CSE-104 Class 6 Notes


CSE-104 Class 6 Notes

CSE 104 - Class 6

Separation of church and state
The Bible and creation can be taught in public schools.
There has never been a law against it.
You can not try to proselytize or convert a student to your faith while being paid by the state.
You can talk about and read the bible.

Government has no jurisdiction over churches so they can not tax them or require them to get building permits.
Pastors were the rabble rousers in the revolutionary war.

How do we see stars billions of miles away.

Nehemiah 9:6
[6] Thou, even thou, art LORD alone; thou hast made heaven, the heaven of heavens, with all their host, the earth, and all things that are therein, the seas, and all that is therein, and thou preservest them all; and the host of heaven worshippeth thee.

If stars evolved star births should be greater than star deaths.
If deaths are greater that the births than the population goes extinct.
Novas and Super-Novas
Stars have been seen blowing up every 20-30 years.
No one has ever seen a star form.
ICR September 1998 article
Why do we only see 300 super nova rings?

Bright spot seen getting brighter does not mean a star is forming it just means the dust is clearing.
Brownian motion would prevent gases from getting together and forming a star.
Gases would need energy to press them together.
It would take the energy of 20 stars going nova next to each other to create one new star.
Stars were made on day 4.
Evolution has stars made before the earth while bible has earth before stars.

God knows the number of each star in the sky - not just the number of stars.
Psalms 147:4
[4] He telleth the number of the stars; he calleth them all by their names.
He also knows the number of the hairs on your head.
Everyone on earth could own two trillion stars to themselves.
Hubble telescope focused in on a spot close to the North star that they thought was empty the size of a grain of salt at arms length.
After 10 days they found more stars than they could count in that one spot.
Steven Hawking (Evolutionist) said
Stars are so far away that even the closest star through the most powerful telescope just looks like a dot. You can not see the shape or orbit only the color of light it emits.
They say the sun is a medium sized star however they do not know how big other stars are.

Copper burns green.
Different metals burn different colors.
How do you tell distance?
From trigonometry you can determine an unknown distance with two angles and one side of the triangle.
Earth is 8000 miles in diameter - too small to make any measurements.
Take one measurement in January and another in June.
The earth is 1 AU away from the sun.
It takes 8 minutes for sunlight to reach the earth.
The measurement of the earths orbit would be 16 light minutes.
Earths atmosphere bends light so you can see the sun after it is below the horizon and in the morning it is over the horizon before you can actually see it.

Super cold ice may become fiber optic and a photo amplifier - you would be able to see stars more clearly and hear sounds put off by the electromagnetic spectrum.
Not provable but interesting theory.
Canopy would compress air and make less distortion.
Hot air expanding off highways makes ripples in air.
If the canopy limited the 200 mile atmosphere to 20 miles you would have less distortion.

365.2422 days in a year.
Every 4 years you need to add a day except every 100 years where you do not.
Year 2000 should have been a leap year but it was not.
365.2422 x 24 x 60 = 525948.768 minutes in a year
16 light minutes of distance the earth travels in 1/2 million of earth minutes
To measure equivalent of 1 light year you could take two surveyors and put them 16 inches away on a roof and focus on a point 1/2 million inches away (8 1/4 miles).
How accurate could they measure? And that is only 1 light year.
Light year is a time not a distance.
6 trillion miles are in 1 light year.
That measurement would be 0.017 degrees on a protractor.
Try to mark off 0.1 degree on a protractor.
100 light years away would be 0.00017 degrees.
They say they can measure start that are 17 Billion light years away.
That assumes the earth is in the exact same place it was 6 months ago.
Space has no reference points.
Get distance to moon by trigonometry.
Parallax trigonometry.
Close one eye and hold thumb in front of you. Switch eyes and the thumb movement can be calculated by parallax trigonometry.
Distance to sun can be calculated using the known distance to the moon.
Most text books say that we can measure distances up to 100 light years.
It is doubtful that they can measure that far but we will give it to them because they still can not measure billions of light years.

Evolutionists will answer questions like high school students on a test where they do not know the answer.
They will give long answers that never actually answer the question.

No one knows exactly what light is.
Give me a jar of it and paint it red and weigh it.
Light is attracted by gravity that means light is not a constant.

Who measures the star distances and using what?
Is it a Stanley or Craftsman and who held the other end?

Black hole
Light is attracted by gravity.
If light is attracted by gravity than light speed is not a constant.

Escape velocity from the earth is 18-20,000 mph.
Any slower than that and you would fall back.
Moon has less gravity so the escape velocity is much lower.
If it was the same mass as earth than it would require as much fuel to leave the moon as to leave earth.
The problem with colonies on Venus and Mars is that the planets would require so much fuel to get off that it would be impossible to leave.
Black hole has so much mass that the escape velocity is the speed of light.
Earth escape velocity is 7 miles per second.

