of information already present. It doesn’t add something new. It takes information already there and scrambles it up. It’s like taking the letters of the words Christmas. You can scramble them up and get all kinds of different words. But you are never going to get Xerox, zebra or queen from the letters in Christmas. It’s not available. And a mutation can only take gene pool information already present; it can’t get something new. The bull got an extra leg. He did not get a wing, a feather or a beak. He already had information to make a leg and it made one in the wrong place, that’s all. That’s not going to make something new. But somehow these evolutionists think mutations can create something new. And that simply does not happen.

Natural Selection

     Then they say natural selection makes the new one survive. This textbook says, “Natural selection causes evolution.” Now, just hold on a minute. Natural selection is kind of like God’s quality control.
      How many of you have worked at a factory someplace where they’ve produced something, and when they got to the end they checked it before they sent it out the door to sell it? Have you ever worked at a place like that? I worked at General Motor’s truck and coach in Pontiac, Michigan when I went to Midwestern Baptist College (I graduated back in ’74. I worked my way through school working the second shift at General Motors). We built trucks. The medium sized big truck. The dump truck size and school bus size C60 and C70 series. Those things came down the line and we did our thing. Put on the screws, nuts and bolts, fender and hoods and motors and all of that. When it got to the end of the assembly line, they checked it. If they found something wrong, it was rejected. That’s normal. Every factory does that. Quality control. Now, quality control might be good and it might be bad, but let us suppose you had some guys that were eagle eyed, I mean they caught every mistake. Nothing got past those quality control guys. How long would it take that process of quality control to change that truck to a helicopter? You say, “Well, it will never change into a helicopter.” Well, that is precisely the point. See, quality control cannot change the product. It just keeps it good. That’s all it can do.
      And natural selection cannot change the animal. It just makes it good. Keeps it good. That’s all it can do. Christians have nothing against natural selection. We thought of it first. It happens folks. Natural selection can only act on properties that are already present. It cannot create anything new. So don’t let them tell you that natural selection is part of evolution. It is not! It is part of Creation. God wants a species to stay strong. And by the way, ‘survival of the fittest’ is a phrase they often use, but ‘survival of the fittest’ does not explain arrival of the fittest. It doesn’t tell you how it got there does it? And if a whale goes through a school of fish and eats 80% of them, it’s not survival of the fittest. It is called survival of the luckiest. Which is really a little more toward reality. What really happens.

Good Observation, Bad Conclusions

     See, some people are capable, I’ve learned, of making good observations. Like the strongest survive. That’s a good observation. But they still come to the wrong conclusions. Just because the strongest survive doesn’t mean they evolved to get there. It could mean that they were created.

Jump, Frog, Jump!

     Example; there were some brilliant scientists one day who wanted to see how far a frog could jump. They put the frog down on the ground and said, “Jump, frog, jump!” The four legged frog jumped 80 inches. They said, “Wow!” They brought him back and cut off one of his legs. And said, “Jump, frog, jump!” The three-legged frog only jumped 70 inches. They brought him back and cut off another leg. “Jump, frog, jump!” The two-legged frog only jumped 60 inches. They brought him back and cut off another leg. “Jump frog jump!” The one-legged frog only jumped 50 inches. They brought him back and cut off his last leg. “Jump, frog, jump!” The frog didn’t jump. They expected the frog to jump 40 inches based on their observations. But he actually jumped zero. So they tried it again. “Jump, frog, jump!” Frog didn’t jump. After concluding the experiment they came to several conclusions. Number one, the frog jumped less every time the legs were removed. Good observation. Conclusion: a no legged frog goes deaf. No, no, no. It’s possible to have good observations and still get a bad conclusion folks.
      Did you know the lug nuts from a Chevy would screw onto a Pontiac? That’s a good observation. So that proves that a Chevy and a Pontiac both evolved from a Honda 29 million years ago. Bad conclusion. Just because someone has a good observation doesn’t mean a thing. He may still have the wrong conclusions.

Fruit Flies

     For instance, when I was in school we did the fruit fly experiment. They raised flies in the laboratory. They nuked them, they microwaved them, and they x-rayed them. They got those flies to have mutated babies. They got flies with curled wings. They fly around in circles and couldn’t go anywhere. Flies with red eyes, and white eyes and brown eyes. They got flies with no wings at all! What do you call that? A crawl? Can’t fly. After raising 80,000 generations of flies, they concluded: “Well, boys and girls, we have some conclusions to reach. All the mutations that we observed made the fly worse off than great, great, great, great grandpa fly.” Good observation. Everything they did to those flies wrecked them. Conclusion: “Flies must have evolved as far as they can go.” No, no, no. (Jump, frog, jump.) You’ve got the wrong conclusion. It could be that God made the flies right the first time. Why do they have to conclude evolution is done?

Moth Population

     I know in England someone went around and counted the moths on the trees. (Must have been a government project.) They discovered it was 95% light colored moths only 5% black. Then they started burning coal in the factories and the trees turned black and they went around and counted the moths again and found that it was now 95% black moths and only 5% light. They said, “Wow, look at this! Evolution right in front of our eyes! The white moth evolved into a black moth!” No, no, no. See, when the tree turned black the white moth lost his camouflage. They were burning coal in the factories and made the trees turn black and he lost his camouflage. He stuck out like a sore thumb and he got eaten by a bird. And the black moth had more babies that survived. But they said, “Boys and girls we can conclude that the moth population ratio shifted from mostly white to mostly black.” That’s true. “The moth population was able to adapt to a new environment. See, boys and girls, this helps prove we all came from a rock.” No, no, no. Actually the peppered moth is proof of design.
      They even had the kids do activities on this one. “Boys and girls get a large piece of black paper one meter square.” (By the way, I like to kick this dog every time I walk by. Did you know all of the new textbooks that I’m aware of are metric? Now, I understand the metric system very thoroughly. I taught physics. I’ll take a metric quiz against anyone you know. But I’m not sure I want a kid coming to help build my house that doesn’t know what a two by four is. So if you are a patriot, make your paper a 39.37 inches square instead.) “And then get 200 black circles and 200 white circles and cut them out and throw them on the paper. Okay now, boys and girls. We are going to see how many can pick up the most in one minute. Ready, set, go!” Well, of course you are going to pick up the white circles off of the black paper! You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. And then they say, “See, boys and girls, this proves evolution.” No teacher I think this proves that we have extra money to waste in our school district. We just cut up a whole bunch of good paper and threw it on the floor.
      Actually the peppered moth is proof of design. God designed the animals to survive in any environment. If it is dark or light they can still survive. That’s called planning ahead. By the way, the variations in the moth, the dark and the light variety, it’s still a moth. And it has limits. They never got a pink one, or an orange one or a green one. There are limits to the variations, and it was already programmed into the code of the moth gene pool. That’s not evolution.
      And see, providing two colors in the gene pool is pretty smart thinking. Did you know that Ford and General Motors put heaters and air conditioners in some of their cars? I’ve seen them. I drove one. Wait a minute. Doesn’t a heater and an air conditioner do the opposite thing? Oh yeah. Well, isn’t that dumb? No, that’s called planning ahead. They don’t know if it is going to go in a warm climate or a cold climate. So you put them both in there. The peppered moth is an example of God thinking ahead. That’s not evolution that’s an example of Creation.

Trick Questions

     And then they tell the kids, “Boys and girls, we want you to think critically.” Now, look at this sentence.”Do you think humans are still evolving?” What kind of question is that? That’s one of those questions like,”have you stopped beating your wife yet?” Well, now, hold on a minute. If I say yes then I’m admitting I did. If I say no then I’m still doing it. I mean that is one of those unanswerable questions. Right? Doesn’t the question in the text book here assume that evolution did happen? Do you think they are still evolving? Wait a minute. That’s not teaching the kids how to think. That’s teaching them what to think. That is brainwashing. If a kid does not believe in evolution at all, how is he supposed to answer that question? He’s got a problem doesn’t he? That’s not thinking critically. That’s brainwashing.

Comparative Anatomy

     Then they tell the kids, “Boys and girls, we have evidence from structure. Yes, boys and girls, did you know you have two bones in your wrist? The Radius and the Ulna. And do you know, boys and girls, that the whale has two bones in the flipper and they are called the Radius and the Ulna.” Wow. Who named them teacher? The whale? I doubt it. “Yes boys and girls all these animals have similar bone structure.” Here is what the textbook says;”Comparative anatomy provides further evidence of evolution. The commonalities suggest that these animals are all related. They probably evolved from a common ancestor.” Uh, excuse me teacher. There may be two ways to look at that. (How fast was that calf going anyway?) Maybe this proves that they have a common designer. A similar structure might prove that the same guy designed all the animals instead of a common ancestor. But they conclude many animals have similar forelimb structures. That’s true. They must have had a common ancestor. False. This helps prove it came from a rock. False. But that’s supposed to be evidence for evolution. They’ve got it in the textbooks.


     Then they are going to say, “Boys and girls, we’ve got evidence from development.” What do you mean by that teacher? “Well, you know, when the babies develop inside the mother they go through similar stages. And evolution is broken down into four stages. We went through the fish, amphibian, reptile and mammal. Just memorize the word ‘farm’. F.A.R.M. And you got it. Fish, Amphibian, Reptile and Mammal. And, boys and girls, the embryos growing inside the mother go through similar stages.” That’s bologna, by the way! They say the human starts out with gill pouches. Gills? You mean like a fish? Gills? Oh, that’s exactly what they mean. They are going to say the human has gills. Now, just hold on a second. There are folds of skin in the embryo but those are not gills. They are little folds of skin that later develop into the Mandible, the Masseter muscle, and the Sternocleidomastoid. It has nothing to do with breathing. I’ve seen fat people with five or six chins. They can’t breath though any of them but the top one. Those are not gill pouches, folks.

Haekel’s Lie

     A guy named Ernst Haeckel made up this whole thing back in 1869. See, Charlie Darwin’s book came out in 1859. He said, “We should find evidence for my theory.” Ten years later they had none. So Ernst Haeckel in Germany-who also hated God-Ernst Haeckel said,” I’m going to make some evidence.” He took the drawing of a human and a dog embryo at four weeks development and he changed them and made them look exactly alike. There are the drawings he made. He traveled all over Germany with his fake drawings and just about single-handedly converted Germany to being atheistic. Ernst Haeckel was the evangelist for evolution in Germany in 1869. He took his drawings, right here, made huge posters and he went around holding seminars like I’m holding today. He held seminars on evolution in Germany. He had these drawings that he made right there showing the different animals and how their embryonic stage is nearly identical.
      Well, somebody a few years ago decided to check out his drawings and see how accurate they were. On top are Ernst Haeckel’s drawings; on the bottom are actual photographs. He blew it. He lied, actually. And it was proven that he lied. He was taken to court at his own university, the University of Jena. And he was convicted of fraud in 1874. One hundred and twenty-five years ago Ernst Haeckel confessed to lying about this embryology thing. He lied. And he confessed it. But guess what. That concept is still in textbooks today. Holt Biology 94 edition shows the human embryo with gill pouches. Proven wrong 125 years ago. Glenco Biology showing the human embryo with gill pouches. Simply a lie. College textbooks still have it. Proven wrong in 1874. This textbooks shows a five to six week embryo but look what it says: “By seven months the fetus looks from the outside like a tiny normal baby but it is not.” It is not a baby at seven months? Well, what is it? Kids are born at less than that and still survive. Aren’t they? Let’s see, the angel of the Lord said, “Behold, thou art with fetus.” No, “Thou art with child.” See, it’s a child the instant it is conceived. But why do they keep this lie in the textbooks anyway?

Tie to Abortion

     Well, it is the only way to justify abortion. See, they want people to believe in abortion and what evidence do they have that it is not a human? It is obvious it’s a human! But they want you to think that it is not a human yet. You might have heard of Ana Rosa. She had her arm chopped off in a botched abortion. She was born anyway, missing an arm. As far as I know, she’s still alive today. Ask any abortionist: you say, “You think that’s bad what happened to Ana Rosa?” They will say, “Oh, that’s terrible!” And then ask them, “Well, what if they would have cut her head off instead?” Would have been fine then, wouldn’t it? According to their thinking. By the way, it is happening right now as we speak. 4,500 abortions taking place today. It’s murder folks! Just plain murder! The Bible says,”Cursed be he that taketh reward to slay and innocent person.” These doctors get paid under the table, tax-free $150-$250 bucks every time they do an abortion. No accounting process. The Bible says there is a curse on them.

“Choice Above All?”

     Now, I live in Pensacola, Florida. You might have heard of my town. We have had two abortion clinics-two or three-blown up or burned down, and two doctors shot and killed. I didn’t shoot any doctors and I didn’t blow any clinics up. And I don’t think Jesus would do it that way either, by the way, but-. Jesus grew up under Roman control. He didn’t go around blowing up tanks and burning down bridges. But the doctors were murderers, plain and simple. I was preaching in Ft. Lauderdale the day the first doctor got shot. And the next day I was flying home to Pensacola. And there on the airplane right in front of me were two of the ladies-I’m sorry-two of the women from NOW (National Organization of Wild Women). They were going to come up to Pensacola and hold a big rally and march around town holding their signs “PRO CHOICE!” “PRO CHOICE!”
      Have you noticed the news media and the textbooks call them “Pro Choice” and they call us the “Anti Abortion.” There is a reason they do that. See, nobody wants to be an “Anti.” It’s a little negative jab they get in there. “Oh, you’re a antiabortionist.” Well, how about they call us “Pro Life” and them “Pro Death.” That would be fair wouldn’t it?
      Anyway, as we are getting off the plane walking down the gangway, I notice these two ladies, I’m sorry; women had on their shirts in huge block letters”CHOICE ABOVE ALL”. So, being my mild mannered self, I said, “Excuse me, ma’am, what does this mean, ‘choice above all’?” She said, “We believe a woman ought to have the right to choose.” I said,”Choose what?” She said,”choose if she wants to have an abortion. It’s her body you know!” “Well, yes ma’am if she wants to abort her body I suppose that is fine. Looks to me like she wants to abort somebody else’s body!”
      I said, “Ma’am, I’m kind of curious about this. I’ve got three kids. I delivered one of my kids at home. I taught biology and anatomy. I used to raise hamsters. I’m kind of familiar with how this works.” I said, “Tell me, why does the woman’s right to choose stop at birth? I mean, if that is really what you are worried about (the right to choose), let’s let the mother choose to kill the baby after it’s born. It would be a lot safer and simpler. I’ve got a brilliant idea! Let’s extend abortion rights up until the kid is two years old.” I know a lot of mothers with a two year old that have thought about it a time or two. (I won’t make you raise your hand, but I know you are out there!) Hey, I’ve got a brilliant idea, let’s extend abortion rights up until the kid is 18. I bet they’d behave a lot better! “Look son, one more time and I’m going to abort you.” “Teacher, where’s Johnny today?” “Well, Johnny didn’t do his homework last night so his mommy aborted him.” Hey, grades would sky rocket wouldn’t they?
      Well, the ladies-I mean the women did not want to talk about it anymore. So they went down and got their luggage and I got my luggage and I’m waiting for a taxicab to take me home, you know. And I got talking to a cameraman. He showed up from Chicago, I believe, to film this rally. And I thought, “Wait a minute. Six people are going to march around town and it’s going to make worldwide news? You could have a hundred thousand people line your street against abortion and it wouldn’t make the news!”
      Have you noticed that? That’s why I don’t take the paper. We get a call once a month around our house. “Mr. Hovind, would you like to take the paper?” I say, “No, I don’t have a parakeet.” Lady called about a month ago, “Mr. Hovind, would you like to take the Pensacola News Journal?” I said, “No, ma’am, we don’t have a parakeet.” She said, “What?” I said, “We don’t have a parakeet. I don’t need the paper.” She said, “I don’t understand.” I said, “Well, look ma’am, when we had the parakeet we needed the paper but now we don’t have the parakeet so we don’t need the paper.” She said, “Sir, what are you talking about?” I said, “Ma’am, I know you are just on the phone trying to sell me a paper, you don’t work for them. But I don’t want to take that liberal rag. I don’t want my money to support that propaganda. Sorry about that.” The only thing I could think that it is good for is wrapping mullet or under the parakeet’s cage.
      Anyway, the cameraman and I were talking and I said, “You know, I live right here in Pensacola, and I think there are two things wrong with what happened to this doctor.” He said, “Oh, yeah? What’s wrong with this?” I said, “Well, there should have been a trial first. Nobody should be shot without a fair trial.” I said, “Secondly, the state of Florida should have shot him, Griffith shouldn’t have shot him.” If you don’t understand my position on abortion, see me later. I’ll try to clarify it for you.

Abortion Deceptions

     But you know the logic they use to try to justify abortion is absolutely crazy. They are going to say, “It is not a human.” Well, I’m sorry. That was proven wrong in 1874. You need to get up to date on your science. It is human the instant it is conceived.
      They are going to say, “Well, it is not viable. It can’t live on its own.” Well, neither are you viable stark naked on the North Pole. I mean, is the baby viable after it is born? Lay it on the sidewalk for a couple of months and let’s see how it does. Now, think about that logic. Just because it can’t live on its own, we have the right to kill it. I know kids that are 25 that still go borrow money from dad.”Hey, uh, dad, can I borrow some money?” [Gun shot noise] “You ought to be able to live on your own by now, son.” Justifiable homicide.
      How about this: the child might be unwanted. There are a lot of kids that are unwanted. That doesn’t mean we should kill them. My parents moved four times when I was growing up, but I found them every time. How about this: the child may be a financial burden. Well, show me a kid that is not! Every kid is a financial burden. Come on.
      They’re going to say, “Well, it may be from rape or incest.” Well, then you kill the rapist, not the baby. Execute the rapist and adopt out the baby. See, in case you don’t know how it works, there are three people involved here: the mother, the father and the baby. If we have to murder one of them, why is it always the baby? Why don’t we abort the mother once in awhile? I’ve got a brilliant idea. Pass a law in your state that says, “If a woman goes in for an abortion, the doctor will have a bag with four marbles in it. One marble is labeled “Baby.” One marble is labeled “Mother.” One is labeled “Father.” And one is labeled”doctor.” You reach in the bag and pick out and decide who dies. Give it a lottery. Give the baby a sporting chance. Don’t you think that would be reasonable? I bet that would stop abortions in a hurry wouldn’t it?
      They say, “Well, what if a woman is raped?” Okay now, think about that. Suppose a woman is raped and gets pregnant and has the baby. Five years later, she’s holding her five-year-old and it reminds her of the horrible experience. So she kills the five-year-old. Is it murder? Obviously! Of course it is murder. Now, what is the difference if she kills it afterward? It is still bothering her. It’s still the same folks. There is no difference. It’s still murder.
      They are going to say, “Well, abortion is legal!” Just because it is legal doesn’t mean it is right. Did you know that in 1936 the German Supreme Court declared that Jews were not persons? If you are Jewish and you live in Germany you are not a person. So when Hitler’s guards killed the Jews it was perfectly legal. They had no rights what so ever. They slaughtered them by the millions, folks. It was murder. I have been there before. I’ve stood next to the ovens. Watched the place where thousands and thousands of them died and were cooked to ashes. They’ve got a giant mountain there where the people are buried. I was there a few weeks ago in Nürnburg in the courtroom where they had the trial. The Germans stood up and said, “We were just following orders and it was perfectly legal.” Did their logic hold up at the trials? No. And you abortionists, your logic is not going to hold up at God’s trial either. It is murder plain and simple. You know, during the Revolutionary War 25,000 Americans died. During World War to 400,000 Americans died. So far in the war on the unborn we have had 38,000,000 babies murdered by abortion. And we pray “Oh God bless America.” God says, “Forget it. I’m fixing to judge you folks.” We deserve God’s judgement.

“Planned Parenthood”

     In 1916 this lady-this woman I mean, Margaret Sanger founded a group called Planned Parenthood. Now, Margaret Sanger was a racist. She hated Blacks, Hispanics, Jews anyone who wasn’t Aryan. They wanted to eliminate those inferior races and let the white race thrive and survive. But clear up until 1952 when planned parenthood published this document about how to plan your children, (you know, birth control stuff-they answered questions in this document. What is birth control? Is it an abortion?), back in 1952 they said, “Oh definitely not. An abortion requires an operation. It kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to your life and health and it may make you sterile.” Boy, they have changed their tune haven’t they? Now 300 million tax dollars a year goes to support planned parenthood, killing babies all over America. There is probably a clinic in this town. Funded by your tax dollars.

Why Satan Loves Evolution

     I think Satan is using this evolution theory because he hates humanity. You see, Satan lied to Eve in the Garden of Eden and said, “You can be like God.” And he’s been using that lie to get some people to think that they have evolved farther than other people and it is really better if they eliminate these inferiors.
      See, Satan’s ultimate plan here is to get humanity to destroy each other. He hates humanity. And this evolution theory is a lie. He’s been using this theory for 6,000 years to get humans to fight against each other. Through ‘racial ethnic cleansing’-through genocide. World War I and World War II were direct results of the philosophy of evolution. The reason we have communism in the world. How many folks have died because of communism? It is directly because of evolution thinking. See, communism and Christianity are polar opposites. They can’t go together folks. I’ve got a lot more on that on videotape number five about how evolution ties in. Satan is using this evolution theory to destroy humanity. Here we are killing the babies; next it will be infanticide (killing them if they are deformed, after they are born), genocide, the elderly (euthanasia-Jack Kevorkian (Jack the dipper) up in Michigan killing the people if they are old and out of service for humanity or whatever his thinking is).      In the next session, we are going to show you some more lies in the textbooks and tell you what you can do about it. Some practical steps. Don’t miss that one, coming up next. Thank you so much.  

Seminar 4b: More Lies in the Textbooks

Converting to Atheism

      In the last session, we talked about some things that the textbooks show the students that simply are not true. Anyone who believes something wants everyone else to believe like they believe. That’s normal to try to convert people to your belief. There are some that believe in the theory of evolution and I think there are probably four reasons why they believe in that theory and we’ll cover that some other time. But some people like this evolution theory and they want other people to believe in it. And so they are trying to push their belief in our school system.
      The typical atheist knows he cannot get a crowd together. If you ran an ad in your paper saying, “Atheist meeting tomorrow night,” you know: three people would show up. But if you run an ad about a Creation seminar, you’d get hundreds or thousands of people to show up. So the atheist knows he cannot get people to come together for a meeting and preach his “Gospel” (or whatever he calls it) the normal way. The only way they can get other people to believe in their theory is to let all the taxpayers pay for it to be taught in our school system. So a few dedicated atheists or agnostics or skeptics or evolutionists can get evolution into the textbooks and that way all of us pay for their religion to be spread in the school system. So in this session we want to continue what we covered last time about some lies in the textbooks and what you can do about it.

Vestigial Organs

The Appendix

      Textbooks often say that there are vestigial organs. This textbook says that the appendix is a vestigial organ. Now, wait a minute, vestigial is supposed to mean you don’t need it anymore. Excuse me but you do need your appendix, okay? It’s part of the immune system. If your appendix is taken out, you can still live; but just because you can live without it doesn’t mean you don’t need it. You could live without both of your legs and both of your arms too. That doesn’t mean you don’t need them. And by the way, the whole idea of a vestigial structure is the opposite of evolution.
      The appendix is not vestigial first of all, and so it is a lie to teach that to the kids that it is vestigial. And even if there was a vestigial structure, that’s the opposite of what they need. So they say, “You know, man has a smaller appendix than a horse.” Well, that may be true. It definitely is true. But that doesn’t prove we are slowly losing our appendix. We’ve just got a smaller appendix than a horse that’s all. See, what they do is look at any evidence and it becomes evidence for evolution in their minds. And that simply is not fair to teach the kids only one way to look at it.

Whale Pelvis

      This textbook says, “The whale has a vestigial pelvis.” Look what it says here: “Many organisms retain traces of their evolutionary history. For example a whale retains pelvic and leg bones as useless vestiges.” It is in many, many textbooks. They talk about the whale having a vestigial pelvis. Now, excuse me, that is not a vestigial pelvis! Those bones are necessary because muscles attach to those bones. And without those bones and those muscles the whales cannot reproduce. It has nothing to do with walking on land. It has to do with getting more baby whales. So the author that wrote this is either ignorant of his whale anatomy and should not be writing a book about it, or he’s a liar trying to promote his theory. I guess we can give him the benefit of the doubt and call him dumb. I hope he’s not lying to the kids deliberately. But that is not a vestigial pelvis. And those pages ought to be cut out of the textbook.
      But here we have a children’s book.

Whales & Dolphins

The first sentence in the book says, “Just imagine whales walking around. It’s true.” That is pure propaganda. There is not one shred of evidence for that. Now, if someone wants to believe that, I suppose that’s fine. They can believe In the Tooth fairy, the Easter bunny, and Santa Claus, and evolution. I don’t care what they believe in. But I sure resent my tax dollars going to pay for that junk to go into the school system.

Human Tailbone

      This textbook says,”Humans have a tailbone that is of no apparent use.” I couldn’t believe it when I read that. I was doing a debate in Huntsville, AL. I was debating the president of the ‘North Alabama Atheist Association’ or something like that. And he got up in front of God and everybody and said, “Folks, we’ve got proof for evolution. The humans have a tailbone they no longer need.” When it was my turn I got up and I said, “Mr. Patterson, I taught Biology and Anatomy. I happen to know there are nine little muscles that attach to the tail bone without which you cannot perform some very valuable functions.” I will not tell you what they all are, but trust me, you need those muscles. I said,”However Mr. Patterson, if you think the tail bone is vestigial, I, Kent Hovind will pay to have yours removed. Bend over.” Anyone who says that the tailbone is vestigial is either ignorant or a liar. Tell them I said so. But folks, that is propaganda. That should not be in a textbook. Textbooks ought to be accurate. That’s not accurate, that’s pure propaganda.

No Vestigial Organs

     There actually are no vestigial organs. In the early days they said there were over 200 vestigial organs. That’s because they didn’t know the function of them, that’s all. They thought the pituitary gland was vestigial. I mean they had whole lists of vestigial organs. There are no vestigial organs and even if there were that’s the opposite of evolution. That’s a lousy way to have your theory work. Show kids things that they are losing and that is supposed to explain how we got it all? I don’t think that is good evidence.

