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CSE-101 Class 9 Notes


CSE-101 Class 9 Notes

CSE 101 - Class 9

6 layers of atmosphere
Used to be 7" Canopy
Layer of ice floating on magnetic field
UV + X-rays can not penetrate water
More pressure + filtered sunlight = plants grow wild
Psalms 136:6
"To him that stretched out the earth above the waters: for his mercy endureth for ever."
Psalms 24:2
"For he hath founded it upon the seas, and established it upon the floods."

Rain to cover Everest
Water condenses it releases heat - Latent Heat of Condensation
World would fry
Everest was not there
Psalms 104:8
"For They go up by the mountains; they go down by the valleys unto the place which thou hast founded for them."
The hills rose up and the valleys sank down
Rained for 40 days
Waters came up for 150 days

4-10" of Ice sufficiently filtered sun light
Venus total cloud cover - particles to small to fall as rain - SA to V ratio

San Andres Fault - Mid Atlantic Ridge
Goes around world
Ground waves during earth quake - crack can move 2 mi / sec
Pop balloon - how long till pin whole grows around entire balloon
Volcanoes on fault line
Walter Brown's Hydroplate Theory
Magma trapped when fountains of deep broke open
Plates move 1ft - huge amount of energy released

Greenhouse effect
Sun goes in reflected by something on ground - changes wave length and can not get back out
Plants absorb emissions produced by cars
Other countries plant trees instead of emissions standards
Norwegian Maples
Trees grow faster with more pollution
Runaway greenhouse effect
Warmer inside greenhouse than outside
Shortwave radiation in - longwave radiation can not get out
Carl Baugh - Texas - museum on property with footprints
Canopy theory
Photo amplifier - see stars better
Light is bent going through 200 mi of air - stars twinkle
Compress air to 10 mi
No weather patterns - no coriolis effect
Perfect weather if Earth not tilted

Lack of oxygen killed dinosaurs
Air trapped in amber 35% oxygen
Now air has 21%
80ft Apatosaurus - nostrils same size as horse
Problems with Dinosaurs
1. Too small of nostrils
2. Too small of lungs
Insects trapped in amber same as today - haven't changed in 80 million years?
Double air pressure + more oxygen saturates blood
Hemoglobin - blood cells - plasma
Plasma (liquid part of blood) gets oxygen saturated

Baby Jessica stuck in well 2.5 days
Half of body black due to lack of circulation
Freezing - burn - lack of oxygen same effect on skin
Dr wanted to cut leg off before it spread
Different doctor put her in hyperbaric chamber
Leg turned pink within couple hours

Divers - air in blood gets compressed - come up to fast it expands and clogged capillaries - Bends
1 atmosphere = 14.7 lbs/sq in
200 mi of air @ 14.7 lbs/sq in
2.18 atmospheres inside of hyperbaric chamber
West Germany uses to treat stroke patients
England uses to treat multiple sclerosis
Give 80% oxygen during surgery instead of 30% halves infection rate
Dr. Kei Mori of Kao University in Tokyo
Grew tomatoes plant in basement of his apartment using fiber optic light from sun
Fiber optics blocked UV + x-rays
Pressurized carbon dioxide to stem
Plant grew 40 ft tall - produced 15000 tomatoes in life time
Air is .06% CO2
Dry ice frozen CO2

National Center for Science Education
Eugenie C. Scott
Started by Andrew Carnegie to keep creation out of schools
80 layers of coal
Not enough trees in world to produce all that coal
It must have taken lots of time to create the coal?
The world was very different - lots more trees
Inside coal mines - whole logs pressed against sides - top and bottom
Many human artifacts found in coal - small doll - pots - gold chain
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