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Nashville Declaration’s statement January 2019, the Dutch are in conflict with each other! the Nashville declaration is a document in which Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood from the US states what the church’s believes are on the topic of marriage. In short the document declares precisely what the church’s doctrine on marriage has been for […]


Apologetics with Greg Bahnsen The Case For / Against God, Greg Bahnsen vs George Smith radio debate. Problems for Unbelieving Worldviews. Greg Bahnsen vs Gordon Stein Does God exist? Greg Bahnsen vs Edward Tabash Does God exist? Dr. Kent Hovind Seminars: Seminars 1-7 Debates: Debates 1-23 CSE Classes 101-201: CSE-101 Classes 1-10 CSE-102 Classes 1-10 […]


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Quotable quotes

Sometimes you hear a quote and are determined to remember it for the right occasion. But after a while you cannot remember were you have heard the quote and how it actually was. This is the reason for collecting remarkable, funny and interesting quotes. In the first place because quotes are fun but not in […]

Statement of Faith

(A) priorities The scientific aspects of creation are important, but secondary to the proclamation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as Ruler, Creator, Redeemer and Judge. The teachings on the Creator and Creation are inseparable from the Gospel of Christ, they cannot be separated from it. (B) The fundamentals The 66 books of the Bible […]

About me

Hello, my name is Jurgen Hofmann. I’m Dutch and grew up in a little city. I got married in 1997, and since 2015 we have been blessed with five children. (A short summary of my experiences) Redcliffe College (Gloucester, UK) Graad/titel: Certificate Bible-Storying Linguistic, Translation, and Literacy November 2014 London School of Theology Degree/title: DipHE […]

About Apologeet

Apologeet? Apologeet is Dutch for apologist and originated from the Greek apologia (απολογία). Phonetic Spelling: ap-ol-og-ee’-ah The dictionary states the following: Apologist: a person who offers a defence by argument; -logetics the branch of theology concerned with the defence and rational justification of Christianity; a defensive method of argument An apologist is a person who […]

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Liability is cautious about the use of information during the process of composition and development of this website. The information disseminated on this website is only informative in nature. accepts no liability for damage, direct or indirect, of any nature whatsoever which resulted due to acts or decisions based on information obtained on […]

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Our Apologies There is no English content for this page (yet?). I you like you can help by translating the Dutch content. However, before you get all enthusiastic, first contact It might well be that somebody is al ready working on the translation of this page. Enquiries about translations

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Follow, Support & Weblinks

Follow is a new video site, which is fast, shows high-quality videos and supports freedom of expression and speech. It uses decentralised technology, making it resistant to network attacks and censorship efforts. All my videos are automatically uploaded to Odysee. If you create an account with Odysee and follow my channel, you can expect to […]

Guest speaker

Introduction Hello, nice of you to take a moment to read this. At the time of writing, we (my family and I) are living and working as missionaries on Madagascar. This, then, is equally my passion: Telling others about the wonderful news that Jesus died and rose for them! Before this vocation, I studied theology […]

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Sitemap All the pages and links used on this website. Upcoming events (mostly in the Netherlands) Here you’ll find upcoming events (Mostly Dutch) Web links Interesting websites for more study. Disclaimer Inmportant information about and the use of this website.


Please keep in mind that is not meant to be a debate forum. There are many other websites/blogs that offer this possibility. This website is to help Christians in their faith. To strengthen and equip those who want to. You can fill in the form below for questions and remarks. We like to answer […]

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Nederlands Welcome to ‘Apologeet’ is Dutch for ‘Apologist. The meaning of this word can be found here. Many contemporary Christians do not really know how to respond to critical questions. Defending the faith has not been necessary for a long time… In the old times, everybody was considered to be a Christian and everybody […]