Adaptation or Design?

      In the textbook it says, “Plants have adapted to their environment. The pitcher plant has adaptations to help it get nitrogen.” What? Why do they say the plants have adapted to their environment? Now, you’ve got to watch out. That’s a code word. They are going to use that word a lot in textbooks because they don’t want to use the word designed. This textbooks says, “Gills are an adaptation to living in water.” Well, how did the fish live before he adapted the gills? Why don’t they say that it’s a design feature? Obviously gills are designed for breathing under water. Well, they don’t want to say that because then some kid is going to say, “Who is the designer?” So they very carefully avoid use of the word”design” because it might bring up, you know, embarrassing questions like, “Who’s the designer?”

The Watchmaker

      By the way, you don’t have to see the designer to believe He exists. You believe a lot of people exist that you’ve never seen. For instance, I have a Casio Databank stop watch-$50 at Wal-Mart. This thing holds a hundred and fifty phone numbers. It’s a calculator, a stopwatch, and an alarm clock. It does not tell time-you have to look at it. But this is an amazing machine. Now, I don’t have to go to Japan and see the guy who made this to believe he exists. See, when you see a complex structure like a watch it is common sense to say, “There must be a designer.” I don’t have to see Him to believe He exists. There just must be one, that’s all. When you see a complex machine, you should come to two logical conclusions: there is a designer and he’s pretty smart. And when you look at science-whether it is through the telescope or microscope-when you look at anything in nature you should come to two conclusions: there is a designer and He’s pretty smart.
      Science ought to bring students to the Lord. But Satan is using it to bring students away from the Lord. And I resent that. I like science. I taught it for 15 years. I’ve got nothing against science. But I sure resent this evolution propaganda being stirred in with our science. That’s not fair.

Mt. Rushmore

      I like to ask evolutionists this question when they say there is no designer. (By the way, as far as I know, this is the world’s largest rock group. I’ve never seen a bigger one.) I’ll say, “Fellas,-.” (some of you are going to get that by Monday.) I’ll say, “Fellas, do you believe that there is any way these faces could have appeared on this rock by chance? Do you think the wind did that? Do you think erosion did it? How about exfoliation? What about thermal expansion of rock? I mean what caused this anyway? They are going to say, “Well, obviously it was designed.” Oh well, very good. Now, I have another question,”Do you believe the men represented here happened by chance?” If they believe in evolution, they have to say “Yes.” And I’ll say, “Now, wait a minute. You don’t think that their face could come on a rock by chance but you do think their whole complex anatomy with 50 trillion cells could happen by chance. I just have one question if you believe that. “Are you dumb in any other area? Or is that the only one?” It had to be designed folks. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.


      This textbook says, “Boys and girls, we are going to talk about the origin of life. Swirling in the waters of the oceans is a bubbling broth of complex chemicals. Progress from a complex chemical soup to a living organism is very slow.” I guess it is-totally stopped. Doesn’t happen at all. And they tell the students in school that life evolved from non-living material. I mean, is that scientific? This textbook says, “Most important events occurred during the Archean era, the most important of which was the evolution of life.” And again it says, “Progress from complex molecules to even simplest living organisms was a very long process.” Didn’t happen at all. They just tell the kids it happened. Look at this textbook. “The first self replicating systems must have emerged in this organic soup.” Must have happened-after all, kids, we’re here. I mean, that is their thinking process. How about this one: “The first living cells emerged (there’s that word again) between four billion and 3.8 billion years ago. There is no record of the event.” That’s pretty handy! “Now, look kids, you’re going to be tested on this but there is no proof.” You call that science? They just believe it happened. They take that totally on faith.

Producing Life in the Laboratory?

Miller’s Experiment

      They tell about Miller and Urey trying to make life in the laboratory back in the fifties. They made this glass tubing where they circulated four gases through there. They very carefully excluded oxygen, I’ll tell you why in a minute. But they had these gases going through this tube system. An electric spark was supposed to simulate lightning strikes in the pre-biotic soup. And then they had a trap at the bottom to trap out anything that was produced. Well, did they make life in the laboratory? Absolutely not! Never came close.
      Back in the 1950’s, Urey and Stanley Miller wanted to know how the earth and solar system had come to be. I could have told them. It is right in the Bible. “In the beginning, God created the heaven and the earth.” That’s what it says. It’s real simple, folks-not that complicated.
      And then it says he [Miller] never proved how life originated. But the students are taught that he made life in the laboratory. Or that life can come from non-living material. That’s what the textbooks teach. Now, is that true?

Engineered Environment

      Well, Miller and Urey, in their experiment, both excluded oxygen. There is a reason they did that. They had what’s called a reducing atmosphere. The problem is if you have oxygen, that creates what’s called ozone. And ozone is essential to filter out UV light. You have to have oxygen to make ozone. And ozone has to be there or else the Ultra Violet light comes down and destroys anything here on earth. So they have to have oxygen or you cannot get life to evolve because it would be destroyed.
      Another problem: oxygen is found in the lowest rock layers. I don’t believe the geologic column exists anywhere in the world. But even by their thinking, the oldest rock layers have oxygen in them.
      Also, one of the gases he used was ammonia and UV light will destroy ammonia. So he has to have oxygen to make this work. Life couldn’t possibly evolve without oxygen. The problem is if you have oxygen, it will oxidize whatever you make.
      See, in the experiment he had, he very carefully trapped out the product that he made. He filtered it out so it wouldn’t circulate through again because the lightning strike would be millions of times more likely to destroy what he made then it would be to create what he made. That’s not realistic for real life. You don’t get to trap out what you make when you are in the ocean.
      What he made was 85 % tar, 13 % carboxylic acid, and only 2 % amino acid. And out of that only 2 amino acids were created. And those amino acids quickly bond with the tar or the carboxylic acid. He came nowhere close to making life. And the amino acids he made, [there were] basically only two and there are twenty different ones required for life. No, don’t let them tell you that they made life in the laboratory.

Amino Acid Scrabble

      See, amino acids are sort of like letters of the alphabet. There are 26 letters in the English alphabet and from those 26 letters you can make millions of words. And you can arrange those words and make an infinite number of sentences. So, what he made was like making a few letters of the alphabet. Problem, half of those were right handed and half were left-handed. If you dropped letters on the floor, half of them would land upside down and backwards. Well, that’s not any good for making a common sense word. And half of the letters he made were backwards. There was a real problem with that. The smallest proteins have 70 to 100 amino acids in precise order and they are all left-handed. DNA and RNA are all right handed and there are millions of those in order. Now, what are the chances of dropping letters of the alphabet on the floor and ending up with 70 to 100 of them in an exact order, all of them right handed? The chances are zero! That will never happen! But the evolutionist has to believe that it happened. They take that totally on faith. They have not made life in the laboratory.

Brownian Motion

      By the way, proteins (which they wanted to create from those amino acids-[amino acids] bond to make proteins) they un-bond in water much faster than they bond, and the oceans are completely full of water to the top. And Brownian motion is going to drive them away from each other. It is not going to bring them together. This experiment was a total failure.

Evidence of The Creator

      They tell the kids, “Boys and girls, we are going to think critically.” Here we go again with their thinking critically. It says, “There are twenty kinds of amino acids” that’s true. Kind of like 26 letters of the alphabet. “Explain how this fact supports the idea that all life shares a common ancestor.” No, teacher, this fact supports the idea that all life comes from a common designer. And it’s a good thing all life forms have those 20 amino acids, otherwise you would not be able to eat anything except other humans. You wouldn’t be able to digest them. They are all made out of the same amino acids so we can eat other things, folks.
      If all you need to do is put all of the molecules together in one place to create life-and somehow that is what they think in their mind: “If we get all of the molecules together in one place it will automatically create life.” Well, if you really believe that, put a frog in a blender and turn it on. You will have all of the molecules to make a frog in one place. Let it run for millions and millions and millions and millions of years. How long would it take to create a frog? It won’t do it will it? Never going to work!

Evolutionary Family Tree Hoax

      The textbook says,”Humans probably evolved from bacteria that lived more than four billion years ago.” We started off like bacteria? Yes. They make these family trees and they put them in the textbooks. They tell boys and girls,”Hey boys and girls, we started off like a bacteria and slowly over billions of years evolved to a human.”

The Lie Exposed

      These family trees that they put in the textbooks are pure propaganda. There is not one shred of scientific evidence for any of them. Even Mary Leaky, who believes in evolution, says, “All of those trees of life with the branches of our ancestors-that’s a lot of nonsense!” Even Stephen Gould from Harvard University (where they ‘pahk the cah in the yahd’ [Boston accent]). Stephen Gould said, “The evolutionary trees that adorn our textbooks are not the evidence of fossils.” They make it up folks! It’s pure imagination.

The Damage Done

      Now, let me see if I’m reading this tree right. Is this thing trying to tell the kids that the humans on the left over here and the birds and the crocodiles and the snakes all have a common ancestor? Wouldn’t you say the average student is going to look at that chart and believe that they all have a common ancestor?

A Serious Warning

     Now, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that is going to ruin some kid’s faith in the Bible. And anyone that ruins a child’s faith in the Bible should see what Jesus said about it in Matthew chapter 18. “Whoso shall offend one of these little ones that believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck. And he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” Anyone that goes around teaching evolution is in serious trouble when they face God. Don’t do that! You are going to ruin some child’s faith in the Bible.

No Simple Life Forms

      This textbook-from Glenco Biology, 94 edition-it says, “All the many forms of life on earth today are descended from a common ancestor.” Excuse me, isn’t that telling the kids the birds and the bananas are related? I’m not making this up am I? That’s what it is teaching! And it says, “This is found in a population of primitive unicellular organisms.” What on earth is a primitive unicellular organism? There is no such thing as we will see in a minute. And then they say, “Boys and girls, no traces of those events remain.” That’s real handy! “Now, look kids, you are going to be tested on this but there is no proof.” That’s not education, that’s indoctrination.


      And they talk about a simple life form. Primitive life form. Now, just hold on a minute! A single celled organism like a paramecium is not simple. You can fit thousands of those into one drop of water and yet every paramecium is more complex than the space shuttle. The most complex machine ever built by man is the space shuttle. And one paramecium has got them beat millions to one. Smaller is not simpler. Somehow in their brains they got it stuck that if it’s smaller it must be simpler. No, no, no. Microchips that fit inside a paperclip are not simple. They are small, but they are not simple.

Honeybees vs. Cray Computers

      Let’s compare the brain of a honeybee, which is pretty small, to NASA’s Cray computer. The Y-MPC90. The Cray computer is huge. NASA has seven of those things. Let’s compare that to the honeybee’s brain. The honeybee’s brain is tiny. Nobody is going to argue with that. What about the speed? Well, the Cray computer can process six billion calculations per second. That’s pretty fast. The brain of a honeybee can do about a thousand billion per second. So the honeybee’s brain is about 166 times faster than a Cray computer. Pretty amazing huh? What about the energy consumption? Oh, the Cray uses many kilowatts. A honeybee only uses 10 microwatts. Did you know honeybees not only make honey, they fly on honey. That’s their energy source. And a honeybee can fly a million miles on one gallon of honey. Let me see you invent a machine that gets a million miles per gallon. My Heavenly Father did! He’s pretty smart, isn’t He? What about the cost? Well, the Cray costs 48 million. The honeybee’s brain is pretty cheap. You splat them on your windshield all [of] the time. What about the maintenance personnel? Many people have to scramble when the Cray breaks down. The honeybee’s brain? Nobody fixes that. He heals himself. Hey! Let me see you invent a computer that fixes its own problems and replaces its own hard drive when it needs it. Pretty amazing isn’t it? What about the weight? Well, the honeybee doesn’t weigh much. His brain weighs even less. The Cray computer weighs 2300 pounds.
      Let’s see, what conclusions can we come to here boys and girls? The super computer is huge, it’s slow, it’s inefficient, it costs a lot of money, and you have to baby sit the dumb thing. It had to be designed. There isn’t anybody with half a brain that would say, “The Cray computer came from an explosion in an electronics factory.” Would they? And yet we have the honeybee’s brain which is faster, more efficient, energy efficient, cheap, and they say it evolved. Well, I’ve just got my same question if you believe that. Are you dumb in any other area or is that the only one? It had to be designed. You don’t need to be a genius to figure that out.

The Human Brain

     And the human brain is millions of times more complex than a honeybee’s. You know, you can walk into a room and look around the room and in one second your brain picks up enough information to keep the Cray Computer busy for 1000 years. It’s amazing!
      Let’s see: if the human brain is nothing but three pounds of chemicals that got together by chance over billions of years (which is what some people think) and I tell this to atheists all of the time. They’ll say, “I believe in evolution.” I say, “Well, then you think that your brain is nothing but three pounds of chemicals that got together by chance over billions of years. If that’s true, how can you trust your thinking process? Wow, a brand new thought rattles around in there for a while and gets lost. Folks, it had to be designed. If evolution is true, you could not know that it’s true because your brain is nothing but chemicals. Think about that.


      The DNA molecule in your body (the Deoxyribonucleic Acid) is the most complex molecule in the universe. The average person in this room has 50 trillion cells in their body. Each of those cells contains 46 chromosomes-except for the gammates, they’ve got 23. If you took all of the chromosomes out of your body, you would end up with about two tablespoons of chromosomes. That’s it. Extracting all of them from every cell in your body would give you about two tablespoons. But if you stretch them out, each one six or seven feet long (they are wound up like a tight little spring) if you stretched them out and tied them all together, one persons chromosomes would reach from the earth to the moon and back five million round trips. Coming out of one person’s chromosomes. Pretty amazing don’t you think?!

How Complex is DNA?

      And if you typed out this computer code you would find you’ve got enough code in your DNA, and it is more complex and contains more information than all of the computer programs ever written by man combined! Pretty amazing! And this unbelievably complex DNA code if you typed it all out, when you got done typing you would have enough books to fill Grand Canyon forty times.

      Anybody work with computers at all? Who works with computers around here? Anybody? Alright. I want to see you get forty Grand Canyons full of books. More than ever has been written or printed or copied in the history of the world and I want you to condense it to software. You can use CD ROM, PK Zip, or SyQuest. I don’t care what you use, but when you are done it must fit into two tablespoons. My Heavenly Father did it! And it reproduces itself! Did you know you are a copy off a copy, off a copy, off a copy, off a copy, off a copy, off a copy, off a copy, off a copy, off a copy, off a copy of Adam? That’s pretty amazing don’t you think? I mean that is really amazing! King David said in Psalm 139, “I will praise Thee, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.” He didn’t even have a microscope and he could figure it out! Today we ought to really be praising God. See, science should cause us to praise God. And the devil knows that, so he’s working awful hard to infiltrate science where it turns students away from God. The probability of just one DNA happening by chance. That’s a complex molecule. The chances of just one coming together in random order has been calculated to be one times 10 to the 119,000th power. That’s a big number! That would have 119,000 zero’s behind it!

Chance DNA

     One professor told me in a debate-he said, “Now, Mr. Hovind, if we can just get one DNA by chance, evolution can take it from there.” Well, there are your odds against getting your first one. But I’ll give you one. I’ll give you two! I’m going to be nice. I’m going to let him start with two DNA.
      I did some research on this, folks. I decided the more chromosomes you have, the more complex you must be because it is the most complex molecule in the universe; and so I arranged a bunch of animals and plants in order based upon the number of chromosomes they had. I discovered that penicillin has two chromosomes. Fruit flies have eight. There are a few missing links in there three, four, five, six, seven. I don’t know where they went, but I do believe from this research that I could prove that penicillin slowly evolved into fruit flies. And then over billions of years, they got more chromosomes someplace and turned into either a housefly or a tomato. (They are twins, you know! Pretty tough to tell the difference.) They both have 12 chromosomes. And then very slowly over billions of years we got more chromosomes and became a pea. And then over billions of years they got two more chromosomes and turned into a bee. Pretty close, now: bee-pea, see the similarities? And then very slowly became lettuce. And then a carrot. And when we got to 22 chromosomes a miracle took place. Did you know the possum, the redwood tree and the kidney bean all have 22 chromosomes? Identical triplets. See, that’s a possum; that’s the tree and kidney bean. Hey! Got them right! Look at that! The average scientist can’t tell the difference. They’ve got 22 chromosomes-all three of them. “Let’s see: we’ve got tree, possum, kidney bean and huh, which one is which? I don’t know.” Very slowly over millions of years we got enough chromosomes to become a human. Here we are folks: we have forty-six. And if we can just get two more we are going to be a tobacco plant! I know some that already smell like it! Sometimes I’ll get on the elevator and I’ll say,”(sniff) Man, you’re evolving! You are way ahead of me! How did you do that?” And then some day in the far distant future, we may have enough chromosomes to be a turkey-eighty-two. And some day in the way far distant future (now, this won’t happen in my lifetime but maybe star date 349572), we might have enough chromosomes to be a fern! I was in a church a few years ago and a lady came to me after church, stuck out her hand and said, “Mr. Hovind, I’m Fern!” I shook hands with that hand right there. I’ll never wash it again!
      Why don’t they teach the kids about the chromosome number as proof for evolution? I’ll tell you why: because it goes totally against the theory. You won’t find that mentioned anyplace! Those are facts, folks! Chromosome number does not prove evolution. That’s all a farce, of course. And evolution itself is a farce.

Molecular Biology

      Textbooks, though, say, “Boys and girls, we have evidence of evolution from molecular biology.” Oh wow, big word! What do you mean by that teacher? Well, the DNA in your body (the Deoxyribonucleic Acid-the chromosome) we’ve compared the chromosomes, or the DNA, of animals and found some similarities. This textbook says, “The percentage of DNA sequence that they have in common is how you tell evolution.” It says,”Darwin speculated that all forms of life are related.”

Duck, Monkey, or Sunflower?

      Then look what it says: “This speculation has been verified.” Oh now, come on teacher, you know better than that! They arrange all the animals in order based upon the similarities of their DNA. They discovered that man is only 11% different from a duck. You only missed being a duck by 11%! You might have been flying south for the winter! How many would like that about now? I saw a bunch yesterday flying south for the winter.
      Look, this percentage of DNA sequencing is pure propaganda. It’s bologna! It doesn’t mean a thing! And the evolutionists understand that. We have no direct access to the process of evolution. It’s only by creative imagination that you can come up with this. They had just imagined it. They tell the kids in school that the human and the orangutans are 96% similar in their DNA structure. “And this, boys and girls, proves they had a common ancestor 15 million years ago.” Now, just hold on a minute. That does not prove any such thing! It might prove that they have a common Designer. Similar DNA codes prove the same Engineer wrote the codes. I bet I could point out that most of the stuff coming out of Microsoft has some similarities. Most of their programs are similar. That doesn’t prove they all evolved from Morse code! The same guys are writing the programs. That’s what’s going on! And there are thousands and thousands of differences between chimpanzees or apes and humans. Yet they point out the one similarity, the 99% similarity of DNA, and think that is somehow proof. But they overlook millions of other things. Monkeys cannot touch all of their fingers to their thumb. Monkeys are missing a whole section of the brain called Broca’s Convolution. Monkeys can hang upside down with their feet on a tree branch-their big toe on one side and their other toe on the other side. Try that some time! Pick a low tree branch, I would recommend. I mean there are thousands and thousands of differences. The body covering is different-the hair, of course, and its distribution across the body. There are thousands of differences. But they think there are similarities with the DNA code and so that’s the one they point to the students and say, “See, this proves evolution!”
      Well, now, hold it. If you want to just pick one item and that’s supposed to prove relationship, did you know that human Cytochrome c is closest to a sunflower? So really the sunflowers are our closest relative folks. It depends what you want to compare. If you want to compare the eyes, we are closest to an octopus. Not a chimpanzee. Pick something. What do you want to compare? Human blood specific gravity is closest to a rabbit or a pig. Human milk is closest to a donkey. It depends on what you want to compare. Pick something. If there were not some similarities between us and other animals we could only eat each other. So God designed all animals from the code so we could eat other plants and animals and digest them. Not proof for evolution. It’s proof of a common Designer!

The Relationship Scam

     However, if you think similarity proves a relationship, let me show you some research I’ve been doing. I’ve been doing a lot of research on things based upon their similarity. I discovered in my research that clouds are 100% water. Watermelons are 97% water-only 3% difference. That proves watermelons evolved from clouds. Not only that, I found a missing link! Jellyfish are 98% are water and so are snow cones. So that prove watermelons evolved into either snow cones or jellyfish, I’m not sure how it happened. I’ll have to work on that some more. But it’s obvious that’s a relationship, you know.

Fossil Evidence

      They tell the kid, “We’ve got evidence from fossils.” Now, just hold on a minute. What fossil evidence do they have for evolution? Darwin said in his book (which I have right here)-Charlie Darwin said, “If my theory be true,” (big “If” Charlie) “Numberless intermediate varieties must assuredly have existed.” That’s correct Charlie. They must have existed-billions and billions of missing links should be there if the theory is true. But the evolutionists know it is not true. David Raup knows and he’s an evolutionist. He says, “In the years after Darwin, his advocates hoped to find predictable progressions in general. These have not been found. Yet optimism dies hard and some pure fantasy has crept into the textbooks.” Crept in? David, it was thrown in purposely! They want kids to believe this theory.

Horse Evolution

      For instance, they tell the kids that the horse evolved from a four-toed ancestor. How many have ever heard of that before-about the horse used to have four toes? That’s pure bologna! That didn’t creep into the textbooks. That was thrown in! It’s in nearly every textbook, though, about the horse evolving from a four-toed ancestor. What they don’t tell the kids is that the so-called Eohippus, the ancient horse, had 18 pairs of ribs, the next one had 15 pairs of ribs, the next one after that had 19 pairs, the next one after that had 18 pairs. The rib number changes back and forth. Well, that’s kind of interesting! How is that critter going to survive? And the experts are saying, “The evolution of the horse has not held up under close examination.”
      Here are some problems with the horse evolution theory. The whole thing was made up by Othniel C. Marsh in 1874. He picked animals from all over the world. He did not find them in one place and he did not find them in that order. He made up the entire thing! It’s propaganda! It was invented. Modern horses are found in layers with and lower than the so-called ancient horse. And the ancient horse is not a horse at all. It’s called a hyrax and it is still alive today in South America. It’s about the size of a fox and it’s a meat-eating animal with sharp teeth. That is just propaganda. The ribs are different, the toes are different the teeth are different. And experts are saying, “Look, that’s not a missing link. Not at all.” Tulsa Zoo finally removed their horse evolution display because 2000 people signed a petition and said, “Get that thing out of the zoo!” Why does a zoo have to teach evolution? Why doesn’t the zoo teach about animals!
      Evolution is unrelated to science. Why do they feel like they have to get evolution into the zoos [and] into the textbooks? Well, folks, otherwise there is no way they can get people to listen to their religion. They have to push it off at your tax payers expense. A friend of mine wrote to the Tulsa Zoo and said, “Why do you have the horse evolution on display? It’s been proven wrong years ago.” The director wrote back and said, “We haven’t had the funding to remove it.” I’ve got all of the letters over there on the table. Man, I thought,”haven’t had the funding to remove it!?”
      Yale University still has the horse evolution on display right now. I was there a couple of years ago. There while I was standing at Yale University Peabody Museum, hundreds of kids came through the museum and went past the horse evolution display and were never told it was wrong. Now, what we need is somebody at Yale who has got some intelligence and some courage to do the right thing and get the horse evolution out of the Peabody Museum. Now, are you trying to educate the kids? Or are you trying to indoctrinate the kids in your religion? And if somebody from Yale gets this tape, get that thing out of your display. That’s not science-that’s propaganda. Don’t lie to the kids. Be honest, take it down. They arrange these animals in order. And say that’s somehow proof.

Strata order

      Now, look, just because you find animals buried in a certain order that doesn’t mean anything. And they do not find the animals buried in the order they would like to find them in to prove evolution. See, if I get buried on top of a hamster, does that prove he’s my grandpa? Well, no. Arranging things in order doesn’t prove anything. But let’s pretend that it does.      Evolution of Silverware       Okay. If you believe arranging things in order proves something, let me show you the research I’ve been doing. I’m a research scientist you know? I’ve been doing extensive research for many years on the evolution of silverware. I believe after intensive research that knives evolved first. This was billions of years ago boys and girls. And then slowly, very slowly over billions of years pressure, great geological pressure squished it. Widened it out, shortened it up, and made a spoon. And then slowly erosion cut grooves into the end and it became a short tine fork. And then very slowly (that’s the secret: slowly) over billions of years the grooves got longer and wider and it became a long tine fork. I knew I had the right order, but I feel like I had a missing link. Particularly between the spoon and the fork. You see, spoons are rounded and have no grooves. Forks are squared and have grooves. That’s two jumps in one. Even punctuated equilibrium couldn’t do that. So I knew that there must be a missing link in here. But I couldn’t find it. Until one day I was flying up to Connecticut on US Air. 30,000 feet off the ground, the stewardess walked down the aisle and handed me the missing link. I don’t think she knew what she had. But my trained scientific eye picked it up right away. “Wow! This is it!” I put it in my pocket. Later that day, I went to Kentucky Fried Chicken. Found another one! There they are folks! The missing links! So the evolution of silverware is becoming very complete. Which means I’m ready to apply for a government grant. I need about 30 million dollars to finish this research, don’t I?

Word Games

     Look, arranging things in order doesn’t prove anything. You can arrange words in order and prove anything you want. You can turn a cat to a cot to a dot to a dog. As a matter of fact you can play around for awhile and turn yourself into a fool. Spend all of your time arranging stuff in order. No, there is no evidence for evolution at all.

Did Birds Evolve from Dinosaurs?

