CSE-101 Class 7 Notes


CSE-101 Class 7 Notes

CSE 101 - Class 7

Mississippi River 80,000 tons / hour of sediment
Drops 8" per mile - 920 miles long
Creates delta - Louisiana sinking due to being on delta - no level highways
Delta less than 10000 - 30000 years old
End of Ice ages -
10000 YA - Niagara falls
30000 YA - Mississippi Delta
100000 YA
Methuselah tree - 4300 years old
Rings indicate lots of rain -ittle rain not summer winter
Walking sticks - 7 years always average 11 rings
M Tree grows 1- every 100 years
White Mountains in CA
Great Barrier Reef - Australia
1500 mi long
WWII ships damage reef due to not wanting to go around
20 year study watching it grow back - less than 4000 years old
3700 years according to Creation magazine
Niagara Falls - 9900 years old?
4.7ft / year since 1700 - 7 1/2 mi canyon
1930 built canal for hydro plant
Flood took half due to erosion and soft dirt

Oceans getting saltier
30% of rain returns to oceans via rivers
Rest evaporates or goes to water table
Water evaporating in oceans - desalination
Guy attempted to row across Atlantic
Trained himself to drink salt water - took 6 months
50 types of salt's washing into the oceans
At current rate it would have taken 5000 years to reach current salt levels.
Oceans 3.6% salt
People assume flood was salt water
Minnesota man took 2 large fish tanks - one fresh - one salt
Combined them at 1.8% - Took 10 years
Salt plume - dig salt out of ground - salt mines - checkerboard
Pockets of salt under ocean

Ice Ages
Carbonic acid - dissolves limestone
Created by decaying plants
Rains on dead leaves - makes water slightly acidic
Creates caves in limestone
Missouri + Arkansas lots of caves due to limestone
Flow stone filling caves - stalactites - stalagmites
They say it takes 1000 years to grow 1"
Carlsbad caverns then 250M years old
Flow stone covering bat
50' stalactites under Lincoln memorialbridge when 40 years old
Mine in Australia - 55 years filled with stalagmites + stalactites
1903 mineral spring stuck pipe in it - now over 15 ft tall flow stone

Land slides - ground creeping - mud slides
Never land rises
It would take 14M years for all the mountains to erode flat.
Even with contents lifting up fossils should not be more than 14M years old
They should have washed out to sea

Oldest written language with words 5000 years old
Older languages have more descriptive words than today
How do you teach an animal to go from grunts to preserving a thought and writing it down - huge jump
All languages have nouns and adjectives to describe the noun

Chinese year 4697
Egyptian 5500 years however
Egypt exaggerates how long pharos were in power and they had multiple pharos ruling at same time
Difficult to get secular history accurately earlier than 1500BC
First empire 600BC Nebuchadnezzar - Babylon

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with inherent and inalienable rights; that among these, are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. - Property
Right to breathe - marry - inalienable
People that believe this are not good slaves - throw tea in harbor
Richest want to control everyone - make them slaves
One world government - Government gives rights
If you want to use their Federal Reserve Notes as currency -
Christians make good citizens - stick up for their rights as being creatures of God
75% of kids loose their faith by going to public school
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