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Dr. Hovind’s Seminar Transcripts


Dr. Hovind’s Seminar Transcripts

Seminar 1: The Age of the Earth

(previous 1998 version of this seminar)

Meet Dr. Kent Hovind

     Well, thank you for joining us this morning. My name is Kent Hovind. I was a high school science teacher for fifteen years, and now for the last nine years I’ve been traveling around the country and the world speaking on the subject of Creation, Evolution, and Dinosaurs. Of all the crazy things to do, that is what I get to do and that has been a great blessing to be able to encourage people’s faith in the Word of God.

Three Purposes for the Seminar

     I’ve got three things in mind that I try to do in my seminars and I have something I always start off my seminar with and tell people so they know where I am coming from. I do not want to sneak up on anybody. I will tell you right up front, I believe the Bible is the infallible, inspired, inerrant Word of the Living God. I believe it from cover to cover. I even believe the cover, it says Kent Hovind, I believe that. I’ve got three things I want to try to accomplish. Number one, I want to strengthen your faith in the Word of God. Number two, if you are not saved, I am going to try to get you saved. And, number three, if you are saved and not doing much for the Lord, than I am going to try to make you uncomfortable. There is a war going on, folks. Everybody ought to find something to do. I have learned in my 29 years of being a Christian; everybody is good for something. Even the worst of you could serve as bad examples if nothing else. All right, let’s get started.

Four Basic Questions in Life

     Now, how would you answer the four great questions of life? Well, that depends upon your worldview. If the evolution story is true, who am I? Well, if evolution is true, we are nothing important that is for sure. Actually, you are just a bit of protoplasm that washed up on the beach. As a matter of fact, you are part of the problem because you are one of the polluters of the environment and the more of you we can get rid of, the better. Right? Where did I come from? Well, if evolution is true, you came from a cosmic burp about 20 billion years ago. Why am I here? What is the purpose of life? Well, if evolution is true, there is no purpose to life so you might as well have fun; if it feels good, do it. Get all the gusto you can get, you only go around once in life, you know? Where am I going when I die? Well, if evolution is true, you are just going to the grave and you are going to get recycled into a worm or a plant.
     The Bible says, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” Now, if that is true that puts a whole different set of answers to those four fundamental questions of life. The devil came to Eve in Genesis 3, “The serpent said unto the woman, yea hath God said ye should not eat of every tree of the garden?” The second thing he said to Eve was, “Ye shall not surely die.” Now he is denying what God said. God said if you eat off the tree you’ll die, the devil said, “no you won’t,” and that is a common technique the devil often uses, just out right deny what God has said. And the third thing he said to Eve is classic, he said, “Eve, if you eat off that tree, ye shall be as gods.”
     The idea that man can become a god if we do what the devil says. See, the devil wants you to think, “we started off like an amoeba. Yes, boys and girls, and we are evolving, we are getting bigger and better and stronger and smarter and someday we are going to sail around the universe and discover new life forms like Star Trek.” People ask me all the time, they say, “Brother Hovind, do you think there is intelligent life on other planets?” I say no. I taught high school 15 years, I don’t think there is much intelligent life on this planet. I didn’t get to see a lot of it!

Examples of Lies

     He lied to Eve and told her she could be like God and he is the one that wanted to be like God. You know Adolph Hitler said, “If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, and often enough, the people will believe it.” He also said, “People are more likely to believe a big lie than a small one. If you’re going to tell lie, tell a big one. People will believe that.”

Moldy Spider Legs

     You know, I’ve got two older brothers, Ross and Mark. They have always been older than I am. They still are today as a matter of fact! When I was about 6 or 7 years old (I was raised in East Peoria, Illinois), I came running into the breakfast table one morning, and I was the first one there for breakfast. I got the last banana out of the bowl to put on my cereal. Well, a few minutes later, my two big brothers came in. They said, “Hey Kent, is that the last banana?” I said, “Yep, and I got it!” How many of you have an older brother or sister? You know that wonderful feeling you get when you finally pull one over on them? They pick on you all the time. Boy, that morning I had them and I knew it. They wanted my banana. But big brothers do not beg little brothers for anything. They either beat them up and take it away by brute force, or they lie to them and trick them out of it somehow. So my brothers said to me, they said, “Kent, do you know how bananas are made?” I said, “No.” (I was only 6 or 7. It has been proven in laboratory tests the brain doesn’t even start to grow till kids are 18 to 20. How many parents can verify that one? Yep!) I said, “No, how are bananas made?” And they said, “Well, down in South America they have got these spiders that live up in the trees, and they have big long legs, and when they die all their legs fold up and mold starts to grow on the dead spider legs. A banana is actually made from moldy spider legs.” I said, “You guys are lying to me, you just want this banana ‘cause you know it’s the last one.” They said, “No brother, we’re not lying, you cut that thing in half, and look in the middle, you can still see the black spots where his legs were.” You know, I did not eat bananas for nearly 3 years after that! They lied to me. Have you ever been lied to before? You know, I would not have believed the lie if there had not of been a little bit of truth behind it.

99.995% Pure

     See, if you want to get somebody to believe a lie, you have got to mix it in with some truth. Nobody would swallow just a bold face lie, so they mix two things together. That is what they do all the time to kill a rat. You don’t feed a rat a bowl of poison, stainus fluoride (same stuff that goes in your toothpaste by the way). What you do if you want to kill a rat, you give a rat a bowl of good food. You know rat poison is 99.995% good food…with a little poison mixed in? And the rat does not know he is being poisoned.
      That technique of mixing two things that are unrelated together, is very common. It is common in advertising. They have done it for years with Marlboro cigarettes. You watch any Marlboro commercial: they always have something on there about a cowboy. You ever thought about that? What is the connection of smoking Marlboro and cowboys? Do all cowboys smoke Marlboro? No. Do you have to smoke Marlboro to be a cowboy? No. If you start smoking Marlboro, do you become a cowboy automatically? No. You may smell like a horse, but you are not a cowboy. Actually it has been proven in laboratory tests that nobody in the world smokes, nobody smokes. Only the cigarette smokes. The person is the sucker that’s all! What they are doing here though is they are brain-washing folks into thinking, “Man, if you smoke Marlboro, you’re John Wayne.” It’s an image that takes place in the mind. It does not exist in reality. It’s brainwashing.
      They do the same thing to sell beer. Nobody with half a brain would buy beer, so they mixed beer in with sports. You always have some big football player holding his can of bud-dumber, or bud-stupid. (They call it Budweiser, but it does not make him any wiser.) He has got his Bud-dumber, Miller-Low-Life, or Dead Dog. He says man, you drink this stuff, you will be a football player. Right! You drink that stuff; you will be a couch potato. Later on, you will be a hamburger on the highway. There is no connection between alcohol and sports. But, if you tell the lie long enough and loud enough and often enough, the people will believe it. We have got a lot of folks that think alcohol goes with sports. They have been brainwashed.

Try it.You’ll like it?

     One kid said, “What’s the matter Mr. Hovind, don’t you like beer?” I said, “I don’t know, I’ve never tasted it.” I’ve never had a drop in my life! I’m 45 years old, folks, never tasted it! Well, I have had Nyquil a couple of times, but. And then they will say, how do you know you won’t like it if you don’t try it? Aw, kids that is a brilliant way to live. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever laid your head under a semi truck? Well, how do you know you won’t like it if you don’t try it? Did you ever dive off the roof into the concrete head first? Well, how do you know you won’t like it if you don’t try it? If you are one of those numbskulls that think you have to try everything to know if it is good or bad, you are not going to live very long.
      Let me give you some advice kids. Find out what God says in His Word and do it. It will save you lots of headaches. Or, you could get advice from your parents. Did you know, in nearly every state and country I travel to, I have discovered, parents are older than their children? Just maybe they know a few things you do not know. I know it is hard to believe, but think about it for a minute. It just might come to you. What we are doing here, we are brainwashing a group of kids into thinking beer goes with sports because they have heard it over and over and over and over again. It is brainwashing!

Lies in Our Textbooks

     Folks, that is exactly what is happening in our public school science text books. I collect science text books, I have hundreds of them. I taught science 15 years, I like science. I even have a Ph.D. in education (stands for “post-hole digger”. I got one!). I am not against science, and I am not against schools; and my brother is retiring from public school teaching. My mom retired from public school teaching. There are many good godly public school teachers in the system. There are many good principals. There are many good districts. But, the curriculum they are working from is corrupt. There’s a poison mixed in here folks, you better warn the kids about it.