      Now, the textbooks are going to tell the kids, “Boys and girls, birds are the descendants of dinosaurs.” How many have ever heard of that before? Wasn’t that the whole purpose behind the Jurassic Park movie? Now, just hold on a minute, in case you don’t know, there are a few differences between a dinosaur and a bird. You don’t just put a few feathers on him and say, “Let’s go man come on you can do it!” It’s not quite that easy folks. You see, reptiles have four perfectly good legs, birds have two legs and two wings. So if his front legs are going to change into wings (besides lots of other things having to change, like the muscular system, the nervous system to control this and the brain to control flight) besides all of that, somewhere along the line, his front legs are going to be half-leg half-wing. Which means now he can’t run and he can’t fly. This guy is going to have a problem evolving through that stage don’t you think? As a matter of fact, through all the stages he’s going to have a problem evolving.

Scales and Feathers

     They tell the kids though, that birds are covered with feathers, (which is true) and they are going to say, “Boys and girls, bird feathers evolved from the same scales that protected the dinosaurs so well.” Hold on a second. Feathers are extremely complex. The only similarity they have between feathers and scales is they are both made from the same protein. It is called Keratin. Your finger nails and your hair are made from the same stuff. That doesn’t prove that they are related. It proves they’ve got a common Designer. Did you know battleships and forks are both made out of the same metal? Iron. That proves that they both evolved from a tin can 27 million years ago. (Jump frog jump!) Man, you’re getting the wrong conclu-sions here folks! Similarity proves a common Designer.

Other Differences

      There are real problems with the bird evolution from reptiles. The lungs are totally different. Reptiles have a sac type lung. Birds have a tubular type lung. Very different lung system. Modern birds are found in layers with and lower than the so-called dinosaurs. How can they be the ancestors? How can the dinosaurs change to birds? The birds were already there, even by their thinking, with their faulty geologic scale. Scales and feathers attach to the body differently and they come from different genes on the chromosome. Birds have a four chambered heart. Reptiles have a three chambered heart. Major change there, folks! How is that going to survive? In addition to just the heart changing, you have to get the nerve supply changing. And the DNA code changing so the next generation has this heart change. It doesn’t work.
      Reptiles lay a leathery egg. Birds have a hard-shelled egg. There are thousands of differences between reptiles and birds. There is no evidence. And the experts know that.
      Even W.E. Swinton from the British Museum of Natural History, the largest fossil collection in the world. He said, “There is no fossil evidence of the stages through which the remarkable change from reptile to bird was achieved.” Now, he believes that happened, but he knows that there is no fossil evidence. But the textbooks tell the kids that there is.


      They show the picture of Archaeopteryx and say, “Boys and girls, this is Archaeopteryx.” (Wow-big word, write that down. It will be on the test!) Archaeopteryx. It means “Ancient wing.” They are going to say, “Boys and girls, this used to be a dinosaur. This is the missing link.” It’s a bird, teacher. It’s twelve inches long. Come on! It’s the size of a pigeon. Only six have been found. Some people think they are all fakes. I don’t know. Even if they are legitimate though it’s just a bird. It’s 100% bird! The size of a crow.

Claws and Teeth

      They are going to say, “Well, now, he’s got claws on his wings. Do you see those claws right there? Don’t you see? That proves he used to be a dinosaur.” Come on now, teacher. Twelve birds today have claws on their wings. The ostrich, the hoatzin, the touraco, the ibis. I can’t name them all but there are twelve birds that have claws on the wings right now! By the way, going from claws to no claws would be an example of losing something, not gaining something. Is that how evolution works? You lose everything until you have it all? I don’t get it.
      Well, they are going to say, “Well, he’s got teeth in his beak! See those teeth right there? That proves he used to be a dinosaur!” Well, now, hold on just a minute, some birds have teeth, most don’t. Some reptiles have teeth some don’t. Some fish have teeth, some don’t. Some of you have teeth. Some don’t. That doesn’t prove you used to be a dinosaur. And again, going from teeth to no teeth is losing, not gaining! That’s the opposite of what we need!

Evolving a Loss?

     They told me when I went to school, “Man used to have a tail but he lost it because he didn’t need it.” I thought, didn’t need it?! Have you ever thought how handy a tail would be? Have you ever come to the door with two sacks of groceries? That would be nice man. Grab that door, open it right up, and swing it around, walk right in there! Have you ever been driving down the highway and wished you had something to hold that can of Coke or tune that radio knob? It would be tougher to put your britches on, I understand all that. Somebody could figure that out, you know, put another zipper or something. I don’t know, they’d figure it out. But what do you mean lost it because we didn’t need it? That’s propaganda! These experts know that there is no evidence for any changing! They say there is fossil evidence and there isn’t!

Famous Evolutionists Admit
      There is No Proof!

      These experts know that there is no evidence for any changing! They say there is fossil evidence and there isn’t! Luther Sunderland wrote this book Darwin’s Enigma. He wrote to all of the major universities [and] to the museums (or visited them) and he said, “Would you please show me the evidence you have for evolution?” They said, “Well, we don’t have it here, it must be somewhere else.”
      Have you ever seen that shell game where they have the three shells and they put a pea under it and they move them around and try to fool you? This evolution is a giant shell game, only there is no pea under any of them! They all think somebody else has it. Nobody has the evidence!
      Luther wrote to the British Museum of Natural History. The largest fossil collection in the world and asked Colin Paterson. He said, “Mr. Paterson, I read your book about evolution but I noticed that you didn’t show us any missing links. Why not? Where are the missing links? Colin Paterson wrote back and said, “I fully agree with your comments on the lack of evolutionary transitions in my book. If I knew of any, fossil or living (now, that’s interesting, why would you include a living one as a missing link?) He said, “If I knew of any I certainly would have included them. I will lay it on the line, there is not one such fossil.” There is no evidence for changing from one kind to another. It’s not a missing link they need folks. The whole chain is missing! And folks like Stephen Gould understand that. He said, “The absence of fossil evidence has been a nagging problem for evolution.” I guess it has Steve. You can’t find any! But he still believes in evolution.

Punctuated Equilibrium

     Stephen Gould and Niles Eldredge have resurrected Gouldschmidt’s theory and come up with this idea called Punctuated Equilibrium. That’s supposed to explain why we don’t find the missing links. “Yes boys and girls, maybe a reptile laid an egg and a bird hatched out! So you see, we won’t find the missing links because they never existed!” So what you’re trying to say is, because we don’t have any proof that proves it? Hmmm, I don’t get it. It’s pretty obvious the conclusions from all these fossils that have been dug up. They’ve dug up millions and millions of fossils. Fossils are not the problem. It’s not that they are rare. It’s that the intermediates are extinct. They don’t exist. But they will say, “Well, you know, fossilization is a rare process.” Well, take a look in the dirt, man. There are billions of fossils out there. Don’t tell me it’s a rare process. The flood formed most of the fossils. That’s what they don’t want to admit. Fossils cry out real loud,”Hey! Quick, rapid burial!” All fossils seem similar to living forms. With no undisputed missing links discovered so far. That’s the conclusions of science.
      But they do believe in evolution so they’ll say, “Well, since we know evolution is a fact, even though there is no evidence, this proves it happened rapidly.” Now, among many scientists who are evolutionists, here’s the argument that’s going on. They are going to say,”Darwin said evolution happened slowly. Gradualistic.” They should find billions of fossils of evidence for that. But they don’t find any. And so this new group of folks have come along called the Saltationists and they say, “Well, maybe evolution happened quickly. It happened in leaps or jumps or saltations.” See, in their little brain there is only two choices. Evolution happened slowly like Charlie said. Or evolution happened rapidly like Stephen Gould said. They don’t seem to stop to consider that there might be another choice: it didn’t happen at all.

What Evolution has Cost Mankind

      Many evolutionists have admitted, though, there is only two choices, Creation and evolution. And Creation is clearly unthinkable. They won’t even consider that. But folks, I’m telling you, this evolution is a fairy tale for grownups. That’s all it is. The theory is useless. You can’t name me one scientific advancement we have because of the evolution theory. That’s not why we have lights, it’s not why we have electricity, it’s not why we have computers, it’s not why we have cars. I defy you to name me one scientific advancement because of the evolution theory. Even if it is true (and it’s not) but even if it were true, it’s a useless theory. It is of no value whatsoever. You’re wasting classroom space, classroom time, textbooks space. Get that stuff out of the classroom! Malcolm Muggeridge said, “I’m convinced the theory of evolution will be one of the great jokes of the history books of the future. Posterity will marvel that so flimsy and dubious a hypothesis could be accepted with the incredible credulity that it has.” Why do people believe that dumb theory? Well, I’ll tell you why! It’s the only way to get rid of God. They have to have an explanation for how we got here and they don’t like the Bible explanation because that involves accountability. So they try to get rid of God. And they will grasp at any straw that floats by rather than the lifeboat of Jesus Christ.

Total Lack of Evolutionary Evidence

      Experts are saying, “The scientists who go about teaching that evolution is a fact of life are great con men. The story they are telling may be the greatest hoax ever.” “In explaining evolution we do not have one iota of fact. There’s no evidence for this.”

Darwin’s Eyes

      Even Charles Darwin said in his book right here on page 217, Charlie said, “To suppose that the eye could have been formed by natural selection seems, I freely confess, absurd.” Charlie very much was confused about the human eyeball because it is so complex. He said,”How could this thing have evolved by chance?” Good question Charlie! How can blind chance make a seeing eye? Explain that to me please! Well, the textbook says, “The complex structure of the human eye may be the product of millions of years of evolution.” Why do we have to give evolution the credit for everything when nobody knows of anything that it’s done?

God’s Eyes

      This textbook shows the kids a couple of different eyes and it says, “Boys and girls, you might better understand how the eye might have evolved if you can picture a series of changes.” See, you have to imagine it. Evolution doesn’t take place in the world we see today. It doesn’t take place in the fossil record so you have to imagine that it happened. Don’t you see, the devil is blinding you? The devil is laughing at you for believing that dumb theory! And he’s pushing it all over the world, but he’s laughing at folks that believe it! He doesn’t believe it! He knows it’s not true! The devil is just using it to blind people away from the obvious. The Bible says God formed the eye. In Psalm chapter 94,”He that formed the eye, shall He not see?” God ought to get the credit for what He made!

Human Eyes and Octopus Eyes

     Here is a section of the back of your eyeball. The back of your eye is about one square inch but it contains 137 million light sensitive cells. Now, how would you like to be the electrician responsible for wiring that thing up? Would anybody like to make 137 million connections in one square inch? Anybody want to try that? I got a call a couple of years ago. This guy called up. (You never know what you’re going to get when you answer the phone in my place.) I picked up the phone and said,”Hello, Creation Science, this is Brother Hovind.” The voice on the other end said,”How can you be so dumb as to believe in Creation?” I said, “Excuse me?” He said,”How can you be so dumb as to believe in Creation?!” I said, “Well, what’s my other choice?” He said, “Evolution!” I said, “Why would I believe a theory like that?” He said, “Well, don’t you know things in this world are very poorly designed!” I said, “Like what?” He said, “Like the eyeball for instance. The human eye is a poor design.” I said, “Sir, I can see fine out of mine.” (Well, I’ve got to have a little help now with glasses when I’m reading but don’t tell anybody.) He said, “The eye is poorly designed. Mr. Hovind, don’t you know the blood vessels are in front of the retina?” I said, “Oh, yes sir I knew about that.” He said,”Don’t you know that means the light has to go through the blood vessels to get to the retina so that kind of blurs your vision a little bit. I said, “Well, I don’t think it blurs the vision any but yes it is true that the light has to go through the blood vessels. You’re right about that.” He said, “See, that’s a poor design!” He said, “The octopus has a much better eye because their blood vessels are behind the retina.” I said, “Sir, I don’t know who you are or where you are calling from, but let me explain something to you. We live in the air. UV light from the sun comes down right through the air, it doesn’t get slowed down hardly at all coming through the air and UV light will burn your retina. And so we have blood vessels in front of the retina to protect us from UV light. Now, octopuses live in the water. Water stops UV light so they don’t need the blood vessels in front. Now, if you want to swap eyes with an octopus have at it, but you’d be blind in a few days. We need the blood vessels in front. It’s incredibly designed! Do you have any other dumb questions?” He said, “No, that was it.” Click. Anybody that says the eyeball is a poor design is ignorant or a liar! It’s incredibly designed!

The Lie Summed Up

     Look, nothing man has made comes close to the eyeball but lets just take a car as an example. I’ve had 99 cars since I started driving. Never had a new one. I always get someone else’s problems and have to fix it. I’ve done just about everything you can do to a car. Started off when we were little bitty. My daddy’s idea was, “Boys, I don’t care what you do for a living but when you get out of my house you are going to know how to do everything.” We built houses together. We designed them. Plumbed them. Heated them. We did it all you know. Daddy taught us everything whether we wanted to learn it or not. I had a great daddy. One thing, we al-ways spent time working on cars. I’ve rebuilt motors, rebuilt transmissions, differentials, wobbelator shafts, muf-fler bearings, cannutin valves. I’ve done about everything you can do to a car folks. I understand how cars work.

Car Evolution

      Now, understanding how it works does not prove how it originated. And this is where the problem comes in. These evolutionists somehow got it in their brain, “Well, if we understand how it works that proves there is no designer.” Oh come on now, fellas. Think about that would you? Understanding how it operates doesn’t prove there is no designer! A car is a complex machine folks! Lets suppose your son turns sixteen. All three of my kids did in the last couple of years. Your son comes up one day and says,”Hey dad I’m sixteen!” “Yep son, you made it. We didn’t think you would but you did.” He says,”Hey dad, I got my drivers license!” “Son, let me see that thing. Come on, let me see. Wow son that is a lousy picture! It is a good likeness though!” He says,”Hey dad? Can I borrow the car? Give me the keys dad, I want to borrow the car.” “Well, son listen, a car is a complex machine. Your mom and I have been praying about this. We don’t think you fully understand how complex the car is son. Did you know there are 3000 bolts required to hold a car together and one nut can scatter it all over the highway? We decided we are going to let you slowly evolve into the car son. This year we are going to give you 10% of the car. Next year maybe a little bit more.” Just hold on a minute. What good is 10% of a car? That’s what you put in a junk yard isn’t it?

Life is too Complex for Evolution

      Now, what good is 10% of an eyeball, or a wing, or a feather, or a beak, or any complex structure? You ought to get Michael Behe’s book, Darwin’s Black Box. Now, he’s an evolutionist but he says, “Look folks, things are too complex. They had to be designed. I mean, it just had to be.” An excellent book by the way from an evolutionary perspective.
      But then the textbooks teach the kids “We’ve got evidence for evolution.” And they have none! There is zero evidence! But they want the kids to believe that theory anyway. So they are lying to our students at our expense!

Ways to Fight The Lie

     Now, what should we do about it? Let me give you some practical steps. The Bible says, “Ye are the salt of the earth.” Salt is an amazing product. Salt does lots of things besides flavor. Salt preserves. Salt also irritates. If you are not irritating somebody, you are probably not a good Christian. You don’t have to try to irritate folks, you just try to be salty and that will automatically irritate them. Our job is to preserve the world. And folks there is corruption in our system.

Eliminate Evolution from Textbooks

      Some practical things you can do. You can demand that your school cut out the pages with false information. Get the textbooks down; show them where the information is false, the horse evolution, the gill slits, and all this kind of stuff. See? Look, just cut the pages out. How many of you would help cut the pages out so it wouldn’t cost the school a thing. You would do it for free. Go to your school and help cut the pages out. Would you do that? Come on, put your hand up. Let me see if you are willing to volunteer. Doesn’t cost the school a thing. Right? Now, textbooks are expensive. They don’t need to buy a whole new textbook. Just cut those pages out. Very simple! Won’t cost them a thing. Or you can do like a principal in Georgia did: glue the pages together. He got all of the pages where they teach evolution and glued them together. One summer he did that. He didn’t ask any questions, he just did it. That fall the NEA hit the ceiling!
      By the way, you should get teachers and encourage them to get out of the NEA. Don’t let your union dollars support the NEA and their liberal causes. In my seminar notebook there is a list of several other Christian or Bible believing unions that teachers can belong to, to get their insurance. Get out of the NEA. If you love God, if you are a Christian and you are a public school teacher (like my brother [is] and my mom was before she retired from there) get out of that folks! Don’t give them a penny of your money. Just quit. The only language they speak is withhold your money.
      But this principal in Georgia got all of the pages and glued them together if they taught evolution. The NEA was so angry! They said, “You can’t do that!!” He said, “I did.” They said, “But you can’t!” He said, “I did, done, over with, the glue is dry!”

Warning Stickers

      Or put a warning sticker in the front cover. Put a warning sticker in the front of the book that warns the kids, “The information on the following pages is not correct.” Don’t you think the kids ought to be warned if they are about to be lied to or taught something false? I mean, come on!

Brainwashed Booklet

      Or give the student my little Brainwashed booklet. We’ve written a little booklet called Are you being Brainwashed by your public school science textbook?
      They are two bucks apiece. If you get five or more they are a dollar apiece. That’s our printing cost. So if you want to get some of these, pass them out. One guy came over and bought 3000 of them. And gave them to every kid in his county. Most teachers are going to have a hard time teaching evolution for the next few years. Yay, they ought to have a hard time teaching evolution! How come teachers are scared to teach Creation for fear of a lawsuit? Why aren’t they scared to teach evolution for fear of a lawsuit? They sure should not be teaching false information in the textbooks, that is for sure.

Educate Students about their Legal Rights

      Students ought to be made aware of the fact that they have some legal rights. This book on page 53 explains the courts have always ruled if a parent goes down and says, “Look we don’t want my kid taught evolution.” The school must provide alternative information. Alternative studies. You can not force a student to learn something contrary to their religion.

Opt In or Opt Out?

      Now, you’ve got to watch this, because here is what happens a lot of time in schools: if you have something you want out of, like sex education or whatever, you have to opt out. The humanist and atheist and agnostics have learned, “You know, we can make this where we get our way most of the time. If we have a bad program like we want in there, we are going to have some queer come in and teach on queer lifestyle, you know, for all of the students.” You have to opt out of that assembly. But if it’s a good thing coming in, you have to opt in. See, to opt out you have to go home and have your mom sign a paper or dad sign a paper saying, “I don’t want my student there.” That’s called opt out. But how many kids forget to take those papers home? How many of you forgot to take a paper home from school and forgot to get it signed or something like that? Everybody does that. Right? And they know that. So what they do with the good programs is you have to opt in so some kids will forget to bring the paper. But if it’s a bad program you have to opt out. Watch for that and demand that it be equal here. Let’s make everything opt in or everything opt out. None of this stacking the deck type of stuff.
      But students have the right to be exempt from anything that is contrary to their religion. They ought to be told about that. See, not knowing your rights is just the same as not having them. Might as well not have them if you don’t know them.

Textbook Selection

      Teachers ought to be aware of the fact that there is some help. If they want to help select good textbooks, they can get a hold of Mel Gabler in Longview, Texas. For 38 years now the Gablers have been researching every new public school textbook that comes off the press. They read it, they write a critique on it, and they help folks select good books.
      Now, you may not be able to find a good one. Let us suppose there are 12 biology books available one year to buy. They go from a little bit of evolution like 3 % to 16 % evolution. Pick the least poisonous one for your school. You’ve got to buy a book, okay, buy a book for your school. Pick the least poisonous for your district that year and then be sure to do two more things (and this is where most Christians fall down). Write letters to ones you did not pick and tell them why. Write a letter to Holt or H.B.J. or Prentice Hall or whoever and say, “Look we did not pick your book because of all of the evolution in it.” Let them know why you didn’t pick it. Don’t you know if you were the C.E.O. at Holt Rinehart, Winston or H.B.J. or any of these publishers, if you got 5000 letters from across the country from different individuals that said, “We did not buy your book because….” Well, they’re going to look at the bottom line which is money and say, “Man we better take that stuff out of the books!” And then secondly write a letter to the one you did pick. And say,”Dear CEO at whatever, Merrill or Holt or whatever, we picked your book because it has the least amount of false information in it. However, be warned that if we find another book next time that has less, we will pick their book instead.” Let them know you still don’t approve of the little bit of evolution that is there but you had to buy it anyway. I mean that ought to be done folks, let them know.
      Now, most public school teachers that I know are sincere and dedicated professionals. My brother led me to the Lord. He’s been teaching public school for 28 years. My mom retired from teaching public school. Look, most teachers are good, Godly, honest, intelligent people. They are sincere. They are not trying to lie to the kids. Many of them simply teach the evolution because that’s what’s in the book so they think it must be true. They’ve never heard the other side. They don’t know any better. There are some who may have other reasons, but I think most would fit into that category. Many of them don’t know that they can teach Creation Science in the public school. It’s perfectly fine. It’s okay to teach Creation Science.

Pass Legislation Against False Information

      In Florida, we have a law that says, “Instructional materials shall be accurate.” Anybody disagree with that law? Do you think that is reasonable to require the books to be accurate? Yes, very reasonable. In Texas they’ve got a law that says, “Instructional materials (like textbooks) shall be factual and theories shall be clearly distinguished from facts.” Go Texas! That’s a good law! Now, they don’t enforce it, but they should. And if they are not clearly distinguishing between theories of evolution and facts of science they should be sued. It’s against the law to do that. In Wisconsin you’ve got an administrative code here that says, “Textbooks must have factual accuracy.” Yay, I think that’s fair! Alabama passed a law that says, “If a textbook discusses evolution it must have a warning sticker in the front cover warning the kids that there is a difference between micro-evolution (which is a fact) and macro-evolution, which is a theory and has never been observed.” Go Alabama!! That’s fair! The kids ought to be warned there’s a difference between these two. Because, like we covered in the last session, that’s where the whole problem comes in. They are confusing micro and macro evolution.

Teaching Creation Science is Legal!

      Adolf Hitler said, “Let me control the textbooks and I will control the state.” Here most teachers don’t realize they can teach Creation Science in a public school. It’s perfectly fine. Hey, not only can you teach Creation Science in public schools, you can teach it right out of the Bible! And teach or devote a class to religion and have the textbook be the Bible if you want! We know what happened in 1963 when the Bible was taken out and evolution was put in the schools, but we’ve been deceived by the ACLU folks. 1963 the Supreme Court banned the use of the Bible to try to get kids saved; which is not good, obviously, but that’s a lot better than what the ACLU (the American Communist Lawyers Union) has led us to believe. They did not throw the Bible out, we threw the Bible out! We allowed ourselves to be deceived. It is not against the law to teach the Bible in a public school. It is perfectly fine to teach Creation Science.

Use the Bible in Class

      You might want to get a hold of Elizabeth Ridnour, they’ve got a program where they help people start Bible classes in their public school. They’re in North Carolina. The phone number is (336) 272-3799 and say, “Give me the packet on starting a Bible curriculum in our Public school.” Some college student could do that. A Bible college student. You could go volunteer your time to teach a Bible class in the public school here in your town. Yeah, anybody can do that!
      States can legally require teachers to discuss evolution. They cannot require them to teach it as a fact but the state can pass a law that says, “We require you to discuss evolution.” They can do that. They cannot require them to discuss Creation. And many people have tried to get laws passed that require the teachers to discuss Creation. I’m telling you, you are wasting your time. That law is not going to go anywhere. Teachers may already discuss Creation if they wish, but the state cannot require them to do that. Get ahold of the Gablers, they’ve got all sorts of stuff on that. Courts allow states to require discussing weaknesses of the evolution theory. The courts have never said, “We will demand that the schools be required to teach Creation.” That just doesn’t work.
      In 1963 the Supreme Court said, “It certainly may be said that the Bible is worthy of study for its literary and historic qualities. Nothing we have said here indicates that such study of the Bible or of religion (when presented objectively) as part of a secular program of education may be affected consistently with the first amendment.” The Supreme Court never took the Bibles out of the schools, the publishers took the Bibles out of schools. Didn’t have to, but they did. The Supreme Court said, “The Bible may constitutionally be used in an appropriate study of history, civilization, ethics, comparative religion or the like.” It’s okay to use the Bible in schools, folks. Permitting public school observances which include religious elements promotes, and the courts said, “The secular purpose of advancing the students’ knowledge and appreciation of the role that our religious heritage as played in its social, cultural, historical development of civilization.” Eighth circuit court. It’s okay to teach the Bible. If you want to keep up with what’s happening in education, get on the web and get a hold of Fred and say, “Fred, add me to the loop.” FredB001@Spectra.net and say, “Put me on the loop.” And you will get all sorts of stuff.

If You are a Student…

Handling Teachers

     Now, practical steps. Listen, if you have a teacher who believes in evolution, here is what I would recommend you do. Number one, don’t confront them publicly. Try to talk to them privately after class. No teacher responds well to a public challenge in front of the students. They are going to jump all over you. Don’t confront them publicly. Number two, if you are late to class frequently, if you are a class troublemaker or a goof off, if you never do your homework, if you don’t pay attention in class, don’t tell them you are a Christian! You’re not helping. Okay?

Answering Test Questions

      You want to help make a change. Okay. If a test question comes up and you know the answer is demanding something from evolution like”How old is the earth?” You can write down, “The textbook says… blah, blah, blah.” You know, spit it back up to them.”However, this is not correct.” Let them know,”Hey teacher, I learned it but I didn’t believe it.” You can learn the material but don’t swallow it.

Get Exempted

      Or you can ask to be exempt. The law requires that they make sure you are exempt from anything contrary to your religion. You can demand that be done. Or, of course, you can get your kids out and put them in private school or home school which is probably the best option of all – get them out of there totally if you can.

Converting Teachers

      Now, if you want to convert your teachers, give them my video to watch at home. We get teachers converted by the hundreds. They call us up and say, “Man, I watched your videotape. Now I’m teaching Creation.” One guy called me up, “Mr. Hovind, my second grade daughter has watched your tapes about 50 times.” Why do kids do that? Watch the same tape over and over and over again? He said, “My second grade daughter’s teacher just called me and said you know your daughter stops me every time I teach evolution. The teacher said, ‘I’ve decided I’m not going to teach evolution anymore this year.” I thought, “Yay!” Then I thought, “Why do we send second graders off to war? Why didn’t some parents make sure there wasn’t evolution in the curriculum to begin with?”

