CSE-101 Class 2 Notes


CSE-101 Class 2 Notes

CSE 101 - Class 2

Mix little truth in with lies

Rat poison

Proverbs 23:29,30
"Who hath woe? who hath sorrow?... They that tarry long at the wine;..."
Greek 1 word for wine
English - juice - wine - fermented juice - fermented wine

Good science in textbooks - little of poison

Six meanings of evolution 1. Cosmic - BB - Big mess - Origin of time space mater
2. Chemical - hydrogen + helium - usually decay not increase - Radium>lead Potassium>Argon
3. Stellar + Planetary
4. Organic - Takes intelligence to make life
5. Macro - Arrival of kinds
6. Micro - Variations within kinds - Speciation

1-5 are Religious
6 is Science
Bacteria resistance
Roach resistance

Billions of years turns Fantasy into Reality
Give rock a pill to turn into dog

1. Mater can not be created or destroyed
Mater to energy = huge losses - Irretrievable loss of energy
Engine 30% efficient
Everything loosing heat - Cold universe death - not closed system

What started it all?

Either God made it or it made its self
Atheist -
Theist - which God, Why?
Were not here - we think we are

Humanist Manifesto 1933
1st plank - Universe self existing - not created
Humanist Manifesto 2 1973
Signer John Dewey - leader of teachers college
Produced college leaders
Produced Humanist teachers
Infiltrate school system
How universe created its self
BB Theory
Bunches of nothings exploded - created galaxies
1 dot exploded - Given characteristics of God
Nebula Hypothesis - Dust clouds closer + closer - tighter + tighter - starts to spin

Everything spins

"Most astronomers believe"
Becomes truth by majority opinion
"Everyone knows ford better than Chevy"
Judgment call
Tell kids and they will believe you

6000 YA - Creation
4400 YA - Flood
2000 YA - Jesus
20 BYA - BB - nothing exploded - where did it come from
4.6 BYA - Earth cools
3.6 BYA - Life forms

Universe - Single spoken sentence
When God speaks - waters clam - wind dies down - dead come alive
Everything obeys God - Except us

BB Size
Began - 700,000 LY
10yr Later - 10,000 LY
20yr Ago - dot
now - Nothing

Closed Universe
BB occurs every 80-100 BY
Mater came from previous BB
Hindu - gods came from previous gods
Mormon - As I am God once was, As God is I will once be.

Big lie more likely to believe
Kids - I am nothing but dirt and chemicals
Columbine - Natural selection shirt

Atheist said - I am god of my own universe

Might makes right
Get rid of God
Stallen - Marks - Hitler
Communism - Marxism - Nazism
Man is king of the universe
Humanism needs evolution
DEIFY - Ye shall be as God's

"All teachers believe in communism" Soviet Russia
Scientists loose their job if they are creationists
Robert Gentry - Renowned nuclear physicist - waste
Published until found he was creationist

Name a scientific advance due to evolution
Plastic - space ship - computers
What good has it done?

Creationists look for reasons for intelligent design
Murry discovered "paths in the sea" Psalm 8:8
Saved billions
Blood letting "Life of flesh in the blood" Leviticus 17:11
MRI - creationist (not considered scientist?)

Where did mater - energy - laws come from
Law of gravity - what is gravity - how does it know you are there
Law of inertia
Law of Centrifugal force
Hundreds of forces

Mater + energy where did they come from
Interchangeable with great losses

Retro motion problem
Merry go round example
Conservation of angular momentum
Venus, Uranus, maybe Pluto
6 of 63 moons
Saturn + Neptune moons diff dir same time

"the heavens shall pass away with a great noise" 2 Peter 3:10
Jehovah Witness - Earth last forever

BB - uniform mater -
Its not - clumpy

2nd Law of Thermodynamics
Everything tends to disorder
Women spend hour to look "natural"
Entire sections of stores to overcome 2nd law
Everyone has a job due to 2nd law
Work to maintain

Bacteria to humans - Textbook 4BYA
Earth Age
1770 70,000Y
1905 2BY
Now 4.6BY
Getting older 21 MY / Y

Barbara Reynolds, "If your kids go ape in school, you'll know why," USA Today (August 27, 1993)

Carl Marks 1848 Communist Manifesto
10 things to turn a country communist
#10 or #9 - Free public education
0 0 stemmen
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