Millions of Years?

     Let me show it to you. Here is a first grade textbook. Look what they tell the kids in first grade. “Earth has changed much since its formation 4 1/2 billion years ago.” Now just hold on a minute. Is the earth 4 1/2 billion years old? No. But if you tell that to a first grader, he is gonna believe you. First graders believe everything you tell them. They believe bananas are moldy spider legs! They do! And then tell them again in second grade; here is the second grade textbook. “Since its formation 4 1/2 billion years ago, earth has changed.” It says, “Life, too, has evolved on earth.” Well, there’s that word evolved. That is a very tricky word!

Micro vs. Macro

     We will cover a whole lot more on that on video tape number 4, but the word evolved has two different meanings that are unrelated. There is micro evolution which says dogs produce a variety of dogs. That is a fact! Roses produce a variety of roses; that is a fact! Micro evolution is scientific. It is observable, it is testable, it is scriptural. They bring forth after their kind. What they are going to do in school though, kids, they are going to show you this word “evolve” and make you think that the examples of micro evolution which they are able to give, is somehow magically evidence for macro evolution which is the other meaning of the word. Macro evolution would say the dog and the rose had a common ancestor and the common ancestor was a rock. You wait long enough, the rock will turn into a dog and a rose. See, the problem is that word evolve has two different meanings and they confuse them all the time and that is where the whole argument falls apart with Creation and Evolution. If you learn to distinguish between micro and macro right at the very beginning, and point out that macro is a religion—it is unsupported by science, it is dumb. Nobody has ever seen a dog produce a non-dog, and we will get into that in video tape number 4 with things in the textbooks that kids are being taught. But, they tell the kids here that life has evolved on earth and of course this was billions of years ago. The teachers are told to be sure to stress that the earth is billions of years old. We ought to be stressing real science in the classroom instead of stressing somebody’s religion. The idea is that the earth is billions of years old is a religious world view, it is not scientific.

True Science

     You ought to be teaching them stuff like the first law of thermodynamics. The first law tells us matter and/or energy cannot be created or destroyed. Well, everything is made out of matter: the building is made out of matter. So, if matter cannot be created or destroyed, how did the world get here? We are here, you know? So that leaves only two choices. Somebody made the world or the world made itself; there is no other choice. Well, there are a few out there on a lunatic fringe who would say, “Oh, we are not really here at all, we just think we are here.” Okay, you can forget about those folks. We are here! So either somebody made the world, or the world made itself. Now, the Devil does not want you to believe, “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” He does not want you to believe that! So, the Devil had to think up a way for the world to make itself. So, he thought and he thought and he thought and he thought, and finally he came up with the Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory

      How many have ever heard of the Big Bang Theory before? I was on an airplane years ago, flying from Dallas to San Francisco (the land of the fruits and the flakes), and I happened to sit right next to a professor from Berkeley University. I do not know if you folks here in Florida have ever heard of Berkeley or not, but Berkeley is not a Bible college by any stretch of the imagination. So, here I was sitting by this professor on the airplane and we started talking about Creation and Evolution. Seems like everybody I sit by on the plane wants to talk about that, so I talk about it with them. He said he believed in Evolution, I said, “Yes sir, I figured that, you have to to teach at Berkeley.” I said, “Tell me sir, if you believe in Evolution, how did the world get here?” He said, “Well, it came from the Big Bang.” I said, “Really, I’d like to hear about the Big Bang.” He said, “You’re a science teacher and you have never heard of the Big Bang?” I said, “Oh, yes sir, I have heard a lot about the Big Bang, and I believe in the Big Bang, but my Big Bang is a lot different than yours. You tell me about your Big Bang and then I will tell you about my Big Bang.”      The Big Bang Defined      And so he proceeded to give me a textbook perfect answer. He said, “Well, I believe it all started about 18 to 20 billion years ago (that is a long time folks): all the matter in the universe (that is a lot of stuff) was concentrated into one very dense, very hot region that may have been much smaller than a period on this page.” All the matter in the universe was squished into a dot smaller than a period on a page? That is one crowded dot, folks, and heavy, too: man, who held that thing up? Wow! Hey, and it ain’t the first time it happened, or the last. This textbook tells them, “Boys and girls, someday all the matter and energy will once again be packed into a small area. No bigger than the period at the end of this sentence. Then another Big Bang will occur. It happens every 80 to 100 billion years.” Hey folks, you can forget about global warming, we are going to get squished! Some global squishing coming up! Call your Senator quick! Pass a law, “Prevent global squishing!” They put it in all the textbooks about this Big Bang Theory. Look at this one. I could not believe how smart this author was. He said, Boys and girls, “nothing really means nothing.” You got to be at least that smart to write a textbook. He said, “Not only matter and energy would disappear, but also space and time; however, physicists theorize that from the state of nothingness, the universe began in a gigantic explosion.” What? Nothing exploded, and here we are? Explain that to me, would you please?
      They even put it in major science journals. Here is Scientific American. Look what this guy said. “The observable universe (that is us) could have evolved from an infinitesimal region.” (In the Greek, that means a dot.) He said, “It’s then tempting to go one step further and speculate that the entire universe evolved from literally nothing.” They call that science and put it in a science book? I would call that a fairy tale and put it in the garbage. ‘Yes, boys and girls, we all came from a dot and the dot came from nothing.’ That is ridiculous! But, that is what they believe. They do not have another choice except, “God created the heaven and the earth.”
      So I asked the professor on the plane, I said, “Sir, hold on just a minute. Where did this dot come from and what happened to it?” He said, “Well, all the matter, all the dirt in the universe, was drawn into this dot and it was spinning, it spun faster and faster and faster. Finally it exploded! Big bang, and the pieces flew off and became the galaxies, sun, moon, stars, and finally you know, people—here we are.”      Perplexing Questions      “Sir, could I ask you a few questions please?” He said, “Sure what would you like to know?” I said, “Well, first of all, you told me 20 billion years ago, all the dirt in the universe got into the big dot, for the big squish, in the big spin, in the big bang. Where did all the dirt come from?” He said, “Well, we don’t, we don’t know about that.” I said, “Okay, now hold on sir, just a minute, if I tell you that I believe about 6000 years ago, God created the heaven and the earth, you are going to say ‘where did God come from.’ Uh, I don’t know. But, you said, ‘20 billion years ago, there was a Big Bang,’ and you don’t know where the dirt came from. So basically, I believe ‘in the beginning God…,’ and you believe ‘in the beginning dirt!’ Do not tell me my theory is religious and yours is scientific! No sir, they are both religious, the only difference is, your religion is tax supported. That is the difference. Evolution is the only tax supported religion we have in this country.” So he did not know where the dirt came from.
      By the way folks, first of all, these two time lines that I have right here beside me, they are not the same scale. The Bible teaches that God made the world about 6000 years ago. Not millions and billions of years ago. 4400 years ago there was a Flood, 2000 years ago Jesus came, anything before this is called B.C., before Christ (except all the new textbooks have changed it now. It is called B.C.E., Before the Coulee Era, Christ is gone). Here we are today, waiting for the Lord to come back in about 10 minutes. Now the evolution time line which says 20 billion years ago there was a Big Bang. If I was to make this time line the same scale as this one, just this chart would have to be 2100 hundred miles long (that is from Pensacola, Florida, to Portland, Oregon). But, I do not want to carry a chart that big so I made a new scale for that one, Okay? Anyway, the professor said he did not know where the matter came from for the Big Bang. I said, “Well, sir, that makes it a religion, doesn’t it?” He said, “No, no, no!” I said, “It looks to me like it does. Something you believe, you believe in matter, like we believe in God. I don’t see a difference at all. Second question sir, where do the laws come from? The universe is governed by laws. Centrifugal force, inertia, gravity, who made the laws? Who is the law giver?” He said, “Well we don’t—we don’t know that either.” I said, “Well, sir, where did the energy come from? Doesn’t it take energy to make something move?” He said, “Oh, yes!” I said, “Well, who bought the gas to run this machine anyway? Where did the energy come from?” He said, “Well, I don’t know about that.” He said, “But, I know that it happened, because we’re here!” Wow, what brilliant logic, it had to happen that way, because here we are you know. Who could ask for anything more?      Berkeley’s Merry-Go-Round      I said, “Sir, could I ask you another question?” He said, “Sure, what else would you like to know?” I thought, “Else? Else? You haven’t told me nothing yet!” I said, “Does Berkeley, where you teach have a merry-go-round?” How many of you know what a merry-go-round is (you go around and around till you puke)? Have you been on them before? Okay. He said, “No we don’t have a merry-go-round at Berkeley University.” I said, “You ought to get one. Man, you could learn some good science off a merry-go-round.”
      If you put 6 fourth graders on a merry-go-round, (any fourth graders? Who is going into fourth grade next year or was in fourth grade last year? Look at this, all right! I like fourth graders; I spent the best five years of my life in the fourth grade! I like using fourth graders for my science experiments because fourth graders are tough and they are expendable). We are going to put some fourth graders on the merry-go-round and we are going to get the high school football team out there to get it spinning clockwise as fast as it will possibly go. Now, if you have a digital watch, you may not know what clockwise means—see me later, I will explain that. We are going to spin the merry-go-round clockwise. The kids on there are going to go through four phases in this experiment. They start off in phase 1, they will be screaming and yelling at the football players. “Come on let’s go, faster, faster, can’t you go any faster?” They get up around 30 miles an hour; the kids enter phase 2. Phase 2 is where they stop screaming, they just quietly concentrate on trying to hang on for dear life. You get up around 60 miles an hour and the kids enter phase 3, that is where they start screaming again, but now they are screaming, “Stop, stop, please slow down!” Do not stop though; keep going faster and faster. When you get to about 100 miles an hour you should enter phase 4. Phase 4 in this experiment is where the kids begin to fly off the merry-go-round. Now, when this happens you will notice an interesting phenomena of physics. If the merry-go-round is going clockwise when the kid flies off, the kid will be spinning clockwise until he encounters resistance like a tree or telephone pole. That is because of a law in physics called the conservation of angular momentum.  
      See, if a spinning object breaks apart in a frictionless environment (which the Big Bang would have been all the matter in the one dot), a spinning object breaking apart in a frictionless environment will send all the pieces off spinning the same direction because the outer part is moving faster than the inner part. Simple physics. I mean it is faster around the outside than it is the inside of the circle and so it maintains the same direction of spin. The professor said, “Yes, Mr. Hovind, I understand about the conservation of angular momentum.” I said, “Well, good, sir. Would you answer me a question then please? If the whole universe started like a swirling dot, [then there was a] Big Bang, shouldn’t everything be spinning the same way?” He said, “Well, yes!” I said, “Well, it’s not. We have two planets for sure; Venus and Uranus and possibly Pluto, but two for sure spin backwards. Why do two planets spin backwards?” He said, “That’s interesting!” “No sir that’s more than interesting, that’s pretty hard on your Big Bang Theory. Not only that, some of the moons spin backwards and some travel backwards. Why?” He said, “I don’t know, why do you think they are going backwards?” I was hoping he would ask that. I said, “Sir I believe it is very simple. I believe in the beginning God created the heaven and the earth, and God did it that way on purpose just to make the Big Bang Theory look stupid.” And it is stupid, [and] it certainly is not science.      The Biblical Big Bang      Now I do believe in the Big Bang, folks. I mean the Bible teaches the Big Bang. II Peter 3 says, “The heavens shall pass away with a great noise.” In the original Greek, that is big bang. So there is going to be a big bang, but it did not happen yet. So kids if you go to school and some teacher says, “Do you believe in the Big Bang?” You could say, “Yes I do, and you better get saved and get ready for it! The Big Bang is coming soon!”

