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CSE-103 Class 3 Notes


CSE-103 Class 3 Notes

CSE 103 - Class 3

How to fix lies

Matthew 5:13
Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.

Salt irritates
flavors - brings out the best
preserves from corruption

Teachers can teach creation science in public schools
1800's Creation 6 days 4000BC
1836 - Bible Curriculum
1925 - Scopes - Monkey Trial
Several state passed laws banning creation
Buttler Law - Challenged by ACLU
Can not teach evolution
Never has been passed banning creation
John T Scopes - ACLU advertised for teacher to challenge anti evolution law
He was at drug store and ACLU approached him asking if he would say he taught evolution. He did not teach science however he substituted one day and did not know if he taught evolution
they had him indated. ACLU trying to get media attention
Clarence Darrow - lawyer for ACLU
famous atheist
William Jennings Brian - Defending law
vice president canidate 3 times - outspoken creationist
Book "worlds most famous court trial" transcript of trial
ACLU wanted to find him guilty so they could go to nation wide court to appeal
William Jennings Brian said he did not necessarly believe the 6 days were literal days
people thought he blew it
Darrow lined up witnesses to prove evolution as fact
piltdown man
curator of the British National Museum said a black man has average intelligence of a 9 year old white boy
trial was not about if evolution was true or false it was if he broke the law
found guilty and fined $100
went to next appeal and was overturned due to technicality
after trial move was made called "Inherit the wind"
purpose of the movie was to make Christians look dumb and evolutionists look smart

State sets standards
committee of 10 - 20 people
we want evolution taught
textbook publishers look at standards and write text books
most states look to Texas for best standards - most strict
Mel Gabler - review text books and writes critiques
Texas standards say if a theory is taught you must give evidence for and against it
Texas does not follow its own standards

Publishers publish books to meet standards
present to Texas - if they are full of errors and are rejected they sell them to another state and print new ones for Texas

State committee
22 states have state text book selection committees
they approve 3-5 books and send the list of those books to each county
county then narrows it down to 1 or 2
public schools can pick any book it wants
creation text books
state won't pay for it if it is not on the list

Kansas 1998 state school board does not require macro evolution to be taught
1968 last laws banning evolution removed - they were not followed but no one wanted to repeat the Scopes monkey trial
1980 - Arkansas passed law demanding equal time - balanced treatment law
Violated 1st amendment
state forced to sponsor religious idea
1987 - Louisiana same thing
1.Evolution only
2.creation only
Accurate text books

Steven Gould
Supreme court ruling in Scopes Monkey trial "No statute exists in any state to bar the teaching of creation science in any classroom. It could be taught before it could be taught now."
Eugenia Scott - National center for science education NCSE - keeps creation out of schools
Dwayne Gish - books supporting creationism
Scientific creationism - everything designed - must be creator
Biblical creationism - God created it 6000 years ago

State laws can require books to show weaknesses in evolution (Texas)

1963 - Supreme court - bible worthy of study for literary and historic purposes
1980 - 8th circuit court - bible can be used to study cultural history
courts have never banned creation
Jesus did not spend much time trying to change the Roman empire
he taught and converted the people
1.Go after students
2.Go after the teachers - most are Christians
3.Go after the schools

Separation of church and state does not appear in constitution
Written by Thomas Jefferson in letter to southern baptist pastor
describes the one way wall keeping the state out of the church - not the church out of the state
Of Pandas and People - supplementary biology book supporting intelligent design

Gablors book "What are they teaching our children"
get on text book selection committees
donate to Gablors and ask for their evaluation on books
Gablors rank different areas of books, mistakes

Hittler - Let me control the text books and I will control the state
How many kids go to school and believe what they are taught?
Bort Wagner - helped get creation materials into public school library's

Get the pages with lies cut out
glue pages together
Alabama requires that books that teach evolution have a warning sticker
Florida Statute - All instructional materials must be satisfactorily accurate to the counsel if the majority believes it is allowed
Texas - Theory need to be distinct from fact
WI Administrative code 361 - Text books shall be factually accurate
ACLJ - helps Christians that are being discriminated
Go to the principal with a note thats been notarized that says I want my kid excused from teaching evolution
Good programs - Opt in - Bring note in to see it
Bad programs - opt out - Have note to be excused (homosexual speech, sex ed)

Don't confront the teacher in front of the class - go after
If your a goof off don't even try - bad example
Answer questions with the answer they want to hear and add your own rebuttal
The farther up the chain you go to ask for permission the less likely you will get the answer you want
They don't want to loose their jobs

letters to the editor
donate books/videos
Acts 17 - Paul preaching on Mars hill to heathen talking about creation - they did not know scripture and did not care - start from the beginning

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