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Evangelising … How Then?

How to evangelise - apologeet You’ve probably heard the following two comments: “I’m not much of an evangelist …” and “Evangelism isn’t really my thing.” Maybe you are that person who has also said this at times. And, it still gnaws at you! After all, we have received the command plain and clear in Matthew 28:19-20a Go ye therefore, and […]

Why do Christians Bother Others with their Faith?!

Why do Christians Bother Others with their Faith?! Are they power-hungry? I have sometimes wondered why atheists bother others with their atheism. Well, I kind of received that answer a long time ago. But here is the counter question asked by some atheists. Why do Christians bother others with their faith? Why do Christians seek to rule over others with their religious ideas? This question is […]

5 Bible Passages that Caused her to Lose her Faith

5 Bible Passages That Made her Lose her Faith Romans 9:14-24 Did God created people to go to hell? Firstly, this is an important issue which demands an answer. The letter to the Romans is considered by many to be the most influential letter of Paul’s writings. Up till today it is still deemed to be the most doctrinal Epistle of the New Testament. […]

5 Questions Every Christian Should Learn How to Answer

5 Questions Every Christian Should Learn How to Answer 1. Have the New Testament documents not been corrupted? True enough, we hadn’t had the possibility to copy and paste the documents back then. So, all the documents had to be copied by hand, which was a tedious job. On top of that, we do not have the original documents, as written by the apostles […]

Why they Persecute you?

why will they persecute you Persecution, you know? I don’t really like this word. Not that I deny that there is persecution in this world. No, more because many of us use this word in the most inappropriate situations. Let’s be honest here. Many of us who can afford to watch this video or reading this article experience no real […]

Do I have the Holy Spirit?

Do I Have the Holy Spirit? Have you ever wondered whether the Holy Spirit lives in you or not? I know I have! When I became a Christian the whole concept of the Holy Spirit was baffling to me. Well willing Christians tried to explain it to me, and they came with all sorts of terms: Baptism in the Spirit; receiving […]

What Not to Say to an Atheist

or, How not to Debate an Atheist What not to say to an atheist or how not to debate an atheist. Two different approaches to the same topic in my opinion. First of all, let me say this: I do not like to debate with atheists, sceptics or any other who says they don’t believe […]

‘Divine War’ in the Old Testament

Divine war in the bible, genocide? Utterly Destroyed Intro I have touched on this subject, differently, several times before. Divine war is a confusing subject. How can a God of love command His people to kill others? How can this be seen as ‘divine’ while it more or less looks like genocide. First things First Before we discuss the topic we […]

Why do we Need Apologetics?

why do we need apologetics? [Part 1] Go to part two In the last video I already touched on one aspect of the importance of apologetics. I know, I am a bit strange. On the one hand I say that I will not use it, to much, in online debates. But on the other hand I believe it is very […]

Silly Christian, How about Obesity?

Oh boy, this video is going to cost me some followers…. How about obesity? Or in other words, how about living an unhealthy lifestyle? Do we, as Christians, have anything to say about that? And if so, are there consequences for those who are mistreating their bodies? Nissan Patrol Well, before I dive into this […]

Silly Christian, isn’t God Against Capitalism?

Some words seem to carry an enormous load. Capitalism is such a word. Democracy is another one. In a previous video I already touched on democracy in the sense of freedom. In that video I also said that a Christian should promote freedom. Freedom of speech, religion and the freedom to have property. But now […]

Silly Christian, Does God even Bother About Our Carbon-footprint

Short Answer Short answer is yes! That is it, you can watch something else now. Bye! Longer Answer Not satisfying enough? Okay, there is a slightly longer answer as well. God is the Creator of all things and as such He is concerned with the world. We can read the creation account in the book […]

What is God Like?

Silly Christian, you can’t even explain who God is. I would love to explain to you what God is like… But, to do so would be of no value to anyone. All I can know and explain is what God revealed to us in the Bible. And that is what I will do! As I […]

Christianity is against freedom of speech… Right?

This accusation is a wide spread, and often celebrated argument against Christians. True enough, we have seen examples in the past where people were not allowed to believe or to say what they wanted. Blasphemy, criticism and disagreement within the ruling church was a perilous undertaking. However, before I continue I would like to quote […]

Christians are Anti-Vaxxers!

