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Beginnings Session 6

The Truth

Something to Think About

Some things are self-evidently true. They are axiomatic. You cannot have a painting without a painter, and you cannot have a creation without a Creator. Atheistic Evolutionists have to deny logic itself in order to argue against such obvious truth. Furthermore, they are approaching the truth from the wrong perspective, thus limiting their accuracy.

What to Watch For

Either there is a God or there isn’t - and both possibilities are frightening. In this last lesson, notice how your worldview affects your perception of truth. Those who embrace the atheistic, Evolutionary worldview approach truth totally backwards, while only a Christian, basing his perception of truth on God’s Word, can approach truth from the proper perspective. With this in mind, pay special attention to the natural reaction to the vastness of the universe - God is glorified as was originally intended! In the beginning of this series, we addressed the four basic questions of life. In this lesson, watch as each question brings purpose and meaning to life when answered through the Biblical worldview, glorifying God’s plan and greatness. Absolute truth can only be known through the proper understanding of God’s Word, and in the end, notice how this always brings God glory. Truth magnifies God through the correct interpretation of His creation. Having clarified our worldviews, we then notice that this leaves us feeling small and inferior to God’s vast perfection. No one with the creation worldview, which magnifies God, can think highly of himself. The ultimate conclusion is that we have offended an amazing God with our sin; it is His authority which is supreme. Watch as this conclusion then leads us to the glorious Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Discussion Questions

1.  Can science give us absolute truth? Why or why not?

Science is inductive and therefore cannot give us absolute truth. It can only make educated guesses based on circumstantial evidence and clues, but it can never give absolute certainty. The Bible, however, provides the complete story, giving us the key to sorting out the clues.
2.  How should the vastness of the creation affect us?

It should show us how small we are, and how big and amazing God is, thus leading us to glorify and serve Him.

3.  If God made this world, He is the Ruler and Judge of all the earth. What is the only way we can be reconciled to Him, after having been found guilty of breaking His law?

Repentance and trust in Christ are required for salvation. We have sinned against God and only after we turn from our sin and put our full faith in Christ for our salvation will we be born again.


If Evolutionism is true, then nothing matters, and there is no purpose to life. Evolutionism is not true - God created this vast universe, and it is His will that counts! We should be mindful of the awesome creation in order to keep a proper perspective on who God is and how we can obtain absolute truth through His Word. Using the creation worldview, we should take this truth to the lost and share with them how they can be saved from their sin and reconciled to God. Creationism is important for Christians to study, but it is pointless if it does not lead to its intended goal - bringing glory and honor to the Creator. God has given us absolute truth in His Word, and we should share this truth with everyone. Always use the evidence of creation for evangelism. God made all things for His glory, and once we have come to the truth of creation, we should proclaim it to the world, winning souls for the Savior and connecting the lost with their Creator.


Use the evidences of creation taught in this course to win the lost in your life. Share the valuable information presented in this course with your acquaintances, helping to shape their worldview to the creation perspective. Let this knowledge of the Creator lead them to the realization of their sinful state before God and of their need to repent and trust in Christ.

Beginnings Session 5

Fact vs. Faith

Something to Think About

Perspective determines everything. Facts are absolute, but interpretation changes with the individual. Evolutionists are always trying to blur the line between the facts and their interpretations of the facts. They assert that their theories are fact rather than faith. In reality, the facts support the Biblical account of Creationism. Both Evolutionism and Creationism are faiths. They are perspectives. While the claims of Creationists are repeatedly being vindicated by science, Evolutionists base their entire faith upon lies, error, and deception.

What to Watch For

Evolutionists claim that their theory is a concluded issue. The debate is over. Evolution is a fact. But this simply isn’t the case. Watch as Eric Hovind reviews the key “evidences” of Evolutionism and demonstrates the total lack of fact involved. These claims are not fact. These claims are made on faith. So, why then are they in public school textbooks? Throughout this episode, you will see the difference between scientific fact and faith masquerading as scientific fact. Learn to differentiate between the two. Watch out for the assumptions that underlie the entire religion of Evolutionism. Keep these in mind next time you hear a scientist make an absolute statement about evolution as if it were fact. Learn how to really think critically by sorting through the jargon and being aware of the assumptions and faith-based agenda of Evolutionism. Textbooks teach so much more than fact, so educate yourself on what claims are actually faith-based in order to distinguish fact from faith in the latest science curricula.

Discussion Questions

1.  Where does the geologic column exist, and is it fact or faith?

It only exists in the textbook. It is never found in the geologic record, because it is faith-based. It is not fact.
2.  Evolution is based upon what two faulty assumptions?

Mutations change things for the better, and natural selection allows this change to become common among an entire population.

3.  How does natural selection work, and can it cause evolution?

Natural selection only selects what is already available. It does not create anything, and therefore, cannot cause anything to evolve. It only chooses features that already exist.

4.  How does Satan use Evolutionism to rob humanity of its belief in God’s Word, and what effect does this have on society?

Evolutionism claims that we are merely an accident, and therefore there is no absolute right or wrong. If science has disproven the existence of a God, then we can do what we want. There is no foundation for morality if the Bible isn’t true.


