CSE-104 Class 2 Notes


CSE-104 Class 2 Notes

CSE 104 - Class 2

The Hovind Theory
1. Noah and the animals were safely in the ark and God closed the door
2. -300 degree below zero ice meteor began to break apart as it entered the solar system leaving ice rings around several planets and causing uneven craters on the moon and other planets.
3. Ice meteor hit the earth and dumped snow on North and South poles causing earths crust to crack and make the fountains of the great deep break open, bury mammoths, and cause the canopy to collapse.
4. The cold air from the snow would hit the warm air and cause rain and covering the earth with water.
5. Animals were eventually settled and buried and fossils formed
6. Swirling waters deposited large amounts of plants and animals in places creating coal deposits over the next hundred years.
7. The crust moved and the valleys sank down and mountains arose. While contents were moving the water running off would have created canyons.
8. Over the next several hundred years the ice caps would melt making the oceans deeper and colder and that is why we have a continental shelf. The cold water would absorb the carbon dioxide shortening lifespans in the days of Peleg.

Earth still shows evidence of a flood to remind everyone that God hates sin.

God told Noah to "come into the ark" not "go into the ark"
Genesis 7:1
[1] And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation.
God was in the ark with Noah.

Bring clean beast by sevens and unclean beasts by two's.
It was known thousand years before Moses what was clean and unclean.
Common knowledge of clean and unclean since creation?
Sevens of animals could mean a total of seven animals, seven male and seven female, or 1 male and 6 female like farmers do.
Bible does not say.

At the end of the flood God tells Noah to "go out of the ark" not "come out".
Genesis 8:16
[16] Go forth of the ark, thou, and thy wife, and thy sons, and thy sons' wives with thee.

Noah only had to take animals that the nostrils were the breath of life and lived on dry land.
Genesis 6:17
[17] And, behold, I, even I, do bring a flood of waters upon the earth, to destroy all flesh, wherein is the breath of life, from under heaven; and every thing that is in the earth shall die.
No fish, no insects.
God shut the door.

300 degree below zero meteor.
No one sees commits hitting the moon or mercury however they are full of craters.
Ice would hit and melt within a few days on moon or quicker on mercury.
Moon 250 degrees above in sunlight
Planets rings are made of ice.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune have rings.
As fragments of a meteor approached earth it would break apart like a snow ball going to fast and break into billions of pieces.
Skeptics say that ice meteor would melt in the atmosphere because of temperature and friction.
If earth had a canopy that limited the atmosphere to 10 miles instead of the 100 miles that it is today it would be easier for the ice to get through without melting.
A stream of water will go right through a fire and only loose a little amount to vaporization.
A cold channel around the poles would slowly allow more and more cold snow to pass through with less vaporizing.

Super cold ice can be charged and take on unusual properties.
Hydrogen and Oxygen molecules are connected at a 105 degree angle.
Sharing an electron.
Hydrogen is slightly positive and Oxygen is slightly negative.
The negative attracts another positive causing water cohesion.
Around 32 degrees water freezes and the crystals swell up about 12% causing the ice to float on top of the water.
Most things shrink when they get cold.
Water shrinks until it reaches 37 degrees then it begins to swell.
If water was not designed that way what would happen is when the top layer of ice formed on a lake it would sink to the bottom and the next layer would do the same until the lake was completely frozen killing all the fish.

Water at 300 below zero becomes malleable like metal.
Beat it with a hammer and it flattens instead of shatters.
If there was an ice canopy 6-10 inches thick it would have compressed the atmosphere and be suspended by the magnetic field by the Meissner Effect (not meisner).

As snow is being piled up on the poles the edges spread out causing glaciers.
We are still being hit by ice comets however they melt before touching the ground.

There are sediment layers under the ice caps because water floats on ice and the flood waters would have still deposited layers and then when they receded they would have dropped the ice.
New Siberian Islands - part of Russia.
Frozen Bobcat, Camels, Bison, and Mammoths
Islands full of frozen animals.

Deepest ice measurement taken was 14,000 ft near south pole.
Antarctica has 7,000,000 cubic miles of ice on it.
If the ice all melted the oceans would raise 250 feet.
In a dirty diamond mine in 1962.
Admiral Byrd reported frozen palm leaves in ice on Antarctica.
Antarctica has many kinds of tropical plants and animals buried.
1. Pangea - would used to be one island
2. Canopy - Plants could have grown there.
3. Flood - moved plants and then froze there

Dinosaur fossils are found on the interior of Antarctica.
Plant eating dinosaur 20-30 feet long was found 400 mi from the south pole.
Has sparked a debate on weather the climate on Antarctica was temperate as soon as 3 million years ago.
Found deposits of leaves inside of cliff that were 250 miles from south pole.
Still preserved - not fossilized.

There are two North poles. Physical and magnetic.
Pilots have to constantly adjust their compass to fly directly North
Mammoths had probably never seen a snow storm before so they started walking.
They got so far and could not let go any furtherer because the snow got so deep so fast.
There is proof that they suffocated instead of drowned.
Beresovka mammoth found in 1901.
Found standing up frozen and is still in freezer in Russia.
Wolves had eaten the snout, leg, and part of the head but the rest was intact.

