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CSE-102 Class 2 Notes


CSE-102 Class 2 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 2

Glen Rose TX – Paluxy river
2nd fastest in TX
Mississippi drops 8″ / mi
Paluxy drops 17″ / mi
Flash floods
1908 – Flood 27ft above flood stage
River make of thick layers of lime stone – does not get deeper at middle
Flood ripped off top 2′ of limestone exposed new layer
Thousands of foot prints
Years later they made it into a national park
1930’s during depression government hired people to chisel out the footprints for museums
Sand bagged river and pumped water out – during summer the river dries out
Cut limestone into hundreds of pieces – took them out – put back together in museum
1930 – Field explorer American Field Museum – Roman Berg
15-20″ human footprints
So detailed you could see dermal ridges
Moccasins trail – could see stitching that held moccasins together.
Human tracks crossing over dinosaur tracks

Emmett McFall – Former owner of parts of the Paluxy
C. N. Dougherty – chiropractor lived in Glen Rose spent all his spare time taking pictures of human footprints in rock
John Morris – ICR – wrote book about the foot prints
Why we do not need the foot prints
No one has ever found human and chicken foot prints in the same layer
If dinosaurs are still alive we don’t need to find them
If there are pictures of man and dinosaurs together we don’t need them

Foot print of human stepping on top of dino track – human there after dino
Tracks get destroyed by the weather
Dr. Baugh exposed more foot prints by following a trail and carving more rock where there should be more prints – “rivers have rights too”
Joe Taylor – Wrote book on tracks
Largest human print found 24″
Size 24 shoe = 17″
Only difference is they were wider than today
Feet spread out when walking bare foot all your life
6-7ft stride between steeps – 8-10ft tall

David Smith – grew up in Glen Rose – went on dig with Carl Baugh and evolutionist
I grew up in Glen Rose…I went on an excavation with Dr. Carl Baugh. …we followed the footsteps of a man which were beside a dinosaurs footprints. It was as if the man were walking with the dinosaur. Nova was there to film the dig. There was also an evolutionist there who had been arguing with Dr. Baugh the entire time.

Nova didn’t film much of the tracks or our dig but they did interview this evolutionist. He told them he had not seen anything there to disprove evolution. What he didn’t tell the camera was that he had refused to even turn around and look at the tracks we had been working on.

He stood with his back to the dig and the tracks while making these statements. Nova knew this man had not looked at the tracks but did not report that nor did they give Dr. Baugh equal air time to respond.

Cult – Can not be true so will not even look at evidence

London Artifact – hammer – part of handle coal – part petrified
Hammer head – 96.6% iron – 2.6% chlorine – .74% sulfur
No carbon
To make stainless steel you need to add carbon
To get these materials to combine there would need to be a much stronger magnetic field.
At time of creation magnetic field could have been 20x stronger
6% decline in last 150 years
Bees and birds can feel north
Humans could feel north if much stronger magnetic field existed
Stronger magnetic field would prevent meteors and radiation – filter it toward poles

Knowledge of how to make metals from creation

Coal 250 MY old
Carboniferous era

Oopart – out of place artifacts
1912 – iron pot – Carl Baugh has
Brass Bell – ICR analyzed it by taking a bump of handle
1891 – gold chain – now at Bob Jones University
Smelting pot – Oklahoma – 600 year old rock
2 pieces of carved doll – 320ft down 12MY old rock

Michael A. Cremo – Hindu – “The Hidden History of the Human Race”
“Man must have been here 250M years ago

2000Y old battery from Iraq
Egyptians used them to gold plate

1880 Gold mines in CA
Spearheads – Bones – mortar and pestal (grinding flower)
Under 9-55MY old rock
J D Whitney – collected and published articles
W. H. Holmes – Smithsonian
“Perhaps if professor Whitney had fully appreciated the story of human evolution as it is understood today, he would have hesitated to announce the conclusions formulated, notwithstanding the imposing array of testimony with which he was confronted.”
If the facts do not match the theory – throw them out