Problem with black hole is that if you can not see it you can not prove it is there.
They are probably real but not provable.
No one can prove there are planets around another stars because we can not even see the closest star.
They can only see the wobble of a star and guess that it is caused by planets pulling on the star.

In 1999 light was slowed down to 38 mph by cooling it to 50 billionths of a degree above absolute zero.
Absolute zero is 0 deg K, -456 F, or -273 C
Space is -453 F.
February 2000 light was slowed down to 1 mph
January 2001 light was stopped.
Article written saying how speeding up the speed of light could increase the speed of computers that are now limited by how fast electrons can flow.
People say that if they could travel at the speed of light they would visit the stars.
You would be an old man by the time you got to the first one.
What if you could travel at the speed of thought?
You could be there instantly (or may never get there depending on how fast you think).
How long does it take for your prayers to reach heaven?
Angles can go back and forth instantly.
We think in 3 dimensions.
What if heaven is just in a different dimension only 1/2 second in the future?

June 2000 - Scientists have broken the ultimate speed barrier.
They have accelerated light to 300 times faster.

In the last 300 years there have been 164 measurements of the speed of light using 16 different methods.
Time it takes for star light to reach us from moon.
Laser up and down hallway with spinning disco ball.
Speed of light has decreased so rapidly that experimental error can not account for it.
Speed of light decreased until 1960 when it leveled out.
In 1960 they started using the atomic clock as the method of telling time.

There are no physical laws that prevent the speed of light from being changed.

The atomic clock measures time by using the wavelength of a cesium atom.
9192631770 cycles of a cesium atom is equal to one second.
If you are measuring the speed of light with light then you have a rubber ruler.
Atomic clocks are very precise but not accurate.
Speed of light would have to have been 10 billion times faster at time zero according to the big bang theory to make light have reached the earth by now.
Walt Brown's book has chapter on atomic clocks.

Dr. V.S. Troitskii - speed of light was 10,000 times faster

When the creation was finished they could have seen the stars.
How old was Adam in the garden? - 0
How old did Adam look? - 48?
How old were the trees?
How old did they look?
Did they have rings?
Rings give trees strength and flexibility.
That is why we go through hard times and good times and hard times and good times and hard times and good times is because it gives us strength and flexibility.
God did not put two babies in the garden and give them seeds and tell them to get planting something because they are going to want dinner.
Chicken or the egg - what came first? - The chicken
Tree or the seed - what came first? - The tree

Light year is a distance not a time.
Just because stars are 10 billion light years away it does not mean the universe is 10 billion years old.
Star distance can be measured by redshift or Cepheid variables.
Light through prism creates ROYGBIV light spectrum.
Star moving away creates a red shift.

Train going past creates a higher pitch while approaching and lower while going away.
Doppler effect.
Assumption is that the Doppler effect works on light too.
They say that a star is coming closer the light compresses and when a star is moving away the light stretches out causing a redshift.
Sounds good and is possibly true but no one knows for sure.
There is little relation between the brightness of QSO (quasi-stellar object - quasar) and the redshift.
It is possible that the redshift has nothing to do with the movement or distance of stars.
They look at the movement of all stars and say they all appear to be moving away so there must have been together for a big bang.

Science news September 1995 - The universe appears to be 8.4 billion years old.
How do they come up with these numbers?
To calculate the age of the universe one of the multipliers in the equations is the Hubble constant.
Using the Hubble telescope at Cambridge university they developed a two step method to estimate a Hubble constant.
They observed a standard candle known as a Cepheid variables to measure distance to M16 galaxy.
You can come up with huge errors using the Hubble constant.
Even the nearest Cepheid is so remote that it can not be determined the absolute distance.
They use faintness or brightness to estimate how far away a star is.
The logic is flawed because brightness can be dimmed by a cloud or something else blocking its path.

Bible says God stretched out the heavens - that could cause redshift.
Light could be getting tired - everything else does.
Maybe it is the Doppler effect.
It may be caused by gravity - if a black hole is real they may be sling shotting the light around them and distorting it.

Is there the gospel in the stars? May be true may not be.
Dr James Kennedy - The Meaning of the Zodiac.
There are 88 constellations.
Some are mentioned in the bible.
Zodiac could be completely heathen or it could have been that God revealed the gospel in the stars to Adam.
When I look up in the sky I see a bunch of dots not animals.
Virgo the virgin brings forth a son.
Libra going to be the judge.
Today it has been perverted into horoscopes.
There are 12 major constellations and each has a minor constellation.
Some say the Sphinx is a guide to tell us how to read the stars.

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