CSE-104 Class 7 Notes


CSE-104 Class 7 Notes

CSE 104 - Class 7

Why did God use a flood? Why not just kill all the bad people?

Flood leaves evidence. Miracles do not.
Effects of the flood still are around to remind us.
Looking at fossils should remind us of death and suffering and that God hates sin.
Satan has twisted this to make people think of evolution.
Building an ark gives people time to repent.
1 Peter 3:20
[20] Which sometime were disobedient, when once the longsuffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing, wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water.

Is the sun shrinking?
Recorded measurements of the sun over the past 150 years indicate the sun is shrinking.
Evolutionists say this is because sun oscillates - it shrinks than expands.
An average of 5 feet of diameter the sun is loosing per hour.
This is not in Seminar 1 any more because no one really knows how the sun is burning.
It could be due to gravitational collapse and the heat created by gravity keeps it burning.
Another theory is that the sun burns with nuclear fusion.
Problem is that the sun should then be emitting neutrinos.
Neutrinos are so small they should pass through anything including the earth.
When they go through dry cleaning fluid they create argon gas.
Scientists took a old mine in bottom of mountain and created a giant tank to capture neutrinos.
Deep underground prevents surface neutrinos from interfering.
After several years they found very few neutrinos and concluded that they didn't know how the sun was burning.

Sun shrinking 5 ft per hour diameter not radius.
In billions of years it would be touching the earth.
Sun is loosing mass at 5,000,000 (five million) tons per second.
As the sun looses mass it decreases its gravitational pull so in the past the pull must have been stronger.
Sun could not have been burning for billions of years and always had earth in the perfect orbit the entire time for life to form.
Carbon Dating
Earths atmosphere is somewhere between 100-200 miles thick.
That is very thin on the scale of a 8000 mile earth.
Highest point we can breathe is 4-5 miles up.
Mt. Everest is 5 miles high and is extremely difficult to breathe up there.
Solar radiation is striking the atmosphere constantly.
Earths atmosphere is made of
78% Nitrogen (Inert - non combustible)
21% Oxygen
0.06% Carbon Dioxide
0.000765% Radioactive Carbon 14
Radioactive carbon mixes with Carbon Dioxide.
CO2 does not care if the carbon is radioactive or not.

Sunlight hitting the atmosphere changes nitrogen to carbon 14.
Carbon is usually 12.
Insects are found in sap and there is air bubbles trapped with them.
There is 35% oxygen in the air bubbles compared to 21% in air today.
There was more oxygen in the past.
Carbon has atomic weight of 12
Atomic number is 6 - 6 protons and 6 neutrons
Electrons considered weightless.
Sunlight hits nitrogen and knocks off a proton and neutron and forms carbon 14.
C14 has a half life of 5730 years.
As electrons fly off they can be heard by a Geiger counter and in 5730 years 1/2 of the amount of C14 will turn back into nitrogen or to carbon 12.

Plants take in carbon dioxide and break it down into a simple sugar and oxygen.
They use the simple sugar to produce leaves, branches, etc. and the oxygen they release.
The CO2 then becomes part of its tissue.
Table sugar is a complex sugar - it gives you energy but takes more energy from your body to break it down.
Honey is a simple sugar that is easy to break down and is will give you more energy that other sugars because it is a simple sugar.

The odds are you have eaten a plant or eaten an animal that has eaten a plant sometime in your life.
C14 becomes part of the food chain.
Theory is that the ratio of C14 to C12 should be the same in the atmosphere as it is in plants and animals.
Reasonable assumption but has never been proved.
When a plant or animal dies it stops taking in C14.

Willard Libby - 1947 got the idea to use radioactive carbon to date things.
Since amount of C14 in air never changes (Mistake # 1) we should be able to tell how old animals and plants are by the amount of C14 in them still.
Sounds good but doesn't work.
C14 never goes to zero.
The half life will go from 1/2 to 1/4 to 1/8 to 1/16 to 1/32 on and on forever till there is so little left that you can not date it anymore.
30,000 - 50,000 years is the maximum time for carbon dating to work.
Assumptions that mess up everything -
1. Has the amount of C14 in the atmosphere always been the same?
We can measure the amount today real precisely.
How much was in the atmosphere 1000 years ago?
Ron Cooper had an article saying C14 has not yet reached equilibrium.
If you are trying to fill a bucket and the bucket has holes in it the water level will come up and start flowing out of one of the holes then two and eventually there will be the same amount of water flowing out as flowing in.
This is equilibrium.
Same as your check book - same amount goes in as goes out.

Sun shines equally on every part of the earth.
The earth spins and orbits the sun so at some point in the year everything has had an equal amount of time in the sun.