Pray for Teachers

      You can pray for your teachers. Folks, public school teaching is a hard job. They get pressure from the students, they get pressure from the parents, they get pressure from the school board. Pressure from the community. I mean-my brother said,”Hey Kent, it’s just not fun anymore. It’s just not fun. It used to be fun to teach. Now there is just too much pressure.” Pray for them, they have a hard job. Honestly pray for them.

Use This Material

     Invite them to a Creation Seminar. Have them call me with any questions. I’d be glad to help them. Ask them to have a creation speaker come to their class. I speak in public schools all of the time. Have them show my videos or some Creation videos in class. Many teachers have learned the lesson that your kids have learned early in life, it’s easier to get forgiveness than permission. Don’t ask if you can show the video in class. Just show it! We get calls, probably once a week, somebody getting saved watching a video that mom or dad saw because the kid checked it out of their public school library. Somebody donated some tapes to the library. Interesting.

Educate Others

     You could run for school board or make an influence on your school board. You could get on the textbook selection committee. Somebody in your county picks the books the kids are using. Get on that committee. You could pass or else enforce laws that require textbooks to be accurate. That’s only fair. They ought to be accurate. Try to convert the teachers and the students and then it doesn’t matter what’s in the books. If the kids don’t believe it anyway, then it doesn’t matter.

Letters to the Editor

      Write letters to the editor. I’ve got a bunch in my seminar notebook you’re welcome to copy it and change the name at the bottom of it. None of my stuff is copyrighted.


      You can donate Creation books or videos to your library or school library or public library. Educate others. Acts chapter 17, Paul when he went to Mars Hill did not use any scriptures, he used creation as a means of evangelism.

Why Evolution Should be Feared

     Satan is using lots of evolutionary lies to send boys and girls and men and women to hell. He keeps them thinking,”Hey evidence is right over there. Come on, keep coming! A little more evidence!” Everything gets disproven folks! He’s a liar! The Creation shows us there is a Creator. These people are without excuse.
Here’s what it boils down to and we’ll quit:

  • If Creation is true, there is a Creator.

    • If evolution is true, there is no Creator.

  • If Creation is true, there are rules. Like thou shalt not…

    • If evolution is true there are no rules.

  • If Creation is true there is a purpose to life.

    • You know, if evolution is true there is absolutely no purpose to life.
      Which is why folks who believe evolution like Pol Pot and Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler.
      Life is meaningless to them. If you need to kill a few million people to accomplish your
      goals, so what! It goes along with evolution thinking.

  • If Creation is true, man is a fallen creature and he needs a Savior.

    • If evolution is true, man is an evolving creature and does not need a Savior.
      You’re getting better all by yourself. You’re going to be God someday yourself.
      In Genesis 3, Satan told that lie to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Satan’s a liar.

  • If Creation is true, man brought death into the world.

    • If evolution is true, death brought man into the world. Totally opposite!

  • If Creation is true, there’s an afterlife. You’re going to Heaven or Hell.

    • If evolution is true, there is no afterlife.

    Nothing to worry about. Eat drink and be merry, tomorrow you will die.
  • If Creation is true there is comfort in knowing the future.

    • Boy, if evolution is true, we can’t know a thing about the future.
      It’s just all chance. The evolution philosophy or mindset is a dangerous mindset.
      It takes away the existence of God.


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by Michel Snoeck (2003).

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Dr. Hovind’s Seminar Transcripts

Seminar 3a: Dinosaurs and the Bible

(previous 1999 version of this seminar)


     We covered in the first videotape how the Bible teaches that the earth is only about 6,000 years old, not billions of years old. How dinosaurs lived with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden; they did not live billions of years ago. They were part of the normal Creation. See, God made the World about 6,000 years ago, and 4,400 years there was a flood. Before the flood came the world was very different; people lived a long time, it was just very different. Dinosaurs lived with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. They were not millions of years ago lizards, they were just pre-flood lizards.

Dinosaurs on the Ark

Too Big?

     So the obvious question came up; Did Noah take dinosaurs on the ark? People say, “Dinosaurs on the ark? They’re kind of big aren’t they?” Well, the big ones were big, but the little ones were little. Noah was six hundred years old when he built that boat; he was smart enough to figure out that you don’t have bring the biggest ones you can find; you bring two babies. Just be sure to get a pink one and a blue one. There are all sorts of reasons for bringing babies. They’re smaller, they eat less, they weigh less, they sleep more, they’re tougher; you know kids fall down and bounce and get up and keep running. Adults fall down and break, or lay there for awhile. Plus, after the flood the young ones would live longer to produce more offspring, and that’s why you’re bringing them to begin with. So it makes common sense to bring babies of everything onto the ark.

Species or Kinds?

     You only had to bring two of each kind. God told him to bring to of every sort. Not two of every species, or two of variety; two of every kind of animal. Bible says they went on to the ark after his kind, after his kind, after his kind, after his kind of every sort. The phrase is in there over and over. Just the basic kinds of animals had to go on to Noah’s ark.

Illustration of Dog Kinds

     For instance, today there are 250 varieties of dogs in the world. Noah didn’t have to bring 250 pairs of dogs on the ark, [he] just brought two of the dog kind. Since then, there have been a lot of varieties produced. Probably the great dane, chihuahua, and the wolf, and the coyote had a common ancestor-a dog. That’s not evolution, it’s just a variety.
      I was in Boston and the preacher of the church I was going to speak at called all the colleges to try to get me in to do a debate. The professors all refused, and one college said, “We’ll let Kent Hovind come speak if our professors can ask him any questions they want. We want to show our students how dumb these creationists really are.” The preacher called me back and said, “Brother Hovind, would you like to go to this college and let them make fun of you for a couple of hours?” I said, “I’d enjoy that.” So I showed up at the college, got my charts out. There were six professors with all their students in the room. I felt like Daniel in the lion’s den. I said, “Well folks, I believe the Bible.” That got a lot of cheers. I said, “And the Bible teaches that the God made the world about 6,000 years ago and 4,400 hundred years ago there was a flood that destroyed the world and Noah built an ark that saved all the critters on board. Since the flood’s been over there have been a lot of varieties produced based on pressures of the environment. Producing long-haired, short-haired, but that’s not evolution; it’s just variation.”
      Then I told them what they believed. I’ve discovered most evolutionists don’t know what they believe. I said, “You guys believe about 20 billion years ago there was a big bang, but you don’t know what exploded or where it came from. Then about 4.6 billion years ago the earth cooled down and developed a hard, rocky crust. It rained on the rocks for millions of years and turned them into soup.” That’s what the textbooks say folks; I’m not making this up. “As the earth formed, the surface was hot and there were large pools of bubbling lava. It rained on the rocks for millions of years, and formed oceans.” That’s what the textbooks says, “millions of years of torrential rains created great oceans, the swirling in the oceans was the dissolved rocks, which came to be known as the soup.” Yes boys and girls, swirling in the waters of the oceans are a bubbling broth of complex chemicals. Progress from a complex chemical suit to a living organism is very slow. I guess it is. Totally stopped. That’s how slow it is. It doesn’t happen at all. This early life form evolved out of the soup and found someone to marry (pretty good trick) and something to eat and very slowly evolved into everything we see today. That’s what they believe. One professor was getting pretty upset about this time. He said, “Mr. Hovind, excuse me, there are 250 varieties of dogs in the world. You believe that all those dogs came just two dogs off Noah’s Ark? You except me to believe that?” I said sir, “Would you look at what you’re teaching your students. You’re teaching your students that all the dogs in world today came from a rock.” He didn’t have any more questions after that. That is exactly what they teach, isn’t it? I didn’t make it up. Talk about straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel! Man, you don’t think all the dogs came from two dogs off Noah’s ark, but you do think that they could come from a rock. Better think that one through one more time.

Flood Legends

     It’s also interesting to note about the flood of Noah, don’t you think that if there was a worldwide flood the survivors would tell their grandkids about it? Isn’t logical that there would be some flood legends surviving today? Guess what? Two hundred and seventy have been found, now close to two ninety this book says, “Two hundred seventy flood legends have been discovered.” Why would so many countries talk about a family saved in a boat?


     In China they have a legend, it’s a story of the history of China. Tells about a family was saved from a great flood. The entire land was flooded; the mountains and everything, one family survived in a boat. The Chinese classic called the Hihking (however you pronounce that). It says, “A family of Fuhi,” which the Chinese consider him the father of their civilization, “History records that Fuhi, his wife, three sons, and three daughters escaped the great flood. He and his family were the only people alive on earth. After the great flood they repopulated the world.” Sounds pretty close to what the Bible says doesn’t it?


      In Mexico the Toltec Indians have a legend that the original creation lasted 1716 years and was destroyed by a flood and one family survived. Seventeen hundred years, pretty close to what the Bible teaches, 1656. Why would there be so many flood legends? If there wasn’t any flood legends, the atheist would say, “If there was a flood why aren’t there legends about it?” Well there are nearly three hundred, how many would you like? I think there was a worldwide flood folks.

Where’s the Ark?

     It is interesting, if you look at a map of the country of Turkey, at the far right side is a mountain called Mt. Ararat. On the Turkish map this is called Nuh’ un Gemisi, “Noah’s big boat.” Now the Bible does not say the ark landed on Mt. Ararat. The Bible says the ark rested in the seventh month, now that’s interesting, because Noah didn’t get out until the thirteenth month. Why did he stay in there six more months? Nothing to eat outside for one thing, and the water hadn’t all gone down yet. It took a while. Plus, if you look at my video tape number six we talk about that; why they stayed in those extra few months. It would take a while for crops to grow. You can plant a garden and get it to grow and eat in three months, right? Four months max. So in six months things would be growing just fine, they let all the animals off. It said the ark rested on the mountains, plural, mountains of Ararat.
      Now, some people think Noah’s Ark is actually on Mt. Ararat. I know Ken Ham, he is a friend of mine; I was at his office last week. He has a wonderful ministry, Answers in Genesis, he says that Noah’s Ark is on Mt. Ararat. I know John Morris and Henry Morris, and they think it’s on Mt. Ararat. They are friends of mine from California, ICR, and I really love their ministry and appreciate what they do. I know Carl Baugh in Glen Rose, Texas; he’s been there a bunch of times; he thinks it’s up on Mt. Ararat. It might be, I don’t know.
      I just want to let you know there’s another school of thought, there are some people that think that the ark is not even on that mountain. They think it is seventeen miles away. I also happen to know Ron Wyatt. He’s a good friend of mine, here’s his website at www.pilgrimpromo.com, and Ron thinks that Noah’s ark is not even on the mountain, and many other people agree with Ron. They think that this might be the ark, this moat-shaped object in the background. It is seventeen miles away from Mt. Ararat, still in the mountains of Ararat, but not on the mountain of Ararat.
      They say the ark collapsed in on itself; it’s folded out on its side, much wider than it used to be. They found iron rivets all over that area. I held some in my hands when I was at Ron’s house in Nashville, Tennessee; been there many times. Talked to him last week. These iron rivets are found all over that area. Apparently the ark was bolted together. The Turkish government studied the site and they said they think it’s Noah’s ark and they built a visitor’s center. They started to build a highway, but a war broke out. It’s not a safe place to go over there now.

The Design of the Ark

Drogue Stones

     They found twelve giant anchor stones. Great big huge 9,000 pound rocks, with hole drilled through the top. It’s interesting, the hole is curved. I’ve built nine houses; I have drilled bunches of holes. And I don’t know how you would drill a curved hole through a rock; that would be interesting. The bigger the rock is the bigger the hole is. Apparently, this was to put a bigger rope in to hold the rock hanging over the side of the boat, to be what’s called a drogue stone. See, if you had a bunch of rocks hanging over the side of the boat it keeps the boat stabilized in stormy weather. It kind of anchors you to the water, sort of. You know these rocks create a drag down there. If your ropes are long enough, let them touch bottom. If it really gets windy, the rocks drag behind you and it turns the boat to a right angle to the waves; you can’t capsize.
      People say, “Now hold on a minute, if you have rocks hanging over the side of the boat that would slow you down.” He wasn’t trying to go anywhere. Where was there to go? He was just trying to float, right?

Moon Pool

     One guy, in a debate I did, is a former preacher turned atheist (in debate number seven out there on the table), he said, “You know, you can’t build a boat that big, it will go over the waves and it will bend and flex and eventually break apart. They tried it with a six master.” Well Noah’s ark didn’t have any masts, it wasn’t trying to sail it was just trying to float. So that really eases the problem.
      Some people think that the ark might have had a moon pool. A moon pool is a hole in the floor so when you go over a wave the water comes up inside the hole part way, it’s got walls built up inside of course, so you don’t sink the boat. This relieves the stress on the ship. A moon pool relieves the stress and as the water goes up and down inside that hole; it acts like a giant piston and it pumps air in and out of the boat. Might be a necessary feature with all them critters on board. Might pray for a wave once in a while. Lord, send a wave, please–quick. A little methane gas build up in here. I don’t know if it had a moon pool or not, some people think it did, some people don’t, I don’t know. Not much left of a 4,400 year old wooden boat.

Dinosaurs’ “Extinction”

     After the flood was over, what happened to the dinosaurs? The textbooks are always asking the kids the question, “What happened to the dinosaurs boys and girls? Did a meteor strike the Yucatan Peninsula in 65 million B.C. and make the dinosaurs go extinct with the iridium layer all over the world.” They’re asking the wrong question. The question is not “what made the dinosaurs go extinct;” the question is, “did the dinosaurs go extinct?”

Liberal Illustration

     See, liberals are great to getting arguing about the wrong subject. They always say to me, “Do you think that we should have prayer in public schools?” Or, “Should we teach creation in public schools?” I say, “That’s a good question, and I would be glad to talk about that with you. However, there is another question we need to talk about first. Should we have public schools? Let’s discuss that one first.” If we should have them, then who would run them would be the second obvious question. You better read your constitution because the tenth amendment states that anything that is not spelled out in this document is left to the states. Which means we should totally shut down the department of education at the national level. Shut it down.
      When Joe Scarborough, our representative from this district in Florida, he came to my house trying to get me to vote for him. I said, “Joe, what is your opinion of public schools?” He said, “The tenth amendment.” I said, “What do you mean?” He said, “They have no right existing.” He said, “There should be no federal interference in public schools.” He said, “Same for welfare.” Yay Joe! You got my vote. Look, if we just got to what the Constitution says, 80 percent of the problems would disappear. Federal government is involved in a lot of things they shouldn’t be involved in. I speak in public schools all the time. My brother is going to retire from public school teaching this year. He’s the one that led me to the Lord. My brother has been in public school teaching for twenty-eight years and is retiring. My mom retired from teaching public school. I’m not against public schools; I just think they should be run by the local cities or maybe the county, but certainly not the federal government in Washington. Shut it down at that level. It can’t possibly work.

What Happened to the Dinosaurs?

Anyway, back to the dinosaurs, what happened to them? It’s not a meteor, and they are asking the wrong question. By the way, if you want to keep up with public schools and what’s happening, you might want to get ahold of an article on the web called “Exodus2000”. Or if you want to keep up with daily events with public schools and what’s happening; get a hold of Fred, redb001@spectra.net. See me later and I’ll give you that, spectra.net. Fred will add you to the loop and you’ll get about a hundred e-mails a day keeping you posted on what’s happening with the public school system and how you can vote intelligently on stuff like that. Anyway, After the flood, I think two things happened to the dinosaurs.

A Different Environment

     Number one, they got off the ark and they faced a hostile world. It’s was very different than the pre-flood world, because the canopy of water that used to protect them was gone. You noticed before the flood people lived over nine hundred years. Right after the flood, life spans dropped off instantly to four hundred years, than two hundred, and then a hundred. Something changed. Well, the canopy of water was gone, radiation was getting in. Air pressure was less, less oxygen. You get all sorts detrimental effects of the loss of that canopy. So the same thing happened to the dinosaurs they were dying off because of the climate changes; they couldn’t live long enough.

The Plight of Dinosaurs

     Secondly, man was hunting them. Back in those days they called them dragons. They killed the dragons for meat. There would be a lot of hamburger in one brachiosaurus. You could feed the village for a while, right? Or because they were a menace, or just to be a hero; “I slew the dragon.” Thousands of stories like that.
      See, as the population of people began to grow, the population of bigger, ferocious animals began to diminished. Same thing happened here in west Florida. How many grizzly bears in west Florida? None. How many were here five hundred years ago? Probably a bunch. When people move in, the bigger, ferocious animals were driven off or killed off. That’s just the way it’s always been. So as population in the world began to grow, the dinosaurs began to be killed off. (Those that weren’t dying from the climate changes.)

Dragon Tales

     There are thousands of stories of people killing dragons. They called them dragons because the name dinosaur was just invented in 1841. So of course they didn’t call them dinosaurs before that; there was no such word. If you read history you’ll read about Gilgamesh slaying a dragon. Beowulf slew a dragon; St. George slew a dragon. There are thousands of these stories of people killing dragons. Are they all just mythology? Why are there so many of them? And why are they so similar?
      Here’s a Thai restaurant that has a picture of a boat from Thailand with a dragon head on it. Thai legends talk about dragon slayers. A Russian medallion shows a man slaying a dragon. A Bulgarian postage stamp shows a man killing a dragon. Many national heroes in these ancient older countries are dragon slayers. I think dinosaurs lived all through history all the way up to 600 BC. Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon, had as his symbol the god Marduke on top of a fire-breathing dragon. You say, “Brother Hovind, you don’t believe in fire-breathing dragons do you?” Yeah, you better watch video tape number three; there really were fire-breathing dragons. We’ll talk about that later.

The Catholic Bible.

In the Catholic Bible you’ll see that the book of Daniel has two extra chapters. Daniel 13 and 14. In Daniel 14 it tells the story of Daniel killing the dragon that the Babylonians worshiped. Could they have had a dragon in Babylon in 600 BC. Oh, I think they did.


I know that Saddam Insane, Hussein, thinks he is Nebuchadnezzar reincarnated. The guy is crazy; he’s got huge pictures of himself all over Iraq; excellent targets for the F-15’s. He has his picture on the front of their gold currency. The guy has a little ego problem. Saddam spent a fortune rebuilding the ancient city of Babylon. You know Babylon was destroyed about 600 BC and the Bible says that it will be destroyed in the latter days. For years people have laughed at the Bible, ha, ha, saying Babylon has already been destroyed. Well guess what, Saddam has rebuilt it in the last twenty years. They’re using it right now, it is rebuilt. When they found the original city of old Babylon, the ruins, they dug down into the sand and found perfectly preserved in the dry sand over there were the laws of the old city. The old city laws had hundreds and hundreds of pictures of dragons on them.

More Dragons.

How did they know about dragons in 600 BC? Well, there were some still around; that’s how they knew about them. Alexander the Great in 300 BC reported that his soldiers were scared by dragons when they conquered part of India. This Roman mosaic shows two long neck dragons fighting or kissing, can’t tell what happening for sure. (Well, that would be necking wouldn’t it? Wow!) Anyway, how did the Romans know about dragons in the second century after Christ? There were still some still around. Probably smaller and more rare and generally in water. They would be the hardest ones to exterminate, the ones on land would be the easiest to kill off, generally the water-dwelling dinosaurs were still around.
      The Vikings sure talked about dragons a lot. They called it the “Cracken”-the great dragon of the sea. They built their ships to have dragon heads on them. All the ancient north Scandinavian literature talks about dragons within the sea. They built their ships to look that way.
      In 1572 an Italian peasant killed a dragon that was bothering his cows. They had it mounted for a museum display. [A] scientist documented the whole thing, Ulysses Aldavondus. You know, in 1572 you could have gone to a museum in Italy visit a dinosaur on display. Not the bones-the skin stuffed and mounted by a taxidermist.
      Did you know that if you could get a dictionary or an encyclopedia from four hundred or five hundred years ago, look up the word dragon; it will say “very rare, though still living animals.” Somebody called me last week and said I’m going to send you a copy of a dictionary that I’ve got from 1928, I think it was. When I looked up dragon, it said “very rare, though still living animals.” In 1928 in the dictionary, interesting.
      A city in France was renamed Nerluke because of a man named Nerluke who slew the dragon that was bothering the city. Still called Nerluke, France today. . The Indians in Arizona apparently used to hunt dinosaurs and they carved them in the walls of the Grand Canyon. Dinosaurs carved on the walls of the Grand Canyon? Sure, Indians hunted them. There’s a round-bodied, four-legged; long-necked dinosaurs carved on one of the walls of the Grand Canyon. There’s a painting from a cave in Africa with round body, long neck; four legs next to the native running away from it. Smart native!

The Ica Stones.

When they went down to Ica, Peru out in the desert in 1962 the peasants began bringing in these strange rocks to sell to the tourists; they were finding them buried in the desert. They found quite a huge pile of them. They became known as the Ica stones from Ica, Peru. A friend of mine from Canada was down there for eight months, studying these things. He gave me scores of pictures that he has of these Ica stones. I think we have some on our web site, or we’re putting some on our web site. If you want to call up my web site at www.drdino.com we’ll put a few pictures on there about the Ica stones. Carvings of dinosaurs on these stones, 50,000 of them. They range in size from golf ball size to the size of a La-Z-Boy chair. Every known dinosaur found carved on the Ica stones. Sometimes the people are killing the dinosaurs, sometimes they’re riding them, sometimes they are making them work. Pretty strange.
      That’s my friend that was down there for eight months studying the carvings all over the desert out there. I read the book by a guy that has 11,000 of them in his museum, Dr. Cabaro, I think that’s how you pronounce his name. He has studied this very intensively, and he says “There’s no question that man and dinosaurs lived together.” Then he says, “This proves that man was here two hundred million years ago.” Man, you got great research and the wrong conclusions. No, this proves that our whole dating history for the world is wrong. Man and dinosaurs lived at the same time. Here’s an Indian chief cutting a head off a dinosaur, this one shows a man riding a dinosaur. Ica stones found all over there.

Dinosaur Sightings and Legends

     During the age of sailing ships, which really started with Columbus, up until about [one] hundred years ago when they went to diesel engines or steam engines. For about a four hundred year span of human history was called the great age of sailing ships. During this time there are thousands of legends of people sighting sea monsters. Well, if you’re in a sailing boat it’s pretty quiet going through the water. Today, with your diesel engine on board of your metal hull boat; sound travels great under water, they can hear you coming a hundred miles away. They’ve learned to avoid the shipping lanes, I’m sure. But, during this age of sailing ships, there are many stories of people sighting sea monsters.
Natural History of Norway by Bishop Eric Fontopodum reported sea monsters. Many stories in his book he wrote. Missionary Hans Eged reported seeing a sea monster near Greenland. I was preaching at a church in Delaware, a man came to me after the service and said, “Brother Hovind my great-great-great-great-great-great grandfather was Hans Eged; in his diary he reported seeing a sea monster near Greenland.” Captain Peter McKay aboard H.M.S. Nautilus, a British ship, reported that they saw a sixty-foot sea monster swim right under their boat. They watched it for twenty minutes. The sailors on board said, “Captain, please don’t mention this is the log book; we’re going to get laughed at.” Well, he put it in the log book anyway. Sure enough, they got laughed at.

The Monongahela.

You want to read an amazing story? Go to the UWF library, go to QL89 and there is a book in there. I think it’s Monsters of the Deep by Thomas Helm who died recently, but he’s from Crestview, Florida. I think that’s the book where he tells the story of about the Monongahela, the ship that actually shot, killed, and cut up and ate part of a one hundred and three foot, six inch long sea monster. Another ship stopped to see what on earth was going on. They said, “Look at this, a hundred and three foot sea monster.” The Monongahela sold the oil; they boiled the blubber down to the oil and sold it to the other ship. They said, “Look, fellows, we’re out for whales-we’re going after whales. We got the bones of this sea monster in the hull of the Monongahela. You guys can take this oil; go back to port, tell them we’ll be back in six months and show them the proof.” Six months later the Monongahela never showed up. A year later; never showed up. Sometime after that some boards washed on the shore of Japan, I believe, that said Monongahela on the side. Ship sank in a storm. But, the sailors that saw it said, “Look, it was clear sea serpent oil. We’ve never seen anything like it; we saw the creature ourselves. But, people laughed at them anyways, because they liked proof. Interesting story about the Monongahela.
      During World War I, a German submarine commander, a U-boat captain, said he sank a British ship. When it exploded under water, a sixty-foot long sea monster came flying up out of the water; had big paddle-shaped flippers, kind of like a plesiosaurus; had an alligator shaped head, maybe it was a kronosaurus.

Giant Squid and Octopus.

There are stories of giant octopus pulling ships underwater. Come on Brother Hovind, octopus never get that big! They get pretty big. Did you know that an octopus washed up on beach in St. Augustine, Florida? It was two hundred feet across and weighed five tons. Here’s the article from the paper. Orlando newspaper. I got the article on one of the posters around here about the octopus. Two hundred foot-that’s a big octopus.
      That’s not even the biggest one. A whale was killed near Seattle, WA. Inside the whale’s stomach was one arm to an octopus that was a hundred and fifty feet long. See, whales love to eat octopus or squid, either one, and if a whale eats too much octopus, he’ll get sick and puke it back up. If you’ve ever seen a piece of puked up octopus floating around in the ocean, be sure to grab it, because it’s worth more that gold, pound for pound. Does anybody know what they make out of puked-up octopus? Used in perfume, that is correct. That explains a few things doesn’t it fellows? You want get some brownie points? Say, (sniff) Hey dear, you smell like a puked-up octopus. You can sleep on the couch for a month, too. There are some awfully big critters out there in the ocean, folks. I mean some really big ones.
      At Yale University they’ve got a model of a giant squid hanging up there in their Peabody Museum. This baby giant squid washed up on the beach in New Zealand; they said full grown it would have been a hundred and fifty feet long. There’s big stuff in the ocean, the ocean is pretty big. I flew back over the Pacific coming back from Australia, and Brian over here on this camera works in my office; I said, “Brian, the Pacific Ocean is huge.” He said, “That’s just the top of it.” I thought, wow!! What a thought. That is just the top of it.

Job-Dinosaurs in the Bible

     Now people say, wait a minute; if dinosaurs lived with man and Noah took them on the ark and they are mentioned in history, are dinosaurs mentioned in the Bible? Well, yes. You say, “I read my Bible; I didn’t see them.” Well, they’re in there.