The Second Law of Thermodynamics

     Now the second law of thermodynamics tells us everything tends toward disorder—everything is falling apart, nothing gets better by itself. You leave things alone for awhile and they fall apart, folks. Nothing gets better! The Bible teaches that, Hebrews 1 says, “The heavens are the works of thy hands, they shall perish; they wax old as doth a garment.” Nothing gets better by itself. Take a look at your hairdo when you wake up in the morning. You will see exactly what I am talking about. Nothing gets better by itself. Everything tends toward chaos. Ah, but the textbook says, boys and girls, things are getting better. Yes, boys and girls, humans probably evolved from bacteria. They lived more than 4 billion years ago. Was your great-great, great-great, great-great, great-great grandpa a bacteria? How about this textbook? It shows the kids a fossil starfish and it says, “3.4 billion years old, the remains of the early ancestors of modern human beings.” Was your great-great, great-great, great-great, great-great grandpa a starfish? Boy I bet he could pick cotton like crazy. Okay, now please do not laugh at this next picture. This next picture will be a picture of my brother when he first wakes up in the morning, after his first cup of coffee which apparently was a little too strong. He will be on the left, please do not laugh now he cannot help it. There he is right there! Uh, I did not write this folks, I just took the picture out of the book. Look what we paid to teach the kids. By the way they cut down a tree to make this book. It says, “30 million years ago..” (Kids, let me translate that to you. Anytime a book says millions of years ago, here is what it means, it means, long ago and far away; it means a fairy tale is coming next. That is your warning right there, fairy tale coming up – be alert.) “30 million years ago these critters evolved. (Oh, there’s that word again, evolved!) They are ancestry to both humans and modern apes.” Ancestors to humans? Grandpa? ‘What big eyes you have, Grandpa.’ ‘Ah, the better to see you with my boy!’
      You know, we have been teaching the kids they are nothing but an animal, and today a lot of them act like animals. They cannot figure it out, can they? Even Barbara Reynolds figured it out and she is a liberal journalist. She said, “Your kids go ape in school, here’s why—he’s being taught evolution.” “Guess what, Johnny? You’re an animal!” “Really? Okay! Let’s go get ‘em!” What do you expect? Here we are telling them they are an animal, there is no God, there is no Creator, there is no afterlife, and what do you expect? Of course that is the way they are going to live.

Teaching Creation Science in Public School

     By the way, a lot of teachers do not realize they can teach Creation science in a public school. It is perfectly fine to teach Creation in a public school. Perfectly fine! Now, it is not okay to try to convert the kid to be a Baptist or Buddhist or Catholic, but it is okay to teach, “Hey kids there must have been a designer, your universe is incredibly designed, there must have been a creator—has to be.” That is called Creation Science. Now, Biblical Creationism would be different. That you cannot teach in the school system—in the public school system. But regular scientific Creationism is perfectly fine. There are great books on that available; we have them at our ministry if you want to get one of those. You ought to give one to every public school teacher in your district. Let them know they can teach Creation science. Because all they get is information from the ACLU which is the ‘American Communist Lawyers Union’. They want you to think you cannot talk about Creation in the classroom, yes you certainly can talk about creation in the public school. But if a teacher does teach evolution, if some teacher teaches the kids we started off like a slime and slowly turned into a human, you do not need to be a genius to figure out that is going to ruin some kid’s faith in the Bible. Anybody that ruins a child’s faith in the Bible, better read what Jesus said about it in Matthew 18: “Whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and he were drowned in the depth of the sea.”
      Anyone that teaches evolution is in trouble when they face God. Do not get mad at me, you take it up with Jesus, He is the one that said it and you are going to stand before Him one of these days if you are teaching that dumb theory to your students.

What Evolution has done for America

      But you know, it has not always been this way. Back in the 1930’s or 50’s, the average textbook only had two to three thousand words about evolution. It was not mentioned much. In 1963, it jumped up to 33,000 words; 1963 is when prayer and Bible reading was taken out of the American school system. Anybody remember that? A few got out, brought evolution in, same time. 1963 is when sexually transmitted diseases began to climb; this is for kids 10 to 14 years of age. 1963 is when divorce rates began to go up. I remember as a kid I did not know anybody that was divorced. Man, when you got married, you got married for life. You better pick slow, you are going to be stuck for a long time. 1963 is when violent crimes began to increase, you know there has been almost a 1000% increase in violent crimes since ’63? Folks, I am not that old, but I remember the days when you did not have to lock your house. Anybody else remember those days? It was that way was it not? You never took the keys out of the ignition, Man you might lose them, you left them in there all the time. Am I telling the truth? That is the way it used to be right here in this country. What happened? We are teaching the kids they are an animal, there is no right and wrong now. What do you expect? Unwed birth rates for girls 10 to 14 years of age have increased 100%. The pregnancies are up 550%; most of them are being aborted—murdered. We will talk more about that on tape number 4. Things have changed folks. The SAT scores have dropped off since 1963 tremendously. A couple of years ago they had to “dumb down” the SAT tests. Now President Clinton is saying, “SAT scores are coming up!” Uh, they dumbed down the tests, Sir. “Oh, is that what happened?” Unmarried couples living together in adultery has increased 725. God’s Word has not changed at all. “Whoremongers and adulterers, God will judge,” Hebrews 13. Culture is falling apart. Teen suicide rate has increased dramatically.

