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CSE-102 Class 1 Notes


CSE-102 Class 1 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 1

Rickets when young – arthritis when old
Donald Johanson discovered Lucy
Australopithecus africanus
He received grant to go find missing links – getting to end of his money and he found Lucy
Found 40% of a skull in 200 pieces
Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds
Locals were hired to find bones and sell them to paleontologists
He found the pieces within 70 square meters
Hip bone found later 1.5 miles away 200 ft deeper in different strata of dirt
Proves it was becoming human because human knee bones are angled at femur because hips are wider than knees and monkeys are strait
Monkeys that climb trees have angled femurs
Lucy was also slightly bigger than other chimpanzees
Clydesdale horse’s bones slightly larger than other horses doesn’t prove it is becoming truck.
All Australopithecines are knuckle walkers
St Louis zoo shows Lucy with human feet.
Zoo director “we can not go around and update every exhibit based in new evidence”

The Laetoli Footprints
Found in ash supposed to be 3.7 Million years old
Normal human footprints
Theory supersedes all evidence – they re-date the rocks using different methods until they get one that meets their theory
National Geographic – “foot prints and pressure patterns are identical to ours today”
Russell Tuttle
Make no mistake about it,… They are like modern human footprints. If one were left in the sand of a California beach today
In sum, the 3.5-million-year-old footprint traits at Laetoli site G resemble those of habitually unshod modern humans. None of their features suggest that the Laetoli hominids were less capable bipeds than we are. If the G footprints were not known to be so old, we would readily conclude that there had been made by a member of our genus, Homo…

Get a theory
Find evidence for the theory
If evidence contradicts the theory
Throw the theory out

Only science that does not follow this is paleontology

National Geographic drew dark skinned ape like creatures on top of the foot prints
Drew it with toe separation that was not there

Dr. Charles Oxnard measured every bone and compared them using a multi-variant analysis
16 years studied the bones
“The various australopithecines are, indeed, more different from both African apes and humans in most features than these latter are from each other.”
Monkeys walking on 2 legs does not prove that they are becoming human
There are still some in South Korea
“Bones of Contention” shows by their own dating methods that they still can not be our decedents. The grandchildren lived before the grandparents.

Romans 1:21
“Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,”

If someone says fossils prove we came from monkeys
Would not hold up in court of law
It is just a bone
All you know is IT DIED
You don’t know it had any kids – Certainly not kids that were different from themselves
How can they do something in the past that they can not do today
All animals bring fort after their kind
Problem is it does not need to stand up in court

Stone Age
Flood destroyed everything.
Stayed in ark for 6 months after flood
How tall are the trees?
Gardens can grow within a few months
It’s going to take some time to find iron deposits and other metals to make real tools
Meanwhile you need to eat
Fast to make stone tools
Nomadic don’t carry tools
Body builders can tell you as muscle gets bigger bone gets bigger
Bone pulls on muscle – brain tells bone to get bigger
Masticular muscle gets bigger when you use teeth as a vice
Australian Aborigine – 100 years ago shown in zoos as missing link
1904 world fair St. Louis – Pigmies as evolution display
When was the Curse
First date in bible 130 years Seth was born
Genesis 3:17
“cursed is the ground for thy sake..”
Everyone was supposed to be vegetarians
Word “prehistoric” invented recently
1860 almost everyone still believed the bible was right and earth was young.
History of the bible and nothing before
Around 1900 prehistoric added to dictionary

Dragon fly – 3ft wing span
Insects breathe through spiracles absorb oxygen
Surface to Volume ratio
1″x1″ cube 6:1 ratio
2″x2″ cube 3:1 ratio
Friction to wind – ant falling out of tree
Gigantic insects found
Cockroach found 18″ long
8 ft Centipede in Germany
Evidence something was different pre flood
Higher air pressure solves this problem
Grasshoppers 2ft long – walk and fly
Cat tails 60 ft tall – Cone 10 ft long
Donkey 9ft tall at shoulder
Buffalo 12ft horn span
Beaver 8 ft long
Professor from Maranatha Baptist Bible College has jaw
Larger trees = larger beavers – everything was balanced
Higher air pressure = higher consideration of oxygen gets into water
Bigger fish
More fish per cu mi of water
Larger populations and less competition
More plants per acre
More animals to graze in same area
1″ sharks tooth = 12 – 15 ft shark
Sharks are all cartilage except teeth – they all rot
Fossil teeth shows sharks were 80ft long
Jonah – God prepared great fish
Living things swallowed whole by fish and whales
Man – skin bleached out but survived
Bird fossils 13 ft tall
Hollow bones – stronger – more SA – do not fossilize easily
New Zealand – Australia
8-10 ft birds few hundred years ago

Reptiles grow their whole life
Bones grow till special cells on end tell them to stop
Reptiles do not have those bones
Reptile nursery in FL
Raised from egg to 5ft in 1 year
2nd year 7 ft
3rd year 8ft
4th year 8.5ft
Varies on environment and food supply
Reptiles typically live as long as humans
Galapagos turtles – 200 to 400 years
Dinosaurs could have been 900 year old reptile
Jackson chameleon – 3 horns on its face – Triceratops

Human bones and dino found together on artwork
Ica Stones – 50,000
Dr Darquea – Peru Ica Stones – 15000 stones in his museum
1570 – Spanish Conquistadors found stones
1961 – Locals collect them
Selling Peruvian treasure go to jail – Compared to death sentence within 2 years
Farmer finding stones and selling them
On camera interview
Behind camera were 2 Peruvian police officers waiting to arrest him
He told the camera he was making them and selling them to tourists
He made one for the camera and it was a child like representation.
Stones have an oxidized coating on them that would take minimum of 200 years to develop
Dinosaur pictures had circles on the side of them
No one had ever seen dino skin until 1992-93
Bolivia – found fossilizes skin with roseta patterns – circles
Carl Baugh has it in his museum

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