Hard Times

     If you read the book of Job (the book of Job has forty-two chapters, right in the center of the Bible). In the first two chapters Job lost everything: his camels and sheep and oxen were stolen or killed, his ten kids all died, his wife turned against him, he lost his health. Job is covered with boils from the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, and his four friends came to torment him-or to comfort him. They must have been Baptist; the way I’ve got it figured. They said, “Job, everything is going wrong? We know why, you sinned.”
      Listen folks, if something bad happens to somebody, you don’t know why it happened; you should love them, pray for them, encourage them, and shut up. Don’t go to the hospital when they get their gallstones taken out and walk in the recovery room and say,”Hey brother, these ain’t gallstones these are tithes and offerings; God’s getting them out of you one way or another.” Don’t do that; let God take care of why everything is going wrong.
      Job is sitting there in the ashes, with all ten kids all dead, his wife turned against him; he’s got a broken piece of pottery and he’s scrapping the puss out the boils that cover his body. His friends talked to him for thirty-five chapters. Most of the book of Job is these four guys arguing with Job about why it all happened. One of those guys was the shortest man mentioned in the Bible-Bildad the Shuhite [shoe-height]. Pretty short! Cousin Nehemiah [knee-high-miah] was next to the shortest. Bildad, Eliphaz, and Zophar they talked to Job for thirty-five chapters. Telling Job, “You must have sinned.”

Romans 8:28

     Job didn’t know about Romans 8:28, but he’s saying, “Lord, I wish You’d answer me; why is this going on? Boy, I wish he would answer me.” Well, the answer was coming, Job. Romans 8:28, “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them that are the called according to His purpose.” By the way, it doesn’t say that everything that happens is good. Everything works together for good.
      Have you ever been real hungry? Been hungry? Suppose you came to my house and said, “Brother Hovind, I’m hungry.” I say, “I’ll fix you up; here’s a cup of flour, eat this.” Cup of flour, ugh. How ’bout this? A tablespoon full of butter? Ugh. I got it! A spoonful of salt. Here open your mouth. Ugh. How ’bout a spoonful of grease. Here open your mouth. How ’bout we mix them all together and make pancakes? Ahh, now you’re talking, right? I don’t know if that’s the ingredients in pancakes or not, but close enough. You know what I’m talking about. The individual ingredients don’t taste good, but together they taste good.
      And God didn’t say that everything that happens is good; he said that everything that works together for good. But, not for everybody, and not even for every Christian. You might be a Christian and have bad things happen to you. He said, this is for those who “Love God, and to them who are the called according to His purpose.” Really, all you need to worry about in this life is make sure your heart is right with God. That’ll be a full time job, by the way. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked, who can know it?” Just keeping your wicked heart right with God will keep you busy for the rest of your life.
      So Job is there scrapping puss out of the boils saying, “Why, God, did this happen to me? Please answer me why?” Folks, you don’t have to live on this planet very long before you’ll have those words coming out of your mouth. “God, why are you doing this to me?”

God Answers Job

     Finally, in chapter 38, “The Lord answered Job out of the whirlwind and said, ‘Who is this that darkeneth council by word without knowledge’.” In other words, “Job, your four buddies did not know what they were talking about.” “Gird up now thy loins like a man pride will demand of thee an answer thou me. Where wast though when I laid the foundations of the earth?” I read that twenty-nine years ago as a brand new Christian. And thought, “What a dumb question.” “Where were you when I built the earth?”
      Why would God ask him something like that? How many of you were here when God built the earth? Was anybody here when God made the world. Now kids, this is going to be complicated so listen carefully. Now, since you were not here when God built the world, that means-that God is older than you are. How many can figure that out with no help? Ok. Did it ever occur to you that God is stronger than you are? Did it ever occur to you that God is smarter than you are? Did it ever occur to you that God is richer than you are? You say, “Brother Hovind, everybody is richer than I are.” Well, God sure is. Try this one. I’ve said this one a thousand times and never understood it once, but I like saying it. Did it ever occur to you, that nothing ever occurred to God. Things occur to me all the time. I say, “Wow, I never thought of that before.” Did you know that never happens to God; He already thought of everything. You say, “God did you know.? Yes, son I knew.” How do you sneak up on a guy like that? Did you know that God knows everything you’re thinking. And get this, He loves you anyway! What a nice guy.
      The Lord said, “Job, where were you when I laid the foundations of the earth?” Job does not answer the question. Job doesn’t say a word. So God asked him another one.”Declare, if thou hast understanding. Who hath laid the measures thereof, if thou knowest? Job doesn’t answer, so God asks him another one. And another one, and another one, another one. God asked him eight-four questions in a row. Job never answered one.

Scientifically Accurate

God said,”Hast thou entered into the springs of the sea?” Scientists didn’t even know there were springs in the sea until 1977. God asked Job this question about four thousand years ago. See, science is very slowly catching up with the few parts of the Bible. The Lord said, “Job where is the way where light dwelleth?” That’s an amazing verse folks. See, light doesn’t stay in a place; it’s in a way, it’s always moving. You can’t give me a jar of light can you? Pretty amazing. God said, “By what way is the light parted, which scattereth the east wind upon the earth?” The light causes the wind? The weatherman didn’t even know about that until about a hundred and fifty years ago. But, the light causes the wind doesn’t it? Sunlight heats up an area, makes it expand, hot air rises, expands, creates a wind current. Perfectly scientific right there.
      The Lord said, “Job, canst though send lightning?” Boy, it’s a good thing I can’t. How many of you can think of somebody that’s lucky to be alive, because you can’t send the lighting? Can you think of a few? There you go; maybe a boss, or a sergeant in the military. God said,”Can you send the lightning?”

Why God was Asking

     You know God asked Job eighty-four questions; Job never answered one. These are the kind of questions that don’t need an answer. The answer is obvious. Actually, the purpose of the question is to change the person’s attitude. These are the same kind of questions you dads have to ask your kids. I have three kids; I know what I’m talking about. Kids get to a certain age and they start to get kinda of cocky. They think maybe they should make the rules around the house. You dads will understand this; kid comes in one day and says,”Hey dad, listen I believe that I should be able to stay out until four in the morning with my friends. After all, I’m ten now.” Dad says,”Hold on just a minute kid. You’d like to know why you can’t stay out ’til four in the morning. Well, son let me ask you a few questions. Who pays the electric bill around this house? Who pays the gas bill? Who’s paying for the house? Who’s paying for the insurance? Who paid for those clothes you’re wearing son? Who paid for the bed you slept in last night? Who pays for the food you eat, eat, eat, eat, eat, and eat? Who pays for the hot water and soap you took a shower with about a month ago? Let’s just get it straight right now, son. The Bible is very clear, he who payeth the bills, maketh the rules. II Opinions chapter four. You see, son, me:dad; you:kid. If you are going to sleep under my roof, and eat my food, you’re going to do it my way. When you want to do it your way, go get your own roof to sleep and get your own food to eat and you can do it your way. That’s the golden rule son; he that hath the gold, makes the rules. Who do you think you are kid? Where were you when we got this property and cleared this land and drove off the Indians and walked uphill to school forty miles in the snow barefoot, both ways? Me, Dad; you, kid.
      I think that’s what God is doing with Job. Job is sitting there griping, “God why did you kill all my kids?” The Lord says, “Job where were you when I built the earth? Job can you send the lighting? Job, can you do this.?” Eighty-four questions in a row. Job was getting what we call today, an attitude adjustment. Anybody ever have to give one of those to one of your kids? An attitude adjustment. Mmm. Sometimes you have to bend a child over to straighten them out, but it works pretty good. God was giving Job an attitude adjustment. God asked Job eighty-four questions in a row; Job never answered one.


     We come to chapter forty, God is still talking, and He said, “Behold now Behemoth.” Behemoth? What on earth is a Behemoth? Some reference Bibles say that “Behemoth” is an elephant or hippopotamus. It can not be either of those. I think “Behemoth” is the long-neck dinosaur, of which there is about thirteen varieties: the brachiosaur, the apatosaur, the cetiosaur, mamenshisaur, seismosaur, my blondisaurus-just make sure to talk to her kind of slow; she’s down here on the table.

Biblical description

     I think when God said, “Behold now, Behemoth.” He’s talking about brachiosaurus, the long-neck dinosaur. It says it eats grass like an ox. Some people say, “Now wait a minute, Brother Hovind, a lot of animals eat grass.” I know. Better look at the next verse.
      The next verse says,”His strength is in his loins and his force is in the navel of his belly. The biggest, strongest part on him is his belly. People say, “Elephants have a big belly.” I’ve got one right here. Hippopotamus have a big belly; I’ve seen them. Brachiosaurus has a big belly; I’ve seen them. This guy’s got a big belly. Better look at the next verse, right?
      Next verse says,”He moveth his tail like a cedar.” His tail is like a cedar tree? Have you ever seen an elephant’s tail? Would that remind you of a cedar tree? I don’t think so, no.
      Next verse says,”His bones are strong pieces of brass, his bones are like bars of iron.” This guy had big heavy duty bones. They did, by the way. Here’s one on the table. This is a real toe bone from a brachiosaurus. Now, kids this is going to be kind of complicated, so listen carefully. The reason he had such big toe bones-is because he had big toes. How many can figure that out with no help? He had those big toes because he had a big foot. They’re big enough footprints to take a bath in. They had that big foot, because they had a big leg to hold up. Just the front leg is twenty feet tall. They had that big leg, because they had a big body. The biggest one they’ve ever found was found in Alberta, Canada. They say it’s a new world record, one-hundred and fifty feet from nose to tail. They say it’s going to take them sixty years to dig is out of the ground, because it is a government project. They say that when it was alive it probably weighed a hundred tons. Now, a hundred tons is a big number. Big numbers do not fit in a human brain; Congress knows that and takes advantage of it all the time. But, a hundred tons is equal to fourteen schools buses put together. That means if he were to come by and step on you, you would be deeply impressed by him. You would be road pizza.
      Speaking of government projects, I got to share with you folks my new invention. I’ve invented something that’s going to make the richest man in the world. I’m going to save so much money for the highway department, construction crews, utility companies, and the military. All I want is ten percent of the savings; I’ll be the richest man in the world. I have invented a shovel that will stand up by itself; you won’t have to hire that guy to lean on it anymore. That must have been that crew working on Highway 29 here in Pensacola, man.
      Next verse says,”He is the chief of the ways of God.” He’s the chief, that’s the Hebrew word Rischa which means “The principal, the chief, the beginning.” He’s the biggest animal God ever made. That wouldn’t be the elephant or hippopotamus, it’d be the brachiosaurus.

Satanic Perversion

     You know, it fits the pattern that the devil works. Whenever God makes things, the devil tries to ruin them. God invented some beautiful things and the Devil has tried to ruin them ever since. God invented music; God loves music, and the Devil has invented some ungodly kinds of music you ought not listen to. Somebody asked me on time, “Brother Hovind, do you know what you get when you play country music backwards?” I said, “No.” They said, “You get your wife, your pickup, and your hound dog all back.” Oh, yeah, backmasking I heard about that. God invented marriage and family and sex and God made them male and female. He understands it pretty good, and he put some rules down. Boys, don’t touch the girls until you’re married to them. Now, if you don’t want to touch them, you stay away from me please. I saw your kind in San Francisico. God put the rules down because he wants the best for his kids. God invented the dinosaurs and they represented the awesome power of God.
      You know, scientists today are still amazed how a giraffe, seventeen feet tall, can bend down and get a drink and lift his head up and not get a headache. Incredible network of blood vessels in their neck; their heart is two feet long to pump the blood up there, incredible. This guy’s head was fifty feet off the ground-engineering marvel.

The Devil’s Lie.

The Devil couldn’t fool Adam about them, Adam named them. He knew they [humans] were with them. Devil couldn’t fool Noah with dinosaurs, because he had them on the ark. He fed them every morning. The Devil couldn’t fool people for hundreds of years, because they knew about them. But, as time came along, dinosaurs became more rare; big ones died off or killed off. Thousand years ago, they were extremely rare, five hundred years ago they were even more rare, and the population of people started to sky rocket. So here we’ve got billions of people on the earth that [have] never seen a dinosaur. Two hundred years ago, when they found the bones and put one together, the Devil said,”Ha, Ha, here’s my chance; I’ve been waiting six thousand years for this. These critters have always lived with man, I know that and God knows that. But these people don’t know that.” The devil said, “I think that I’m going to tell these folks that they lived millions of years ago, and if they believe it, it will make them doubt the Bible.”
      And boy, has it worked good. For the last hundred and fifty years, boys and girls go to kindergarten and they learn, “Boys and girls, we are going to read about prehistoric animals.” You open up the first page of the book and it shows a dinosaur. The first sentence in the book says, “Millions of years ago.” Right? And those kids are learning to doubt the Bible before they can even read it. Satan is reaching the kids when they are three and four years old. And we are waiting to win them back to the Lord when they’re twelve or sixteen, and the devil already has them.
      Go to any public school-I was in a public school a couple years ago. I had three-hundred first graders in the room with me. I spoke on dinosaurs. That was exciting; three hundred first graders. I said, “Boys and girls, when did dinosaurs live?” Instantly , the entire crowd shouted out, “Millions of years ago.” How did they learn that? Where’s the Christian? Isn’t that calling Jesus a liar? Jesus said that the creation of Adam was the beginning and no death until Adam sinned. I think it’s time Christians quit being afraid of the subject dinosaurs and start using them for the glory of God.

Back to Behemoth

     The Bible says,”He lieth under the shady trees, in the covert of reed and fens.” The word “Fens” is the old English word that means “The swamp.” Behemoth lived in the swamp. Well, the biggest swamp; n the world is in the middle of Africa. It’s called the Likouala Swamp. Fifty-five thousand square miles. Bigger than the entire state of Arkansas, where our President and her husband Bill come from. This is a big swamp folks. Hard to comprehend, for an American, the size of Africa. Here’s how America compares to Africa. It’s gigantic. That Congo swamp is eighty percent unexplored. Did you know that there have been many reports out of the Congo swamp of dinosaurs still alive? That swamp is bigger than any one of these yellow states. Same size as these three red states here. A swamp as big as Florida, eighty percent unexplored.
      You say, “Wait Brother Hovind, dinosaurs still alive?” Well, there aren’t any giant ones; they couldn’t survive today, because the climate is different. There have been 20,000 reported sitings of dinosaurs this century. How many have ever heard of Loch Ness Monster? Lake Champlain Monster? Mokele-mbembe in the Congo swamp in Africa. The stories go on and on. We cover that on the second half of this video tape; dinosaurs that are still alive. I don’t want you to think that there are millions of them. It’s still safe to go to the mall. But, there is still some around folks. Closest one I know to here was seen in 1962 in Pensacola Harbor. Get videotape two and watch the last half and you’ll see a story that will absolutely amaze you. Four kids eaten by a dinosaur. One survived and saw it happen to the other four. Got the whole story right there on the table; we’ve got it on video tape number two.
      You say, “Now Brother Hovind, if dinosaurs have been living with man all through history, what about Job 41 where it talks about Leviathan the fire-breathing dragon? Was there really a fire-breathing dragons? Oh, yes. We talk about that in the next session. You say, “Now wait a minute. If the textbooks are telling the kids the earth is billions of years old, are there any other lies in the textbooks?” A bunch. We cover that on video tape number four. Some people say, “Now, hold on Brother Hovind, if there was a flood what made the world flood? Why did the world all of the sudden flood?” Well, there are a couple of theories about that, and I’ll share the Hovind theory with you on video tape number six. Then people say, “If Charlie Darwin wrote the book about evolution in 1859, why did he do that, and what affect did it have on our society? How does this tie in with socialism, communism, Marxism, Nazism, the New World Order?” Oh, it ties in directly, and we cover that on video tape number five. How they tie in with the evil things that have happened in this world.

Seminar 3b: Dinosaurs Alive Today

(previous 1999 version of this seminar)


      Okay, in the previous sessions we talked about the age of the earth. The Bible teaches that God made the whole world about 6,000 years ago. And then we talked about how dinosaurs have always lived with man. They are part of the normal creation.
      Now, in this session we want to cover dinosaurs that are still alive. I know how crazy that sounds, but I’ve been researching this for a long time, folks. Let me just share with you what I’ve found and then you can make your own decision. The Bible says in the book of Job that there was an animal named Behemoth that God describes in Job chapter 40. And it says this animal, Behemoth, lieth under the shady trees in the covert of the reed and fens. The word fens is an archaic English word that means the swamp. Behemoth lives in the swamp.

Dinosaurs in the Congo

Description of the Congo

     Well the biggest swamp in the world today is the Likouala swamp in the middle of Africa. Mostly in the Congo but partly in Zaire. That swamp is 55,000 square miles of swampland. That means it is bigger than the whole state of Arkansas. It’s bigger than many of the states here in America. Almost as big as Georgia. Georgia is 58,000 square miles. That swamp was taken over by the Belgians in 1880 and it was called the Belgian Congo. How many of you learned it as the Belgian Congo when you studied your history years ago? Then in 1960 the communists came in there and liberated them. You know how the communists liberate countries. They killed everybody and said, “Okay, you are free now”. And so they liberated them. It was called the Belgian Congo up until 1960.
      Well explorers began going into that swamp in 1880, and they began coming back with reports that there are dinosaurs still alive. In 1910 this article appeared in the New York Herald. “Is a Brontosaurus Roaming Africa’s Wilds?”. Of course we have since discovered there was no Brontosaurus. They had the wrong head on the skeleton. But probably something more like a diplodocus or an apatosaurus.
      In 1948 this article appeared in the Saturday Evening Post. The author said, “A well known South African big game hunter, named Mr. Gobler, returned from a trip to Angola and announced to the Capetown Newspaper that there was an animal of large dimensions, the description of which could only fit a dinosaur, dwelling in the Dilolo Swamps and known to the natives as ‘chipekwe.’ It has the head and tail of a lizard.” In different parts of the area over there, they have different names for the same creature, depending upon their local language I’m sure.

Mokele Mbembe

     But in 1980, Dr. Roy Mackal from the University of Chicago had read all of these stories about those creatures still alive in African swamps. He was a microbiology professor. So he decided he should go to the Congo Swamps and check it out for himself. He went over to the swamps and spent six weeks. He said it’s the most miserable swamp in the world. Right on the equator. 95 degrees all the time. And 95 percent humidity all of the time. Mosquitoes landed on them at the rate of 1000 per hour. Just a miserable place to go. They were there for six weeks. They talked to the natives that lived in the swamp and said,”Do you have any crocodiles in this swamp?” And they said, “Oh, white man, we have big crocodiles!” They paced off on the sand bar how long they were and nobody would believe them. Until 1983 or 1984, one of the expeditions that went to that swamp saw a fifty foot crocodile! Now if you are a pygmy, four feet four inches tall, a fifty footer looks real big to you!
      They asked the natives, they showed them pictures in a kid’s coloring book. They said,”Have you ever seen an animal that looks like this?” The natives said, “Oh yeah, that’s Mokele Mbembe. He lives in the swamp.” Dr. Mackal said, “Fellows, that’s a dinosaur! Don’t you know they’ve been dead for 70 million years?” The natives said, “We’re sorry, we didn’t know about that. See we’ve never been to America to study evolution. All we know is we see them out there every once in a while when we’re fishing in the swamp.”
      Now I don’t want you to go home and say there are billions of dinosaurs roaming the world and you need to be careful when you go to the mall. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is there are a few places where there is still a few that have been spotted here lately. And a swamp in Africa is one of those places.
      The animals there that they call Mokele Mbembe are only about 20 feet long. Most of that is neck and tail. The body is about the size of a hippopotamus. Total of about 20 feet. They claim that these animals live under water. They live in caves or they live under water. And they come out, barely stick their necks out and grab the plants on the side of the river. Their favorite plant is the Malombo plant. There is Dr. Mackal holding one of the Malombo plants. It’s got a fruit kind of like an apple on it, only harder than an apple. And the animals just love these things. And the natives said, “If you’d like to find Mokele Mbembe just travel through the swamp until you find lots of Malombo plants and no hippopotamus.” Hippos like to eat it also, but Mokele Mbembe doesn’t like hippos so he drives them out of the river or the swamp and he takes over that area for himself.
      They did find footprints of the creatures on shore. Apparently they come out at night to get more plants and the footprints had claw marks on them. Elephants and hippos are about the same size but they do not have claws on their feet. The natives claim that these animals will sometimes surprise you when you are going in your canoe through the swampy area and they will come up out of the river, or the swamp holes they call them. And if you happen to get too close to it and startle it, its tail will smash your canoe and he will drown you. But he won’t eat you if that’s any consolation.
      A missionary friend of mine was there for 42 years as a missionary. His name is Eugene Thomas. There is his phone number. He said he had two pygmies in his church that helped kill one of the creatures back in about 1959.
      Marcellin Agnagna is a biologist from the Congo. He went on one of the expeditions back into the swamp. He said, “You know I live in the Congo and I didn’t know that 500 miles up river from my house the swamp had stories of dinosaurs. He went back there and claims that he saw one. Now this is a communist country so he’s probably an atheist. But he said, “I’ll draw a sketch on the board of what I saw.” And he drew that sketch. It’s in Time/Life and Mysterious Creatures.
      Herman Regusters from Los Angeles, from Jet Propulsion Laboratory, took an expedition in 1981 or 1982 I believe. When he came back the Los Angeles Newspaper carried this article about a dinosaur like creature that was photographed. And the photograph was kind of fuzzy. Regusters said that the humidity is so bad over there just survival is a full time job. Keeping your equipment dry and serviceable is another whole set of problems. And then being alert enough when you do get a five or ten second glimpse of something to do something with it is another whole set of problems.
      People often say, “Well why doesn’t someone get a good, clear photograph?” Well that’s a fair question. Let me ask you a question. How many of you have ever seen a car wreck? You watched it happen. You saw an accident? I’d like to see you get a picture of one as it happens. In the first place, who has got a camera with them at all times? And if you did have a camera and you saw an accident, you wouldn’t think of it in time. You are so caught up in the moment.
      So I think that’s part of the problem with these sightings of the dinosaurs still alive. Certainly in the African swamp, you are just worried about survival and mosquitoes and everything else. But Regusters said the creature was dark brown. The skin appeared slick and smooth with a long neck and a small head. Herman-that’s Herman Regusters and his wife Kia-saw this creature. They heard it making a roar. Many other members of the expedition including government officials heard it and saw it. The natives claim these animals live in caves along the side of the swamp. And they eat plants for awhile and when there are not enough plants they move on someplace else. So it’s not a simple matter of,”hey let’s drive over to Africa and take a picture and drive back home.” It’s just not quite that simple. In the first place, this area is almost as big as Georgia, and they said you could average about one mile per hour traveling through this impenetrable swamp. It would take you all day to go eight or ten miles. If I told you there were a hundred elephants hiding in Georgia and you can only go one mile an hour and I want you to find them. You’d better bring a lunch! You’re going to be there for awhile. Right?
      This Mokele Mbembe creature has been reported by many expeditions by people who have gone over there. Including William Gibbons, a friend of mine from Canada. He and I have written a book called Claws, Jaws and Dinosaurs. It is written for young readers and is all about dinosaurs still living. He’s been over there three times. There’s his phone number.
      A missionary friend of mine named Cal Bombay works for the One Hundred Huntley Street in Toronto, Canada. He and his wife are missionaries in Kenya. And he said they saw a creature like this sunning his self on the road. They watched it for fifteen minutes.
      At the end of my videotape number two, we put interviews on there. I’ve interviewed about fifty people who have seen one of these creatures. And we get as many as we can on videotape. And we put it right at the end of tape number two. If you get that tape you can see for yourself the interviews with these people.

South American Dinosaurs

     Down in South America, there is a large, swampy area called the Amazon Jungle. How many have ever heard of the Amazon Jungle before? [The] Amazon River is gigantic! In 1907, Col. Percy Fawcett of the British Army was sent to mark the boundaries between Brazil and Peru. He was an officer in the Royal Engineers and was well known as a meticulous recorder of facts. Col. Fawcett said in 1907, when he came back from that trip that he was in the swamps there and he saw an animal he believed to be Diplodocus. The Diplodocus is this creature right here. The natives in that part of the swamp in Amazon said, “Yep, we’ve got those living out there in the swamp.” Many different tribes around that region report the same thing in South America. Col. Fawcett shot and killed and measured a 62-foot Anaconda snake. The natives that were with him said,”Colonel, you should see the big ones!” He said, “This is not a big one?!” A couple of years ago, 130 foot Boa was reported in Reuters News Service in Peru. It scared the soccer team half to death! They said the snake went crashing through the jungle and left a trail wide enough through the trees that you could drive your wagon down it. Then the snake went back into the river. This one, they claim, was 150 feet long. It floated down the Amazon.
      One of my former students from California, when I was teaching out there, was a missionary in Minoas, Brazil. Which is kind of in the middle of the country. He said, “Mr. Hovind, we are way up river of the Amazon. Right in the middle of the country.” He said, “Where we live the Amazon River is only nine miles wide. Can you imagine a river nine miles wide? It’s amazing.

Loch Ness

The Search for Nessie

     There’s a lake in Northern Scotland called Loch Ness. Has anyone ever heard of Loch Ness before? Loch Ness is a huge lake. Twenty-four miles long. About 1-1.5 miles wide. It’s nearly 1000 feet deep in places. It has been reported, or calculated I should say, that Loch Ness is capable of holding every person in the world. All six billion people in the world could go drown in Loch Ness at the same time. It’s a big lake!
      The problem with Loch Ness is it’s up in the mountains and if you wanted to see the lake, you had to either travel up river seven miles from the town of Inverness or you had to climb over the mountains to get there-until 1933 when they decided to go in with a bulldozer and dynamite and put a roadbed along the edge of Loch Ness. Because there really was no place to put a road. So they chiseled a groove in the mountains and put a road there. This book is showing a picture of the road looking the other direction. See, they cut into the mountains to make this roadbed. This author reported that in 1933, there were 52 separate sightings the first year the road was in. By 1960, when this book was written, the author said there had been 9000 reported sightings of the Loch Ness Monster. Today it is over 11,000. There are 11,000 people that have claimed they have seen something in Loch Ness! Now of course there are always hoaxes and frauds. I’m not going to say that all 11,000 are legitimate. But just because there are some hoaxes and frauds doesn’t mean they are all hoaxes and frauds.
      World Book Encyclopedia spent a lot of money to take a submarine from Georgia over to Scotland and put it down in Loch Ness. The guy in the submarine, named Dan Taylor (he now lives in Hardeeville, South Carolina). Dan Taylor went down in the submarine. And here is what he said about it. He said, “Nessie was pretty elusive. I thought I got her. Something was lying on the bottom, and the wash from it threw my submarine way off course.” He’s building another sub, by the way, to go back. He still wants to write a capture of the Loch Ness Monster with a mini sub.