Evolution Fairy Tale

     Look, if I told you, if you kiss a frog, it will turn into a prince, you would say, “No, Brother Hovind, frogs do not turn to princes.” How many of you ladies got your husband by kissing a frog? Let me see. Only two. See, it does not happen much anymore. Oh, but in the textbooks it does. Yes boys and girls, start off with an amoeba and over billions of years, it slowly turns to a frog. And over a few more million years it turns into a prince. Same fairy tale, frog to prince, but new magic ingredient! Instead of a kiss, nope, they now have a super-duper, high-powered magic ingredient called billions and billions of years. How many have ever heard that expression before, billions of years ago. It is in all the textbooks, it is on the TV programs, it is on Carl Pagan’s—Sagan’s—show, Cosmos. Billions and billions of years ago, it is in the magazines you read, it is in National Pornographic—Geographic I mean—billions and billions of years ago, just like it is some kind of factor of science. Don’t you dare question this, folks, or you will be excommunicated from the temples of higher learning. They even start the kids off in kindergarten. Here is a fourth grade textbook, “Many millions of years ago…”. Just like it is a fact.
      Now kids, here is what you need to do, when you are in school and some teacher says, “Millions of years ago,” just say, “Excuse me teacher, were you there?” They will say, “No, of course I wasn’t there millions of years ago.” And say, “Teacher, do you know the earth is millions of years old or do you believe the earth is millions of years old?” See, that is not something you can know. You cannot test it, demonstrate it, prove it; you can only believe it. That is part of your religion, not part of a science. The earth cannot be billions of years old, in spite of all the propaganda to the contrary, it can only be a few thousand years old which we will cover here in just a minute.

The Many Failures of Science

     Most Americans though do not believe the earth is billions of years old. The last survey showed 61% of the population said the earth is less than ten thousand years old and God made it pretty much like it is today. Only 4% of the people surveyed said the earth—there’s no God involved and it’s pure evolution that brought us here over billions of years. Well, I think that 4% ought to go start a private school and teach evolution and whoever wants to pay and come learn it, and they ought to get it out of our public school system. That is my humble opinion about it. A bigger question than that is, should we even have a public school system? Might be a bigger question to ponder—better read your Constitution on that one—I’d say the answer is no. You say, “wait a minute now Brother Hovind, most scientists think the earth is billions of years old.” Well, I do not know if you can prove that or not. A lot of scientists think the earth is billions of years old, but that does not make it billions of years old. You do not change facts by majority opinion.
      A lot of scientists at one time thought all the planets go in little epicycles around the earth. Not true. That is what they all thought. They used to teach big rocks fall faster than little rocks. That was taught for 2000 years! Not true! They used to teach if you were sick you have bad blood. Take out your blood, you’ll get better. That is how George Washington died; the guys that killed George were not stupid, they were very intelligent, highly trained, they were trying to help, and they were wrong in what they believed.

Age of the Earth

     Kids, you may have a teacher that is very intelligent, very sincere, good teacher, I do not care, it does not matter. But if they are telling you the earth is billions of years old, they are wrong. The earth cannot be billions of years old, I will show you.

Shipwreck Illustration

     If you went scuba diving and found a treasure chest full of gold coins, and I asked you the simple question, when did the boat sink? You said, “I don’t know?” Well, look at the dates on the coins. If there is a coin in there from 1750, you ought to be able to figure out that the boat sank after 1750. How many can figure that out with no help? Okay. Let’s apply that same logic to fossils. If you find a fossil, I have got a table full of stuff for the kids to play with, right here is a real dinosaur toe bone. A toe bone from a dinosaur. You should notice two things about this toe bone immediately: number one, it does not talk. Number two, it does not have a date stamped on it. This does not say manufactured by a brachiosaurus in 70 million B.C. in Taiwan. It doesn’t say that!  

What God Says

     So how do you tell the age of fossils, how do you tell the age of the earth? Go get a shovel full of dirt out of the yard and tell me how old it is. Get out in space and look at the world and just look at it and tell me how old is it? Look, the only way to tell for sure how old something is, is to ask the guy who made it, he ought to know. And the Bible says pretty clearly that God created the heaven and the earth. God should know the age of this place; He is the one that created it. And Jesus, according to Colossians 1, Jesus created the earth, which means Jesus has to be God Almighty in the flesh. Jesus said pretty clearly since He is the One who created the earth, He ought to know. He said in Matthew 19, “Have ye not read that He which made them at the beginning, made them male and female.” By the way, it was Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Same thing in Mark 10 [verse 6], it was the beginning of the creation when God made them male and female.

The Bible’s Answer

     Well, if that was the beginning, than we can calculate the age of the earth because the Bible says that Adam was the first man. Pretty obvious the Bible clearly teaches that and there was no death until Adam sinned, according to Romans 5 and I Corinthians 15. And it says, “Adam lived 130 years, and begat a son and named him Seth. Seth lived 105 years and begat Enos. Enos lived 90 years and begat Canaan.” I mean the dates are all given in the Bible in Genesis 5 and Genesis 11 and a few other places if you add up the dates in the Bible, about like what I have on this chart, I’ve got that chart in my seminar notebook. If you get a set of my videotapes, the seminar notebook comes with it free; the last page of the notebook folds out to be this chart-this timeline which we have put together showing from the dates given in the Bible how old they were when their son was born and you know, just stepping it over, all scaled out like that. If you add up the dates in the Bible, it comes to about 6000 years ago…not millions and billions.
      Somebody is wrong about the age of the earth. Anybody that says the earth is billions of years old is calling Jesus a liar. I am not one of these guys that tries to put an exact date on the creation. I do not say that it was 4004 B.C., October 23, at two in the afternoon. I do not think you can get that close from Scripture. I think Adam was made in the afternoon because it was just before Eve—only clue I found! (I cannot prove this, but I think I figured out why God made Adam first. I think God made Adam first because He did not want any advice on how to do it. How many would tend to agree with that one. I think that’s – Oh! Four brave men. “No, God, you are doing it wrong!” “Quiet Eve, I know what I am talking about.”) Anyway, the dates from Scripture add up to about 6000.

Typical Scoffers’ Attacks

     Now, I do lots of debates at universities; I have had 39 of them now, only one more scheduled. It is hard to find an opponent. I even offered $10,000 for anybody with evidence for evolution, please let’s have a debate on this. It is very hard to find an opponent. I have had roughly 3500 radio and TV call-in talk shows; I always get some skeptic to call in and say, “Uh, Mr. Hovind, Adam and Eve had Cain and Abel, Cain killed Abel. Then they had Seth, who did their sons marry?” Like, ‘Boy, we got you now, don’t we?’ I said, “Look, fellow, if you believe in Evolution, you got a much worse problem than I do. You have to get two cells to evolve out of the rocks in the same place of the opposite sex at the same time in history. It is a big world you know? Cells are kind of small; they have to find each other. You’ve got a bunch of problems I do not have.
      I do not have a problem because my Bible says pretty clearly, ‘Adam lived after he begat Seth eight hundred years and begat sons and daughters’.” How many kids could you have in 800 years? Several, right? So, in the first generation they married sisters. They married sisters? Well, no, calm down. In the first place, there is no other choice; secondly, who are you going to report them to? Think about it. Thirdly, there were no laws against it till 2,500 years later when Moses gave the law. They did not need laws against that because there were no deformed chromosomes. It would be okay to marry your sister, you would not have any deformed children. Today you marry someone closer than a first cousin, you are asking for a genetic disaster for the next generation. But that was not the case when the race was pure and clean. See, everything about you is inherited. Even having children is hereditary, if your parents do not have any, you will not either. Wow, he is right! People say now wait a minute now, you cannot marry your sister, what about genetic similarity. Adam married his rib, talk about genetic similarity! It is not a problem in the first generation. By the way, you will not notice this reading your Bible, but when you graph it out, you will notice something strange. Did you know Adam lived long enough to know his great-great, great-great, great-great, great grandson? Noah’s daddy knew Adam for 56 years. Can you imagine a family reunion back in those days? All right kids – everybody hop onthe camel! We are going to go visit great-great-great-great-great-great Grandpa Adam, and he is going to tell us what it was like in the Garden on Eden, before the first woman ate the first man out of house and home, or whatever happened back then. Anyway, one lady, I was telling a bunch of Adam and Eve jokes, she said, “Well just where would you men be without us women?” I said, “In the Garden of Eden, that’s obvious!” But it would be lonely; it would not be worth it!

