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CSE-102 Class 9 Notes


CSE-102 Class 9 Notes

CSE 102 – Class 9

Jump frog
4 legs – 80″
3 legs – 70″
2 legs – 60″
1 leg – 50″
no legs – 0″
The less legs a frog has the shorter it jumps

After removing the last leg the frog goes deaf

Good observation – Bad conclusion

Flies with larger wings in north – Darwin as fit as ever

Peppered moths – Fake
found 2 moths on tree for entire 40 year study
95% white 5% black pre industrial revolution
5% white 95% black during industrial revolution
95% white 5% black after industrial revolution
Population shifted from white to black and back again
Moth population adapted to new environment
We all came from a rock
God gave them the ability to survive no matter what environment they live in
GM puts both AC and Heat in the same cars. – They have completely opposite purposes.
Plan ahead = good design

Think Critically
Do you think humans are still evolving
Have you stopped beating your wife yet
assumes an answer
How might have dinosaurs body heat problems lead to their extinction
Assume they are extinct and had body heat problem
Soviet style question
Why is communism the best form of government
Political poles ask question to get the answer they are looking for

Homo – same , ology – study of
bio – life
geo – earth
structures are the same so they must have evolved from common ancestor
radius ulna humerous
carples phalanges fingers

Comparative anatomy – study of structures of different organisms
Birds + Horses + Humans share similar structure
They have a variation of a similar pattern
They have a common ancestor – jump frog jump
It was a good design – No machine as complicated and accurate as hand and arm

BSCS Textbooks have most evolution
Christians busy in church and helping others while atheist’s are lobbying congress and getting on text book selection committees. They have nothing better to do but write letters.

Similarity between developmental stages for all animals is what helped convince Darwin of evolution

Amphibian – two lives – part in water – part on land
Embryology – Baby goes through the FARM stages in the womb
Gill pouches – folds of skin that turn into bones in the ear and glands in the neck – nothing to do with breathing just folds in the skin
Some people have four or five chins but can only breathe through the top one
Ernst Hackle – 1860 – Embryology professor
University of Gena in Germany
In 1860 he read Darwin’s book
1859 Russia still controlled by czar till 1917
Slavery still going on in America
Civil war started 1861
Darwin was racist “The Origin of Species : By Means of Natural Selection or The Preservation of Favored Races in the Struggle for Life”
Hackle lived in Germany – White Aryan race
after 9 years of no one finding evidence for Darwin’s theory he decided to take some drawings of a dog, salamander, fish, and human embryo 4 weeks after conception and altered them to look alike
Increased head size on human
changed eyes, ect
Made giant poster and traveled around Germany to promote evolution
“Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny”
6 professors from the Gena university accused Hackle of faking the drawings and held a trial and found him guilty of fraud
1874 the idea that humans have gill pouches was proved wrong
130 years later it is still in the textbooks
Arms and Camp – Biology – Journey into life
“By 7 months the fetus looks like a normal human baby but its not”
34% of babies born at 5 1/2 months survive
they call it a fetus because they want to make you think it is not human
Only reason is to justify abortion
4500 babies killed every day
Why does choice stop at birth
Article in paper “Pro-Choice and Anti-Abortion demonstration”
Media covers the 6 pro-choice but not the 1000 pro-life after Dr.’s shot in FL
W.W.II if you shot the guards to save the Jews are you bad or good?
If you kill the murderer (Dr.) is it bad or good?
There should have been a trial and then the state should have executed him
News jumped on gun control issue
They broke 18 gun laws by going into the school another 5 would not have stopped them
Should we have public schools?
Should we teach kids evolution that teaches there is no right or wrong and no God
Both Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were atheists
Father was geologist
Eric’s shirt read Natural Selection
Shot Isaiah Shoels for being black
Had Nazi cross on shirt

Should there be public executions
Bible death penalty required 2 or 3 witnesses
circumstantial evidence would mean life in prison
Take your kid to a public execution and they won’t do that crime
France – some one was being taken to the guillotine and someone asked “do you think this will prevent someone from doing crime”
they answered “it will for him”
Should there be a law that requires every law abiding citizen to carry a gun
Sign on store “No guns allowed”
robber reads “Rob Me”
Should have sign “All employees carry guns”

Government wont allow it because the One World Government doesn’t want citizens that can defend them selves
Vladimir Lenin said “One person with a gun can control 100 people without guns”

Reasons given to kill children
1. Not Human
2. Not viable – can not survive on its own – neither can you naked on north pole – some kids still come home at age 25 for money
3. Unwanted – lots of kids alive are unwanted
4. Financial burden – every kid is a financial burden
5. Due to Rape or Incest – Kill the rapist Adopt the baby
Women raped and keeps the baby – 5 years later has flash back of terrible event and kills the kid – Is it Murder?
What if it is only 5 months?
What about 5 minutes?
What about 5 minutes before its born?
Every one that supports abortion has already been born
6. Its legal
1956 in Germany the government wrote a law saying Jews were not human
it was legal to kill Jews
Hitler killed millions because he believed evolution
He tried to convince everyone the Jews were inferior
Offered to send the Jews to any country that would take them and Roosevelt refused to take them.
The immigration records for those years show average number of immigrants from every other country but almost no Jews being allowed into America
Hitler would let any Jew leave the country with only $4 – Roosevelt said the Jews could only come into country if they had $10000

Hitler’s List
Blond Hair Blue Eyed Norwegian – Pure Aryan
Brown hair blue eyed (Less preferred Brown eyed) German – Mostly Aryan
Mediterranean – mostly Aryan
Slovak – Half Aryan Half Ape
Oriental – slightly Ape
African – mostly Ape
Jews – almost pure Ape

After the Jews the blacks were next
1938 Olympics held in Germany
Jessie Owen the black American athlete won the most gold medals
Hitler said his men should not have to race against this animal

Nuremberg Germany
Trial held for war criminals
they said they were only following orders and did nothing illegal
they were still convicted of murder
There is a higher law than German law or American law – Gods law

If you take an egg of an eagle and break it you will be fined and go to jail
if you kick a expecting mother in the stomach and the baby dies you may be sewed and put in jail
Revolutionary war – 25,000 killed
W.W.II – 400,000 killed
Abortions in USA – 38,000,000
World wide – 1,000,000,000
Average 1 per women
in Russia average 7 per women
even higher in china

If its not alive why is it growing
if it is not a human being what kind of being is it

Margaret Sanger in 1916 started Planned Parenthood
She was a racist and wanted to “weed out” blacks, Orientals, and Jews
wanted to use birth control to create a race of “through bread humans”
1952 – How to plan your children – pamphlet
What is planned parenthood?
Is it an operation – No
Is it an Abortion – Certainly not, abortion is an operation that kills the life of a baby after it has begun. It is dangerous to the mother and can leave you sterile.
Views have changed in past years

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