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CSE-102 Class 8 Notes


CSE-102 Class 8 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 8

Grandpa Erasmus Darwin
Very over weight – Had to cut table out so he could get to food
Darwin’s dad was also a Doctor
Charles Darwin was sent to become a doctor however he didn’t like blood
Dropped out of medical school
Liked to shoot birds because he loved worms – birds eat worms
He was sent off to become a preacher
Church was paid for by government so he didn’t have to do anything to get paid
He couldn’t find a perish to work for so his dad pulled some strings to get him a job on the Beagle sailing around the world.
It didn’t pay but it fed you
5 year voyage
he brought the Bible and Lyell’s book “Principals of Geology”
Churches at this time were teaching “Fixidity of the Species”
God created every single species exactly as they are seen today
As Darwin sailed around he observed that this was not true
It was his job to collect bugs and birds for a museum
Darwin said Lyell’s book changed his life forever
Captain Fitz Roy was a very standoffish Christian that insisted he was right on everything and drove Darwin even further away instead of trying to win him back with gentler Christian love

Galapagos Islands
Giant tortoises – live on land
turtles – live in water
Sailors would catch the tortoise and bring them on board ship so they could eat them later.
Almost wiped them out
Darwin noticed the Finches on each island had a different beak or feet than the others
Some lived in trees and some on the ground
Some ate insects and some ate fruit
14 varieties of Finches
Originally blown off South America in a storm and landed on islands
Artificial Selection – Selective breading (Dogs)
Natural Selection – (Finches)
Darwin breed pigeons and got hundreds of variations – still pigeons

Looked at his observations and thought “imagine what nature could have done in millions of years”

Rabbits in Alaska have more fur
Dear in Canada are larger
Eskimo’s are usually short and stalky
Each adapted best for its environment
Cross breed Killer whale and dolphin and the offspring was fertile
Tiger and Lion – Liger or Tigon depending on father
Horse and Donkey – mule (Usually sterile)
Kinds can bring forth

Original rose had 5 peddles
Someone kept mutating it until he got one with the many curled up pedals the way it is now

Micro evolution is observed
farmers depend on this to make a living
Guernsey – Good Milk
Angus – Good Beef
Brahman – weather tolerance, Long life
Brangus – ok beef ok life longevity – used to breed more Angus

If all you found were bones to chiuaua and Great Dane you would never think they were the same kind of animal
fossils of caterpillar and butterfly
maggot and fly
tadpole – frog – (tale – 2 legs + tale – 4 legs + tale – 4 legs)
butterfly can reproduce – caterpillar can not

sexual dimorphism
Male and female have very different bone structure
Sea lion – small female large male
Black widow spider – large female small male
Find their fossils you would think they were different species

10 times found in Genesis
“After its Kind”
Robert Gentry – Oakridge laboratories
Lost his job due to writing his findings that questioned evolution

Micro – Macro Bate and Switch
New car for $10 – Get there – were out of them but here is the $20,000 model
Give example of Micro in text books and tell them that Macro happened without evidence

Variations are limited
1000 lb hog – never get it as big as Texas
Release it back into wild it won’t survive
Variations usually cause problems and need to be tended to or it will die
Pesticide kills 99.9% of roaches
0.1% survive because they were already immune and produce immune offspring
Not new information –
Northwest passage searchers that died were found frozen
They already had resistance to penicillin – had not yet been invented yet.

1785 James Hutton – “Theory of the Earth” – caused doubt of age of Earth
1830 Charles Lyell “Principals of Geology” – Took away flood
Darwin – “The Origin of Species : By Means of Natural Selection or The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life” – Took away God

75% of kids from Christian homes will lose their faith within the first year of a secular college

Evidence for Evolution
Molecular biology
Natural Selection

Mutation will make something New
Beneficial mutation will take over entire population

Mutations do not create new material they just scramble existing
Polyploidy – Doubling of chromosomes
makes something twice as big – still same information
5 legged bull
Short legged sheep
Double headed turtle
4 winged fly
Game mix letters in CHRISTMAS to spell words
Never get Zebra Xerox or Queen

Natural selection works however it has nothing to do with evolution
Natural Selection can only work on biological properties that exist. It can not create properties to meet needs.
No matter how much you may want to grow a third arm, another pair of hands, a third eye, or pair of wings it won’t happen.

Natural Selection is quality control
GM assembly line – picks out every defect and repairs it
How long till the car turns into airplane

tautology – sentence that means nothing
Why did this one survive – Its the fittest
How do you know its the fittest – It survived
Whale goes through school of fish – Survival of the luckiest

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