CSE-104 Class 4 Notes


CSE-104 Class 4 Notes

Oceans would be smaller for a few hundred years after the flood.
English channel only 30 ft deep.
Alaska and Russia land bridge
Continents all connected if oceans lower because of continental shelf.
Cuba and Florida would be connected.
Between Boston and New York - Hudson Canyon under water
Large spill way that could not have been caused by Hudson River.

80,000 tons per hour of sediment flow out of the Mississippi River and into the Gulf of Mexico.
Evolutionists say there were ice ages 30,000 and 80,000 years ago to account for lack of sediment that is in basins.
They pick the ages between ice ages based on evidence like the Mississippi sediment that they otherwise could not explain.

Ice caps would have remained huge for hundreds of years.
When icebergs fall off of glaciers into oceans they can float around for 5 years.
Shem - Arphaxad - Salah - Eber - all lived 400 years.
Peleg lived 239 years
Something changed in the days of Peleg

Unstable plates shift
Earth is almost perfectly smooth.
Tallest mountain almost 5 miles - Mt. Everest
On a 8000 mile planet that is only 0.0625%
Q balls have bigger bumps than that.
If you shrunk the earth down to the size of a Q ball it would be smoother and rounder.

If sediments are still soft canyons form easily.
Brice Canyon, UT - pillars sticking way up.
Hard spots on top of pillars are what prevented them from eroding like the rest of the dirt.

Mississippi river basin.
Mississippi trying to change its course again and they are spending a fortune trying to stop it.
Chicago is 600 ft above sea level.
That is 7 ft higher than Pensacola.
600 ft drop in 920 miles is 8 inches per mile.
If you would build a giant dam 600 ft high at end of Mississippi the entire river basin would fill up and Chicago would be on the beach.

Textbooks say it took millions of years to make the Grand Canyon and that is simply not true.
Grand Canyon is a washed out spillway.
River enters the canyon 2800 feet above sea level.
The top of the canyon at its highest rim is 6900 to 8500 feet.
The river only goes through the bottom of the canyon.
Rivers do not go up hill.
Scientists confused because the canyon shows signs that it is an old river but a young canyon.
Looping river indicates a old river.
Steep sides indicate fast young river.

When a river loops it may meet and cut off the loop - called Oxbow lake.
States will usually keep the piece of land that it was originally on even though it is now on the other side of the river.

High gradient - Young or high slope ground
Low gradient - Looping or slow
Grand Canyon shows both.

Liquefaction in Japan
Ground becomes like soup and buildings sink in.
Holland built a dike and drained it for farm land - that is fine.
San Francisco built dike and filled it with dirt for buildings - that becomes a problem in an earthquake when the ground liquefies and the buildings sink.

Mount St. Helens
May of 1980 Mt. St. Helens swelled 100 feet on the North side and they told everyone to evacuate.
60 people did not listen and they died.
Mountain blew off to the side instead of up.
Steam and ash poured out making mud slides.
Ash landed all across the united States.
Coriolis effect took the ash and dumped more of it in places than others.
Hot air rises near the equator and then falls at the poles if the planet was not rotating.
Due the rotation of the earth there are several smaller loops at the 30 degree and 60 degree latitude.
Wind generally will blow toward the equator.
At the equator the wind will stop.
Called 'Horse Latitudes' because when ships would get stuck there the men would have to get out into smaller boats and row the larger boat or they would have to throw the horses overboard because they could not feed them or they would just eat the horses.

Mt. St. Helens ejected 1 cubic km of ejecta.
Ejecta - material ejected.
Mt Krakatoa - loudest noise ever on planet.
1883 it erupted in Indonesia near Vietnam.
Blew entire mountain away - not just the top but the whole mountain.
Sent a wave across the Indian Ocean at 2000 miles per hour.
Hit Madagascar with a 90 ft Tsunami wave.
Killed 36,000 people without warning.

St Helens mud slides did enormous damage.
Ripped trees out of the ground like toothpicks, moved giant boulders, trucks.
Spirit Lake was completely raised.
Pyroclastic flows blocked entire valley and filled it with mud.
Mt. St. Helens had many glaciers on top of it.
Chunks of ice as large as a building were blown into the valley.
As hot mud flows over the ice the ice first shrinks 12% then expands 1700 times.
Explosions were so loud that people thought the mountain was erupting again.
After explosion there would be a giant pit.
The earth slumped back in and created erosion marks on the side.
Some one is going to come in the future and say it took millions of years for those marks to form.
Mudslide buried the river and roads 100 feet deep and blocked all natural established water ways for 23 square miles.
For 22 months there was no established drainage path.
An ice melt caused a mud flow.
March 19 1982 in 9 hours as no one watched the mud flow carved an integrated system and opened water ways back to the Pacific Ocean.
Several canyons were created and some 300 feet deep
One canyon 1000 ft wide and 150 ft deep.

Loggers went in to get the logs.
20 years later there are still thousands of logs laying there.
900 truck loads of trees every day for 7 years were being hauled out of there and they only got 10%.
In Spirit Lake there may be 1 million trees in the lake.
After the eruption the tree logs drift around on Spirit lake.
2000 acres of trees floating on top of the lake.
Thousands of trees floating in the upright position.
Estimated 20,000 trees standing upright in the bottom of the lake that never grew there.

Mt. St. Helens was the equivalent of 1 atomic bomb going off every second it was erupting for 9 hours.
It is considered a small volcano.

Trees float and then sink by species.
Wood density is the same in each tree of the same species so they become water logged at the same rate.
Looks like a forest on the bottom of spirit lake.
Douglas fir trees first than pines than another kind.
They settle in different layers because they sink at different times.
Found all over the world are trees fossilized in the upright position through many layers.
Some trees have the roots at the top of the tree.

Near Santa Barbara petrified forest.
Fish fossils found through many layers of algae
Once the tree is exposed it falls and breaks.
Nova Scotia
Root stubs on trees indicating that they were ripped out of the ground not just petrified in place.
Yellowstone - 27 consecutive layers of trees standing up.
Evolutionists take the age of the trees (500 years) and look at them going threw adjacent layers and then multiply the number of layers by the age of the trees (500x27) and use that as proof the bible is wrong.
Layers are connected by the trees.
One tree goes through layer 1, 2, and 3.
The next tree goes through layer 3, 4, and 5.
The next tree goes through layer 5, 6, and 7.
This indicates they all got stuck in the mud at the same time.

Petrified trees fall and break into logs.
Try to get a newly cut tree to fall and break into logs.
Logs with ax marks on it are found petrified.

Scuba divers go under the floating log mats in Spirit lake.
Logs rub against each other and the bark falls off.
They found 3 feet of bark at the bottom of spirit lake.

Coal can form in a few hours given the right conditions.
Heat, clay, sticks, and water for 36 weeks at 150 degrees can form coal.
Flood laid down debris trail and that formed coal layers.
Coal is found in layers so is a sedimentary deposit.
Salt or sand ploons extending through the coal strips show rapid formation.

National center for science education
80 layers of coal in Midwest - she is right
There is not enough plants on the earth right now to form all the coal found around the world - she is right
That proves it took millions of years - she is wrong
Things were different before the flood.
Trees are bigger, there are more of them, the world is all land and little water.
Two coal seams can be separated by a layer of rock or dirt and then the rock tapers off and the two seams meet.
That proves they were laid down at the same time.
Lens - stone or dirt that tapers off between coal seams

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