Beginnings Session 5

Beginnings Session 5

Fact vs. Faith

Something to Think About

Perspective determines everything. Facts are absolute, but interpretation changes with the individual. Evolutionists are always trying to blur the line between the facts and their interpretations of the facts. They assert that their theories are fact rather than faith. In reality, the facts support the Biblical account of Creationism. Both Evolutionism and Creationism are faiths. They are perspectives. While the claims of Creationists are repeatedly being vindicated by science, Evolutionists base their entire faith upon lies, error, and deception.

What to Watch For

Evolutionists claim that their theory is a concluded issue. The debate is over. Evolution is a fact. But this simply isn’t the case. Watch as Eric Hovind reviews the key “evidences” of Evolutionism and demonstrates the total lack of fact involved. These claims are not fact. These claims are made on faith. So, why then are they in public school textbooks? Throughout this episode, you will see the difference between scientific fact and faith masquerading as scientific fact. Learn to differentiate between the two. Watch out for the assumptions that underlie the entire religion of Evolutionism. Keep these in mind next time you hear a scientist make an absolute statement about evolution as if it were fact. Learn how to really think critically by sorting through the jargon and being aware of the assumptions and faith-based agenda of Evolutionism. Textbooks teach so much more than fact, so educate yourself on what claims are actually faith-based in order to distinguish fact from faith in the latest science curricula.

Discussion Questions

1.  Where does the geologic column exist, and is it fact or faith?

It only exists in the textbook. It is never found in the geologic record, because it is faith-based. It is not fact.
2.  Evolution is based upon what two faulty assumptions?

Mutations change things for the better, and natural selection allows this change to become common among an entire population.

3.  How does natural selection work, and can it cause evolution?

Natural selection only selects what is already available. It does not create anything, and therefore, cannot cause anything to evolve. It only chooses features that already exist.

4.  How does Satan use Evolutionism to rob humanity of its belief in God’s Word, and what effect does this have on society?

Evolutionism claims that we are merely an accident, and therefore there is no absolute right or wrong. If science has disproven the existence of a God, then we can do what we want. There is no foundation for morality if the Bible isn’t true.


As Christians, we are to strive for truth. The Bible tells us that Jesus is the truth and that the truth sets us free. Our children are being taught lies in school. In public school textbooks, religious lies are being taught as fact. Creationism is scorned for being religious. The fact of the matter is both Creationism and Evolutionism are religious. They are perspectives – interpretations of fact. They are religious worldviews. As demonstrated in this episode, the “evidence” for Evolutionism is not fact, but rather assumption – faith-based claims about the facts. Therefore, we should be very careful not to allow Evolutionists to pass off their faith as fact in our public schools. In everyday interactions, we must seek to clarify this truth in our conversations. Do not leave unchallenged any absolute statements that pretend evolution is proven. We should point out that Evolutionism is supported not by fact, but by faith. This then levels the playing field for those around us to listen as we share God’s Word with them. They can then decide which faith is supported by science and which faith is not. They can then view God’s Word as a viable option. This opens up their minds and plants a seed in their hearts. This is why it is important for us as Christians to arm ourselves on this topic and share it with the lost world who is deceived by the Evolutionism faith.


Call up your county or state’s education board members. There are probably several of them. Tell each of them that you expect them to keep religion out of the textbooks and give them a few faith-based claims to start with.

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