Earth’s Age is Less than 7,000 Years

Population Growth

     In 1985, the world population had 5 billion people in it. In 1800, there was only one billion. Just 200 years ago, only one billion people. Population is growing rapidly, nobody argues about that. Everybody agrees that about 1800 there was one billion people in the world. I have never seen anybody disagree with this. All the textbooks and population statistics indicate about 1800 there was one billion people in the world. What they do not do, though, is put it into perspective and say wait a minute, the earth cannot be billions of years old, there are not enough people here. Now there are a lot of people, but the world is not overcrowded. I drove across Nebraska, Kansas, Wyoming, the last couple weeks. It is not overcrowded folks, believe me. There is loads of room out there. Just driving from Pensacola here over to Tallahassee, there is plenty of room, nothing but pine trees and flat rabbits out there. So, the whole world’s population could fit inside the city limits of Jacksonville, Florida, twice, that one city has 25 billion square feet. You could easily crowd everybody in there, probably three times. The whole world’s population! No, it is not overcrowded. And, it looks like, from the population graph, that the whole population started about 4400 years ago. Well, the Bible teaches 4400 years ago there was a Flood that destroyed the world; 8 people survived on board Noah’s ark. Starting with 8 people having kids and grandkids and great grandkids, you can get a population of 5 or 6 billion in a few thousands years, not a problem at all.

Spinning Galaxies

     So, let’s look at a few more facts from science here. The galaxies are spinning. They are turning around. But the stars in the middle of the galaxies are going faster than the stars at the outside, which means if the galaxies were billions of years old, they would have lost their spiral shape and yet all of them are spiral shaped galaxies. So if their trying to tell you that stars are billions of years old, they are simply mistaken they cannot possibly be, they had to be created.

Red Giants

     The textbooks in school if you take an astronomy course, they will say you know boys and girls it takes 100,000 years for a red giant to evolve into a white dwarf. By the way, all of the star evolution so to speak, is backwards, it is going downhill, it is losing. They say it would take 20 super novas to create enough energy to create a star. Wait a minute, now 20 of them have to explode before you can make one? That looks like a winning proposition, doesn’t it? You got to loose 20 to gain one, well, how did we get them all then? By the way, nobody has ever seen one form. We have seen lots of them blow up, but nobody has ever proven one star forming. They dream about it, they hope it is out there in the crab nebulae, but it has never been observed. But it was observed nearly 2,000 years ago or so that Sirius, the brightest star in the sky tonight, Cirrus is, it was a red star. All of the ancient astronomers described it as being red: Cynica said it was red, the Egyptian hieroglyphics said it was red. Yet today, Sirius is a white dwarf indicating it happens in less than 2,000 years. It does not take 100,000 years like they said.

Cooling Planets

     The universe is falling apart, that is for sure; some of the planets are cooling off rapidly. They are losing heat twice as fast as they gain it. You cannot keep cooling off till pretty soon you are cooled off. I mean if you walked into the room and found a cup of coffee on the table and I said, “Don’t touch the coffee, it’s hot!” And you said, “Whose is it?” I said, “I don’t know, it’s been sitting there 400 years.” It would be kind of hard to believe, don’t you think? They want us to believe these planets are billions of years old. By the way kids, somebody needs to warn you, do not drink coffee when you are young. It has been proven, if you drink coffee when you are young, when you get married, your babies will be born naked! Don’t drink that stuff! Anyway, these planets are cooling off; they cannot be billions of years old.

Saturn’s Rings

     The planet Saturn has rings around it but the rings are moving away from the planet, they are gradually expanding out. They cannot be billions of years old; they would have been gone by now. When voyagers sailed to one of the rings of Saturn, they said it looked like it was braided. They said Man, all these particles are in motion. You cannot keep that finely, braided texture from millions of years. Probably less than 10,000 years is a reasonable estimate. Like the Bible says, the earth was created 6,000 years ago.

Drifting Moon

     A couple of more facts here. The moon is going around the earth. How many knew that already, the moon goes around the earth..4, 5, 6, several. As the moon goes around the earth, the moon is gradually getting farther away. We are slowly losing the moon. It is only a couple inches a year, no big deal, nothing to worry about; plus nothing you can do about it anyway! But the moon is getting farther and farther from the earth every year. Now kids, this is going to be kind of complicated so listen carefully. The moon is getting farther from the earth every year, so that means that it used to be closer. How many can figure that out with no help? Okay, several! Good! Well, if you bring the moon back in closer, you create a problem. See, the moon is what causes the tides. Now here in Pensacola, we worry about the tides. Most places in America, they don’t worry about the tides. But see, if the moon was closer, the tides would be higher. There is a law in physics called the inverse square law, if you half the distance, you quadruple the attraction. So, a couple of billion years ago, the moon was in so close that the tides were so high, that it would drown everything on earth twice a day. You can only drown comfortably once a day. It just cannot be billions of years old, I am sorry about that!

Moon Dust

     I have right here on the floor-since I am in my home city here-I have an actual porthole from a space capsule. It is so pitted, you can hardly see through it. Now, we have added a few more scratches through the years hauling this thing around. But, it was all pitted when they first took it out of the space capsule because out of space is full of dust. Imagine blasting off with all that! The reason it is pitted is because outer space is full of dust. And when they are traveling around at 18,000 miles an hour, they run into the dust and it hits the glass. Well, the earth and the moon are running around together-they’re running around the sun at about 66,000 miles an hour. So the earth and the moon are running into all this dust in space. Kind of like your windshield collects bugs certain times of the year, and it gets thicker and thicker on the surface of the moon and on the earth, this dust does, because it is running into it. The problem is, on earth we have air, which makes wind and water and any dust that lands here gets mixed in. Once in awhile you will see a little bit on your furniture from time to time. How many have seen [some] of that before? This cosmic dust coming in from outer space generally gets incorporated into soil. But on the moon they have no wind and no water. So any dust that lands on the moon is going to be undisturbed.      Evolutionary Prediction      Well, before they went to land on the moon in 1969, they were very concerned that going to the moon would be a problem because of the dust on the moon. They did all sorts of studies and decided the dust would be an inch thick every 10,000 years. They said, “Man the moon is billions of years old, wow! Billions of years divided by 10,000, there is going to be a lot of dust on the moon!” They were concerned the guys would actually sink into the dust. I talked to the guy that created, designed, and built the radio back pack that Armstrong was wearing when he was on the moon. He was instructed, he is a pastor in Wisconsin now, he said, “I was instructed to make the back pack dust-proof just in case they sank into the dust. We thought there might be a problem [and] we want to be able to communicate with the guys.” Hey, how are you doing down there? Sank into the dust! So to prevent the spacecraft from sinking in, they put huge landing pads on the spacecraft to prevent it from sinking in. They call it the snow shoe affect, spread the weight out. Cost millions of dollars more to add these duck feet, they called them. They were worried about the spacecraft sinking into the dust. It was a very serious concern. I listened to the conversation of the guys when they landed on the moon, the whole conversation, I have got it at home about 45 minutes to an hour. Most of their conversation centers around one question, “Where is the dust?” They talked about how deep the lunar pads sank in, about a half inch. Even the rocket that let them go down slow, the retro-rocket that lets them down slow, they thought it would blow a huge crater, not even an inch deep. Where is all the dust up there? The dust was about a half-inch thick.      Young Earth Upheld      Well, in 1972 after they had been to the moon several times, they revised the calculation of how much dust there should be so that it would fit the evolution theory. But I do not know how much dust there should be or should not be, but I know this, the evolution theory failed to predict the right amount. A half inch of dust is all there was on the moon, and that would fit fine with what the Bible says, God made the moon about 6,000 years ago not billions of years ago.