A brand new earth going around the sun starts making C14 and at the same time it starts to decay.
With some complicated math you can calculate how long it will take for the earth to reach equilibrium.
Most people agree it is around 30,000 years.
Willard Libby says -
We know earth is millions of years old (Mistake #1) so we can ignore the equilibrium problem (Mistake #2).
It has been discovered that the earth has not yet reached the equilibrium point.
There is more C14 now than there was 100 years ago.

If we dig up a fossil from 1000 years ago it would read older than it actual was because it has less carbon 14 in it.
This not only disproves evolution but puts a crimp in the Day Age theory and Gap Theory.

C14 gives off about 16 clicks on a Geiger counter per minute per gram.
8 clicks a minute means that it is 5730 years old.
4 clicks per minute means it is 11460 years old.

If you walk into a room and see a candle burning.
How long was it burning?
Do some empirical science - can be tested, measured, weighed, etc.
Measure it - 7" tall
Rate of burn - 1" per hour
Can you tell how long it was burning? - NO
You still need to know how long it was to start with and has it always burned at the same rate.

If you dig up a fossil you can measure how much C14 is in it now and you can measure the current rate of decay but that is it.
A canopy of water would block short wave radiation (UV light) and allow long wave radiation (Visible light) to pass through.
That would also prevent C14 from forming.
Pre-flood animals die and are buried and now dug up and measured and have almost no C14 left.
That is because they had barely any to start with.
We assume that it started at 16 clicks and since it now is at 0 it must be 30,000 years old.
The flood destroyed and changed everything.

1963 Living mollusk shells dated 2,300 years old.
1971 Freshly killed seal dated 1,300 years old.
Evolutionists claim they know this one is wrong because those snails lived in a stream that had lots of lime stone and the stone was rich in carbon and the snails absorbed the carbon by drinking the water and that is why they are off.
If all these ones are wrong how can we know any is right?
1973 One part of Dima (Baby frozen mammoth) was 40,000 years old and another 26,000 years old and the wood surrounding it was 9-10,000 years old
Evolutionists say that the mammoth was contaminated because there was flowing water through it and washed out some of the C14.
How can you say any are true?
1949 Harold Anthony lower leg was 15,000 years old and the skin 21,000 years.
1992 Two Colorado Creek, AK mammoths found next to each other. One dated 22,000 years and the other 16,000 years.
Living penguin 8,000 years old.
Oldest human skeleton remains were dated using a mass spectrometer and were less than 5000 years old.
Dinosaur bones have been carbon dated at 34,000 years old.
If you tell them they are dinosaur bones they will not date them because they are too old.
Hugh Miller took dinosaur bones in and did not tell them what they were and got a date of under 20,000 years old.

Java man - changed to Pithecanthropus erectus - now called homo erectus.
Eugène Dubois went to Trinil in 1891 in Indonesia looking for the missing link.
Hardly a impartial observer.
Found small part of a skull cap from an ape or monkey, found 3 human teeth and 1 year later came back and found a hip bone 50 feet away - put it all together and called it Java man.
Concluded that he had found a half human half ape animal.
He did not tell anyone that he also found 3 perfectly normal human skulls in the same area and he hid them under the floor boards under his bed.
If you are going to spend all your time digging in the dirt you want people to think you are doing something important.

Recently at Berkeley university they used two different dating methods to re-date homo erectus fossils.
He got the results that they were 53,000 years old at the most and 27,000 years old at the least.
Contemporary with modern humans.
Homo erectus was thought to be 250,000 years old.
That is a 96% margin of error.

If you date a sample of known age it doesn't work but if you date a sample of unknown age it is assumed to work.

When something decays it releases alpha or beta particles and produces helium.
Helium gets trapped in caves or underground.
Miners used to take canaries into caves with them to see if air had deadly gas.
Helium will eventually reach the surface then into the atmosphere.
How much helium can escape through the atmosphere?
Including all factors there is less than 2 million years of helium in the atmosphere.
Put water in a pot and it will evaporate because surface molecules are rubbing against each other and will eventually jump out.
When the water is boiling they are rubbing much faster and they jump out much easier.
Earths atmosphere gets struck with sunlight and moves air around and causes molecules to pop off however the nearest object is earth so they tend to fall back to the earth by gravity.

Geologic column is how they date fossils not carbon dating.
When something is completely fossilized it has no carbon left in it because it has all been replaced with minerals from the ground.
They only can date things like wood, charcoal, frozen animals, etc.

