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Argument from Change Made Simple


Argument from Change Made Simple

The material world we know is a world of change.

My oldest son is about 1.76 metre. But he was not always that height. When he was born, he was about 51 centimetres. Yes, he changed a lot during the last 15 years.

General Sherman is the biggest tree in the world. According to estimates, it is about 2,000 years old. It is 83 metres high and 11 metres in diameter at the base. Yet, this tree started out as a little seed.

When things change, such as mature size, that event cannot be caused solely by itself. Before it has changed into that state, it wasn’t there yet, it didn’t exist yet. And you know what? Something that doesn’t exist can’t cause anything…

Before I continue I would like to point out that we are working on a series of theistic arguments for the existence of God. I said in the introduction that:

This kind of apologetics comes forth out of what is called ‘natural theology’. Within natural theology you can study the theistic arguments, which are rational arguments for the existence of a monotheistic God. The most known theistic arguments are the ontological, cosmological, design, moral and religious-experience arguments for God. These arguments do not rely on the Bible but are based on objective reasons outside God’s word. An apologist, who uses this kind of arguments, believes that the existence of God is logical without having to point at the Bible. In other words, the idea of God is logically coherent, and because of that, it is possible to make these arguments or combinations of arguments to establish the existence of such a being.

Okay, back to this new argument, called the Argument from Change. I took my son and the huge tree as an example of change. When my boy was a baby he had the potential to become tall, but he was not yet what he has become right now. Likewise, a little tree seed. It actually exists right now in this state of a seed; it will later exist in that other state, a large tree. But it is not really in that state right now. It only has the potentiality for that state.

Now we have a question: To explain this change (from baby to teenager, and from seed to huge tree), can we consider the changing object alone, or must other things also be taken into account? Unmistakably, other things must be involved. Nothing can give itself what it does not have. Furthermore, the changing thing cannot have now, already, what it will come to have later. The outcome of change cannot actually exist before the change. The changing object starts with only the possibility to change. It definitely needs to be worked on by other objects or things outside if that potential is to be made real. Else it cannot and will not change.

In other words, nothing changes itself. When I write a script, my fingers move because I desire to move them. The muscles don’t write this by themselves—something else is working on them. When I go out to a village to teach the people about the Word of God, my muscles are still there, but they are no longer writing because the desire or will is no longer present to do so.

Let’s go a little deeper. Are the other things outside the changing thing also changing? Are the things that move the change also moving? I would say ‘yes’ to that. And because the movers are moving themselves as well, they in turn, need a mover also, or else they cannot change or move. It doesn’t matter how many things there are in this chain, each one needs something outside itself to realise its capability for change.

Ultimately we come to the universe itself. The universe is the totality of all these moving things, no matter how many there are. The universe in its totality is changing as well. Do you see where this is going? We have already concluded that ‘change’ always needs a force from outside to do so. And as simple as 1+1=2, we can conclude that there must be a power outside the cosmos. Can you guess what that power or force must be? It must be an existing thing that transcends the universe. It must be outside the universe. Well, that is an attribute we would give to God.

Let’s reverse and see what happens. If there is nothing outside the material universe, if there is nothing outside matter, time and space then there is nothing that can cause the universe to change. But we know that the universe is changing constantly. So, there simply must be something extra outside the material universe. And since the universe is the final aggregate of all time, matter, and space, that thing, which moves the universe, needs to be outside the universe itself. Now, the funny thing is that, because this being itself is completely outside matter, space and time, and therefore it doesn’t consist of anything physical that undergoes change, it is not a changing thing itself; it is the unchanging Root (or Source) of all change.

And there you have it! The argument for God from change. Mind you, this argument doesn’t tell you that this ultimate being is the God of the Bible. What it does tell you is that there must be something outside this all. Something that is transcendent. Something really powerful. Take this argument together with the other arguments in this series, and you have a strong case for the Creator God of the Bible.

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