      All through our solar system we have what is called short period comets. They come around, like Haley’s comet; they come around every once in a while. They can predict how often they will be here. 76 years, I think for Haley’s comet. Well, short period comets are constantly losing material as the solar wind blows the tail off of them. They have a life span of less than 10,000 years. So why do we still have comets in the solar system? They prove the solar system is not billions of years old. Now, the evolutionists have said well maybe there is (some guy name Ort), said maybe there is a cloud out there that is producing comets and sending them in once in awhile and when a passing star comes by, it disrupts them and knocks comets into our solar system. Well nobody has ever seen that happen once. So that is religion, that is what they believe. Nobody has ever seen the Ort cloud, for that matter. It is all theory! Even then, that does not explain the bigger problem of where did the original matter come from for the Ort cloud? So this Ort cloud idea is just simply religion, it is conjecture; it is not science at all! The short period comets are a problem for the evolutionist because they should all be gone by now. Some people say, well, hey 10,000 years, why aren’t most of them gone for you creationists if the earth is 6,000 years old? Well, I think a lot of the comets were formed when there was quite a catastrophe. At the time of the Flood, I cover that on video tape number 6, What caused the Flood? If an ice meteor came flying through space and hit something, it would make debris flying all over the place right now; we cover a lot of that on video tape number 6 about the ice meteor. Maybe the comets are only 4400 years old.

Magnetic field decline

     There is lots of evidence to show the earth cannot be billions of years old, and we will talk about some of those things here. The earth has the magnetic field around it. Now this magnetic field around the earth acts as a barrier to protect us from ultraviolet radiation, a lot of stuff is coming off the sun and stars besides just light. A lot of this UV light and the high energy radiation hits the magnetic field and is deflected to the poles, that is what causes the northern lights and the southern lights. I was up in South Dakota a couple of weeks ago and got to see the northern lights like I have never seen them before in my life. For hours and hours there were streaks flashing up into the sky. Anybody ever see the northern lights? Is it not awesome? Well, this magnetic field protects the earth, but studies have shown consistently that the magnetic field is getting weaker and weaker. We are slowly losing the magnetic field. This means it used to be stronger obviously, there is a limit to how strong it can be or a life cannot exist here. If you made the magnetic field 30 or 40 times stronger than it is now, the heat generated would destroy everything. You could not have life on earth with a lot stronger magnetic field. So if the earth is billions of years old, the evolutionist has to have an answer for that. He says well the magnetic field is reversing, it is in a cycle. Well, we have never seen that; we have seen it decline and that is all we have seen. Now if you want to pretend or imagine that it is reversing, you are welcome to. If you want to use the jumbled up lines at the bottom of the Midatlantic Ridge for your evidence, you are welcomed to do that, but that is not conclusive proof that the magnetic field is reversing at all. There are lots of other explanations for those magnetic lines at the bottom of the earth and Midatlantic Ridge. We have seen the magnetic field decline, which could indicate that your earth is not billions of years old.
      Another serious problem, the magnetic field protects the earth from this radiation. The radiation that does get through, hits the atmosphere and creates Carbon 14. Now Carbon 14 is dependent on how much radiation get in, so if the magnetic field were stronger, you would have less Carbon 14 in the atmosphere because less radiation could get in. So you cannot date anything by carbon dating because they assume that the amount of C14 in the atmosphere today is what it has always been, faulty assumption. We have a rubber ruler to measure these things with, we get into that a lot more in video tape number 7, question, answers, and how carbon dating works and the problems associated with it. But the magnetic field says it cannot be billions of years old.

Slowing Earth

     Another factor. The earth is spinning-we are turning around. How many knew that already? We are turning around. You know the earth is going a little over 1,000 miles an hour at the equator, but the earth is slowing down. It is actually slowing down 1000th of a second everyday. Pensacola News Journal, 1990, said on December 6, “Earth’s rotation is slowing down, June will be one second longer than normal. The earth is slowing down 1000th of a second every day.” Astronomy magazine announced, 1992 in the June edition, “Earth’s rotation is slowing down, June is going to be one second longer than normal.” We will have to have a “leap second.” A leap second? Most people have heard of leap year, but lots of folks have never heard of leap second. Did you know we have a leap second about every year and a half now because the earth is slowing down? Now kids this is going to be kind of complicated so listen carefully. The earth is spinning but it is slowing down. So that means that it used to be going faster. How many can figure that out with no help? Okay several. Well, now if the earth is only 6,000 years old that is not a problem. It was probably spinning a little faster when Adam was here. Maybe they had 23 and 1/2 hours in a day. They would not notice, they did not have a watch anyway. Some of these folks want you to believe that the earth is billions of years old. Now that would make a problem. If you go back a few billion years, the earth was spinning real fast. Your days and nights would be pretty quick! Get up, go to bed! Get up, go to bed! Get up, go to bed! You would never get anything done. And a centrifugal force would have been enormous, would have flattened the earth like a pancake. The winds would have been 5,000 miles an hour from the Coriolis effect. You think the dinosaurs lived 70 million years ago? I know what happened to them? I know what happened to them… they got blown off! No they did not live 70 million years ago, folks; it simply cannot possibly be true.

Sahara Desert

     Did you know the Sahara Desert has what is called a prevailing wind pattern? The wind almost always blows the same direction. But that creates a problem because as the ground dries out and turns to desert, it keeps spreading. [The] Sahara Desert is growing. Now people living along the edge are speeding up the process, but even without people the desert would grow. Right now it is growing 4 to 5 miles a year. Well, [the] Sahara Desert is only 1300 miles north to south. It can only be a few thousand years old. Now, that does not prove the universe is a few thousand years old, I understand all that, but it is interesting [that] it fits what the Bible says. See the Bible says God created the world about 6,000 years ago. 4400 years ago there was flood. It is pretty hard to have a desert under a flood and so the desert had to start forming after The Flood was gone. Common sense? So if the earth is billions of years old, why do we not have a bigger desert some place? Why is it only a few thousand years old? Interesting!

Oil pressure

      Did you know when they drill down into the ground sometimes they hit oil? The oil is under incredible pressure down there; it will come squirting up out of the ground like a big zit, because oil wells sometimes have 20,000 pounds per square inch. Put that in your back tires and watch what happens! 20,000 psi! The guys who study the rocks on top of the oil, say you know that rock cannot handle that pressure for more than probably 10 or 15,000 years. The rock should have cracked; the pressure should have leaked off. Okay, well than I have two obvious questions. Where did the oil come from and why is it still under pressure? If the pressure can only last 10,000 years, why is there still pressure down there? Well, nearly all scientists agree that oil comes from plants and animals that are buried and squeezed and changed by heat and pressure. Sinclair Oil Company for years-they still, matter of fact, have their logo as the dinosaur. I was in Arkansas yesterday getting Sinclair gasoline, [and] there was a gas station – Sinclair Oil. It used to be Opaline Oil? They said it has been mellowed for 80 million years. They think the dinosaurs got squished and turned to oil and they are probably right! But, why do we still have pressure down there? Well, I have a theory about the oil. Here is my theory. I believe about 6,000 years ago, God created the heavens and the earth; 4,400 years ago, there was a Flood that destroyed the world. In that Flood, lots of critters drowned; and people and their carcasses got buried by the sand and rocks and gravel and mud and they got pretty heavy after awhile and it squished them into oil. So the oil is down there from the people and animals that drowned in the Flood. That means, if you stop and think about that, you drove over here today on some of your ancestors! Next time you are at the gas station pumping them in there, say, Bye Grandpa! You should have listened to Noah! He told you it was going to rain, Grandpa, you did not listen did you?!

