If God is a God of Love how can He Judge too?


If God is a God of Love how can He Judge too?

Questioner: You say that God is love right?

Jurgen: Yes.

Questioner: But God will judge as well, right?

Jurgen: Yes, of course!

Questioner: Silly Christian, if God is a God of love how can he judge too?

The two, judgement and love, are actually connected. Judgement proves God’s love.

Many of us are thinking about love as a fuzzy feeling, emotional feelings and affection. And true enough, so now and then these feelings are part of love. But to say that love is only this, is not doing justice to real love.

God’s love is perfect. He loves us so much that He actually cares about us and about the things that happen to us. His love is so great that he hates anything which ruins His creation.

I am a father of five children. I love them dearly and in that state I will have to punish them so now and then. This is to help them grow in responsibility and mature life. I hope that this is the attitude of many fathers. Now imagine that your child is being attacked by a man or woman and in the process of doing so your child gets wounded or maybe even worst.

You want justice right? So the attacker needs to go to the judge. It would be immoral not to prosecute the attacker. But hold on! Normally the attacker is a nice person and the judge knows this. After hearing your story and seeing all the evidence the judge stands up. The verdict? Well, the attacker is guilty, but we need to let him or her go because normally it’s such a nice person. That would not satisfy, would it? That judge should not be in that position any longer. We would want to see a righteous judge. A judge who love people but will not let them get away with unrighteous deeds.

Wrong deeds carry a penalty. We are rebellious against many things and not in the last place against God our Creator. He will have to punish our rebellion. That’s why Jesus came to earth and died for our wrongdoings. Nobody else could do this. I challenge you to find one person who is not in error. A person who does not need to be punished and in that state can substitute for others. You will not find one. Accept Jesus. He was perfect, without blame. He did not deserve punishment and as such He could carry yours and mine.

Romans 6:23

For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.

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