Matterhorn used to be a mountain but a glacier cut it into a cliff.

Glacial groves - many in Canada.
Rock as big as a house dragged for miles

Cold air coming off of ice caps would mix with the warm air and make rain causing the canopy to come down.
The sewers backed up and everyone drowned.
Genesis 7:11
[11] In the six hundredth year of Noah's life, in the second month, the seventeenth day of the month, the same day were all the fountains of the great deep broken up, and the windows of heaven were opened.

Flood did not all come from the rain
Rained 40 days
Subterranean waters
Windows of heaven

Book of Jasher
"Is not this written in the Book of Jasher..."--Joshua, x. 13.
"Behold it is written in the Book of Jasher."--II Samuel, i. 18
Jasher 6:11
And on that day, the Lord caused the whole earth to shake, and the sun darkened, and the foundations of the world raged, and the whole earth was moved violently, and the lightning flashed, and the thunder roared, and all the fountains in the earth were broken up, such as was not known to the inhabitants before; and God did this mighty act, in order to terrify the sons of men, that there might be no more evil upon earth.

The Archko Volume
Non biblical records from the time of Jesus confirming Jesus existence.
Interviews and letters.

Book of Enoch
May have been written to justify purgatory by catholic priests.

Dump of the ice would have caused the earths surface to crack like an egg shell.
Ice spreads out towards the equator and then stops.
Caused burial of mammoths.
Caused earth to wobble
Genesis 7:19
[19] And the waters prevailed exceedingly upon the earth; and all the high hills, that were under the whole heaven, were covered.
If all the high hills were covered that means it was world wide flood.
Hugh Ross said,
"Since there are no men on the South pole why would he kill all the penguins?"
Noah landed in the Mesopotamia valley but that does not mean he started there.
Just because there is a river named Euphrates in Turkey that does not mean the Garden of Eden was there just that when they got off the ark they saw a river that looked like the one in the garden.
Bible only talks about high hills before the flood mountains are only mentioned during flood.

Globe shrunk down to 12" scale all the water on the planet would not fill 1 tablespoon.
A mile deep water on a globe would only be the thickness of a piece of paper.
Hugh Ross needs a local flood to preserve the geologic column.
On a 12 inch globe you would not even be able to feel Mt. Everest.
If you smoothed out the land the average height would be 2600 ft.
Oceans would average a depth of 12,000 ft.

26,000 feet on top of Mt Everest clams are found in the closed position.
When clams die they open.
You almost never find two matched halves of a clam on a beach and never find a closed clam after it dies.
Mud flow under water will keep the clams closed until they petrify.
Clams found 10 feet thick in places.
Near Dallas TX huge clam.

Fossilized eggs found.
Eggs are very fragile and have to be buried gently.

While the planet was wobbling the seasons would be erratic.
People built temples that lined up with the sun that are now at the wrong angle.

Earth weighs six sextillion tons.
You would not notice the wobble.

Water inside of earth very warm/hot.
Hot water kills diatoms.
Earth layers - water, rock, basalt,
As crack gets wider the rock slides off the basalt and mountains form.

Yellowstone - geyser all over the world
Hot water shooting out of crust.

Diatoms are tiny creatures that bodies are made of glass (silica).
1 inch of diatoms on the ocean floor would take 1000 years.
Diatomaceous earth available at hardware store.
Such a fine material that if you spread it around your house it will suffocate insects.
Used for insulation, paper finishes, sound proofing, cat litter, paint thickener, pool filter.
Santa Barbara California worlds largest diatomaceous mine.
15,000 feet thick solid diatomaceous earth.
It is a rock but softer than chalk.
Each crystal is so small that it absorbs a lot of water.
Antacids use them.
San Andreas fault runs through that part of CA.
Millions of fish and a whale fossil are found in the diatomaceous earth.
Whale 80 feet long and 8 feet thick.
If it takes 1 inch per 1000 years wouldn't the whale rotted by the time it got buried.
They find fossils by the trillions in diatomaceous earth.
They found a 60 ft long pterodactyl (misspelled teradactl, terodactl, petradactal) but didn't tell anyone because the museum would have shut down the mine to excavate it.

Dover England cliffs are made of chalk.
Cretaceous period is derived from Latin word Creta that means chalk.
300 feet thick chalk.
How many organisms have to die to make 300 ft thick chalk?

First few months animals die out.
When fountains of the deep break open it kills the diatoms.
Water swirls and separates animals and breaks apart roting flesh and bones.

Moving water sorts particles Millions of layers per layer or 1 flood formed all the layers.

Mudslides under water can go as fast as 70 miles per hour.
Trans Atlantic cable was cut by under water mud slide.
Fastest submarines go 35 mph.

All flesh in the world die and their remains float until the bones fall apart and get buried in strange shapes tangled with other bones that are not theirs.
T-Rex back bone found bent backwards with no other bones and no teeth marks on it.
It died in the water not by predators.

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