Genocide in the Bible

Genocide in the Bible

The Bible is such an awful book! It even mentions genocide. You must be silly to say you follow that Book!

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So, God the Creator and Giver of life, created us! Humans are created in His image and as such we are wonderful creatures. Strangely enough, this was not enough for us, and we defied Him on purpose. This is not only visible today but also in the past. Even in the last century we have seen horrible examples of this happening.

This was just last century… But 1900 till 2000 wasn’t the only timespan in our human history. The Bible recorded much of the history even before the birth of Jesus.

We were thinking about the world wars as terrible right? Yes, they were horrible. The things that happened in those wars are hard to grasp. And what to think about the many atrocities in other years. Still, it seems God didn’t send punishment. Some would even say He didn’t do anything. I would like to beg the difference, but that is a different topic.

Now, go back in time. No, not to the birthdate of your dog but even further… We’re talking about the time of the Pharaohs. Let’s say about 3400 years ago. The time when Israel was delivered from Egypt and entered the promised land. The promised land, known as Canaan, was completely defiled with the most horrible things you can imagine.

  1. Child sacrifice was the norm. I am not talking about just killing the child quickly and that’s it. No, it was more gruesome than that. Let’s not go there, shall we.
  2. Then, the Canaan culture was absorbed with sexual perversion in its most filthy way you can imagine.
  3. Murder, rape, brutality, corruption were the norm.

The Canaanites had been warned but didn’t do anything to change it. God gave them 400 years!

This was one of these moment where we can read that God was fed up with all the wickedness. He instructed Joshua to stop this wickedness. He did so by commanding to kill the people and as a result sending them to the highest court to be judged.

Now, this is one example of, what we would call genocide. These times were rare and do show us that we should not think we can mess around with God for ever. However, These few examples in the Bible also remember us that God shows mercy, even in times of judgement.

  1. Firstly, God’s judgement prevented the nation form defiling generation after generation. It stopped the perpetual evil-doing.
  2. Secondly, we see that God rescued people from judgement, even at the last moment. Think of the prostitute Rahab in Joshua chapter 2 and 6. She repented and helped God’s people. She and her family were spared. Rahab was even to become an ancestor of the ultimate Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Rahab repented and trusted God and became the great, great, great , great grandma of Jesus Who Himself is the biggest rescuer of people in all times. People who are sorry for their sin, their evil-doing can put their Trust in Him. They will know that, with Rahab, they will be saved!

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