Operation Deepscan

     Well they gave up on the sub idea because pretty much because the water is so black. It’s like being in a giant cup of coffee. Visibility is zero. You turn your spotlights on and the light just doesn’t penetrate. So instead they put boats all the way across the top of the lake and they called it Operation”Deepscan”. And they scanned the bottom of Loch Ness. As far as anybody knows, that’s the first time there has been a sonar scan of the lake bottom. They said the bottom of the lake is wrinkled up like a raisin. Lots of places to hide. I’ve got a map from Scotland. A map of Loch Ness. There were caves going off to the side also of Loch Ness. Lots of places to hide. I’m sure the critter heard 24 boats coming down the lake and said, time to go someplace.

Pictures of Nessie

     One guy got a picture of a giant diamond shaped flipper. This was taken by the Academy of Applied Science. Underwater photography is difficult because the water is so black. But they took those pictures with a sonar-activated camera. One man did get a picture of Nessie with its mouth open. That picture is from Reader’s Digest Strange Stories. Many people have said they have seen humps sticking up out of the water moving across the lake at very great speeds. Tim Dinsdale got good film footage of almost a minute of this creature going across the lake. And it wasn’t a boat, it wasn’t a submarine. The Royal Air Force Academy or somebody over there in England analyzed the photo and said, “This is a live animate object.” They claim that this picture was a fake. And it could be, I don’t know. Called the “Surgeon’s photo”. But I think it’s awful interesting that they waited till the last guy died to announce it’s a fake. They claim that he said on his deathbed that the picture was a fake. And he might have, I don’t know. But I think it’s kind of interesting there are no living witnesses now to determine the truth.
      But even if that one is a fake, it doesn’t matter. There are 11,000 sighting of this creature. And there are other lakes besides Loch Ness. There are seven other lakes just in Scotland reporting similar creatures. And you can go to your library and books on any one of these. If your library is on the Library of Congress system, you go to QL 89. Or if it’s on the Dewey system, you go to 001.9 and you will find books on Loch Ness Monster.

Other Sea Creatures

The Cornish Sea Serpent

     There is one called The Cornish Sea Serpent down in Southern England. In the English Channel something has been seen reported many times. A similar creature. A dictionary in 1766, we think it’s a 1766 dictionary – the cover and first two pages were torn off. The best we could tell; that’s what the research indicates. This was listed in the dictionary in 1766. We looked up the word “Sea Dragon.” It said, “A Marine monster caught in England in 1749, resembling, in some degree, an alligator, but having two large fins which served for swimming or flying. It had two legs terminating in hoofs, like those of an ass. Its body was covered with impenetrable scales, and it had five rows of teeth. Strange creature.” In 1934, Time Magazine ran this picture. There is a man in the upper right hand corner there for scale. Something huge laid on the beach in Normandy, France. They said it “Was definitely: 1) not a whale; 2) not a sea cow. It’s is possible we are in the presence of an unknown species.” March edition 1934.


     Something slammed past a couple of scientists on a boat in Brazil in 1905. The guys who saw this creature were on some yacht. They said it had a dorsal fin six feet long and two feet high. And a small head on a neck about seven or eight feet long in front of the fin. Two experienced British naturalists saw it. They said there was a good-sized body under the water. But couldn’t see the details.

New Zealand

     Down by New Zealand there is a place where the Japanese do a lot of fishing. It’s called the Chattum Rise because at that point the water is only 900 feet deep. You say, “Only?” The rest of the ocean is a lot deeper than that! I flew back over the Pacific from preaching in Australia. I told one of the guys in the office I said, “Man, the Pacific Ocean is huge!” He said, “That’s just the top of it.” Pretty amazing thought.
      But down by New Zealand they fish and one day they were fishing down there in 1977 with this gigantic fishing boat. Dragging their massive nets down across the bottom, they pulled up a dead, rotten, stinking carcass from 900 feet down. It was 32 feet long, and weighed 4000 pounds apparently a Plesiosaurus. It stunk so badly, that they photographed it a bunch of times and threw it back. They made sketches of the thing. A marine biologist on board made the sketches. Said it had four flippers and a skinny neck. Of course the typical humanist or evolutionist answer to this is that it was a basking shark. And they go through all of their details about the gill slits rotting away and the fins rotting away. The guys who had it on board in their hands said look we know what basking sharks are; it was not a basking shark. The Japanese Government issued a special stamp in 1977. A commemorative stamp, first class mail.


     In Russia, there have been several sightings in some different lakes in Russia. There is one lake they call Mystery Lake. Some scientists went up there and said they saw a creature with a big fin on its back and a long skinny neck. A different spot up in the North Coast of Russia in the Arctic Ocean, what looked like a dinosaur washed up on coast just after a storm in the Arctic in 1994. A Russian news service reported the carcass was 39 feet long. Well what is that?


     In Japan there are several different lakes that are reporting creatures similar to this. There’s one they say has a long neck and it’s an eel like monster. Many people have seen it. A different lake in Japan has a creature that they’ve nicknamed “Issie”. They’ve got a statue of it up there by the lake. Whatever it is.


     In China there has been something seen over there in one of the lakes. They call it an USO. Unidentified Swimming Object. The monster was golden yellow. It had a long neck and a beard and a horned head the size of a wash basin. What on earth is that?


     Just a few years ago up in Sweden, there was an expedition to go to one of the giant lakes up there. 450 people have reported they’ve seen something awfully big in that lake in Sweden.


     Canada has twenty different lakes that are still getting regularly reported sighting of dinosaur like creatures still alive. I’ve got the article right here about Canada’s lake monster. As well as names and addresses of many people who have claimed they’ve seen this creature. There are articles in the paper all of the time about Nessie’s Canadian cousin.      Ogopogo      In Southern British Columbia there is a big lake in the town of Kelowna. The lake is called Okanagan. It is 80 miles long. Many people there have reported a creature called the Ogopogo. There are songs about it. There is a million-dollar reward for anyone who can capture the Ogopogo. If you’d like to try and capture it. If you watch the videotape number two, at the end I put some clips on there of some people who have seen it. You can listen to them describe it for yourself. This article about Ogopogo says, “They were the latest among thousands to see something strange in this narrow, 80-mile-long lake in southern British Columbia.”
      I talked to the man on top here. His name is Keith Ross. I talked to him for about an hour and audiotaped the conversation. These four guys were fishing off of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. They were fishing in the Atlantic Ocean six miles off of the shore. I talked to Keith Ross. I met with him in 1992. There is his phone number if you want to call him and verify anything I’m telling you [902-745-2285]. He said he was 67 and he’d been fishing out there since he was five years old. He said the creature was 40-50 feet long. It had a wide mouth and 4-foot tusks like a walrus as well as other pointed, sharp teeth about the size of his finger. It chased their boat for 1-2 miles. Its head was out of the water about 15 feet. It can’t be a fish because they have to breathe underwater. I showed him a plesiosaur. He said it was close but not exact. What he saw had a two-foot thick, eight to nine foot long neck. Nine-inch diameter eyes with yellow/red circles around them. And they were set at an angle from the front not on the side like a fish. He could see no visible means of propulsion as it swam toward them. It was grayish brown, covered in barnacles, rough textured and did not appear to have scales. They were six miles south of Cape Sable Island, Nova Scotia, Canada. The water was 180 feet deep and flat calm. He said, “I don’t want to see it again!”      Cadborosaurus      I’ve got a book about the Cadborosaurus. Interesting creature. Many folks have claimed they’ve seen the Cadborosaurus in Cadboro Bay, British Columbia just north of Vancouver. It has been seen down as far south as Oregon. All up and down the Pacific Coast there. A baby one three meters long was found inside the stomach of a sperm whale. They say the creature has a long neck, short pointed front flippers and a horse-like head. These two pilots saw one here recently. They reported seeing Caddy over there in British Columbia. A man caught one and had it in a bucket in his boat! He drew that sketch of it. It was sixteen inches long. This is found on page 57 of the book. He said it was scratching the bucket trying to get out, so he felt kind of bad. He thought it was going to die, so he threw it over board.
      This book Monster! Monster!-we have it available from our ministry. It is all about North American sightings of creatures similar to Loch Ness Monster.      Lake Memphremagog Monster      I talked to this man in the photo. His name is Jacques Boisvert. He’s a Canadian fellow. He speaks French and he speaks English pretty well. I talked to Jacques Boisvert for three hours. He said, “Mr. Hovind, I collect sightings of the Lake Memphremagog Monster.” It is a big lake that goes from Vermont up into Quebec, Canada. Jacques videotapes interviews with the folks. He doesn’t allow them to practice his live first time videotape interview. He has doctors, corporate vice presidents, lots of people who have claimed they’ve seen the Lake Memphremagog Monster.

Other North American Sightings

The Block Ness Monster      Something has been seen and reported in the Potomac River. They say it has a striking resemblance to the Loch Ness Monster.
      This creature washed up on the coast of Rhode Island a couple of years ago on Block Island. So of course they called it the Block Ness Monster. It was fourteen feet long and somebody stole the bones. Now nobody knows where it is. It has disappeared.      Erie’s Bessie      There is a big lake in America called Lake Erie. There have lots of folks who have claimed they’ve seen the Erie Monster. “Erie’s Besse matches Nessie.” They say the creature is 35 feet long and has a snake-like head. Many folks have claimed they’ve seen the Lake Erie Monster. It’s reported in the newspaper from time to time. Boaters spot the Erie Monster here in Ontario. They say the creature “Moved up and down not side to side like a snake.”
      I talked to John Kraft. My interviewed with him is on videotape number two. He said, “Mr. Hovind, when I saw that creature, the head was out of the water first. By the time I got my camera set up and focused in, the head was down and all I got was the back. Sorry about that. But that’s the picture I got.”
      In 1998, I talked to Pete Peterson who lives in Cleveland, Ohio. He said he was walking on the beach about six years earlier and found a dead baby creature three feet long. The seagulls had been pecking at it. Pete took it home with him and mounted it. He’s a taxidermist. He said this creature was lying on the beach of Lake Erie. Strange looking little fellow. Four flippers and has a tail sort of like a fish. He said it had something like pouches on the side of its cheeks. Carl Baugh bought it and it’s in the museum in Glen Rose, Texas now. They’ve done a DNA analysis and a CAT scan x-ray. It had a fish hook stuck up in its head. Apparently somebody caught it sometime in the past and broke the line. The fish hook is still in there, it shows up on the CAT scan. Strange little critter.      Massachussetts      There is a place called Scituate, Massachusetts that is south of Boston where this creature washed up on the beach in 1970. I talked to the lady who was the first one there on the scene. The lady and a sheriff at 2 o’clock in the morning, they had both heard about this creature on the radio or something, and came to see it before it got all chopped up. By the time they got pictures of it, everyone had been out there hacking off pieces to have a piece of the sea monster. So it is all chopped up in this picture. But it was 50 feet long. They said laying on the beach it was about eight feet thick. They said you could smell it about three miles away. Everybody argued about what it was. Finally the health department came and took dynamite and blew it back into the ocean. They said that they didn’t want 50 feet of rotten meat laying on the beach right here near a major city. And they argued about it for a long time. And the people from Wood’s Hole Oceanographic Center said it’s a basking shark. Typical response. And the other folks that saw it said,”Hey look, it was not a basking shark, it was a sea serpent.” I don’t know, you can argue with them if you’d like.      California’s Nessie      On the coast of California, in Monterey Bay, something washed up on the beach in 1925. It came to be known as”California’s Nessie”. There is an article from Skin Diver Magazine about”California’s Nessie”. We sell the book at our ministry called Shipwrecks and Sea Monsters of California’s Central Coast. Here are a few pages from that book. Here you can see the head of that creature as it lay on the beach. The guy in the background has a rifle in case it moves again. The neck was 20 feet long. Some people tried to say it was some rare form of beached whale. Excuse me? Show me any neck on a whale! Talk about a rare form! The guys who examined it, like the president of the Natural History Society in British Columbia, said, “My examination of the monster was quite thorough. It had no teeth. Its head is large and the neck is 20 feet long. I would call it a type of plesiosaurus.” People watched it get killed a couple of days earlier. Some fishermen had seen it fighting with a group of seals. And apparently it lost the battle and rolled up on the beach a few days later.
      In the 1930’s and 40’s, these creatures were still being reported (same family I guess). In Monterey Bay you go out a few miles and it drops off to 9000 feet deep. There is a big trench out there. Real deep water. During the 1930’s and 40’s the sardine fleet (which at that time was the sardine capital of the world) reported seeing something. They said one account said a whole crew, 12 men, watched this creature. One report described the creature as surfacing near a fishing boat and staring at the crew with large baleful eyes from a rounded head that topped a long slender neck. Notice the description. The head is rounded on a long skinny neck. You will see that again in just a minute. They said it stuck out of the water a distance of eight or more feet.” There is a book called Mysterious Sea Monsters of California’s Central Coast. You might want to get that one.      New York City      In 1969, fishermen were scared to death when something gigantic swam under a bridge in New York City. The New York Harbor Police reported they chased this creature trying to catch it. Bigger than a whale! Nobody knows what it was!      Arkansas’ White River Monster      There could be a few of these creatures still alive. This is called a Zeuglodon or a Basilosaurus. That might be what was seen in Newport, Arkansas in the White River. The White River is huge. I have been over it hundreds of times. My wife’s parents live right near there. And I preach in that area a lot.
      This photograph was taken in 1972 of what came to be known as the White River Monster. From Arkansas. Not the White Water Monster-she’s in Washington-the White River Monster. Many folks claim they saw it. Now it hasn’t been seen since 1972, so apparently the creature died or moved on someplace else. But they said in 1972 there was a big flood and a lot of the river filled in. It used to be 100 feet deep. Now it is only 50 feet deep. So apparently it likes deeper water or something. I don’t know. But you can see the body to the right and a bunch of bumps down its back going off in a straight line to the left there. The Arkansas Senate passed a resolution in 1973. It is unlawful to “Molest, kill, trample, or harm the White River Monster.”      Florida Monsters      Down in Jupiter, Florida, which is just north of Miami, a friend of mine emailed me a letter. He said, “Mr. Hovind, during the 1950’s I was flying (he has a small plane) off the coast of Jupiter, Florida. “I was seven or eight miles out over the Gulf Stream. The water was glass calm. Suddenly I saw an animal. Its head came out of the water and its eyes stayed trained on me as I made another pass. It appeared to be thirty-plus feet long. Having seen the creature taken by the Japanese fishing boat and later the drawing in the National Enquirer I would say this is the same creature. I did not tell anyone for fear they would think I was nuts! I was working for Pratt and Whitney Aircraft Co. with high security. Later my brother and I caught a pigmy sperm whale for the Miami Sea Aquarium. (Captain Gray). I hope this will further support your belief.”
      Almost every week, somebody will come to me after a seminar and say, “Mr. Hovind, I saw something. But I’ve never told anybody because they’d think I was crazy!”      Viet Nam      I had a guy tell me, “Mr. Hovind, I was in Viet Nam and I heard about reports of the local people being afraid of some creature near Saigon in the river there. Some big dinosaur-like creature in the river. I thought it was a bunch of bologna. I was home on R and R, I was in Saigon and I was on a Ferris wheel. He said I happened to be at the top of the Ferris wheel while they were loading someone into the bottom chairs. I looked out over the river and I saw this creature with its head sticking up out of the water like a snake. But the head was five or six feet out of the water. Swimming along like a periscope on a submarine. You are right. There are creatures like this still alive!”      Champ      There is a lake between New York and Vermont called Lake Champlain. It’s a big lake. Many folks have reported the Lake Champlain Monster. It appears in newspapers up in that region all of the time. This book is finally out of print, I wish we still had it. Maybe they will reprint it again. But as of January 99 they stopped printing the book. This book is called Champ: Beyond the Legend. About the Lake Champlain Monster. I called the lady that took the photograph; her name is Sandi Mansi. She agreed to meet with me. So I met with Sandi and we got a video camera and we set it up at her antique’s shop and it’s on videotape number two. You can listen to Sandi describe the creature that she saw. She and her husband and two kids watched it for ten minutes. I said, “Sandi, do you think you saw a dinosaur?” She said, “Oh no, Mr. Hovind I know I saw a dinosaur!” This was just in 1977.
      In 1998, Discover Magazine reported in Lake Champlain, “Fifty eight passengers. aboard the Ethan Allan reported that a creature 30 to 35 feet long with three to five humps cruised with the boat about 200 feet off the port side for five minutes.” “Don’t tell me it was a carp or a sturgeon,” said the skipper. “If it was a fish, it weighed 3,000 or 5,000 pounds.”
      Somebody tried to tell Sandi Mansi that what she saw was a duck. You can listen to her on the videotape. She said, “If that was a duck, it was a 2,000-pound duck!!”
      The Bible talks about the dragons in the waters. Dragons in the sea. You know it’s obvious that dinosaurs, if they are still living, the ones in the water would be the last ones killed. It’s a lot harder to exterminate them than it is the ones on land.      A Florida Account      In Pensacola, Florida, where I live, in 1962 five teenagers decided to go scuba diving. If you go off the coast about two miles there is an old sunken ship right off the harbor where the Navy base is. Here is the story that Edward Brian McCleary wrote. He was the only survivor. Five teenagers went scuba diving out by this sunken ship in 1962. Edward lives in Jacksonville, Florida now and he refuses to talk about it. After this happened, he became an alcoholic and a drug addict. He’s right now a recovering alcoholic thirty-some years later. Here is his story. He said, “We were in an Air Force rescue raft bound for a sunken ship a few miles off the coast. Midway out, we were caught in a storm and dragged out to sea. When the storm cleared, we were in a dense fog..We began to hear strange noises, rather like the splashing of a porpoise.also a sickening odor like that of dead fish. The noise got closer to the raft and it was then we heard a loud hissing sound. Out in the fog we saw what looked like a long pole, about ten feet high, sticking straight up out of the water. On top was a bulb like structure.” Like a light bulb? Round with a beak on it. “It bent in the middle and went under. It appeared several more times getting closer to the raft.” “The silence was broken once again by something out of the fog. I can only describe it as a high-pitched whine. We panicked. All five of us put on our fins and went into the water..’Keep together and try for the ship,’ I yelled. After we were in the water we became split up in the fog. From behind I could hear the screams of my comrades one by one. I got a closer look at the thing just before my last friend went under. The neck was about twelve feet long, brownish- green and smooth looking. The head was like that of a sea-turtle except more elongated, with teeth..There appeared to be what looked like a dorsal fin when it dove under for the last time. Also, as best I am able to recall, the eyes were green with oval pupils.” His four friends got eaten by it. He heard them screaming as they went under. He said, “I finally made it to the ship, the top of which protruded from the water, and stayed there for most of the night, early that morning I swam to shore and was found by the rescue unit.” Only survivor.
      In late 1998, I was preaching in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. A lady came up to me after the service, and I told this story, and she said, “Mr. Hovind, my name is Val Bill. My step-son, Larry Bill, was one of the boys that was eaten.” She said his dad was involved in search and rescue for the president. He was real high up in Navy Search and Rescue. And he was in charge of trying to find his own son and they searched for days and didn’t find a clue. One body was found. One boy apparently panicked and drowned. The other three apparently were eaten. You can call Val Bill. Her address is 612 Powell Dr. N.E., Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547. You can write her a letter.
      In Panama City, Florida there has been something seen there several times too. I talked to a youth director at the Lutheran Mission. His name is Ray Angerman. He said, “Mr. Hovind, my youth group traveled over the bridge into Panama City and we saw a creature just like that sketch right there. We were afraid to tell anybody because they would think we were crazy.” There is a book in the library called Monsters of the Deep by Thomas Helm. He was a biology teacher in Crestview, Florida. He just died a few years ago, but Thomas Helm wrote a book after he and his wife saw a creature in Panama City.


     There could be a few pterodactyls still alive. They are usually classified as dinosaurs, though technically they are not.


     In Africa, they call it the Kongamato. I was sitting in my office one day and I got a phone call and the man on the other end of the phone said, “Mr. Hovind my name is Romandi”. I forget his last name, but they call him “Steve” because his African name is a real long name. He said, “I’m a student at Louisiana State University.” LSU. Here is his phone number (612) 933-7895. He said, “I live in Kenya Africa. I’m over here as an exchange student.” He said, “You mentioned that there were pterodactyls still alive? We’ve got them in my village back home. They are only about a four feet wing span. They come out at night. Nobody likes them. Their favorite food is rotting human flesh. So if you bury somebody and you don’t bury them deep enough, Kongamato will dig them up and eat them.” Four-foot wing span.
      An African explorer named Melland kept hearing reports about a creature named Kongamato who is supposed to live in the swamps near Rhodesia in the Belgian Congo. The natives told him it was a bird. But not exactly a bird, more like a lizard with wings of skin like a bat’s. When he showed them pictures of a pterodactyl and other animals, “All immediately plumpted for the pterodactyl, excitedly muttering kongamato!” Folks, have we been lied to about dinosaurs being dead for millions of years?

Bird with No Feathers

     A couple of cowboys apparently shot a pterodactyl in Arizona. It appeared in the Tombstone Newspaper about 100 years ago. They said, “Nobody’s going to believe us! We shot a giant bird with no feathers!” So they cut off part of the wings and took them back to the saloon and showed the boys at the saloon. Saying look what we did fellows. We shot a giant bird with no feathers. It’s in the Tombstone Epitaph Newspaper April 26, 1890.

Venezuelan “Giant Bat”

     A missionary from Venezuela came to me a few months ago in November of 1998. His name is Adam Hutchison. He said, “Mr. Hovind, I’m a missionary in Venezuela. The natives in our area keep talking about this animal that they are scared to death of. A big flying animal. They killed one of them about 30 years ago.” Here is the story he told me. “There is a giant bat that they feared greatly. It was said to capsize canoes and even carry off Indians!” Adam told me that, “Indians, terrified of this great ‘bat’ had sent their bravest men to the head of the river where they killed the creature about 30 years ago and buried it near the Muwada River. (Muwada means bat dung in their language) When Clint (another missionary) showed the Indians a picture of a pterodactyl their eyes got as big as saucers and they said, ‘That is the bat!’ They positively identified this ‘extinct’ dinosaur as the bat that lived just a few miles from their village. Even today the Indians will not fish or drink from the river for fear of this creature.” Here is Adam’s phone number 615-612-2586, you can call him and talk to him about it. He’s a missionary down there.


     There is an island called Seram off the coast of New Guinea an Indonesian island chain. Missionary Tyson Hughes told William Gibbons (my friend in Canada) that local people say there is a creature down there four and a half feet tall that has leathery wings. They call is Orang-Bati, which means: man with wings. They say the creature comes especially when you are fishing. He tries to steal your fish away from you. It’s not a seagull. Carl Baugh has made several trips to Papua New Guinea where there are many reports of a creature like the pterodactyl. And again they say its favorite food is decaying humans and it glows in the dark!
      One missionary told me when I was preaching in Bloomington, Illinois, that he was spear fishing under the water and his wife was holding a flashlight in the canoe so he could see. And this creature with about a four-foot wing span came in there and hovered over the top of her and was glowing. And whatever was glowing was dripping off. All that they could figure was that it must have been some kind of bioluminescent creature. When this animal goes and hangs in a cave little creatures get on its skin and as the animal flies they fall off. No one knows for sure. But the reports are that it glows in the dark.

The Thunderbird

     The Su Indians watched the creature get hit by lighting. It came to be known as the Thunderbird. When they found the bones three days later, they said it had a 20 foot wing span, had a bump on the back of its head and teeth in its beak. The legend of the Thunderbird existed all over, up and down the West Coast of America. Henry Ford put an eagle on the taillight of his thunderbird. It should have been a pterodactyl Henry!
      Here is an Indian prayer stick from Colorado. It’s in a museum right now in Manitou Springs. Showing the head of a pterodactyl.
      When Marquette and Joliet traveled down the Mississippi in the 1600’s, they saw this big ugly bird painted on a cliff. They asked the Indians, “What is this big bird?” The Indians said, “Oh, that’s a Piasa bird. It used to swoop down and pick up Indians and carry them away. But a great chief prayed and the Great Spirit gave him a plan and he killed the great bird.” Well the Indians moved out involuntarily and the white man moved in and the painting faded away. About a couple hundred years later people said,”Hey, you know we ought to put that painting back up on the cliff.” So it’s on the Illinois side, just north of Alton, Illinois. They put the painting back up. All that they had at that time was a verbal description so they did the best they could. They got tired of painting this thing every year so they put a big metal plaque up. In the picture you can see me down below for scale. They finally took the plaque down in 1996. I went to Alton, Illinois and picked up the phone book and looked up the word Piasa. I found 25 listings.


