Beginnings Session 4

Beginnings Session 4

Dinosaurs With Man

Something to Think About

Evidence for dinosaurs in modern history is abundant. Historical records substantiate the theory that dinosaurs lived with man. There is even reference to them in the Bible! The truth is, God created all living animals, and He told Noah to take them on the ark. Therefore, we should find much evidence that they lived with man – and we do!

What to Watch For

In this lesson, we explore the topic of dinosaurs! Pay close attention as Eric Hovind explains the common objections to the idea that dinosaurs lived with man. As children, we are indoctrinated at a young and impressionable age with the idea that dinosaurs lived millions and millions of years ago. This is a very effective tool to teach evolution to children. Satan has capitalized on this opportunity, exploiting the ignorance most people have on the subject of dinosaurs. We need not be ignorant of Satan’s devices (II Cor. 2:11). The Bible accurately tells us what exactly happened in earth’s past. Watch as Eric covers historical, scientific, and Biblical reasons to believe that dinosaurs existed with man and that God judged the entire world with a global flood that changed the whole planet. This episode gives a Biblical explanation of the dinosaurs, how the Flood factors in to the story, and what became of them since.

Discussion Questions

1.  Is Noah’s Flood supported by historical fact? What does this lead us to believe?

Yes, about 200 flood legends exist among the world’s cultures, leading us to believe the Bible is absolutely accurate in its description of a global flood of God’s judgment.
2.  Could some dinosaurs still exist today?

Absolutely! Of course, the land dinosaurs would be much smaller, due to the change in atmospheric conditions. Any that still exist would only live in extremely remote regions such as deep waters and swamps. There are thousands of accounts of dinosaur sightings in modern history. After all, dinosaurs were on the ark too!

3.  Does the Bible mention dinosaurs in general, or even specifically?

The Bible makes many references to dragons (dinosaurs), and even specifically mentions fiery, flying serpents (Isa. 14:29; 30:6), Leviathan, a fire breathing dragon (Job 41), and Behemoth, a sauropod-like creature (Job 40).


God’s Word is pure and complete. In It are found all of the things we need to live this life for His glory. We can place our trust in His Words. Rather than choose to not believe the Bible until someone proves It right, we should come to God with open hearts, accepting His Word until It is proven wrong. Over and over again, the Bible is validated by modern discoveries and science. The evidence overwhelmingly supports the account of dinosaurs in modern history and the occurrence of a global flood. Dinosaurs present a unique opportunity for us to interest people in the discussion of Creationism and to show them that Evolutionism has been lying to them about these amazing creatures. It also allows us to share with them the story of Noah’s Flood – God’s judgment for sin. We can warn others of the coming judgment by telling them about the dinosaurs in the Bible, and how they survived the previous judgment. Fossils don’t usually form under normal conditions. The fossils of dinosaurs we find all over the world could only have formed under massive levels of pressure that would be caused by Noah’s Flood. We must take this news to the world that fossils are evidence of a flood, and the accounts of dinosaurs in modern history validate the Bible and show the deception of Evolutionism.


Ask a young person when dinosaurs lived. Their answer will most likely be, “Millions of years ago”. “Tell them about the evidences of dinosaurs in modern history. Tell them how this shows the Bible is true when it speaks of dinosaurs living with man. Encourage them to read the Bible daily for more of the amazing truths found within.

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