I have heard this accusation on the internet and it kind of intrigued me. This video is going to be a little longer than normal because I want to be a bit more precise in my explanation. Am I Anti-Vaxx? Am I an Anti-Vaxxer? Are Christians per definition Anti-Vaxx? For me personally I can answer […]

Scandals in Church

How much I would like to deny that things go wrong in church, I cannot do that. Church is a gathering of often a messy group of humans. People from all layers of society, people with their short comings, people who still drag their sin loving nature with them. However, Christians also believe that they […]

Christianity is just a Crutch for Weak People

This is what I thought about Christianity before I became a Christian. What a bunch of losers. They need an invisible friend, an invisible daddy to comfort them in this tough world! Now, when I look back at that time I only partially changed my mind. Let me explain what I mean. You see, you […]

Churches are Full of Hypocrites

Definition of hypocrite according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: 1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion 2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings So I am sure there are many hypocrites in and outside the church. The Bible calls hypocrisy […]

What is Sin Anyway?

Silly Christian, you always talk about sin! What is it anyway? Biblical Christianity boils down to this main theme: God created us, we rebelled against Him this rebellion separated us from God for ever we need to be saved from this rebellious state we cannot solve it by ourselves Jesus Christ stepped in and sacrificed […]

Religion Cause Wars

Silly Christian, the only thing religion does is cause wars! Actually you can not strictly say that this is the fault of religion. It is more accurate to say it is our sin that causes wars. In many cases it is about greed, lust, power, and tyranny. Even when a country goes to war to […]

Christians make Such a Fuss about Homosexuality!

O NO! What am I doing!! Am I really going to talk about this? That isn’t even silly… It is MADNESS! Nope, I am not a homophobe. Actually, I love people. I am, what you would call, a people person. But since this question or argument pops up so now and then, I thought to […]

Genocide in the Bible

The Bible is such an awful book! It even mentions genocide. You must be silly to say you follow that Book! Before we tackle this question I would like to point to my channel on LBRY. You’ll find the link in the description. LBRY does not censure or alter content and guarantees freedom of speech. […]

The Bible is Written Years After the Actual Events

Silly Christian! Why do you trust the sources of the New Testament? They have been written many years after the actual event! Introduction Good, let’s start with Luke’s words when he starts his account — I will read to you from the Good News Bible Translation, just because the language of this translation is a […]

Doesn’t the Bible Contradict Itself?

The Bible is full of contradictions, right? Still, those silly Christians believe this not to be a problem! Introduction I became a Christian around 1995 and have studied the Bible ever since. To say that I never found one strange thing would be a lie. Sometimes I read stuff I didn’t understand or things that […]

Why Do You Believe the Bible?

Silly Christian, why do you believe what the bible says? It is ancient! Introduction to the Bible Yes, the Bible is ancient! So much is true. Actually the Bible is a collection of sixty-six books divided over two sections. By the year 90BC, 39 books had already been included in the Old Testament. The Old […]

If God is a God of Love how can He Judge too?

Questioner: You say that God is love right? Jurgen: Yes. Questioner: But God will judge as well, right? Jurgen: Yes, of course! Questioner: Silly Christian, if God is a God of love how can he judge too? The two, judgement and love, are actually connected. Judgement proves God’s love. Many of us are thinking about […]

How About Other Religions

One of the most basic claims of Christianity is that Jesus is the only way for salvation. Silly Christians! There are hundreds of religions, why should yours be different? I think I am going to disappoint you with my answer. The question actually says that there are many religions. But whenever I study a new […]

How do You Know that There is a God?

Christians say that there is a God. So tell me silly Christian, how do you know that? Basically the answer is very simple. Christians believe that God revealed Himself to us in different ways. Nature One way he did that was through nature. The apostle Paul said the following in Romans 1: 19-20 since what […]

Who Made God?

Silly Christian! Tell me.The famous Kalam cosmological argument says this: Whatever begins to exist has a cause. The universe began to exist. Therefore, the universe has a cause.Then you Christians say that the cause must be God. So, tell me: Who made God? Here we go! You’re right. If we only take the first three […]

Silly Christian Series

Silly Christen series #001 Who Made God? #002 How do you know that there is a God #003 How About Other Religions? #004 If God is a God of Love How can He judge? #005 Why believe the Bible? #006 The Bible Contradictions #007 The Bible is Written Years After the Actual Events #008 Genocide […]

Religion, War & Violence

Is Religion the Main Cause of War and Violence?   Some state that religion is the main cause of war and violence. Faith is the root of all wars throughout history. This has almost become a mantra for many atheists and secular humanists. Known atheistic writers, like Harris, make sure that this thought becomes embedded […]