As Christians, we are to strive for truth. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the truth and that the truth sets us free. Our children are being taught lies in school. In public school textbooks, religious lies are being taught as fact. Creationism is scorned for being religious. The fact of the matter is both Creationism and Evolutionism are religious. They are perspectives – interpretations of fact. They are religious worldviews. As demonstrated in this episode, the “evidence” for Evolutionism is not fact, but rather assumption – faith-based claims about the facts. Therefore, we should be very careful not to allow Evolutionists to pass off their faith as fact in our public schools. In everyday interactions, we must seek to clarify this truth in our conversations. Do not leave unchallenged any absolute statements that pretend evolution is proven. We should point out that Evolutionism is supported not by fact, but by faith. This then levels the playing field for those around us to listen as we share God’s Word with them. They can then decide which faith is supported by science and which faith is not. They can then view God’s Word as a viable option. This opens up their minds and plants a seed in their hearts. This is why it is important for us as Christians to arm ourselves on this topic and share it with the lost world who is deceived by the Evolutionism faith.


Call up your county or state’s education board members. There are probably several of them. Tell each of them that you expect them to keep religion out of the textbooks and give them a few faith-based claims to start with.

Beginnings Session 3

It Was Good

Something to Think About

Did man really live to be hundreds of years old before the Flood, as the Bible says? Could there be a scientific and biblical explanation for dinosaurs and giant men? Why do we see suffering in the world if a good God created it? Creationism accounts for all of this with the Biblical account of Adam’s Fall and Noah’s Flood.

What to Watch For

Often, atheists reject the idea of a God with the excuse that they can’t believe in a God who would create such suffering. Darwin himself used this point, stating that the suffering of the world implied that there was no Creator. Watch in this episode as Eric Hovind explains this topic in light of God’s Word and true science. God did not create suffering. God did not create death. Notice how each feature of our cursed planet can be explained in light of man, and how man has changed the perfect creation God made for us. Notice the scientific evidence for a creation where life was abundant, larger, healthier, and perfectly provided with all the essentials to thrive. In this episode, you will learn about the majesty of God’s good creation, and the consequences sin had on it.

Discussion Questions

1.  What is society in general, and evolutionists in particular, willingly ignorant of, and why?

They are ignorant of the Creation, the Flood, and the Coming Judgment, because of their lusts. Evolutionists and atheists do not like the idea of a Creator who can give them rules for their lives, has judged His creation in the past, and will do it again for their disobedience. Their problem is their sin, not their science.

2.  How would a hydrospheric layer, a canopy, on top of Earth’s atmosphere affect living conditions on Earth?

Oxygen and pressure would be increased, allowing for global, tropical conditions, resulting in larger, healthier, more energetic life. This would make larger plants, men, reptiles (dinosaurs), etc., explaining the evidence found in the fossil record.

3.  Who is responsible for suffering in the world?

Man. Man’s sin ruined God’s good creation.


Satan has used the theory of evolution to deceive millions and further his cause. A war between good and evil is going on, and we must share the truth of science to dispel the darkness so prevalent in this debate. Evidence shows that God’s original creation was very good. Death, suffering, and pain were not inherent in the world made for Adam and Eve. This evidence reveals an aspect of God’s character to be goodness. We serve a good God, who gave us a good planet to inhabit, and who provided for our every need. However, we also see the consequences of our sin. Man is a fallen creature, and he has dragged down the entire creation with him. Sin is a disease that infects God’s creation, resulting in suffering, death, and strife. Looking at the creation from this perspective, we can contrast God’s goodness with our sinfulness. We can see our inferiority in light of God’s greatness. By looking at the majesty that God created for us and at its current condition after 6,000 years of man’s influence, it becomes easy to see that mankind is in desperate need of a Savior. Romans 8:22 tells us that all of creation groans, waiting for the redemption to come. Christ died for our redemption, and on day, He will return to clean up the mess that we made. We must make sure we are prepared to meet Him on that day of final judgment.


Memorize Romans 5:12, “Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin; and so death passed upon all men, for that all have sinned.” Then strike up a conversation with someone you know – saved or unsaved. Ask them where death came from. Use this as an opportunity to share this insightful Scripture passage, showing them that the problem with creation is not the Creator, but rather us, sinful mankind.

Beginnings Session 2

How Old Is It?

Something to Think About

Something to Think About

Do we really know that the earth is ancient? Have we heard the evidence from the other side? The truth is that the evidence points strongly to a young earth. In fact, even dinosaurs fit into this worldview. God has given us limiting factors observable by science that point to a young earth, and confirm the account given in Scripture of a young creation and of a global flood about 4,400 years ago.

What to Watch For

Serious problems exist with the Big Bang and old-earth theories. Limiting factors put a reliable date on earth’s creation at about 6,000 years ago. Watch for these limiting factors and how each one points to a young earth. Old-earth Evolutionism doesn’t stand up to this evidence. Pay special attention to the ways this theory directly contradicts the Biblical account. Evolutionism is not compatible with Biblical Christianity. Notice how many of the things that we would assume (based upon the barrage of evolutionary propaganda) are very old are, in fact, quite young. This lesson will present evidences that point conclusively to a young earth, thus taking from Evolutionism the thing it needs so desperately – millions and millions of years.