Ice core layers

     I was in Denver, Colorado, and a couple of guys said, “Mr. Hovind, we know that you teach the earth is only 6,000 years old. We would like to prove you are wrong, come with us please.” I got to go inside the Denver National Ice Core Laboratory. I got to meet the guys that drill the holes in Greenland and the South Pole. They actually drill holes through the ice and pull up a core of ice. Then they save the core in this freezer, and I went into this freezer-36 below zero! I had a huge hat, huge suit, thick boots, thick mittens, and my Florida blood was freezing in two seconds. Did not matter how I was dressed! They drill these core samples out and they save them in the freezer, I was in there, it is gigantic. Four times as this building, government is paying the bill for refrigeration but they do not care! The deepest hole they have ever drilled is 10,000 feet. It was in the freezer where I was. They showed me, they had one of these core slabs laid out and they said, “Mr. Hovind we want you to look at this now. You see this dark ring and a light ring, just like rings on a tree, that is what we find in these core samples. They said, what happens in the summer, it gets warm and so the ice melts a little bit and they get a clear layer and when it freezes it makes a clear layer of ice. In the winter it does not melt so the snow presses down and you get a smashed layer of snow and it turns to what we call milky ice-it has air bubbles trapped in it. So you have clear and milky and clear and milky and clear and milky, each of these is called an annual ring. We can count back 135,000 annual rings, so the earth has to be 135,000 years old.” I said, “Fellows are you not assuming that each of those rings is an annual ring?” They said, “Well, we know it is. How else would you get clear ice, milky ice, clear ice, milky ice, I mean it is obvious, look at it you can see it!” And sure enough I looked on the table, all down this huge long table; you could see all these rings. Those guys might not know about the lost squadron.
      You know there were some airplanes in Greenland that crash landed during World War II, they ran out of gas. They landed in Greenland, 1942. A couple of guys thought, you know let’s go get those airplanes. We ought to put gas in them, dust the snow off the wings and fly them home. So they went to find the airplanes. When they finally found them, in 1990, they were under 263 feet of ice. Now airplanes do not sink in the ice. If you put a penny on an ice cube, it will slowly sink to the middle-only at room temperature. In the freezer that will not happen. Plus, airplanes are always nose heavy and they would have been nose down. These airplanes were dead level, they did not sink, ice just accumulated on top of them – 263 feet of ice in 48 years. Well, let’s see, 263 divided by 48 is about 5 1/2 feet a year. And the deepest hole they have ever drilled is 10,000 feet. 10,000 feet divided by 5 1/2 is only 1,800 years. Now I know the deeper you go the more the ice gets squished because of the pressure it turns to a product called glacial firn, and the ice kind of smooths out and all that stuff. But even 4,400 is very reasonable. 4,400 years is reasonable to account for all the ice of the North and South Pole. So the question is if the earth is billions of years old, why isn’t there more ice at the North and South Pole? Why is there only 10,000 feet, would be the question? By the way, I called Bob Cardin, he dug out one of the airplanes. He lives in Kentucky, Middleboro, Kentucky, right by the Tennessee border. I said, “Bob, I understand you were the guy that dug the airplane out of the ground.” He said, “That is correct, I have it in my garage, we are rebuilding it.” I said, “Bob, when you dug that airplane out, how many layers of ice were there above the airplane?” He said, “Oh, there were many hundreds of layers of ice above the airplane.” I said, “Well, Bob, I was told that each of those layers is a different year – summer, winter, summer, winter.” He said, “That is impossible! Each of those layers is a different warm spell – warm, cold, warm, cold, warm, cold.” You could get 20 of those in one year. We have it around here, don’t we? It is not summer, winter, summer…you see that is their false assumption and it throws all their data off. By the way, they then use the ice core sampling, the oxygen O18 and O16 ratios, to try to validate Carbon 14 dating. So here we have two rubber rulers measuring against each other. You can come up with any date you want. The ice cores do not show the earth is billions of years old. They show less than 6,000 years old easily.

Mississippi Mud

     Textbooks, though, are determined to prove to the kids the earth is billions of years old. This one says boys and girls, the Mississippi is depositing sediments at the rate of 80,000 tons an hour. Did you know 80,000 tons of mud every hour comes down the Mississippi and dumps off in New Orleans? The Delta is growing larger and larger and larger. Nobody argues about that. But, they studied the Delta because they drill through it all the time looking for oil down there; they know the thickness of the mud, that is not a problem. Based on the amount of mud that comes down every year, they say the Delta probably formed in less than 30,000 years. That is pretty old, but I have a question. If the earth is millions of years old, why isn’t the whole Gulf of Mexico full of mud by now? They are going to say now Mr. Hovind, the Delta is 30,000 years old, that proves the Bible is wrong, the Bible says 6,000. Well, no, no I have a theory about that. Here is my theory. I believe about 6,000 years ago, God created the heaven and the earth; 4,400 years ago there was a Flood that destroyed the world, only eight people survived. But, as the Flood water was running off, about half that mud washed down there the first 10 minutes. They had lots of water moving over soft sediment with no grass and trees to protect it yet. Now today it is only 80,000 tons an hour, boy that first 10 minutes it was a whole heap more than that. So the Delta was formed from the Flood mostly and then 4,400 years since then from erosion. Not millions of years.

Oldest tree

     Here is a picture of the oldest tree in the world. You know the oldest tree in the world is in Southern California, a bristle cone pine tree, it is 4,300 years old. That is an old tree, but I have a question. If the earth is millions of years old, why do we not have an older tree someplace? Why is the oldest tree 4,300 years old? Well, I have a theory about that. Here is my theory, I believe about 6,000 years ago, God created the heaven and the earth; 4,400 years ago there was a Flood that destroyed the world, so the oldest tree should be less than 4,400 years old. It is! Amazing! Now, I would not put a whole lot of stock in tree ring dating because sometimes trees produce several rings a year, for the same reason the ice got several rings a year; you might have different seasons within one year. So pre-ring dating is not an exact science, but sure we will use it if it is what the Bible says.

Great Barrier Reef

     Here is a picture of a coral reef growing under water. You know the largest reef in the world is in Australia, the Great Barrier Reef. I got a call from a church in Brisbane, Australia, they said, “Mr. Hovind, would you like to come preach over here?” I said, “I need to pray about this! He said yes!” So I went over and preached in Brisbane, Australia. I got to go scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef. It was incredible. You know during World War II, some of the reef was damaged and destroyed by ships and anchors and bombs and stuff like that, so the environmentalist wackos went out there to see how fast it grows back. They watched it grow for 20 years. It was a government project! After watching the reef grow for 20 years, they decided the Great Barrier Reef is less than 4,200 years old. That is pretty old, but I have a question. If the earth is millions of years old, why don’t we have a bigger reef someplace? Why is the oldest reef less than 4,200 years old? Well, I have a theory about that! Here is my theory. I believe about 6,000 years ago, God created the world; 4,400 years ago there was a Flood that destroyed the world and so the oldest reef ought to be less than 4,400 years old. It is! Now they find fossilized coral, huge chunks of fossilized corral up in the mountains. Well, I see how that happened because before the Flood, coral growth was lots faster for reasons we will share with later in the next session. Things grew much bigger, much faster in the pre Flood world. You might find fossilized reefs that are enormous, but they were very different growth rate than they have today for reasons which we will see later.

Niagara Falls

     This textbook shows a picture of Niagara Falls, and how Niagara Falls is eroding. All waterfalls eat away at the bank and it slowly erodes back. The Canadians built a concrete wall on the far side to make sure it erodes American soil instead of Canadian soil. This textbook says, “Niagara Falls has been eroding for nearly 9,900 years.” Now how do they know that? Well, the rocks are breaking off the edge, that is pretty obvious you can stand there and watch it. As it breaks rocks off the edge, the waterfall is moving south. It is moving, according to the museum guide, 4.7 feet a year. Nearly 5 feet a year. Now, in 1930’s they di verted most of the water for hydroelectric power, so the erosion rate has cut way back. They can actually dry up Niagara Falls by diverting all the water if they want. So the erosion rate is not much today, but up until 1930’s, about 4 to 5 feet a year. Well, now hold it! Niagara Falls has only moved 7 miles. All the textbooks agree, Niagara Falls has moved about 7 miles; this one says, 7 1/2 miles. Well, at 4 or 5 feet a year, that would be 9900 years, that is correct! But I have a question, Niagara Falls is right there right now, it used to be up here, it has moved south 7 miles. If the earth is billions of years old, why has it not moved all the way to Lake Erie by now or clear to Florida for that matter? Why is Niagara Falls right there? Well, I have a theory about that! Here is my theory; I believe about 6,000 years ago, God created the heaven and the earth, 4,400 years ago there was a Flood that destroyed the world. As the Flood water was running off, about half of that creek washed out the first 15 minutes because they had lots of water moving through soft mud. Today it is just a trickle and it is over solid rock so erosion rate is pretty slow. But, man that first 15 minutes was bad! See, they forgot the Flood, that is why they look at it and think it took 9,900 years-4,400 plus one Flood.