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Dr. Hovind’s Seminar Transcripts

Seminar 2: The Garden of Eden

(previous 1999 version of this seminar)


     Well, thank you so much for joining us. What was it like in the Garden of Eden? Why did they live to be 900 years old and where do dinosaurs fit into the Bible? Let me review quickly for those that just joined us. My name is Kent Hovind; it has been since just shortly after birth. I was a high school science teacher for fifteen years and now for the last eight years I have been traveling around speaking on Creation, Evolution, and Dinosaurs. We covered in the first couple of sessions what the Bible says about the age of the earth. The Bible teaches that God made the world about 6,000 years ago. If you add up the dates in Scripture, it comes to about 6,000, not millions and billions. So somebody is wrong about the age of the earth. These two charts illustrate the two different views of history. The Bible says God made the world about 6,000 years ago; 4,400 years ago there was a Flood that destroyed the world; 2,000 years ago Jesus came, died on the cross, and here we are today. I had a lady write me a letter and said, “Mr. Hovind what does YA stand for on your chart?” Years ago.
      So anyway, the Evolution view teaches you know 20 billion years ago there was a Big Bang. Course, they do not know what exploded or where it came from but they think there was a Big Bang; and then 4.6 billion years ago the earth cooled down, developed a hard, rocky crust and it rained on the rocks for millions of years [and] turned them into soup, and the soup came alive about 3 billion years ago. This early life form found somebody to marry (pretty good trick) and something to eat and slowly evolved into everything we see today. These are basically the two different views of history.

Scoffers and Their Ignorance

     Now the Bible warned us in the last days, scoffers would come, who would scoff at the Bible. “Knowing this first, there shall come in the last days scoffers.” [2 Peter 3:3] There are scoffers in this world, folks; there are people who do not like the Bible. How many have ever met a scoffer before? I deal with them on a regular basis; I attract them like a magnet. Said they are going to walk after their own lust.

Ignorant Because of Lifestyle

     By the way they scoff at the Bible is because of their lifestyle, not because of their science. There is no scientific reason to reject the Bible, but some people do not like that Book because it chaps their heart. Well, get some Vaseline, man: you are going to need it, because we are going to be judged according to that Book. So they are going to scoff because of their lust, they do not want God telling them what to do. Next verse says they are going to say, “Where is the promise of His coming? For since the fathers fell asleep, all things continue as they were from the beginning of the creation.” [2 Peter 3:4] That is a very important phrase, we will talk about that on videotape number four. Why did they say that? The way things are happening now, is the way they have always been happening. Uniformitarianism-do not miss tape 4 on that one. There are 7 in the whole series by the way if you do not get them all, you are welcomed to copy them by the way, and send them back and get your money back. You can not beat a deal like that!

Ignorant on Purpose

     Next verse says, “For this they willingly are ignorant of.” [2 Peter 3:5] “Willingly ignorant.” In the Greek, that means “dumb on purpose.” Ignorance is bliss; they are having a blizzard, leave them alone. The scoffers are willingly ignorant of how God made the heavens. Notice the word heaven is plural, heavens, more than one. There is more than one heaven, and we will talk about that in just a minute. Secondly, it says, “And the earth was standing out of the water and in the water.” How can the earth be out of the water and in the water at the same time? Well, we will talk about that in just a minute also. But basically what this is saying is, the scoffers are willingly ignorant of how God made the heavens and  the earth. They are ignorant of the Creation. They do not want to admit God created the world because that means God owns it. There might be some rules, and there are, and He does! The second thing they are ignorant of, the next verse says, “Whereby the world to them was being overflowed with water perish.” [2 Peter 3:6] This world was destroyed by a flood. The scoffers do not want to admit God flooded the world because that means God has the right to judge His creation, and He does by the way. This is His world; He can wreck it if He wants. The next verse in II Peter [says], He’s coming to judge it again. There is a coming judgment folks. It is coming soon! Scoffers are willingly ignorant of the Creation, the Flood, and the coming judgment. I saw a bumper sticker that said, Jesus is coming, and boy is He mad! I thought, Man, that will preach-that is the truth! He is coming soon and He is upset about what is going on.

Incorrect Translations

     Well, let’s talk about the Creation. We sure do not want to be ignorant of the Creation like the scoffers are. Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” If you skip down to verse five and it says, “The evening and the morning were the first day.” Notice the word the-T-H-E. In English that is called the definite article: the first day. Now this is from the King James Version of the Bible, which I use, and I think you would be smart to use if you speak English. Many of the newer translations have made some serious changes. I would just be real cautious if I was you. I used to say (I do collect Bibles-versions of Bibles), I used to say I am not afraid of them. The more I study this, the more afraid I am getting folks. They have made thousands of changes in some of these, some of them very serious. Now, if you do not read Greek or Hebrew, you might want to stick with the King James if all you can read is English, which is all I can read. Here is the Reviled Substandard Perversion – I was reading through my Bibles to see how they treated the Creation story, and I came to the RSV. They said, “And there was evening and there was morning one day.” What happened to the first day? Well, now it is just one day. Down in verse 8 instead of saying “the second day”, they said it was “a second day”. Why did they do that? Well, the reason these guys did that, they do not believe in a literal six day creation. They believe in what is called the Gap Theory.

The Gap Theory

      How many have ever heard of the Gap Theory before? The Gap Theory was invented in 1814 by a Scottish preacher named Chaulmers, probably a well-meaning guy who just wanted to stick millions of years into the Bible, that is all! Because everybody was teaching the earth is millions of years old and Chaulmers thought, “you know the Bible is going to be left out, unless we can figure out a way to make the Bible say the earth is billions of years old.” So, he invented a gap between verse one and verse two. The Gap Theory teaches between the first two verses of Genesis, there is ample scope for all the geologic eras. They say that is where the pre-Adamite rebellion took place and a judgment of Lucifer happened. The Gap Theory is unscriptural, it is unscientific and it unnecessary. The world is not billions of years old and you do not need to stick a gap in there. The Gap Theory folks always say, “well, you know didn’t God tell Adam to replenish the earth?” Well, we will get into that in a minute about replenish the earth.

Solar Days or Ages

     Then you have got these verses they use all the time to justify the Gap Theory, but the Bible says pretty clearly in Exodus 20:11, “For in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, the sea and all that in them is.” No gap there. He made everything in six days and God wrote this one on a rock with His own finger. This is part of the 10 commandments. Exodus 20, He must have known what He was talking about and He did not stutter. “Six days,” that is the way He did it.

Death-Whose Fault?

     Romans 5 tells us death came because of man’s sin. If the Gap Theory is true you had death before man ever got here. The Bible says it was death that came by sin, I Corinthians 15, same thing, “By man came death, in Adam all die.” See, it is because of Adam’s sin; that is the reason we have death in the world today and that is why Christ died on the cross-He is the second Adam. I could preach for hours on that topic. Adam was the first man and he sinned and plunged the whole human race into death and suffering and misery and Christ came to redeem us from that.

Replenish or to Plenish?

     The Gap Theory folks say, “well God told Adam to replenish the earth and the word replenish means to fill again.” You get the glass, you say, “would you please replenish the glass for me, you know, fill it again.” That is what the word means today, but in 1611 when the King James Version was translated, the word replenish was the proper word to use for the Hebrew word male [MAH lay] which means, “to fill”. Go fill the glass! About 1650 (English language changes from time to time you know), the word replenish began to mean “fill it again.” Today that is what it means, but in 1611 it just meant “go fill”. There is a different Hebrew word, shana [SHAH nah], which means “to fill a second time, or to do something a second time.” That is not what God told Adam to do. He told him to male the earth, “go fill the earth”. So it was nothing to do with filling it again.

When Did Satan Fall?

     In the book of Ezekiel, it tells us when Satan fell from heaven. Ezekiel 28, Lucifer is the theme of this chapter here; the Lord is talking about Lucifer. He says, “Thou hast been in Eden, the garden of God, every precious stone was thy covering,” and then it describes him in his tabrets and his pipes and the gold and the beryl and all this stuff, and you get down to verse 15, it says, “…Till iniquity was found in thee.” You see, Lucifer was in Eden until iniquity was found in him. Well, the Garden of Eden was a model Day six and Lucifer was in it before he fell, so he sure could not have fallen from heaven between verse one and verse two; the Garden of Eden had not been made yet. Lucifer was in the Garden of Eden as a nice guy, until iniquity was found in him. In Genesis 1:31, the last verse of the chapter, it says, “God saw everything and behold it was very good.” It would not be very good if the Devil was running around as a bad guy, and Adam and Eve were standing on top of thousands of feet of sediment full of dead things. That would not be very good! The whole idea of a pre-Adamite rebellion and a judgment of Lucifer during a gap is bologna, it is unscriptural, it is unscientific, and it is unnecessary! It goes against many, many other scriptures.

Day Age Theory

     I was reading through all my other translations, and I came across the Living Bible and they said, “Let the earth burst forth with every sort of grass and seed bearing plant and fruit trees, all this occurred on the third day.” I read that and I thought, Yay, we have a good one, until I read the footnote down at the bottom. Down at the bottom it says, “Literally, this a period of time.” Maybe the days are not really days, maybe the days represent long periods of time. How many have ever heard that idea before? That is what is called the “Day Age Theory”. Maybe each day represents an age, a long period of time. They always use Psalms 90, “A thousand years are like yesterday,” and II Peter 3, ‘a day with the Lord is as thousand years and a thousand years is as a day.’ Those are the two verses they always use.
      Notice it says thousand, not million or billion. It might mean God is working on a 6,000 year calendar with a thousand year reign of Christ coming up, for the millennium, the seventh day. That would mean the Lord is coming back any minute. Now that year 2000 is based on the birth of Christ. The Lord might be coming back 2,000 years from the resurrection. We might have thirty-three more years yet. I do not want to upset anybody or disrupt anybody’s book sales on eighty-eight reasons why the Lord will come in ’88, but God might not even be using our calendar! He may have His own, you know? So don’t think you ought to sell your clothes and go stand on a hill and say the Lord is coming back right now, He may not come! So I do not know when He is coming, but I suspect that it is going to be very soon. These thousand years as a day might refer to the 7,000 years of total human history, but they certainly do not refer to the creation.
      They cannot be talking about the creation because on the third day, He made the grass, the plants, and the trees; on the fourth day He made the sun. If those days are millions of years, that is going to be pretty hard on those plants waiting for the sun to come up, don’t you think? Plus the insects pollinate the plants; plus what about the Sabbath, were they supposed to work 6 million years and finally take a break? It does not make sense, folks! It had to be 6 days right in a row just like it says. It just does not work any other way. There is a great book on the so-called Gap Theory and the Day-Age Theory and another one that is even more subtle and I think more dangerous called the Ruin-Restoration Theory, which tries to combine the two. This book is on our order form here called The Unformed and Unfilled, it is about $8; we have some on the table out there. If you know somebody that has been taught the Gap Theory, send him that book. It goes into all the Hebrew and it goes down deep, stay down long, and come up dry kind, you know? You can explain the whole thing when you are all done reading that book if you want to read more on that.

The Pre-Flood Vapor Canopy

Biblical Evidence

     Okay, back to verse six, “And God said, Let there be a firmament,” a what, a firmament. Well, what is that? Well, let’s see here. It is in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters. Some people say, “I know what it is, it is the dirt.” You know the dirt comes up and keeps the water away from the water. No, no, no, it is not the dirt. Read down to verse twenty: see, the Bible always interprets itself. No prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation, I Peter 1. Genesis 1: 20 says, “The fowl (that is the birds) fly above the earth in the open firmament of heaven.” The birds fly in the firmament: the birds do not fly in the dirt, the birds fly in the air. So, obviously that is the first heaven where the birds fly.

The Three Heavens

     Remember II Peter said there are heavens, more than one? First heaven is where the birds fly, you are breathing it now, first heaven. Second heaven is where the sun, moon, and stars are. Genesis 1:14, “God said, let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven and He made the sun, moon and stars.” We call that “outer space.” That is the second heaven. The third heaven mentioned in the Bible is in II Corinthians 12, the Apostle Paul in this chapter is telling a story about the time he got rocked to sleep-I mean stoned to death-and he was caught up to the third heaven. Three heavens in the Bible, first heaven where the birds fly, second heaven where the stars are, third heaven where God lives. We are going there one of these days! We are going to hear the angel blow the trumpet! Blast off out of here, take a bite off of the Milky Way on the way by and head for the third heaven. It is going to be awesome!

Firmaments Described

     Anyway, back to the first heaven here. Genesis 1:7, “And God made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament.” What is this talking about? Water above the atmosphere where the birds fly? Psalms 148, “Praise Him ye waters that be above the heavens.” It is not that way today, what is going on here? Why did II Peter say the earth was standing out of the water, and in the water? Kind of a strange verse, don’t you think? Well, I think the problem is we do not understand what the earth used to be like. The Bible says God created the earth a circle, by the way there has never been a time when the Christians thought the earth was flat; Columbus knew it was round. A bunch of Atheists in 1800 decided, let’s make fun of the Christians, let’s go around and tell everybody that they teach the earth is flat! They started the whole thing! The Bible says, “God sits on the circle of the earth”, Isaiah 40, and it says, “He stretched out the heavens like a curtain.” Maybe that explains the “Red Shift” a little bit; the light just seems to be stretched, you know the red is off from the rest of it-stretched out the heavens, I do not know. But, He spread them out like a curtain, and “spreadeth them out as a tent to dwell in.” We live in one of the heavens, the first heaven, and it was under the water. See, today’s atmosphere has six layers to it: troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere, exosphere, and ionosphere. There used to be a seventh layer hydrosphere, for lack of a better term. There was a layer of water above the atmosphere. A layer of water above the atmosphere when God first made the world, now that is gone, all that fell down at the time of the Flood so today we do not have it. I cannot go show it to you, this is all theory, it is called the Canopy Theory. The Bible says there used to be water above the firmament. Water or ice, it might have been ice because ice at low temperatures becomes magnetic and you can actually suspend it in the magnetic field of the earth. It is called the Mysner Effect.

Ice Canopy?

     Have you ever seen a magnet floating on top of another magnet? That is called the Mysner Effect. If ice was up there, say 10 miles up, 6 inches of ice just to pick a number, that super cold ice suspended by the magnetic field would increase air pressure on the earth and would filter out the sunlight. See, water stops a lot of the damaging effects of the sunlight; it would make the whole earth like a big greenhouse. How many know what a greenhouse is? They have got all glass walls; you have to dress in the basement in a greenhouse. Well, apparently the whole earth used to be that way.
      Matter of fact, scientists just recently discovered there is still lots of water out there in space; enormous amounts of water, and water is an amazing molecule by the way. One of the only substances that as it freezes, it expands instead of shrinks, boy it is a good thing because the water freezing and expanding makes it float on top of water otherwise the lakes would freeze from the bottom up–make it pretty tough on the fish would it not? Pretty neat the way that works, the rest of them shrink and sink when they freeze, not water, amazing substance! Moody Science films has a great video just on water, it is called “Water, Water Everywhere”, tremendous video from Moody Bible Institute.

What Good is a Water Vapor Canopy?

     There is a new theory about the dinosaurs that I think ties in with what the Bible says about the original creation. See, scientists are kind of confused about dinosaurs, they have two serious problems. In 1993, all the dinosaur experts got together in Chicago and they said folks, we have got a problem, dinosaur lungs are too small they could not breathe plus their nostrils are too small. An 80-foot Apatosaurus, this article says, had nostrils the same size as a horse. How is an 80-foot animal going to get enough air through nostrils the same size as a horse? He would be sucking so hard trying to get a breath, it would set him on fire from all the friction from the wind whistling in there! Couldn’t breathe! Well, apparently, they did breathe, we find their bones all over the place. How could he breathe?

Double Atmospheric Pressure

     Well, today an eighty footer could not breathe, but before the Flood, I think they had double the air pressure from that canopy of water or ice over head-increase the air pressure. Plus, when they drilled into the amber (how many saw Jurassic Park when they went after the mosquito blood?), sometimes in amber they find air bubbles trapped. The air bubbles trapped in amber have 50% more oxygen than we do today. Interesting! Did you know if you lived in a world with double the air pressure and 50% more oxygen, just breathing would be exciting! Adam would go,
      “(breathe) Wow! Eve, that was fun, let’s do that again, ready?” Because under those conditions, not only does your hemoglobin take on oxygen, your plasma gets oxygen saturated in your blood stream which means you could run for hundreds of miles without getting tired. Adam and Eve did not need a car; they could run to Grandma’s! Only they did not have a grandma, or a mother-in-law by the way, which was why it was paradise! No, actually my wife has a great mother-in-law, but!
      I think before the Flood came the earth had double the air pressure and increased oxygen. That explains how the dinosaurs could get so big on small lungs.      Hyperbaric Therapy      It explains a lot of things by the way. It would sure heal up faster under those conditions; extra oxygen makes you heal much faster. How many of your remember Baby Jessica, she fell down in the well in Texas about 10 or 12 years ago? When Jessica fell down in the well, she was 18 months old, her left leg slipped down in the pipe, her right leg came up behind her and she did the splits as she slid down 20 feet inside an 8 inch steel pipe. She was down there 2 and 1/2 days; it was an amazing rescue, when they finally got her out a lot of her body had turned black from lack of circulation. Her right leg was totally black; one of the doctors said we have to cut the leg off immediately. Another doctor said, before we cut her leg off, let’s just try putting Jessica in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. In a what? Hyperbaric oxygen chamber? What is that? Well, it is a chamber like this; they put Jessica in one of these. Now, back in 1987 this was very new therapy. This was a revolutionary idea; today it is being used more and more. They stuck Jessica in one of these chambers, filled it up full of pure oxygen, and pumped it up to double normal pressure forcing oxygen into her system. Within a few hours, her leg turned pink; one by one her toes turned pink. They finally had to amputate half of her little toe. She would have lost her whole leg had it not been for hyperbaric therapy.
      You know, one of the biggest ones in America is right here in Pensacola, Florida. Holds thirty people in emergencies. Hyperbaric Chamber, strange, huh? You know in West Germany all stroke patients are required to go for hyperbaric oxygen treatments after they have a stroke? They are finding incredible healing. Different countries around the world-in England, Multiple Sclerosis patients are being treated with hyperbaric oxygen; in India, they treat leprosy with it.
      Adding oxygen to the system, everything seems to heal faster. A small chamber like this, it only holds one person, is cheaper to operate and to build; quite a few pro teams have one. Dallas Cowboys have one, the San Francisco 49er’s have one, the New York Jets have one, all these pro teams are finding their injured players are healing twice as fast under hyperbarics. Well, if you are paying the guy $1000 a minute to go play with a ball, you want him out there playing with the ball, right? Can you imagine, though, if the entire earth was hyperbaric before the Flood? That would be a different world, wouldn’t it? You would not need a hospital, you would be healed up before you could get there; plus it would make plants grow like crazy. See, increased air pressure would also increase pressure to the plants. Now, plants do not have lungs to breathe, they have to rely on what comes by right? It would also increase pressure to the gases-that puts more gas into the water and fish have to breathe under water; if you have increased air pressure you get a lot more fish able to survive per cubic mile, I mean lots more fish, lots more plant growth.      Giant Tomatoes      Dr. Kei Mori, Kao University in Tokyo, Japan, started raising a tomato plant in his basement. No windows. Well, plants have to have light so he took a fiber optic cable and ran it down from the roof, down to light the plants. His cherry tomato plant began to grow abnormally fast and he thought, “you know, I wonder if the fiber optic cable is blocking out the UV light and only allowing in pure light, not the other stuff that comes from sunlight.” So he put a plastic shield over the plant and moved it to the laboratory. The plastic shield was like sunglasses to block out UV light. He also decided to pressurize carbon dioxide to stem of the plant. He built a flexible sock around the stem and pressurized CO2, since plants breathe CO2. He did not do the whole plant, it would have done even better, all he did was the stem with pressurized CO2. After two years, his cherry tomato plant was 16 feet tall and produced 900 tomatoes, and his tomatoes on his cherry tomato plant were baseball size. They moved it to a shopping center, built a bigger plastic shield over it, built scaffolding to hold the branches up, last I heard the plant was 40 feet tall and produced 15,000 tomatoes every year. That is a tomato tree! Can you imagine if the whole earth was hyperbaric though before the Flood? All the plants would grow like crazy.
      One atheist said, “Mr. Hovind, there is so much coal in the ground today, all the plants in the world today could not make that much coal.” I said, “You are absolutely correct!” He said, “See, that proves the earth is billions of years old.” I said, “No, no, you are absolutely wrong. That proves the pre Flood world had lots more plants, lots more plants.” First place, 70% of the world today is under water; probably not the way it was when God first made it, plus plant growth would be incredible under those conditions. If Adam could come back today and see the forests around here, he would [say], “Aww, what happened, did you forget to water them?” I mean folks; we live in a junkyard compared to what Adam had when he was here; things were huge!


     See, the sun puts off a lot of stuff besides light. It puts off X-rays and Gamma rays and Beta rays and all them “Ray” boys come down here and they are pretty hard on your carcass.  
      How many have ever had an X-ray before? I broke 9 bones growing up, my brother broke 21; we played rough in our neighborhood. You go to the hospital and the doctor says take off all your clothes and put this little gown on. They give you a little, bitty gown, it does not quite come together in the back, you know it is kind of embarrassing. They say, now walk down the hall about 12 miles and on the left you will see the X-ray room. Well, if you make if that far, they will say, “Oh, we are glad you made it, would you please lay on this table?” They just got the table out of the freezer a few minutes before you got there. How many of you have been on that same table, you know which one I am talking about? Okay! He puts this weird machine over the top of you, and says, okay now take a deep breath, hold it, and he runs out in the hall! You say, “wait doc, come here, what is going on?” He says, “well, I have to X-ray you.” You say, “well, is this machine dangerous?” He says, “no, it is harmless!” You say, “well, how does this work doc?” He says, “well when I mash the button, little X-ray bullets come out of that machine and they blast right through your carcass, right through the table, right into the film under the table, and we are going to expose what is in your body in reverse image.” (Which, by the way, is why many radiologists have negative outlook on life!) “We are going to blow you full of holes!” See, an X-ray is just like getting shot with a shotgun, but the bullets are much smaller. You will not feel a thing, they go right through you, and your body heals the holes like that [snap].
      Somebody said you have to fix 250 million holes from X-ray damage per second because the sun is X-raying us right now. Well, this is a metal roof building. Metal probably slows or stops most of the X-rays, but if you were just in a wood rood and shingles, it does not even slow them down-right through! Concrete stops X-rays, water stops X-rays, and lead stops X-rays, but not too many folks build a lead roof on their house. It would be a little hard to hold up there.
      The doctor has a lead wall he goes out and hides behind when he pushes the button because he does not want to get hit by those X-ray bullets. It is okay for you to get hit by them, but he does not want to get hit. Long term exposure to X-ray’s is dangerous. But, here we are getting X-rayed everyday of our life and your poor skin feels the full force of the X-rays.
      Your skin has three basic layers: epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous where the fat is stored. Some have much more stored than necessary, but! X-rays go blasting through your skin and through your body and your body has to fix all the damage that is done. It does just fine, your body fixes it everyday, thousand and millions of these all the time, no problem. But, after about 70 or 80 years your skin begins to lose the battle and it cannot keep up with the damage being caused and your skin begins to wrinkle up. How many have noticed a few wrinkles on some of the old timers? Say, boy, he needs to iron his face, yep! People say, “Brother Hovind, I don’t want to get old and wrinkled up!” Well, if you do not want to get wrinkled, there are three things you can do about it.
      Number one, you can die early and you will not wrinkle. Number two, you can carry a lead or concrete umbrella over your head at all times, do not ever get exposed to the X-rays! Or, number three, you can do what Elizabeth Taylor has done, the movie star, how many have heard of Elizabeth Taylor?
      I was at Wal-Mart one time waiting in line checking out, and there was Elizabeth Taylor’s picture on a magazine rack beside me. She was getting married for the 40th time or something, you know? I thought, hey, I am going to check this out. Somebody told me Elizabeth Taylor has a hole in her forehead. She fills it in with caulk, she covers it up with make-up, nobody is supposed to know about it, but I am a scientist and I like to learn things so I got my Swiss Army knife out which has a magnifying glass on it. I picked up the magazine and I began staring at her forehead. People are walking down the aisle looking; “what is the matter with you?” “I am just looking at a magazine!” I stared at her forehead for a while and I finally figured out what the hole was, I was so proud of myself! That lady has had so many face-lifts down through the years trying to get rid of the wrinkles; it is her belly button right there! Hey, go to Wal-Mart, she is probably getting married again this week; she will be on there sooner or later! You say Brother Hovind; I do not want to get old and wrinkled up. Well, I am sorry. If you get old, you are going to get wrinkled, you might as well get ready for it, okay? But it was not that way before the Flood came.

Pre-Flood Ages

     You know before the Flood came, the Bible says the people lived to be over 900 years old. Right after the Flood came, that canopy of water fell down, life spans dropped off to 400, and then 200, and then 100, and today 100 is old. Before the Flood, you were just a kid at 100; it was about time to start looking for a wife and a house near a grade school. Well, today if you wait till you are 100, you can still get the wife, but you can forget the grade school! You will not need it, okay? It was just different back then folks, a lot different; they lived a long time.
      One guy is going around the country and claims to be a Creationist, he says, “You know folks they were not really living to be 900, they counted every month as a year, you have to divide their age by 12.” Wow, that is an even bigger miracle! Let’s see, Enoch was 65 when he begat Methuselah. Two of these guys were 65 when their son was born. Let’s see, 65 divided by 12, he was 5 and 1/2 when he became a daddy! I do not think so! No, they really lived to be 900, folks, something was different back then.

