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CSE-102 Class 6 Notes


CSE-102 Class 6 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 6

Dinosaurs still alive
Seminar 3b
Dewey decimal 001.9
Library of congress QL89
Study of hidden animals
bernard heuvelman wrote book reporting there were 20000 sightings of live dinosaurs
some were frauds
if dinosaurs are still alive then it doesn’t matter if we find dino bones with human bones of footprints
most cryptozoologist’s are evolutionists
“they survived for 75 million years”
wrong conclusion

Children have already been brainwashed to say dinosaurs have lived millions of years ago when they don’t even know what a million is
1885 Belgium colonized the Congo
(Colonized = took precious metals and stones)
1960 communists came and liberated Congo
Now it is known as Peoples Republic of Congo
Used to be Belgium Congo

1910 article called “is Brontosaurs roaming wild in the Congo…”
Competition of people looking for dinosaur bones
1948 January 3rd Saturday Evening Post
3 page article of dinosaurs still living in Congo

In 1932, cryptozoologist Ivan Sanderson was told by tribesmen of a strange creature that left over sized hippo-like footprints, and which they called Mgbulu-eM’bembe
cryptozoologist Roy Mackel and herpetologist James Powell 1984
thought it wasn’t true but like good scientists they went to investigate any way
Lets go to the north pole to look for Santa – waste of money
Most scientists don’t want to look for dinosaurs because they ‘know’ they are extinct
Congo is the worst swamp in the world
mosquito’s were landing on them at a rate of 1000 per hour
Cryptozoologist Roy Mackel and herpetologist James Powell set off on their own expedition for mokele-mbembe in 1980. They returned only with interviews with natives who had heard of the long-necked, 30-foot-long creature. They said that around 1959 one had even been killed by natives along Lake Tele to stop it from interfering with their fishing. Their legend stated that whoever ate meat from the animal, died. When Powell showed pictures of various local animals to the natives, they correctly identified them. When he showed them a drawing of a sauropod dinosaur, they said that was mokele-mbembe.
It spends most of its time under water
it usually comes out at night
the people are very superstitious and believe if you talk about it you will die
Its favorite plant is the Molombo plant
Similar to Apple but harder

Mackel tried not to lead the natives to an answer so he asked some of them what mok’ele-mbembe was and others he drew a picture and asked the name of what he drew
Natives killed and ate one in 1959 and everyone either got sick or died
Didn’t know how to clean it properly or it spoiled
They saw one and described it as dark brown with smooth skin – long neck – small head

Articles are now shunned or edited out of scientific journals if they hint that dinosaurs may be alive because this throws off evolution

Snakes have been found
Guinness Book of World Records – 32ft
Colonel Fawcett shot and killed and measured a 62-foot Anaconda snake. The natives that were with him said, “Colonel, you should see the big ones!”
130 foot Boa was reported in Reuters News Service in Peru
Brazil Columbia border committee killed 98ft 2ft dia 2 tons – 4 men couldn’t lift head
Ecuador 100ft – military hunted it down after it killed 2 soldiers
150 ft floated down Amazon River where 9 mi wide – goes to 200 mi wide at Atlantic

Loch Ness monster
1933 there were mountains on both sides – only way in was by river that connects to ocean
1933 road was installed in V shaped grove blasted into side of mountain around the lake
11,000 reported sightings
3,000 recorded
52 reported while blasting was occurring
some are hoaxes to attract tourists
If you get one counterfeit $20 that doesn’t mean they are all counterfeits – bad example – they are all fake
most people describe a pleaseeasaur
Long neck – long tail – 4 flippers
Alex Campbell, a water bailiff (game warden) saw it 18 times

Loch Ness very large
6 Billion people could all go and drown in it
dark water – full of peat from shore slowly settling down
10 ft down its black
lake 1000 ft deep
Japanese took 24 boats with sonar
first scan of entire bottom of lake
wrinkled up like a raisin
Caves in bottom
1934 creature washed up on shore of Normandy Beach
1905 Brazil – observers 2 experienced British naturalists
New Zealand – Japanese fishing boat – nets 900 ft down – stunk so bad they threw it back
4 flippers – long neck – long tail – took pieces of it back to have analyzed
96% similar to shark protein
Japanese make stamp that year with picture of it
Fishers knew it was not a Basking Shark

1994 Russia – huge creature washed up on shore
lots of creatures around the world

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