CSE-104 Class 1 Notes


CSE-104 Class 1 Notes

CSE 104 - Class 1

Ice Age
Ice came down as far as Kansas City, MO
They say there was 4 ice ages.
Ice pushes against rocks and when it melts it leaves behind a huge pile of rocks called moraines.
Rocks in front of glaciers make terminal moraines.
Terminal = stopped
Eventually hills of rocks get covered by dirt and look like dirt mounds.
Huge boulders have been pushed by ice for miles and grooved deep marks in solid rock below proving that they had moved a long way.
Rocks off to sides of glaciers make lateral moraines.
Glaciers move faster in the middle than at the sides because there is less friction.
Crevice can open up that is 1 ft wide and 200 ft deep. Very dangerous. Teams are tied together by ropes so if one falls the others can pull them up.

A mile of ice is heavy. It presses down on the earth. When it melts the ground lifts back up in places.
In Antarctica if all the snow melted the continent would lift up 2000 ft.
Isostatic rebound.
As it melts it springs back unevenly and leaves thousands of lakes like in WI and MN.
Two groups of thought on when Ice ages occurred.
The ice age caused the flood and lasted about 200 years.
The flood caused the ice age. (What started the flood?)

In Colorado if you dig under the ground far enough there is still permafrost.

Ice bergs break off chunks of ice and fall into ocean.
Talk of dragging giant ice berg down to middle east for drinking water because fresh water floats on top of salt water.

Borrow Alaska - nothing grows. Above arctic circle.
Drilling well went down 1000 ft and started hitting wood. There was a 300 ft tall tree standing up 1000 feet under the permafrost.
Largest tree in world today is 320 ft. Odds are that they could not have drilled through the tallest one down there.
It is now freeze dried wood.
There is very little sun light because of tilt of earth up there.
Trees grow 1 inch tall and wide because when sun is out it is so close to the horizon that it grows out not up like bush.

First person on the South pole could see palm leaves frozen under the ice.
It is hard to grow palms in Pensacola FL let alone on the South pole.
Tropical plants are found in the north and south poles.
Could have been caused by contentments drifting as evolutionists think or a flood rearranging the world or that at sometime in the past the south pole was a tropical environment.

Woolly Mammoths found sometimes frozen in standing position.
People have eaten mammoth meat. Cut slab out of frozen mammoth and cook it. Tastes like it has been in the freezer too long.
In warmer summers the ice melts and exposes mammoths.
Some people say mammoths are designed for colder weather because they have long hair.
Animals in jungle have long hair.
Walt Brown's book In the Beginning goes through all the reasons why they could not be cold weather animals.

Elephants eat 500 lbs/day of food.
Where would a mammoth get 500 lbs of food every day?
There are no wear marks on the tusks indicating that they used them to move snow like deer do.
Not enough vegetation for the mammoths.
People used to go up and take the tusks for the ivory.
Lot of money for a giant tusk 20 ft long.
In one year 20,000 tusks were removed.
There are an estimated 5 million mammoths frozen around the arctic.
Mammoths did not drown, they suffocated.
New Siberian Islands - so many frozen animals under the ice that you can barely walk without stepping on an animal.
Camels 15 ft tall. What is a 15 ft tall camel doing in the arctic?
Frozen mammoth stomaches have frozen Buttercup seeds in their stomaches undigested.
Small ice crystals mean that they froze quickly.
If you freeze something slowly you get large crystals (rock candy)
Small ice crystals in blood.
Asked people that freeze meat for a living and they said it would require a temperature of -300 degrees below zero to freeze a mammoth without it having time to rot (5 hours).
Moose hit by car when -20 out and they came back the next day to get the moose and the outside 6 inches were frozen but the inside was roting from the warmth of the body that was trapped inside.
Coldest temperature recorded on earth is -129 below zero.
Spit freezes before it hits the ground if it is -50 degrees out.
Since it never gets that cold on earth something had to happen.

It is called the Hovind Theory because if any of it is wrong they can not blame anyone else.

Fish fossils found in diatomous earth by the millions.
1 square foot has 30 fish fossils in it.
Oil in rock can be seen that it was formed by pressing the fish.
Why are there shells on the top of mountains?

Mass does not change, your weight does.
If you are on earth or space you weigh the same.
If two objects strike in space it would be the same as on earth just a frictionless environment.
A bus hitting a Volvo would have the same results in space.

