Beginnings Session 2

Beginnings Session 2

How Old Is It?

Something to Think About

Something to Think About

Do we really know that the earth is ancient? Have we heard the evidence from the other side? The truth is that the evidence points strongly to a young earth. In fact, even dinosaurs fit into this worldview. God has given us limiting factors observable by science that point to a young earth, and confirm the account given in Scripture of a young creation and of a global flood about 4,400 years ago.

What to Watch For

Serious problems exist with the Big Bang and old-earth theories. Limiting factors put a reliable date on earth’s creation at about 6,000 years ago. Watch for these limiting factors and how each one points to a young earth. Old-earth Evolutionism doesn’t stand up to this evidence. Pay special attention to the ways this theory directly contradicts the Biblical account. Evolutionism is not compatible with Biblical Christianity. Notice how many of the things that we would assume (based upon the barrage of evolutionary propaganda) are very old are, in fact, quite young. This lesson will present evidences that point conclusively to a young earth, thus taking from Evolutionism the thing it needs so desperately – millions and millions of years.

Discussion Questions

1.  How do limiting factors demonstrate a young earth?

These natural phenomena date back fairly recently, indicating that earth’s age cannot be much older than 6,000 years. Otherwise, these phenomena would be much older, too. Other indicators, such as current population sizes, etc., as well as the complete absence of older phenomena, clearly confirm the Bible, which gives us a 4,000-year history prior to Christ.

2.  Why does the establishment propagate lies such as the necessity of long ages for the formation of stalactites and stalagmites?

Much time is needed to afford the theory of evolution. Evolutionism requires much more time than is evidenced. Examples such as “million-year-old” stalactites are necessary to overcome the embarrassing limiting factors that disprove their faulty worldview.

3.  According to the dates given in the Bible, the earth is about 6,000 years old. Evolutionists claim that it is billions of years old. How does this conflict affect the lost and the faith of believers?

It casts doubt and unbelief in the minds of the lost and unbelievers. If they cannot trust Genesis, a book to which almost every other book in the Bible refers, and a book to which Jesus himself referred, stating, “In the beginning…” then how can they trust other parts of the Word of God?


As this worldview of Evolutionism continues to permeate our educational system and society, crime, sin, disease, and evil continue to skyrocket. But this worldview of millions of years is entirely based upon lies. Many of those who call themselves scientists are ignoring the scientific data that does not fit within their worldview. Regardless of how many of these Evolutionary scientists are atheists and how many are not, the end result of this worldview is indeed Atheism and rejection of God’s Holy Word. We should hold God’s Word in the highest regard. Rather than allow our children to be poisoned by a science falsely so-called that leads to a breakdown of social morals, we should teach them to trust the Word of God. Science has confirmed this sacred account over and over again. A young earth is true not because we have found the evidence, but because the Bible says so. However, God is not a man that He should lie, and we can be assured that true science will always confirm what God has already revealed in His Word. The testimony of Scripture tells us the earth is young – and science agrees.


Commit several of these limiting factors to memory. Next time you are around an acquaintance who believes the world is old, give them a limiting factor to think about. Treat it like a random piece of trivia that you are sharing with them. Then get them to ponder why this limiting factor is so, if the earth truly is old. Share your suspicion that the earth is actually quite young. Perhaps this may become an opportunity to share the truth of God’s Word.
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