Saltier oceans

     You know when it rains, 30% of the water runs into the oceans bringing with it mineral salts. The oceans are getting saltier everyday because the water washes salts in and evaporation takes pure water out leaves the salts behind. The oceans today are 3.6% salt, well, they could have done that in less than 5,000 years. Sceptics and Atheists and Agnostics all the time say Mr. Hovind, during Noah’s Flood, what did Noah drink if he is out there in the salt water and how did the fresh water fish survive? Like, well, we have got you now, don’t we? I say, “Well, it looks to me like you are assuming the Flood was saltwater. What if the whole world was fresh water at the time of the Flood and over the last 4,400 years, the oceans have gradually become saltier. They are becoming saltier everyday, plus not to mention the huge salt domes which occasionally erode into the ocean which add bunch of tons of salt in a few minutes, as salt domes. Like in Grand Salene, Texas, if that one got loose into the ocean, there are gigantic salt domes down there. See, the oceans indicate the earth is not billions of years old.” They said, “Well, hold it now, if you had all the fish and and animals were fresh water than they had to evolve into salt water.” I said, “No, no, no, they had to adapt to salt water, that is not evolving. Adaptation has nothing to do with evolution.” See, there used to be all fresh water alligators. Slowly they have adapted to salt water alligators and fresh water alligators which are a different species. They will say see changing from a fresh water alligator to a salt water alligator is evolution. I say, No, no, that is a minor change compared to what you believe! You believe they changed from a rock to an alligator. That would be a major change! By the way a guy in Minnesota had two aquariums in his house, a salt water and a fresh water aquarium. He got curious about this, he liked fish, he had these huge aquariums; he thought, “you know I wonder if I could mix all these fish together?” He slowly, over a 10 year period, slowly lowered the salt in the salt water aquarium and slowly added salt to the fresh water aquarium. Just a little bit every two weeks, the fish got used to it no problem. After 10 years, both aquariums were 1.8% salt, half salinity, and he mixed all the fish together and they did fine. So I think over 4,400 years it would not be a problem at all. The salt water problem is not a problem for the creationist.

Stalactites and Stalagmites

     How many have ever gone into a cave and the guide said, don’t touch the stalactites, they take millions of years to form. You ever heard that? You go to Carlsbad Caverns, they will say it took 250 million years to make this cavern. They say it takes 1,000 years to grow one inch of stalactite. I do not think so! There is a bat covered up with flowstone before he could rot from National Geographic. Don’t you think the bat would rot in less than a few thousand years; preserved on top of a stalagmite, they grow even slower. There are 50-inch long stalactites growing under the Lincoln Memorial. It was built in 1922; did Lincoln die 50,000 years ago? Go down to Fort Pickens here in Pensacola, get into the old part of the fort that is fenced out (that they will not let people into without a guide you know, because it is a World War I fort), and you will see 16 inch stalactites growing off the electrical conduit boxes. Proving they had electricity millions of years ago! No, that stuff happens rapidly. There is a mine in Australia; they quit using the mine 55 years ago. Whey they went back inside to see what happened to their mine, giant stalactites and stalagmites had formed all over. There is a sign that says Switch and another couple of miners standing there for scale. 55 years a fully formed cave: stalactites, stalagmites, the whole thing. In Wyoming, this giant pile of flowstone was made in less than 100 years. I was there a few weeks ago with my son, bringing him back from college out there. In 1903, some guy took a pipe and stuck it in the ground because the hot mineral water was bubbling up. He made it bubble up through the pipe. In less than 100 years they had that giant flowstone pile. I stood next to it two weeks ago. Folks, it does not take millions of years for these things to form. The simple fact is, the earth is young; it cannot be billions of years old.

Erosion rates

     You know when it rains, 30% of the water runs into the oceans. As it runs in it brings with it not only salt, it brings with it soil. The mountains are eroding; everything is washing away. At the current rate of erosion, the continents will be flat in 14 million years. Plus, the oceans are filling in with sediments and there is only enough sediment out there for a few thousand years. If the fossils are really millions of years old we have a problem because the continents would have eroded away 5 times since the dinosaurs were here. How come we still find their bones on land? No, erosion rate proves it is not billions of years old. The simply fact is, the earth cannot be billions of years old. There is overwhelming evidence to say it is young, it is not billions of years old.

When Christians fall for Satan’s Evolution

     What concerns me a lot about this though, is what happens to a Christian? When a Christian starts thinking the earth is billions of years old it destroys their confidence in the Bible.

Crawford Toy

     That is what happened to Crawford Toy. You probably never heard of Crawford Toy. He was a southern Baptist seminary professor in the late 1800’s; he loved the Lord, loved the Bible, but that was the time when most people starting teaching the earth is millions of years old. Now, you may have heard of the girl he almost married, a girl named Lottie Moon. Anybody ever heard of Lottie Moon, Southern Baptist of the Lottie Moon offering every Christmas? She was a great missionary for the Southern Baptist Convention in the 1870’s, missionary to China, of 1880. Well, Crawford Toy said to his class one day, “The Bible intends to teach a plain six day creation. The Bible is simply in error at that point.” The Bible is in error? Crawford, maybe your theory is in error! Maybe you have been brainwashed! Folks, it is easy to get brainwashed.

Can You Be Brainwashed?

     I will try to brainwash the whole crowd. Maybe you have never been brainwashed before, it is a harmless procedure, you will not feel a thing. It will not hurt you at all. I will tell you a story, in the middle of the story I will brainwash you. You will not even know it is happening. When I am done brainwashing you, I am going to ask you two questions about the story. If you know the answer, I want you just to raise your hand, do not say it out loud. Ready? Here we go, pay attention! I will even put the story on screen for you. Once upon a time, a man left home jogging. He jogged a little ways and turned left. He jogged a little ways and turned left. He jogged a little ways and turned left and jogged back home. As he was jogging home, he noticed two masked men were waiting for him at home. Two men with masks on. Who were the masked men and why did he leave home jogging? Do you know for sure? Raise your hand. Do not say it out loud. One, two, three, okay. Let’s try it again. Pay attention now. Once upon a time, a man left home jogging. He jogged a little ways and turned left. I will give you a hint that is very important! He jogged a little ways and turned left. He jogged a little ways and turned left and jogged back home. As he was jogging home, he noticed two masked men were waiting for him at home. Who were the masked men and why did he leave home jogging? Anybody new figure it out? Two more. Okay, the rest of you pay attention! We are going to try this one more time. Now I am going to un-brainwash you just by showing you a picture. You should be un-brainwashed in a few seconds. Same story, word for word, but watch this picture and see if it helps. Once upon a time, a man left home jogging. He jogged a little ways and turned left. He jogged a little ways and turned left. He jogged a little ways and turned left and jogged back home. As he was jogging home, he noticed there were two masked men waiting for him at home. Who were the masked men? Oh, the catcher and the umpire. You say, Brother Hovind is it that easy to get brainwashed? Yes! You see if your first thought is wrong, your are wrong. When I said, a man left home, you started thinking about a house, and for the rest of the story, you could not figure out why in the world the guy is running around the block, right?

The Satanic Cradle Robber

     That is how they brainwash kids in kindergarten. Get them off at the very beginning. The Bible says, “In the beginning,” when was that? Satan decided to attack that statement. First three words, “In the beginning,” and much effort of the devil goes in to attacking those first three words because he wants the kids to believe the earth is billions of years old. He knows it will throw them off track from then on in everything else.
      Here is a book from kindergarten. Boys and girls, we are going to learn about prehistoric animals. First page in the book shows some dinosaurs, first sentence in the book says, “Millions of years ago,” right? How many have seen a book like that, you know what I am talking about? That is calling Jesus a liar.

Biblical concerns

     Jesus said the creation of Adam and Eve was the beginning, did He not? Mark 10:6, Matthew 19: 4. You say, now hold on Brother Hovind, just a minute. If the earth is only 6,000 years old, we have a few questions we need to answer. First of all, did they really live to be 900 years old before the Flood? How can that be possible? Well, we are going to cover that in the next session. How they lived to be 900 years old. You say, now what about the dinosaurs, I mean come on, if the world is only 6,000 years old, when did the dinosaurs live? Well, we will cover a little bit of that in the next session, and a whole lot of it on videotape 2. Dinosaurs have always lived with man. They are mentioned all through history; they are mentioned in the Bible, man killed most of them and there might be a few alive still today. We will cover all that on videotape number 2. You say now just a minute Mr. Hovind, if the earth is only 6,000 years old, what about the Grand Canyon? Did it not take millions of years to make the Grand Canyon? And how do we see the light from the stars, are they not billions of light years away? What about the Ice Age? What about Carbon Dating? What about the Geologic Column? Well, that is why my seminar is 13 hours long. I am talking as fast as I can go. We cover all that and a whole lot more. You can rest assured, the Bible is absolutely correct.


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