Moon ¼ million miles away.
If you moved the moon into half that distance (1/8 million miles away) the attraction would be squared.
1/3 of the distance would equal 9 times the pull.
Works on gravity, light, magnetism, and girls.
Force of attraction - inverse square
Half the distance the attraction is squared

Top wobble
A spinning top will follow a predictable path when struck by an object.
North pole always points toward North star.

First day of summer there is 12 hours of day light and 12 hours of dark at the equator.
Middle of the summer at the North pole there is 24 hours of sunlight.

Graph of time verse angle of a wobbling top and you would get a wavy line.
From the line you could go back and determine when the top was struck.

George Dodwell - astronomer
Studied many things around world that were build with respect to the sun.
Stonehenge, Egyptian Solar Temple of Amen-Ra, etc.
Volcanoes under the oceans - magazine

June 21st longest day of the year
December 21st shortest day of the year
December 25th used to be the shortest day but the earth moves
Pagan cultures would bring gifts to the temple for the sun god to convince him to start coming out longer and not go away.
Catholic statues of Mary have a sun behind her head and rays on the communion wafers.
Lucifer symbol of the sun.

George Dodwell gathered data for many years and calculated that the earth was struck by an object 4350 years ago and was not coming to the end of its wobble.

Solstice shadow.
Sun higher in the summer than the winter.
The graph produced by the wobble of the earth is the same as a spinning top.

Tilt of earth causes seasons, colder weather, warmer weather
First mention of cold weather is
Genesis 8:22
[22] While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.
If the earth had no tilt then it would be like spring all year round on almost the entire globe.

If the magnetic field was stronger we would always be able to tell witch way was North without a compass or the stars.

Moon has craters on it but they are not evenly distributed like they would be if it was slowly getting bombarded over many millions of years.
Most of the craters are in the same area.
Moon goes around the earth every 29 days.
Earth also spins once every 29 days.
We never get to see the back of the moon because it is exactly the same rate.
Mares - word for crater

Earth is 93 million miles away from sun.
93 million miles = 1AU (astronomical unit)

Mercury = 0.387 AU
Venus = 0.723 AU
Mars = 1.524 AU
Jupiter = 5.203 AU
Saturn = 9.529 AU
Uranus = 19.19 AU
Neptune = 30.06 AU
Pluto = 39.53 AU

Mercury is full of uneven craters like the moon.
Crater creep - holes on sides of craters that slowly disappear as craters settle due to gravity or heat.
On mercury the craters should disappear much faster than on the moon due to the heat.
Many craters have steep sides when they would not if the craters were millions of years old.

Grand canyon on mars is much larger then the one on earth.
1998 Scientific America article saying that the canyon formed within a few weeks by water erosion.
They make that conclusion on mars where there is almost no water when they won't on earth where the surface is mostly water.

Mars is 1.5AU away from sun and slightly smaller.
Size of ½ diameter would not mean ½ the volume.
Surface area is proportional to radius not volume.

Meissner Effect
Magnets floating on each other.
Japan super fast trains levitate on magnetic tracks. "Mag-lev"

Commits flying through space are giant snow balls.
Sometimes ice or stone or nickel.
Nickel rare on earth but a lot in space.

Earth's atmosphere keeps us warm like a blanket.
Space is -456 deg F
Absolute zero is 459.6 deg F (0K -273C)
Nothing gets colder than absolute zero.

One proof of the big bang is the 3 degrees background radiation.
There are plenty of other places that could have come from.

Throw a snow ball too fast and it will break apart.

Earth has lost 6% of its magnetic field in the past 150 years.
Northern and Southern lights occur when sun is having storms.
Radios will get worse reception during solar storms and during day time.
At night you can get AM stations from over a thousand miles.
Sun pushes on magnetic field and interferes with the way the radio waves travel.

Who was Peleg?
Genesis 10:25
[25] And unto Eber were born two sons: the name of one was Peleg; for in his days was the earth divided; and his brother's name was Joktan.

Hebrew names have meanings.
In Genesis 10 only a few people have their names explained so why is Peleg so important?
Noah lived to be 950 years
Shem lived to be 600 years
Eber lived to be 464 years
Peleg lived to be 239 years

There is always more than one way to look at something.
I believe the bible is correct until proved wrong.
Some people won't believe the bible until it is proved correct.

Atheist came to a preacher and said "I don't believe anything in the bible. Unless you can prove one thing in it scientifically" so the preacher grabbed his nose and twisted it side to side and it started bleeding. The atheist asked why he did that and the priest said "the wringing of the nose bringeth forth blood, Proverbs 30:33"

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