Discussion Questions

1.  How do limiting factors demonstrate a young earth?

These natural phenomena date back fairly recently, indicating that earth’s age cannot be much older than 6,000 years. Otherwise, these phenomena would be much older, too. Other indicators, such as current population sizes, etc., as well as the complete absence of older phenomena, clearly confirm the Bible, which gives us a 4,000-year history prior to Christ.

2.  Why does the establishment propagate lies such as the necessity of long ages for the formation of stalactites and stalagmites?

Much time is needed to afford the theory of evolution. Evolutionism requires much more time than is evidenced. Examples such as “million-year-old” stalactites are necessary to overcome the embarrassing limiting factors that disprove their faulty worldview.

3.  According to the dates given in the Bible, the earth is about 6,000 years old. Evolutionists claim that it is billions of years old. How does this conflict affect the lost and the faith of believers?

It casts doubt and unbelief in the minds of the lost and unbelievers. If they cannot trust Genesis, a book to which almost every other book in the Bible refers, and a book to which Jesus himself referred, stating, “In the beginning…” then how can they trust other parts of the Word of God?


As this worldview of Evolutionism continues to permeate our educational system and society, crime, sin, disease, and evil continue to skyrocket. But this worldview of millions of years is entirely based upon lies. Many of those who call themselves scientists are ignoring the scientific data that does not fit within their worldview. Regardless of how many of these Evolutionary scientists are atheists and how many are not, the end result of this worldview is indeed Atheism and rejection of God’s Holy Word. We should hold God’s Word in the highest regard. Rather than allow our children to be poisoned by a science falsely so-called that leads to a breakdown of social morals, we should teach them to trust the Word of God. Science has confirmed this sacred account over and over again. A young earth is true not because we have found the evidence, but because the Bible says so. However, God is not a man that He should lie, and we can be assured that true science will always confirm what God has already revealed in His Word. The testimony of Scripture tells us the earth is young – and science agrees.


Commit several of these limiting factors to memory. Next time you are around an acquaintance who believes the world is old, give them a limiting factor to think about. Treat it like a random piece of trivia that you are sharing with them. Then get them to ponder why this limiting factor is so, if the earth truly is old. Share your suspicion that the earth is actually quite young. Perhaps this may become an opportunity to share the truth of God’s Word.

Beginnings Session 1

They are both religious

Something to Think About

Is evolution science or religion? Nothing about evolution belongs in the category of science. It’s a religion just like Creationism. However, Evolutionism is a dangerous religion. You see, ideas lead to worldviews. Worldviews result in actions. Consider the different actions an atheist might take in various situations in life as opposed to the actions a Christian might take in the same situations. Their religions determine their actions.

What to Watch For

As we begin the series, watch for the evidences of a young earth and universe and for the answers to the questions in life that logically follow from the Evolutionary standpoint as opposed to the Creationist standpoint. In this world, two major worldviews exist: Evolutionism and Creationism. Both views are religious, and both seek to answer life’s questions. Scientific evidence supports a young, created universe the opposite of the Evolutionary model. Evolutionism calls for an old, accidental universe. These contrasting worldviews have entirely opposite consequences. Notice throughout this lesson how the consequences of Evolutionism clash with the ramifications of the worldview of Creationism. Satan has tried to deceive man from the beginning, attempting to tell man that he can become as a god. This lie has not changed. Observe how Satan’s lie has worked its way into science in the form of Evolutionism and notice the lack of evidence for this worldview. True science, in fact, contradicts Evolutionism, as we are about to see. God’s truth is manifest in every facet of His creation.

Discussion Questions

1.  What are the four basic questions of man? Are they still relevant in our society today? If so, why?

Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going when I die? The way we answer these questions is related to our worldviews, which have ramifications in any culture or society.

2.  Do you believe that your view of the age of the earth affects your everyday life? If so, how?
If someone holds the Evolutionistic worldview, he must live his life according to his own will. If someone holds the worldview of Creationism, God is the final authority, and he must conform to God’s will.

3.  Do you believe evolution is scientific or religious? Why?
Evolutionism contradicts fundamental science and is supported only by faith – not by evidence.


We should strive to affect the worldviews of those around us. According to Matthew 5:13, we are to be the salt of the earth. Many are ignorant of the lack of scientific evidence for the Big Bang, and even fewer realize how their worldview affects their answers to life’s questions. We should spread the truth of God’s creation. The debate between Evolutionism and Creationism is important because it governs every major decision and action we execute in life. Where is the basis for a moral authority if we are mere accidents of chance whose sole purpose is to please ourselves? How is society to function without a lawgiver? If we really came from a cosmic burp 20 billion years ago, we have no purpose and no authority besides ourselves. If we are truly made in the image of God, He is our authority, and He has laid out some rules for us to follow. Are we ready to face His judgment?


Ask an elementary school-age child if he knows where everything in the world came from. If his answer involves the Big Bang, ask him where the original matter came from. If he doesn’t know where this original matter came from, consider sharing the Biblical account with him to explain how everything came into being.