Advanced stone tools under glacial deposits Sheguiandah, on Manitoulin Island in northern Lake Huron 65,000 to 125,000 years old
Thomas E. Lee complained: “The site’s discoverer [Lee] was hounded from his Civil Service position into prolonged unemployment; publication outlets were cut off; the evidence was misrepresented by several prominent authors . . . ; the tons of artifacts vanished into storage bins of the National Museum of Canada; for refusing to fire the discoverer, the Director of the National Museum, who had proposed having a monograph on the site published, was himself fired and driven into exile; official positions of prestige and power were exercised in an effort to gain control over just six Sheguiandah specimens that had not gone under cover; and the site has been turned into a tourist resort. . . . Sheguiandah would have forced embarrassing admissions that the Brahmins did not know everything. It would have forced the rewriting of almost every book in the business. It had to be killed. It was killed.”

God gave perfect world and perfect diet
Eat fruits vegetables and seeds
Genesis 1:29
” And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.”
If you die early – your not following the instructions
Most health problems are self induced
Organically grown
B17 – “World without Cancer”
How cancer works – Why the cure has been withheld
Cyanide found in seeds – not harmful unless separated from its vitamin shell
Only thing that separates it is cell wall on cancer – attacks cancer

We usually look for a virus or bacteria when it usually is our diet
Hunza tribe in the Himalaya – Pakistan
Favorite food – apricots and seeds
Contains B17
Apricot seeds contain the highest concentration of B17 in nature
Wealth is determined by how many apricot trees you have
They plant new trees – taste first fruits seeds and can tell if the tree is good or bad
If bad they cut it down

Nutritional Therapy – Much higher survival rate than conventional
Scurvy – killed 1 million sailors in British navy
1753 – Dr Lind said take fruit and it prevents scurvy
They didn’t believe him – they were too busy looking for a cure
1795 – Medical profession admitted fruit would cure scurvy
Called sailors Limeys

Beriberi 1892 – Vitamin B
Rickets – Vitamin D – Sunlight – milk reinforced
Cancer – deficiency of vitamins

Psalm 104:14+15
“and herb for the service of man: “and bread which strengtheneth man’s heart.”

hundreds of years bread was made every day – the love of money
removed vitamin E + Omega 3 fatty acid + lecithin
bread lasts longer – make more money
Removed 19 natural vitamins
added synthetic vitamins = enriched bread
feel full – body not getting right nutrients

2 Theory’s
1.You are a random collection of chemicals that happened by chance and you need more chemicals to balance your body
2.You were designed and require cretin things to keep healthy

Was a lack of aspirin causing you headache?
Dr’s study how your brain sends pain signals over synapses
pills made to stop signals
fix the problem – don’t unplug lights
oil light – unplug it
if you cut your arm off go to doctor – don’t take a vitamin
cabinets full of things that unplug lights
Dr’s are trained from an evolution standpoint

Warts – zinc
hang nails – vitamin C
beading gums – vitamin C
arthritis – minerals – alfalfa

2 forms of government
No creator – laws come from mans opinion
rights given by government
International drivers license
Straw man video
government should be provider
take care of the poor
fix natural disasters
should be churches responsibility
Hillary’s health care plan – universal health care
80% health problems self induced

Marriage license – slaves marrying out of race
all you need is 2 witnesses – sign page in family bible
contract between you your spouse and the state
give you trouble with bank accounts

Rights are given by the creator
Thomas Jefferson – deist – did not believe in miracle
Declaration of Independence – Tea in harbor
3% of population followed revolution
rest didn’t care or were opposed to it
rights are unalienable
Punish evil doers
defend shores
Constitutional republic – law is supreme
everyone follows the law

In the beginning everything ate plants
After flood
Genesis 9:2
“And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.”
Animals afraid of man
Genesis 9:3
“Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you”
Eating meat is OK

Romans 8:18
“For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time”
Charles Darwin – why would God create suffering
Fall of man
Romans 5:12
“Wherefore, as by one man sin entered into the world, and death by sin;”
can’t blame manufacture for smashed car
Can’t blame creator for wrecked world

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