In the last two years an absolute date for the Ngandong beds just above the Trinil beds has been obtained. It has the interesting date of 300,000 years - plus or minus 300,000 years.
They hid the nail right on the head. I'll go with 4,400 years.
1969 moon rocks were brought back.
Genesis rock was broken into 6 pieces and dated several times.
They came up with a date of 2.5 billion to 4.6 billion years old.
That is almost 100% error.
James Dawson - www.jpdawson.com
He worked on the Genesis rock and said it dated anywhere between 10,000 years and several billion years.
They settled on the date of 3.5 billion years because that was what they were teaching in the text books as the age of the earth.

Potassium Argon dating
Potassium 40 has a much longer half life - about 1.3 billion years
Who watched it for 1.3 billion years?
They can tell how many molecules are decaying by listening to Geiger clicks or other instruments and count them to determine its half life.
How do we know the decay has always been the same?
How much was in the sample to start with?
There is less than 1% Argon in the atmosphere.
Potassium decays into argon.
Theory is that hot lava drives all argon out and when it cools only the potassium is left.
If we take a lava flow that has no argon in it at time zero (Mistake #1) we then count the K+Ar and determine its age.

Find a layer of ash - animals below the ash are older than the lava flow
Above that layer is a layer of dirt than another layer of ash.
The fossils found between the two layers have to be between the dates of the two lava flows.
Event Horizon - Significant event such as volcanic eruption.
Ash layers dated
Sounds good but dosen't work.

KBS Tuff
Tuff = ash layer
Discovered by Kay Behrensmeyer
Accepted date determined to be 212-230 million years old
Scientists would have arguments in different scientific journals saying they knew the best age for the KBS tuff and their methods were the best but they all fell within the accepted date range.

1972 Richard Leakey discovered a normal human skull under the KBS tuff.
First they try to discredit it.
They tried to say maybe he fell down a crack and wound up buried there.
KNM-ER 1470 - Normal human skull found in rock too old
KNM ER - Scientific way of naming fossils that give where, who, and what was found.
Finally they determine that it was not an accident of fraud but that the person actually lived there.

1. Aliens visited the planet 200 billion years ago
2. Layers of rock not as old as they thought.
They re-dated the KBS tuff
The entire geologic column is a house of cards.
One date is based on another which is based on another which is based on another.
Skull was dated 2.9 million years old.
The KBS tuff re-dated at .5 to 2.64 million years old.
1. That is still way down from 200 million
2. They would never have re-dated it if they did not find the skull. How many other dates are wrong?
They had a 9000% error.
The new dates still leave a 500% error.
They call this science? This is fairytale stuff.
1770 - George Buffon was one person that started teaching the earth was older than 6000 years.
He said Earth was 70,000 years old.
1905 Newsweek July 1998 Earth 2 billion years old
1969 - Minneapolis Tribune said earth is 3.5 billion years old.
Today - earth 4.6 billion years old
One text book said 4.65 billion years old.
Earth is getting older at the rate of 21 million years per year for the last 200 years or 40 years per minute.

Wild dates are often gotten that do not match geologic column and are thrown out.
If they do match the geologic column they get published.
Why do they date them in the first place?
Potassium decays into Argon
Uranium decays into lead.
All these are going down hill.
Why do we never observe anything getting better.
Mt Etna Sicily - basalt from a volcanic flow that occurred in 122BC was K-Ar dated to 250,000 years old.
They check the argon to potassium ratio - what if some of the argon leaked out?
Hawaiian 1801 lava flow K-Ar dated to 1.6 million years old
They admit some dates are wrong.
How can we tell if any dates are right?
Mt Kilauea Ika Hawaii erupted in 1959 gave a date of 8.5 million years old
Same volcano erupted again in 1964 gave date of 700,000 years old
Again in 1972 dated 350,000 years old.
Mt. St Helens in 1980 grew new lava dome and when tested gave date of .35 - 2.8 million years old.

Fresh dinosaur bones.
Do we find "fresh" dinosaur bones?
Book - The Great Alaskan Dinosaur Adventure
They dug down and found bones, some were petrified and some were light weight.
December 24 1993, Journal of science - Amazing preservation of duck billed dinosaur found in Montana.
Bones preserved so finely that the cells could be seen and compared to chicken cells.
Bylot Island - Newfoundland - found lower part of duck bill dinosaur jaw - it too was in fresh condition, not fossilized.
North West Alaska 1961 - bed of dinosaur bones found unpermineralized.

Dinosaur heart found.
Time magazine for kids April 27 2000.
4 chambered heard of dinosaur.
If dinosaurs evolved to birds the heart is one thing that would need to evolve.
Reptiles have a 3 chambered heart.
Birds have a 4 chambered heart.
They work completely different.
Reptile 3 chambered heart has a chamber where the oxygenated blood mixes with the unoxygenated blood.
This is why reptiles can not run long distances because they do not get as much oxygen as mammals with 4 chambered hearts.

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