CSE-101 Class 3 Notes


CSE-101 Class 3 Notes

CSE 101 - Class 3

Sun destructive to everything except chlorophyll
Laws say universe winding down
Had to have beginning - not everlasting

Schools don't have to get into origins when teaching science

1925 - States passed laws - Against law to teach evolution
Scopes trial
State of TN vs. John Scopes
ACLU find a teacher to say he taught evolution
ACLU's Clarence Darrow defended Scopes
William Jennings Bryan, three-time Democratic candidate for President - Prosecutor
Atheists lost
Tried to prove evolution true
Didn't mater - he broke the law - fined $100

1968 - Last evolution ban removed
Always OK to teach evolution

1981 - Arkansas
If you teach evolution you must teach creation
Violation of 1st amendment to force teaching of creationism
A couple years later Louisiana wanted equal time
Supreme Court - cannot demand teaching creation
It is fine to choose to teach them
Can teach the bible

1963 - Prayer out of schools
Madalyn Murray O'Hair

1980 - Stone vs. Gramm
Supreme Court - bible may be used
1980 - 8th circuit court
Teach as long as treated historically or for language study

ACLU threatens to sue - they will lose

1987 - Supreme Court Louisiana case
We can not force teaching of creation
Teachers can teach any topic that deals with origins theory

CA State board of education
Any discussion of origins fine
Can not use tax dollars to convert to a religion

Problem with publishers
Teaching Creation Science in Public Schools - book
Duane T. Gish
20-30 states elective bible studies

ACLU - creation out of schools
If it's true there's a creator
We have rights given by creator
Rights come from God not gov

New World Order
Government gives rights
People that believe in God - not good slaves

Founder of ACLU - Communism is the goal
Roger Baldwin
Lawyers + lawsuits to bring in communism
Creation hindrance to communism

When china taken over by communists
Didn't teach communism - first taught evolution

Textbook critique
Mel Gabler

Students have more rights than teachers
"Are you discriminating against me because of my religious belief..."

Teachers aren't the enemy - the Devil is

Inherit the Wind - Play - Movie
Purpose to make Christians look stupid

1957 - Space race - soviet sputnik
Used as propaganda
America loosing space race because not enough evolution
1959 - 100 yr anniversary Darwin
Atheist + Evolutionist - not enough in text books
First time government grant to write textbooks
BSCS series
1920 - 2000-3000 words
1963 - 33000 words

1960 - Madalyn Murray O'Hair
Wanted to move to communist country
Traveled around Europe - they would not take her
Took William Murray to school 9th grade and heard prayer

1963 - STD rate up 385%
Divorce rate skyrocket
Violent crime up 1000%

Costa Rica
Walls 10' tall - fences over top of house
America becoming like Costa Rica

Standard to determine right from wrong
Majority opinion
Not "thus sayith the Lord"

10-14yr old birth rate up 100%
10-14yr old pregnancy up 563%
Drop in SAT scores
1995 SAT's dumbed down
Unmarried couples living together up 725%
Teen suicide rate skyrocket

Not 10 suggestions - 10 Commandments

Frog + Magic spell = Prince - Farie Tale
Frog + millions of years = Prince ≠ Science
Fish - Amphibian - Reptile - Mammal

Magician flew through air - magician walked slowly through air
Still doesn't change it's a fairy tale

1770 - 70,000YA
1905 - 2BYA
1969 - 3.5BYA
Now - 4.6BYA
More Problems = More time

Science = to know - knowledge
Knowledge gained by observation or experimentation

Mobile Press Register
Most Americans believe in God
61% - God created in last 10000yrs
30% - God used evolution
91% - God made world
4% - Atheistic
6% - Don't know - Don't Care

Washington Times August 31 1998
55% US natural scientists believe evolution
Even if all believed - doesn't make it truth

Everyone used to believe geosynchronous orbit
Everything spins around earth
Aristotle - Big rock fall faster than small rocks
Galileo - 10 lb and 5 lb rock
10 lb rock cut in half tied with string
10 1/10th lb rocks tied with strings

1799 George Washington bleed to death
Doctrine of humors
Till 1860
Lev 17:11 "Life of flesh is in the blood"
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