Pre-Flood Heights

     I think they got bigger too. Here is me standing next to a life size statue of Robert Wadlow, Alton, Illinois, right by St. Louis. Robert Wadlow was 8 foot 11 and 1/4 inches-big boy! He had a size thirty-seven shoe. I could not touch his chin without jumping. We would consider that gigantic. But, I think before the Flood, they got bigger than that. Here is a drawing of a skeleton found in a coal mine in Italy that is 11 feet 6 inches tall. Well, long, not tall, he is laying down now! But, 11 foot 6! How would you like to have one of them on the basketball team? Hey, throw the ball to Herman; okay, drop it in Herman, right there. Now come down here and block off the whole court!
      Sometimes the women get upset with me because I do tell a lot of Adam and Eve jokes and they say, “now Mr. Hovind, excuse me, but, you said that was a skeleton of a man, maybe it was a woman.” Well, that is a fair question, but I taught Biology and Anatomy and I happen to know how to tell the difference between a male and female skeleton. It is not the number of ribs, only Adam was missing a rib. There are two ways to tell the difference though. One is to look at the feet; if they are pointed toward the mall, it is a woman. Another way to tell the difference, is to look at the process on the tempromandibular joint, that is the place where the jawbone hooks on to the skull; the joint on the woman is worn out more than on the man! How many were to agree with both of those, you think that is correct? Oh, look at this, come on Bill get your hand up there, son!
      Now, I am not going to tell you that everybody was 11 or 12 feet tall before the Flood, but they might have been. Found a 9 foot 8 inch skeleton in Indiana, back in 1879, you did not hear about that in your History book. This giant skull found in a cave in Nevada. There were big people in the world, folks; this giant human thumb bone is underneath compared to a normal human thumb bone. The big one was found right near Mount Ararat in Turkey. You know the Turkish government claims they have found the grave of Noah. The skeleton was over 12 feet tall; that would make his cubit a little bigger, would it not? How big was that Ark anyway?
      People, say, aww, one man and three boys could not build a boat that big. You did not see those boys! “Hey boys, bring me that tree, would you?” “Sure Dad, where do you want it, third floor?” I think people were bigger back in those days. These giant jawbones are on display right now at a hotel in Turkey; 6 and 1/2 inch from TMJ to TMJ. Anybody in this room could stick your head inside that jaw and rattle it around. The Bible says there were giants in the earth in those days. I believe there were giants in the earth in those days!

Cavemen and Missing Links

     Well, Genesis 1:26, God said, “Let us make man in our image.” So, He made man in his own image. Well, now if we are made in the image of God, what about all the cave men they are finding? Why do we teach the kids that this is grandpa right there? What about the so-called cave men? Well, we will not take time to go into all of them here, let’s just talk about a few of them for a moment.

Nebraska Man

     Nebraska man is a good place to start. Did you know all they found for a Nebraska man was one tooth? Somebody found a tooth! They built the entire man out of plaster of Paris and imagination, then they built him a wife. You have to be good to know what his wife looks like from his tooth. But, these guys are good! Later, they found out that the tooth actually came from a pig. There is the real Nebraska man right there!

Piltdown man

      What about Piltdown man? Well, Piltdown man was a fraud. Somebody took a human skull and an ape’s jaw bone, filed them down and made them fit together, treated them with acid, buried them in a gravel pit and then discovered Piltdown man. Piltdown man was a hoax! 500 people studied the fossils and wrote a Ph.D. dissertation and earned a doctors degree on the Piltdown fossils, [and] nobody caught the fraud! They were so anxious to believe in evolution, anything becomes evidence for the theory. See, some people do not want God telling them what to do. That Piltdown man was in the textbooks for 40 years. For 40 years, boys and girls went to school and were taught they have got proof revolution and it was a hoax-a fraud.
      I wonder how many kids during those 40 years lost confidence in the Bible. I wonder how many kids did not get saved. I wonder how many kids would have or could have or should have become an evangelist or a pastor or a missionary. No, some teacher ruined their faith in the Bible with a deliberate fraud. Boy, I would hate to be in their shoes judgment day standing before God, wouldn’t you? Say, “God, I am the one that taught that to this kid and that is why he is going to hell.” I would hate to be on the textbook selection committee and say, “God I am one of those that voted for that book to go in our school;” it is a hoax, it is worse than a hoax, it is tragic! It leads kids to hell.

Neanderthal Man

     What about the Neanderthal man, oh, he is still in textbooks right now used in our county. See, man walks on two legs, apes walk on four, the Neanderthal skeleton they found was bent over and he said wow look at this he is bent over, he is slowly evolving, he is coming up! No, they proved 50 years ago it was an old man with arthritis. He is slowly going down, he is not coming up at all! But, guess what? The Neanderthal man is still in textbooks right now. Proven wrong 50 years ago. Why do we have to keep false information in the textbooks? I cover a whole lot more on that on videotape number four, if you would want to get that one. Anybody in public school needs to watch that one; it would really help them. Straighten them out on things they have been taught that are simply wrong.


     Parts from All Over      The one that is in the textbooks now that is the most famous is called Lucy. How many have ever heard of Lucy before? Better known as australopithicus atherensis, scientific name. Donald Johanson found Lucy at Dar Valley, Ethiopia in 1974; it was 40% of the skeleton. This is considered the most complete skeleton ever found. There is a real controversy about the knee joint. The knee joint that he found a mile and a half away from the rest of the skeleton was labeled in National Geographic as “Lucy’s Knee”, Donald never corrected them; it was not Lucy’s knee found a mile and a half away. He let the error slip through because he wanted them to think, “well maybe that is the same.” There is a long story on that; 200 feet deeper in the strata, by the way.      Monkeys and Femurs      Donald said, I think Lucy is becoming a human because the ape has a straight femur, the thigh bone on an ape is straight coming off the knee joint on the far right over there. Lucy’s knee angled to the side like a human knee angles to the side. See, your hips are wider than your knees and so your femur angles out to the side. I have got two of them myself, I know about that. Lucy’s femur angled and Donald said, “See, that proves Lucy is becoming a human.” No, no, no, Donald, any monkey that climbs trees has an angled femur; monkeys that walk on the ground have a straight femur. So it does not prove it is becoming a human.
      He said, well the bones are slightly bigger; notice Lucy’s bones are a little bit bigger than a regular ape. That is true but it does not prove it is becoming a human. Did you know the bones of a Clydesdale are slightly bigger than a regular horse? That proves it is becoming an elephant or a truck. Just a heavy, duty chimpanzee, that is all; all they found was a heavy, duty chimp and that is all it was. By the way, the St. Louis Zoo put Lucy with human feet on it. Guess how many foot bones were found. Zero! Pure propaganda! When they found the footprints over there in the ash, Time magazine put an ape-like creature on top of these perfectly normal human footprints-footprints were 100% perfectly normal human. They did not find any bones, but they made the “missing link” to be ape-like. It is propaganda folks, it is not science. Actually the Australopithecine are just an unusual monkey and the experts are admitting it. There might even be some still alive in Sumatra down near Vietnam.

The Missing Link?

     This book Bones of Contention is the best book I know of on the so-called missing links, the cave men. If you want to read about that we have got that on our order form. Every one of the so-called cave men is listed in here and tells what they really found about them, that will set the record straight. There is absolutely no evidence of any evolution of man from anything else. Man has always been man; getting worse maybe, but still just the same as far as anatomy goes.
      There is one missing link, though. Modern man has got something missing up between his ears. He spends all his time digging in the dirt looking for bones; now, my dog does the same thing, but we do not make the taxpayers pay his salary while he does it. That would be the major difference. By the way, you can see this guy has furniture disease, his chest fell into his drawers from too much ice cream I believe. The Bible says, “They think they are wise, but they are fools.” Somebody needs to go win those guys to the Lord before it is too late.

“Prehistoric” is a New Word

     I think before the Flood came though, the world was very different. People lived longer, got bigger, and animals lived longer and got bigger. Here is a man standing next to a Hornless rhinoceros, 18 feet tall 30 feet long. That is a big rhino! People say well that is a prehistoric animal. There is no such thing as prehistoric. Did you know that word prehistoric was just added to the dictionary 100 years ago? Here is a dictionary from 1766, guess what, prehistoric is not in there. Dictionary from 1860, guess what, no prehistoric. It was added about 1870; there is no such thing as prehistoric.

The Pre-Flood World

Insects and Animals

     Now, there are things that are pre Flood, but that is not prehistoric. We find fossils of dragon flies for instance that are pre Flood, but not prehistoric. People say, Ah, big deal, we have got dragon flies here in Florida. Not like this one, you don’t! This guy has a 3-foot wing span. How would you like to hit that at 70 miles an hour? He would take the bug deflector and the hood right off, join you in the front seat! Do you have cockroaches in this part of town? Man, when I moved to Florida, I thought, what on earth is that! Did you know they have found fossil cockroaches that are 18 inches long? You did not call Orkin back in those days, you called the National Guard! You know they found fossil centipedes that are 6 feet long? Fossil grasshoppers, 2 feet long? By the way, insects have to breathe through their skin, so increased air pressure is the only way they could breathe. Before the Flood they had greater air pressure so they could grow bigger. Today, those big ones could not survive, praise the Lord! They find fossil cat tails 60 feet tall. Fossil beavers, 8 feet long. That is a big beaver! Here is a guy holding a beaver jaw, found in Wisconsin. Well, if you have bigger trees, you need bigger beavers to chew them down. God keeps everything balanced back in those days too! Sharks used to get enormous. You know they find fossil sharks, I have got one here, a shark’s tooth indicating that sharks used to get about 80 feet long. The movie Jaws had a 25 foot shark on there; you would have to use Jaws for bait to catch this fellow! I was in South Dakota staying at a farmer’s house, and he said, “Brother Hovind, you want some sharks teeth?” I said, “Well, sure!” He said, “C’mon lets go out in the field.” We went out in the field in South Dakota, which was a little way from the beach and found 500 sharks teeth in 30 minutes. He said, “My field is covered in them.” Little sharks teeth, all over, some big ones. I think there was a Flood folks; we cover more on that in video tape number 6.

Dinosaurs and Birds

     Before the Flood, things were bigger. See, increased pressure puts more gas into the water and so fish and get bigger and grow faster and live longer, etc. Turtles are found that are enormous by today’s standards and birds nearly 13 feet tall have been found fossilized. That is a big bird!      Big Lizards      And lizards, they have got huge because reptiles never stop growing. Reptiles grow all their life. When I first moved into my house right behind Pensacola Christian Academy, on Cummings Road, right off of St. Johns Street, first thing I did was to meet all the neighbors. I knocked on every door on my street, invited them to church, witness to them, see if they are saved, like everybody should do in their own neighborhood. There I was 6 doors down from my house, I knocked on the door, the guy said, “C’mon in.” So I walked in. I took one step inside and there crawling around loose on the kitchen floor, right in front of me, was a 5-foot long iguana. I stopped, I held perfectly still, I said, “Does it bite?” He said, “No, we just fed it.” I said, “How big is it going to get?” He said, “Oh, they never stop growing, he said, I raise them and sell them to pet stores.” He said, “I have seen them 10 feet long before.” I went down about six months later, knocked on the door, he said, “Hey Kent, c’mon in.” I was a little smarter this time, you know, I looked around first, make sure it is clear. Walked inside and I said, “How is the iguana doing?” He said, “We don’t know.” I said, “You don’t know?” He said, “No, he got out!” I said, “You mean like outside?” He said, “Uh, what are you thinking, like baseball?” I said, “Well, where is it?” He said, “Man, I don’t know. It is around here someplace,” he says, “it is about 6 feet long now, that thing is worth some money. If you see it, give me a call would you?” I said, “Forget it man, I am calling 911 if I see a six foot iguana!” He never did find it folks. Probably over in this part of town by now. Let’s see, that has been 9 years ago. Be careful when you go to the mall. I wonder what the reptiles would look like if you could put them back in the Garden of Eden before the Flood came, give them increased air pressure, extra oxygen, plenty of food, increased radiation protection from the radiation barrier above them-the canopy above them, and no enemies. Let the reptiles live to be 700 or 800 years old; they would never stop growing. Do you know what you would have after awhile? Big lizard-Dinosaur.      Dinosaurs and Man Together      Dinosaurs were just big reptiles that lived with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. You can buy these at the pet store right now; it has got three horns on his face, what would he look like at about 10 tons? Some kind of triceratops. No, dinosaurs have always lived with humans.      

Ica Stones.

Down in Peru, they found a human vertebrae with dinosaur bones, together. They found what came to be known as the Ica stones, with people riding dinosaurs, and people hunting dinosaurs. Over 50,000 of these stones have been found. Now in Peru, it is against the law to sell the National Treasure, so you go to jail, so the people that are finding them are claiming they are making them so they will not go to jail-so they can sell them. I read a book about a guy that has 11000 of them in his museum down there. Every known dinosaur found carved on the Ica stones. He had them analyzed and they have a coating over them, which would require hundreds of years to produce this oxidized coating. He said these are not being carved now, they were carved hundreds of years ago, at least. But, the local people were just trying to stay out of jail.

Paluxy River footprints.

If you go to Dallas, Texas, go over to Fort Worth and start heading southwest, a little bit toward Waco, you will find the town over there called Glen Rose, Texas. I have been there three times. There is a river that runs through town called the Paluxy River. In the Paluxy River, there are thousands of layers of limestone. The bottom of the river is flat. In 1908 the river flooded, a bad flood, tore the bottom of the river off. Ripped off two feet of solid limestone and moved it downstream 20 miles. In the new riverbed, freshly exposed in 1908, there were thousands of dinosaur footprints. There were so many dinosaur footprints there, they made a state park out of it. I have got the book right here, Dinosaur Valley State Park.
      If you are ever driving across Texas, be sure to stop and see Dinosaur Valley State Park because there is nothing else to see as you drive across Texas. Has anybody ever driven across Texas before? You go a long ways in Texas! Well, they knew these footprints would get eroded away quickly so they chiseled lots of them out to save them in museums because they knew the limestone is relatively soft and after 50 or 100 years they would be gone. But, there are still a lot of them there, it has been 80 years now and there are still a lot of them there. Let’s see, 1908, it would have been 90 some years. The footprints are pretty good size. Here is a kid taking a bath in one; picture is on the back of the book right there. They found human footprints with these dinosaur footprints. I talked to Cecil Dougherty, I talked to Carl Baugh, he lives there; I have talked to many folks who studied this and they have said yes, there are human footprints there so I went there and saw them myself and walked in them. Human tracks and Dinosaur tracks together. Sometimes the human track is inside the Dinosaur track; sometimes the Dinosaur track is on top of the human track, indicating that that Dinosaur was there last. Interesting! The tracks are pretty good size, I brought one, here it is. This is a casting of one of those from Glen Rose, Texas. Size 24! Either the guy was 10 feet tall or he looked hilarious going to kindergarten. Kids, if you ever see the guy that made this, call him sir. Do what he says; you can come try your foot in there and see if you are Cinderella a little bit later.
      Skeptics Refuted
. But, some of the skeptics said, “We think these are fake,” so they lifted the rock ledges out along the side of the creek and there was more footprints underneath, undisturbed limestone. Perfect stride, right foot, left foot, right foot. They cut one of the tracks in half, sawed it across the toes, saw the lamination lines distorted by the mud squeezing up between the toes; the man stride was 6 feet between steps. I would rip my britches every time trying to do that! Oops! Human and Dinosaur tracks together, that is interesting!
      Evolutionist’s Ignorance.
A friend of mine was down there when they were digging the tracks out. He wrote me a letter, he said, “Brother Hovind, I was there when they were digging out the tracks. We followed the footsteps of a Dinosaur; it looked like he was walking with the man. Nova came to film the dig, and there was an evolutionist there arguing with Dr. Carl Baugh the whole time. Nova did not film much of the dig, but they did interview the evolutionist. He told them he had not seen anything there to disprove evolution; what he did not tell the camera was that he had refused to even turn around and look at the tracks we were working on. He stood with his back to the dig and the tracks while making those statements. Nova knew the man had not looked at the tracks, but they did not report that nor did they give Dr. Baugh equal air time to respond.”
      See, evolution is a carefully protected state religion. You have to protect it at all costs. One fellow said, “Well, if there is human tracks here, that just proves there was an unknown Dinosaur with feet like a human.” Could be I suppose!

The Pre-Flood Civilization

     Even found a petrified hammer, I have got a replica right here on the table of the petrified hammer. Course now if you believe in evolution, that proves Dinosaurs build hammers that is all. People say they did not have any iron before the Flood! You better read your Bible. Tubal-cain was an artificer in brass and iron, yes they had iron before the Flood. This bell was found inside a lump of coal. Here is the phone number of the guy who has it sitting on his desk for a paperweight; he found it and it is ten years old in West Virginia, I talked to him last week. This silver vessel was found in Massachusetts. Blasting solid rock, a silver bell shaped vessel flew out of the solid rock. A clay doll was found 320 feet down in Idaho, still in a museum right there at the Idaho State Historical Society in Boise, Idaho; 320 feet down, a clay doll in solid rock? Workers found human bones in a copper arrowhead in a silver mine. Digging away in solid rock, found human bones. See, all those layers formed during the Flood, they did not form over millions of years, the Flood made all of that. We cover more on that on video tape number 6.

The Pre-Flood Diet

     God said, “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth and every tree in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed, to you it shall be for meat.” God said, “Adam I want you to eat the fruit, the vegetables, and the seeds.”      The Bible and Health      We do not do that much anymore. We eat the hamburger, French fries and Coke. God said eat the fruit, the vegetables and the seeds. When you eat the peach, you should eat the seed. You say Brother Hovind that thing is hard! Well, you crack it open, there is a nut inside, it looks like an almond and it tastes terrible. It will give you pucker that will last about an hour and a half. Some of you old timers are thinking, “Pucker.Pucker.what is that for? Man, I used to know!” My dad said, “You know you are getting old when you get all the way across the room to get your wife a kiss and then you forgot why you came.” You are getting old all right!
      You say, “Brother Hovind, you cannot eat the seeds, they have poison in them, it is cyanide.” Oh, it is good for you! It is part of a vitamin called Vitamin B17. B17 is found in the seeds, not in the fruit and people that get lots of B17 in their diet never get cancer. Have you ever noticed a dog or a cat get sick and go out and eat grass? Certain kinds of grass contain Vitamin B17. Did you know wild animals never get cancer? Zoo animals get it all the time. You say, C’mon you think cancer is a lack of a vitamin?

The Hunza Tribe.

You better look at the history of medicine. The Hunza, a tribe in India, when they [were] first discovered before any white people got into the area, the average age was 165. As they built a highway and people began coming in and out of the area, life spans dropped off to 90 average, still pretty old. Today I think the average is still 90. The average age of medical doctors is 58. Average age of queers is 42; I think it pays to live for the Lord! Hunza’s favorite food is apricot seeds; it just so happens that apricot seeds have more B17 than anything else found in nature. The Hunza’s never had a case of cancer ever.
      You say, you think a vitamin will cure cancer? Well, for years sailors died of scurvy. Anybody know what cured scurvy? Vitamin C. After the cure was discovered in 1753, the navy did nothing about it for 50 more years. During that time, one million sailors died in the British navy alone…after the cure was known! In 1795, they finally admitted Vitamin C cures scurvy. Beriberi, Pellagra, Rickets, all deficiency diseases. See, it goes back to a philosophy of medicine.

About White Bread.

The Bible says God gave herb for the service of man and bread strengthens man’s heart. See, bread will strengthen your heart, it used to till they started messing with it. You know back in the old days when they had to bake bread fresh everyday because it would go bad, nobody had heart attacks. You were more likely to get run over by an aardvark than you were to die of a heart attack. But somebody discovered (and remember, the lack of money-or the love of money is the root of all evil) somebody discovered what is making the bread go bad, was the Vitamin E and the Lecithin. So they took those out of the bread and made white bread and now the bread lasts a long time. The people do not, but the bread does! Get more profits! There is a simple formula, kids, the whiter the bread, the quicker you are dead. If it will not go bad in a few days, there is probably nothing in it to go bad which means there is nothing in it that is good for you. Bread strengthens man’s heart-used to.

The Post-Flood World (Today)

Two Philosophies of Health

     See, there are two philosophies of health. Creation and Evolution. If Evolution is true, then the body is a bunch of chemicals that got together by random chance over billions of years. You treat diseases with a drug; it is called drug therapy. If Creation is true, then God designed the body and you give the body the vitamins, the minerals, the herbs and it fixes itself. If drug therapy is true, you add more chemicals. You go to the doctor and say I have a headache, and he says here take an Aspirin.
      Well, what caused the headache? It was not the lack of an Aspirin that caused the headache, was it? Are you not treating the symptom instead of the cause? That is like taking your car to the mechanic and say this is blowing out blue smoke. He says, “here I will put a filter on the muffler.” Stopped the blue smoke, did he not? Did he treat the symptom or the cause? Symptom. That is all drugs do, and sometimes that is necessary. I mean, if you cut your arm off, it is not time to take a vitamin. Go to the doctor! I am afraid most diseases, we cause ourselves; we are digging our grave with our spoon.
      I think cancer is a deficiency disease, it is a lack of Vitamin B17, and some of you are going to die of cancer and you are going to get to heaven early and you are going to say, God, I prayed, why did you not heal me? He is going to say, “Look I put it in the first chapter. I figured you would get at least that far reading your Bible in family devotions. It is only twenty-nine verses away from the beginning! I told you to eat the fruit, the vegetables and the seeds. Let’s see, what you ate for the last sixty years. Not much of those, did you?”

Two Philosophies of Government

     The same philosophy is applied to government by the way. Creation and Evolution. If Creation is true, then laws come from the Creator. If Evolution is true, there is no Creator, so laws come from mans opinion. That is called a democracy, which is a terrible form of government. Democracies always degenerate into dictatorships. In America, it is sad to say, has become a democracy. We used to be a republic. Our founding fathers said, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.” Where do rights come from? From the Creator. What if there was no Creator, then who decides? See the problem here?
      Genesis 1:30, we have to hurry, “And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air and everything that creeps on the earth,” God said, “I have given every green herb.” Wait a minute, everything ate green herbs, everything ate plants? That is correct. You know even the mosquitoes would not bite in the Garden of Eden? The fleas and the ticks would not bother the horses, everything was vegetarian. Is not that what you would read that to mean? People say, “c’mon now look at those teeth! That has got to be a meat eater.” No, sorry, that is a close up view of a panda bear, a vegetarian. Everything was vegetarian before the Flood came. Now, after the Flood was over, two things changed.

The Post-Flood World of Suffering and Death

     In Genesis 9, God said to Noah and the boys, “get off the Ark and have a bunch of kids.” And they did! He said and the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth.
      The first change after the Flood, animals became afraid of man. They were not afraid before; nobody was going to eat them. But now, they became afraid of man.
      The second change after the Flood, God said, “Noah, every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you.” Now, you can eat meat; it is perfectly fine to eat meat and I do. But, because of that there is a lot of suffering in the world. Paul said in Romans 8, “For I reckon, that the sufferings of this present time..” Is there suffering in the world today? Lots of it! The Bible says, “the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain.” Folks, there is a lot of suffering in the world.

Atheistic Confusion

     That is what causes the atheists to get confused. Charlie Darwin said, “I am bewildered, I had no intention to write atheistically, but there seems to be so much misery in the world. Why would God make a world with suffering? Why did God make the lion eat the other animals?” Charlie, that is not the way God made it. See, when God made the world it was perfect. All the animals were friendly; it was man’s sin that wrecked it.

The Post-Flood Junkyard Environment

      You cannot blame a wrecked creation on God. It was by one man that sin came into the world and death by sin. I Corinthians 15, “By man came death.” It is Adam’s fault folks, he wrecked it! God made a perfect world and man destroyed it. You cannot blame a wrecked car on the manufacturer can you? Let’s send this picture to [General Motors] and say, why did you build a smashed car? They did not build a smashed car; it got smashed later, right?

The Restored World

     God made a perfect world, and man wrecked it! But, God promised he is going to fix it back like it used to be. Isaiah 11, “The wolf shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid and the calf and the young lion and the fatling together and a little child shall lead them.” A little child is going to lead a leopard or a lion? “Hey Mommy, look at the big kitty I found! Can I keep the kitty, Mommy?” “Sure, honey, put her out in the back yard and give her some grass!” You say, “Brother Hovind, lions do not eat grass.” Well, they will one day. The Bible says the lion shall eat straw like the ox. See, God is going to fix it back like it used to be and if you are saved you are going to get to live here and rule and reign with Christ for 1000 years. Everybody would be the perfect age, 45, it is going to be a beautiful world. Then He is going to make new heavens and a new earth, Revelation 21, Isaiah 65. New heavens, new earth, II Peter 3, new heavens, new earth. See, God has got plans for His kids. He is going to fix it back like it used to be; you are going to be able to have your own pet dinosaur for 1000 years, fixed back like it used to be. It is going to be a wonderful world. That new heaven, you cannot even think what that is going to be like; your brain will blow a fuse! The Bible says, “Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither hath entered into the heart of man the things God hath prepared for them that love Him.” God has got things planned for you that you cannot even think about.

“Upgrade Extraordinaire”

     Let me just give you one thought to try to think about and then we will quit. This is the electromagnetic spectrum. I taught Physics, I have to get this in here somewhere. The electromagnetic spectrum contains all the different wavelengths. Radio waves, microwaves, X-rays, radar, sonar, including a small piece in the middle called light. Your eyeball is able to see the colors, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. That is a small piece of a huge spectrum. Suppose we get to heaven and God gives us new eyes that can see the entire spectrum. That means there will be brand new colors; billions of them! Not new shades of these colors, brand new colors, that is why heaven needs to be so large, it is for the women’s closets! My wife is going to say, “Honey does this go with this?” I am going to say, “Dear, I could not figure it out back on earth! Only had 6 colors.” she has to number my ties to go with my suits. It is not that I am going color blind, it is that I do not know what goes with what; secondly, I do not care, I just want to get dressed! Lay it out, I will wear it! Anybody else feel that way about it? Do not tell me about it, just lay it out and I will wear it! Can you imagine if we get new eyes that can see the whole spectrum, you are going to be able to see the sounds coming off the musical instruments. Brand new colors; billions of them! Maybe we will get new ears. Instead of being able to hear from 20 to 40 thousand cycles per second, you are going to be able to hear the colors. Or smell them! Yellow. Or taste them-yum, blue! Or feel them, red. We have only got 5 senses folks. Maybe there is more. If God just took these 5 when we get to heaven and expanded them to the limit, we would spend forever walking around heaven going Wow, Wow, Wow, have you smelled that? Come here, lick that, Wow, Wow! It is going to be great!
      You say, “Now, Brother Hovind, hold it, if Dinosaurs lived with Adam and Eve, did Noah take them on the Ark?” Well, we will cover that in the next session. Dinosaurs, what happened to them, do not miss that. Thank you so much. Well, thank you for joining us, we hope you have enjoyed this series so far on the age of the earth and what the Garden of Eden was like, but all is in vain unless you are sure you are going to heaven.


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